Me: kon`chi wa! Welcome to sugar's new story! "dakara …" today's chapter is called "can't I fall in love? " and it is heatu-kun's p.m.v ‼‼

Heat: *sights* Remind me one more time .why did I have to be your friend?

Me:*stares at te sealing*hmm..*looks at him again* don't know‼

Heat:*sweat drop* sugar doesn't own anything .

Me: a new story of heat and clara hajimaroyoooooooooooooo~

Heat p.m.v:

"ok ,see you tomorrow" I closed my room door .oh for fire's sake! Here comes another-beep-in busy practice day .I am tired‼ well, not that I don't like practice but to be a prominence boy is actually…well… just imagine being forced to do whatever nagumo-sama would say and you can understand ( A/N: pity ~ how pitiful heatu-kun) .how ever being really board in my room and not being able to sleep I decided to take a small walk around the academy . I jumper from my bed , wore my shoes ( A/N: you see .heatu-kun doesn't want his tidy and clean room* totally not a boy thingy I know * to get dirty so he usually leaves his shoes near the door ) and went for a walk . I passed by diamond dust apartment and out of blue; I heard a soft voice coming from their garden. Walking on my tiptoes until I reached the garden I sighted in relief and opened the door .the voice came softer and sweeter .walking towards the figure I stopped behind a tree and listened to the voice." Constant as the stars above... Always know that you are loved….

And my love shining in you, Will help you make your dreams come true

Will help your dreams come true~" wait a moment I knew this voice…but I was too busy getting heart touched by the angelic voice that I didn't bother to see who is it "The lamb lies down and rests it's head ….On it's mother's downy bed… Dolphin plays in the moonlight's glow …And butterfly dreams of a violet rose Dreams of a violet rose~ " I opened my eyes finally getting back to reality ( A/N: heat: ok iam tottaly not like that! Me: *pulls him away from the screen and gets back to writing) and tried to discover who it was .the voice was a girly voice so it gotta be a girl … unless suzuno-sama was singing .I laughed at my own joke… "Who is there?" the girl asked .owh crap…I was busted..i looked from behind the tree to discover a pair of sapphire-blue eyes staring right into mine…our faces were inches apart and our both faces were completely red .I can swear the girl blushed darker then my uniform! We both gasped and throw away from each other, the girl fell on the floor. I rushed to her and gave her a help standing up .as we both stood up I almost got a heart attack discovering who she was " c-c-c-c-c-clara-chan!" I yelled " o-owh heatu-kun.." she looked at me ." wh-wh-what brings you here th-this late?" my heart was pounding horribly ten times faster the before. and I can swear it skipped some beats." what do you mean why am I here? Isn't this diamond dust garden?" she raised an eyebrow " y-yeah t-t-true.." I scratched the back of my neck nervously "Are you ok? You are stumbling" she stared at me holding her right arm with her left one in front of her. "y-yeah i-iam fine " Jesus‼! What was wrong with me? ? Stumbling and not able to even look at her." Oh ,ok then…so what brings you here?" she swing her body front and back " i couldn't sleep so I wanted to take a walk around and then I heard your voice and then.." I looked at the sky " I see.." she smiled and looked at the star ..

Normal p.m.v:

Heat looked at clara then his blush as his green eyes winded .he wanted to ask her about the song but he didn't have the chance. he was speechless. ckara sat on a bench as she looked up at the sky , her mini white dress moving with the wind ,her blue hair came on her eyes so she putted it back behind her ear .she looked magical ( A/N: don't get the wrong idea! I am telling you what heat is seeing ,get it?) beautiful.. he thought .wait..what am I thinking? What is wrong with me‼ I seriously am losing my mind " j-jaa" he ran to his room .clara looked at him and titled her head to the side not understanding what is happening "ehh?" she thought

Next morning : soccer practice

She looks beautiful today too..e-egh‼ what is wrong with me? i couldn't sleep last night because of what was happening ,and now iam thinking she is beautiful? Heat scolded himself as she looked at the floor "HEAT‼!" nepper called heat's name ..wait, why was he "BAAM!" the ball was slammed to heat's face "HEAT‼" everyone ran to him "are you ok?" nagumo said "y-yeah..i just… Spaced out a little…" he explained." Hmm….. this is weird…you never space out in practice…something wrong?" nepper asked "n-no" he stood up and put on a serious look let's play..

Ta da~ hope you like it .