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heat:*face palm*


Next day: aliea gaulen "end of the school day"
"so what do you want to talk with me about?" the little orange haired girl known as rean said while closing her eyes and giving heat a weak smile then she blushed a little while opening her eyes and looking at the floor "it is just like a tv show…"she explained looking from the window "an empty class room.. boy and girl being all alone after school …first they talk .then they kiss " she blushed " rean… …"heat said looking sadly at her "I ..thought we were using our first names now.." she whispered sadly trying to calm herself down "i.."heat looked at the floor "you know..i've been thinking about this since a lot of time…. How I wasn't supposed to lose my BF.F.…"heat looked at her "I knew she had her eyes on you…and I knew she was In love with you...just like I was…but even thought I knew…I didn't think of her feelings at all..i asked her to help that I can get closer to you"

*Flash back *
"s-so..can you?" rean said with a small holes smile. her B.F.F clara was really shocked as she felt pain going all over her body. But she didn't want her sister-like friend to be sad so she faked a huge smile and she putted a finger on her lips telling her sister to keep it silence "shhh" she said as her firend followed her with the same move "shhh" she replayed..
*end of flash back*

"it is ok!" rean turned to heat as tears filling her pale face "I can try to be more like clara if you like" she said as more emotions start to fell her words knwing that heat actually loved clara "iam kinda shy but I can start to be more outgoing if you can! Just wait some time "she whispered

The next room:
"shhhh" clara whispered as tears were filling the whole of her face and her eyes were so puffy and red .her finger was placed on her shivering lips

Back to them :
"ill get my hair long ..ill learn to look cute and act girly...i'd do anything you like but please! let us stay together " she cried "no.."he answered with a sad tone ,she winded her eyes

The next room:
clara held her head as tears were down like a waterfall and she was about to cut all her hair down from the pain she felt

Back to them:
"no..that is terrible ..i would never ask you that…"heat explained to her "I don't wanna leave you here heat…" rean said.."I still love you.." she confessed ."I' am sorry…" he looked down to the other side .rean walked to him ,putted her hands on his chest and kissed him fully on the lips as her bangs covered her eyes. then she walked away out of the class leaving a really shocked heat behind .


Heat stood in the garden with sadness on his face then he noticed that rean was in front of him .he frowned "iam sorry..i did something terrible.. even know I had you ..i was always thinking about someone else…by the time I realized what I felt…it was too late" he was sadly looking at the floor "I kept quiet ..and I never tell you ….because I …. "he was to annoyed and he looked away " I wasn't In love with you…it was calra who I was In love with….iam sorry.." he whispered "heat..."his face showed shock...wait. it wasn't rean. It was clara !‼! then why?"clara‼!.." she ran to him and throw herself in his arms while crying her eyes out "wait…what are you doing here?a-and ..what happened to you hair?" he pointed to her hair which had the same hair cut as rean with her bangs let down on her forehead .clara sobbed hard "she told me..t-to come here..rean cheered me up. .she said not to run away and to come here and confess my feelings.." she covered her face with her hands .."she told me she was hurt and..and she wouldn't mind if I was with you...cause at of us will be happy…I didnt mean to fall in love with you ..i didn't mean to hurt her…but she told me it was too late…a-and I couldn't..h-help but..t-to feel guilty and..a-and now…now ..i want everything to be clear…* she looked up at him and stood still " I want this to come to an end…I want to finally confess…and leave all the past to the ned.." heat loked at her" ..I wanted to tell you finally…that I .."she looked at him "atsuishi shigeto… ….. I love you" depends on your reviews..if there were some cheerful once

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