Chapter 20

"Hi everyone. We will begin shortly. We are just waiting for Robert Singleton and Alex to arrive, and that should be shortly."

Angel looked around the room, and noticed that the majority of vampires that work for her were in attendance, along with the men that she fought beside today, as well as Master Vampires from the Eastern Seaboard, that she had sent faxes to, asking them to attend the meeting. When she'd heard Robert and his vampires talking in the hall, and then enter the room to join the meeting, she stood and thanked everyone for coming, and then she smiled at Alex as he walked to her and hugged her tightly.

"You had trouble today?" He asked as held her closely. "I'm happy you are safe, I don't know what I'd have done if you were hurt or killed."

"Yes Alex, but, thank God you trained me well. I'll tell you everything later on, right now I need to talk to everyone." When they released each other from the hug, Alex sat down in the seat directly beside hers.

After the greetings were finished, Angel got down to business.

"Thank you everyone, if you haven't already heard, we had a break in today and were attacked on the 3rd floor outside of Wendy McKenna's room. To make a long story short, Wendy's mother had been a good friend of mine over the years and when she died of cancer, I took Wendy in and promised her mother I would watch over her. We recently found out that Wendy was working for Bogdano and giving him intel about me and VPR. Although this information shocked me, I needed to keep Wendy safe until I could decide what to do with her. It seems that having her here didn't keep her safe after all, however, as she was killed this morning by the intruders."

The room became a chaotic mess with everyone talking at once. Angel raised her hands in the air and when she did, everyone stopped talking as Angel said. "Please, let me finish and then I assure you I will answer any questions you all might have."

"We now have confirmation that the intruders were indeed employed by Peter Bogdano and their orders were to kill Wendy and myself. If you remember, Peter Bogdano is the Master Vampire that has put out a hit on me to the tune of 1million dollars. His men attacked during the time that our vampires were in their death sleep, hoping to catch us off guard, without the benefit of our vampires to help us, they figured they could kill two birds with one stone. That didn't work however, as I believe Bogdano underestimated the human men working here who can fight as hard and as long as any vampire in our employ."

The men beamed at Angel when she made that statement. She smiled at all of them and thanked them for their loyalty.

As a final inspection of the building, we finally found the man that killed Wendy. He was trying to get the East wing door open to make his escape. Thankfully, the cameras and the sensors in that hallway picked up him and his scent and we now have that man in the interrogation room as well.

After careful inspection of the 18-wheeler, it has come to our attention that there was a false floor installed on the inside of the truck. Under the false floor, are three compartments that are big enough to hold up to five men in each compartment. Once a trigger was released, the floor was pushed up and away from the compartment allowing the men to get out and enter the building. Fifteen men infiltrated the building and we are assuming that the person, who was driving the truck, was the ring leader, getting the men inside the building causing the lock down and breach in security.

We counted nine of their men dead, and one of ours. We lost Buddy, our security controller, in the fight. He was killed when he tried to stop an intruder from getting control of our security system. Fortunately for us, he tripped a switch that would put the computer system in temporary lockdown thereby halting a possible virus takeover that could have virtually destroyed all of the security records on file.

Robert, we believe that the driver of the semi was in your employ, however, to be sure, we'd like you to look at the video feed we have of the interrogation room. If he is, I will of course turn him over to you to do with as you please. The others, Alex and Marcus will take care of.

Angel looked at Marcus and then at Alex and both had knocked knuckles, both having the same idea as to how to dispose of the men, and it wouldn't be a pretty sight.

Angel turned on the 62 in. Hi-Def. T.V. that was hung on the wall and as soon as Robert looked over the men, he cursed loudly.

"I'm assuming that the driver is your man?" Angel said as she looked at Robert.

"Yes, he is my driver. His name is Rodrico LaPerez. He has been one of my best friends for over 100 years and in my employ for all of those years. I trusted him implicitly. He has even accompanied my wife to the mall and other places that she went. My God, I trusted him with my wife." Robert said in disbelief. His hands covered his face and when he'd let them fall to the table. Angel saw that his eyes were glowing green with anger.

"Robert, we interrogated Rodrico and asked him if he was a part of the break-in and he denied that he was. However, I personally saw him take part in the fighting upstairs, and to be honest, he was not helping my men he was trying to kill them. Because of that, we couldn't allow him to leave until you have arrived and since he works for you, you of course, should be the one to take care of him."

"Yes, this one I take care of, alone." He said as he looked at his men. "No one is to touch a hair on his head. Alex, make sure that everyone knows he is mine."

"Gotcha boss. I'll tell them. Will you be transporting him to the lab or will one of us be doing that?"

"I'll get him, but, we won't be going to the lab. Alex, have Henry watch over my wife until I get back. Tell him not to leave her side for anything. I believe that our security system might also have been compromised and the possibility of something happening at the lab, like what happened here today could come to fruition."

Alex nodded in agreement and then watched Robert's face to see if he gave anything away as to where he was taking Rodrico. He knew better than to ask. Vampire law has always been one takes care of the offender and no questions were to be asked. As a result, Alex said nothing."

"Alex, call the lab and have them check the security system and then have Richard double check to make sure it is secure. I want the cameras outside as well as inside also checked. Then I want you to alert everyone to the possibility of double dippers that we might have in our employ. If it can be done here, it can be done there."

"Gotcha Robert, will do. I'll have everyone keep an eye on Jennifer as well."

"Thank you Alex, appreciate that. I'll see you soon." Robert shook Alex's hand and then teleported out of the conference room but not before thanking Angel for keeping Rodrico alive.

"You're welcome Robert, I'm so sorry for how things turned out."

Angel watched Robert leave and felt sorry for him. Having a friend betray you is one of the worst things that can happen in one's life.

Angel called down to the interrogation room to let them know that Robert would be taking Rodrico with him and to allow him to do so. With that done, she called Maria and told her to put in a call to the Pentagon and talk to Charlie, her friend who designed their security system, and ask him to call her as soon as he can.

With that said, Angel thanked everyone for coming and ended the meeting. After everyone had left she stood and walked over to Alex and hugged him as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"I am so physically exhausted today. Please take me to the casbah so we can make wild passionate love."

"Your wish is my command." Alex whispered. And before she knew what was happening, Alex has transported them to his home on the beach, and gently laid her on the bed so that she could rest.

"Perfect" Angel sighed as she leaned against the pillows on his bed and closed her eyes to relax them for a minute or two.

"Darling, would you like some coffee?"

"Mmmm I'd love some, thank you."

When Alex came back into the room, he was carrying a mug of coffee for Angel, and a mug of blood for him. Angel's fangs dropped down at the sight and smell of the blood, but she was becoming proficient in controlling them so she pushed them back up into her gums and took sips of her coffee.

She looked at Alex and tapped the mattress inviting him to join her on the bed, and then she said. "Alex do you realize I know nothing about you, well other than what little bit others have told me. You never talk about yourself, why?"

Alex walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge of the mattress, and after he thought for a moment, he said. "What's there to tell? I was turned 161 years ago and here I am." (shrug)

"Oh come on." Angel said frustrated already. "It's not fair, you know my history, but, other than the Alex I see every day, I know nothing about you. Where were you born? Who were your parents? Where did you live? Where were you raised?" Angel was insistent. She had decided that she was going to get him to talk to her about his life whether he wanted to or not.

"You really want to hear about me? Alex said as he laughed. "Darling, I assure you, it is a longgggg boring story."

Angel raised herself up so that she was sitting against the headboard of the bed. "Of course I want to hear about you, I love you, I want to know everything there is about you. I'm sure I won't find it so boring."

"Okay okay, gotcha." Alex laughed as he took her hand and stretched out beside her on the bed.

"Long story short, I was born, I was raised, I was turned, here I am." Alex laughed when he was finished. "There now you know my life story."

Angel laughed with him but playfully slapped him hard on his shoulder and said. "I don't think so buddy, talk, I have all the time in the world. I want to hear it all, Elena, the children, everything." Angel said as she leaned back on the headboard of the bed and prepared to listen.

"Ahhh okay, okay. I was born in December 24th, 1821 to Jacob and Bernadette Charviteau in Ft. Kent Maine. I had one brother, Jeffrey, and one sister, Ellen, both younger than me. I had a fairly okay life in Ft Kent. I went to a one room school house every year until I was 16, and then as a young man I had no choice but to work with my father as a lumberjack. I didn't want to do that for the rest of my life, and as a result, on my 21st birthday in the winter of 1842, I left home and went to New York City to find my fortune. I had very little money saved but it was enough to get me an apartment on 5th avenue, and if I was careful it would last me through the winter and I'd still have enough to get me to Florida in the spring."

My first winter in New York was quite severe. Large snowdrifts lined the city streets from one snowstorm after another and it seemed like everyone in the city was sick and tired of the freezing cold, shoveling snow, and staying indoors to keep warm. Most were more than ready for spring to arrive, and I was no exception.

As cold winter days waned and spring approached and the days got warmer, the piles of snow left behind by the snowstorms of winter had begun to melt leaving in its wake wet sidewalks and large puddles of water in the road. The first day of spring was right around the corner and I was itching to get out of the small apartment that I called home.

I wanted to smell the fresh spring air of the day, and walk among the budding trees of Central Park. I had suffered cabin fever from spending so much of the winter indoors, and I was itching to get out, so I decided to walk through Central Park and spend some time with nature.

Soon the park would be alive with people, today however, it was just a young woman with her mother strolling arm in arm and me.

When I walked upon the two during my walk in the sunshine of the park, I thought I was seeing an angel of God walking toward me. However, she could not be an angel as she was more beautiful than any angel I'd ever seen in pictures or books that I'd read. It was love at first sight for me. And, I knew that she was my destiny.

I stopped to bid her good afternoon and then I introduced myself to her and her mother. When she smiled up at me, she melted the ice that had formed around my heart. I felt as though I had waited all my life for her. From that day forward, we were inseparable."

Alex stopped his story and looked at Angel. He leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips and told her he loved her. She whispered that she loved him too and then she smiled at him and nodded for him to go on with his story.

"It was a month to the day of their first meeting that I asked for Elena's hand in marriage. Her parents thought me to be a good and trustworthy man and they gave us their blessings. Within the week, we were married and bidding goodbye to her family and heading south to Florida where we would build our lives together.

We arrived in Palm Beach, Florida one month after we left NewYork City, and I bought 100 acres of land in the county called Palm Beach, The land was connected to the Atlantic Ocean, and we built our home facing the ocean making the sands of the beach our front yard. And, from our front porch, we watched the sunrise in the morning and the sunset each evening.

Behind our home, we planted orange trees, and I tended and watered those trees daily to be sure that they grew healthy and strong. When fruit was evident on the trees; I sold the oranges to the grocer in town at a nice profit.

It was in our second year of marriage that God bestowed a son upon us. We named him Joshua. Our daughter Alexis was born two years later. For nine wonderful years, my wife and I were faithful to each other in body and soul. My family had become my reason for living, and the reason for my existence. I worked hard to give them the kind of life they deserved. Our bank account prospered and my family was happy and content. I was a rich man in body, family and soul, and content in all aspects of my life.

The month was December and the year 1851. Christmas was one-day away and great preparations and festivities were underway for Christmas dinner the next day.

Elena had just finished washing the dinner dishes and was sitting on the porch swing with me at her side, both of us staring at the ocean as its waves crested and then crashed noisily to shore. My arm was around her shoulder as her head rested against my chest, and I could hear her sigh with happiness. We whispered words of love as we teased each other with intimate sexual innuendo.

The children were in the house getting decorations ready for the tree that they would decorate before they went to bed to dream of fairies and sugarplums. They were giddy with anticipation of the gifts that they would unwrap in the morning.

"Father, please bring mother inside so that Joshua and I can begin to trim the tree. It will be our bedtime soon and we haven't even begun." His daughter pleaded with him.

I looked at Elena and smiled. Together holding hands, we walked to the front door and entered the living area to where the children were. As the children decorated the tree, Elena and I sat close to each other on the couch, and watched our children laughing and teasing each other. There was much laughter and happiness in that house that night. My heart swelled with pride as my children hugged me and then went to bed. I knew that no matter what, my life could not have been better, I'd had all he could ever wish for right here in this little home Elena and I had built.

Elena went to the cupboards in the kitchen and began pulling out the gaily-decorated presents for the children that she would place under the tree, for them to open in the morning. The way her hair fell from its clip to her eyes made my heart skip a beat, and the way she pursed her lips together in a sly smile and licked them with her tongue when she saw the bulge in my pants begin to grow, drove me crazy. She still excited me to no end just by looking at her. Our sex life was so amazing and wonderful that at times I just wanted to take her down to the beach and forget everything around us and do nothing else but make wild passionate love with her every day and every minute for the rest of our lives.

The sun had set in the west leaving behind streaks of orange and red patches across the sky. We both talked about how glorious the sunsets were in Florida and how happy we were that we had chosen this state in which to make our home.

As we rocked back and forth on the swing, two men walked toward us from the beach up to the porch. They muttered a greeting Elena and I expressed the same to them.

They looked to be clean hard workers a bit down on their luck and needing a helping hand. I offered them a bite to eat and a place to wash up and sleep for the night and they accepted gladly.

As they were washing up Elena went into the kitchen to prepare two plates of food and two glasses of milk. She filled the plates high with food as she thought the men to be too thin and pale and felt that they could use a good home cooked meal with leftovers'; that they could take on the rest of their journey.

I stood talking to the men as they sat beneath the elm tree that I had planted as a seedling 9 years ago for Elena. It was her favorite tree out of all the trees on their homestead and I was glad that I had planted it for her that day we moved to this state. It grew and flourished and its limbs were majestic in stance and offered a lot of shade during the summer.

The men had said that they were traveling from North Carolina to southern Florida on business. In Tallahassee, a rattlesnake bit one of their horses and they had to shoot it so it wouldn't suffer. Their other horse was at the town smithy getting reshod and they had limited funds left, and were afraid to use those funds for a room and food as they might run out before they reached the town that they were headed to, and they would be beholding to Elena and I for our generosity.

I asked them about the kind of business that they were in and their answers were short and to the point. I found that a bit odd that the men's answers to my questions were short and that they gave little information about the business that they had in Florida, but, at the same time, I figured that they were exhausted and just wanted to rest for a while and then be on their way in the morning. Still I felt suspicious of the men and the story that they did tell me, and I decided that I would watch them carefully while they were at my home.

Perhaps I was naïve thinking the men to be good men, but, I was a God fearing man and I followed the bible religiously. Didn't it say in the bible, "Help your fellow man?" And, that is what I did, but not without reservation.

As I sat on the porch swing, I stared at the men who were by now reclining on the grass with their backs resting against the trunk of the elm tree. A niggling prickle crept up my spine to the base of my head and the small hairs on my neck and arms stood at attention. Something was wrong, I could feel it. I wanted to tell Elena to stay in the house, and not to come outside, but I was too late. She was halfway across the yard with the two plates of food in her hands for the two men.

It got dark very quickly, and I could hardly see Elena's outline as she handed the plates to the men. I wanted to yell and tell her to hurry and come back to the house, and I began to panic because she was taking so long time getting back to the house. I wished that she wasn't so friendly and trusting. I stood ready to go looking for her when I heard her scream.

"Elena?" She did not answer. I yelled louder. "ELENA!"

I screamed her name into the blackness of the night and began to run across the yard to the elm tree. My heart beat wildly in my chest as I prayed to God to keep my wife safe. As I neared the elm, I could see my wife's body on the ground with the two men leaning over her.

"Is she okay? What happened? Did she faint or something?" I asked them over and over again what had happened, but, they didn't answer me.

They stood quickly and in the blink of an eye, they ran toward the house. I knelt before my wife thinking that the two men had gone to the house to get some water for her. But, as I looked at my wife more closely, I saw that her throat was ripped open from one ear to the other and blood gushed from her wound and pooled around her head. Her eyes stared upward toward the sky as if looking through me to the heavens above. I screamed loud and long, and then I remembered my children.

As I ran to protect my children, I yelled for them to hide. "Joshua, wake your sister and run. Hide Joshua. Take Alexis and hide." I was running through the dark afraid not for myself, but for my children.

Alex was lying next to Angel on the bed and as he told her his life story, he had tears running down his face. It was a most emotional time for him and though Angel had told him to finish his story at another time, he wouldn't, he couldn't. He had to finish it now, and get it behind him so that he and Angel could continue their lives together. He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and continued his story. He leaned in to her, kissed her and then continued his story.

"I prayed that my son had heard me but when I heard my children's terrified screams coming from inside the house I knew that they were being attacked. Those men were five times faster than I was but I prayed that I could get to my children before they were killed. As I neared the front door of the house, my children's screams permeated the quiet of the night once again. Within minutes of their screams , I entered the house. I could see my children lying beside each other on the floor. Blood spread around their heads and met in the middle of them, connecting them for all eternity. The two men were leaning over each of them much the same way they did over my wife. Their teeth were plunged into the skin of my children's throats and they were drinking their blood. They were grunting and growling as they violently tore the flesh from my children's necks with long fang like teeth. My children's eyes were wide with horror and though I thought that they were talking to him through their eyes, I knew that was impossible. They couldn't be alive after that. They had to be dead.

I went crazy and I attacked the two men jumping on them and punching them. They stopped feeding on the children and turned their heads to look at me. Their eyes glowed iridescent green and blood dripped from their mouths to the floor below. It was my children's blood mixed with the blood of my dear wife. When they looked at me they were growling and hissing. I was screaming for my family and it was then that they attacked me. Their eyes reflected pure evil. Both men knocked me to the floor and opened their mouths showing me their fangs and then they bit violently into my neck. They were too powerful and too strong and though I fought my best, it was useless, I could fight no more. I had nothing to live for anyway, and I prayed for a swift end to my life so I could join my family in heaven. Death was welcomed with open arms. My once perfect life ended in minutes.

"Do you want to live to fight another day to get vengeance for the deaths of your family?" I heard a voice whisper.

"God?" Was God talking to him?

Through my subconscious I heard a voice as it said. "Well, do you?"

I breathed a whispered "yes" and the world went black around me yet again. I had no idea how long I was unconscious but when I awoke and opened my eyes, it was to a raging pain in my stomach. I was ravenous. My throat was parched and my eyes seemed blurry as though not focused, but I saw HIM.

God was here with me. He was standing before me. He was holding a mug of red liquid to my mouth and telling me to drink. I gagged as I smelled the liquid, but when it reached my lips, I drank eagerly.

"Drink it." God said. "Drink else you will be so hungry that you will hurt and possibly murder the next human you come across." It was only because God had told me to drink that I did. God gave me mug after mug of the red liquid until I was sated and could drink no more and when I questioned what it was, God said "cow's blood." I looked upon the room and saw that my children's bodies had been taken from the room and only their blood stains remained on the floor.

"What have you done with my family?" I whispered. "Please tell me my wife and children are in heaven."

"Sir, if you and your family are God fearing, I am sure that they are in heaven with the Lord and His angels." I heard God say.

"I am sorry for your loss sir." His savior said. "I have taken your family's bodies to the back field and buried them there. I also erected crosses on the graves but since I didn't know the names of your loved ones, I thought that you could tell me and together we could write their names on the crosses when you are strong enough. His savior didn't tell him that he decapitated each one of them so that they would not rise as vampires one day and harm anyone else. He left that information for another day.

"Are you God?" I whispered. "I believe God was here when I awoke."

"No sir, I am not God. I am but a servant sir and God was not here, unless you carry Him in your heart."

The man said his name was Robert Silverton and he was employed by the Wells Fargo Detective Agency out of New York. He said that he had been following the two men that had killed my family. He had received a wire from his company telling him about recent killings in Palm Beach, Florida and that is how he happened upon my family and I this night. He had heard the screams of myself and my family and knew he had to come and check it out.

"What were those men?" I asked him. "They had long teeth and somehow were sucking the blood from my wife and children's necks. Did they suck my blood and eat from me as well?"

"They are renegade vampires." Robert replied. "They are evil beings who roam the country side killing humans for their blood, to appease their intense hunger, and yes, they killed your family and you."

"Me? They killed me? Yet here I sit talking to you, how is that possible?" Alexsander moaned.

"The day those men killed your family, do you not remember someone leaning over you, speaking to you?"

"Well I vaguely remembered but I thought the voice belonged to God."

"Do you remember I asked you if you wanted to live another day to avenge your family's death?"

"Yes, I remember though I thought you were God and you were going to heal me, if that was you that spoke to me that day and you are not God, then how did you know how to heal me?"

"No, I am not God. I did not heal you. I am a Vampire as well, and I turned you else you would die for all eternity and now sir you are a Vampire as well.

"Turned me? Turned me to what?" He whispered growing afraid. "You turned me into one of those animals? Oh my God!" I screamed realizing the enormity of what the vampire was telling me.

My savior was not a savior. He was not God; he was nothing but a lowly vampire no better than those that killed my family.

"Now , I am an animal as well." I yelled at the vampire that claimed to have saved me. Now, I am like those men? Now, I will ravage a man with my teeth?" What right did you have to turn me into an animal?

"NO!" Robert Silverton yelled as he paced the floor of the small kitchen. "You are not like them. You are a warrior. You will live your life as a vampire warrior! You will avenge your family's death as a warrior. You Alexsander, will never be like those that killed your family. I promise you that."

Alexsander's eyes glowed green. He wanted to kill someone. "How can you guarantee me that I will not be viscous like the two that killed my family? How?" Alexsanders voice raged with anger.

"Alexsander, there are two types of vampires. Those that cause havoc by killing people that they feed on. They are vicious and cruel and have no regard for the humans they attack. And then there are vampires like myself who would not drink the blood of a human if it meant that I had to kill the human." Robert said and then he continued telling me about vampires.

"Vampires sleep during the day away from the sun and they awake at sunset. It is at this time of day when a vampire's thirst for blood is at its greatest and where the most harm would occur should they drink from a human. It is done with vengeance. Most of the time the vampire will drink until the human's body is dry. They are vicious in their attack and often rip the throat out in order to get the blood faster. Because they have not been taught to control themselves, their thirst is almost never sated."

He said that vampires needed to be trained immediately after they were turned to make sure that they didn't go through the day killing unnecessarily. They had to learn how to control their thirst for blood so that their bite will not cause serious harm to the human as they feed. They need to be taught that they can use the power of suggestion through mind control on a human so that the human does not remember being bitten. He also told me that the vampire's saliva is a healing agent not just for the vampire but also for the people that they bite. A vampire can heal the marks left by his fangs so that no evidence is there for anyone to see. Vampires such as these are the good vampires. They never drink from a human without first obtaining permission from the human and that is done ONLY when no other blood is available to them.

Vampires have walked the earth through centuries of time, and the only way to kill a vampire is to stake him through the heart, decapitation, or shoot him through the heart with a silver bullet. The bullets eat away the insides of a vampire and kill him slowly.

"Alexsander, it is your choice to be like me and others like me who try to save humans or, to be like the men that killed your family. Make your choice wisely as if you choose to be like them, I will kill you here and now and cut off your head so that you may never rise again." Robert said as he reached for his sword and pulled it from its sheath preparing to use it if he must.

I didn't need to think about what I wanted to do. I knew the answer to his question already. I wanted to live and find the two men that violated my family. Who made my life a living hell, and so I answered him. "I choose you Robert. I choose to avenge my family's massacre."

"You have chosen well Alexsander." Robert said as he slapped him on the back and welcomed him as a friend. "Remember my friend. A good man becomes a good vampire. You are now under the protection of my coven until such time as you decide you want to be on your own. It is possible that I will allow that but we shall see when that time comes. Now that you are one of us, your time for vengeance is near. Saddle up son; it is time for us to leave this place."

One hundred and sixty one years have passed since I was killed and turned and over that time I followed Robert on his quest to kill renegade vampires. And kill we did. Thousands of vampires died at the hands of Robert and his coven. When we had to feed off humans we did so but never took more than we needed to survive and we erased the memory of us doing so before we moved on to find and kill more renegades.