Scout woke up, finding himself in water. Spitting the water out, he found himself near the BLU base. He saw the Pyro and the Spy unconsious in the water. Very weak, he pulled them out. Spy spit water out too, and Pyro coughed.

"We're in Well! We can get away from these frickin robots already!" Scout cried happily.

"Mmmph Mph!" Pyro mumbled.

"Still, I think we need the Medic, or if we're lucky, we still have health kits over here." Spy said.

They found some health kits and refilled their health.

"Where is everyone else? We need to get out of here now!" Scout said.

"Hrr mph fgrh." A robotic voice mumbled behind them.

"...please tell me that was you, Pyro." Spy said.

They turned around and saw a Giant Robot Pyro. He activated his flamethrower, releasing a fire cloud into the air. Spy, Scout and Pyro escaped and took cover in the small trainhouse.

"Fvohahuh!" Pyro said. running away from the fire cloud. He used his Detonator to hit him, but it didn't give much damage.

"We should hit him from underwater." Spy suggested, firing using his Revolver.
"He'll burn us before we even reach the water!"

"Or we could let him be hit by a train."

Suddenly the trainhouse was split open by a massive axe.

"Crap!" Scout said, firing the Scattergun and avoiding the flamethrower. Pyro was attacking using the Detonator. The train track lights started bleeping.

"Pull him towards the train!" Spy said. They all went behind the train track, as the massive Pyrobot slowly made his way towards them. As he went on the train track, a train crashed into it's leg, making him fall down, dropping the the flamethrower and falling on the track. Just as another train came by, crashing through the Pyrobot, killing him.

"Woohoo! Alright!" Scout said.

"Hudda hudd!" Pyro said too.

"We still need to find the other six, you know that, right?" Spy said.

In the deserts of the Badlands, the Demoman and Soldier regained consiousness.

"What happened here?" Soldier said.

"Where the bloody hell am I?" Demoman said.

"You too Dummkopfs almost got us killed vith your stupid bickering! Schwienhunds!" Medic screamed at them. "If it vasn't for me you'd be lying dead in the sands now!"

"Hey, he started it." Soldier complained.

"Well it was the truth!" Demoman said.

"Stop it, you two! Now let's get to Vell before we get blown up by another Sentry Buster." Medic said.

They could see Well from a distance, and started walking towards it. They saw a sandstorm approaching.

"Ah great, just vhat ve needed." Medic said.

"Now, don't get sand into your eye, Tavish." Soldier said mockingly.

"Oh you just crossed the line mister!" Demoman pulled out a bottle and hit the Soldier.

"Zhat's not a sandstorm..." Medic said. "Zhat's another robot..."

A Giant Demoknight was seen in the distance.

"MORE VIOLENCE!" Soldier said, pulling out his Rocket Launcher.

"Now zhat's something I can agree with." He pulled out his Kritzkrieg and started healing the Soldier. The Demoknight came close to them, and attacked with his massive Eyelander. Demoman jumped and avoided the weapon, and fired grenades at him. Medic activated the Kritzkrieg, and the Soldier fired Critical Rockets at him. Demoman attached Stickybombs and activated them. The Demoknight was almost dead. Soldier took out his Equalizer, jumped, and stuck it in the Demoknight's leg, hanging on to it. He climbed his way to the back of the Demoknight. The Demoknight tried attacking the Soldier, but failed.

"Haha! Take this!" The Soldier used his Rocket Launcher and blew up the Demoknight's head. The Demoknight dropped to the ground. "That was awesome! Let's do it again!" He pulled out his Equalizer.

"Let's go before something more dangerous appears." Medic said.

"You wuss." Soldier said.

They started running towards Well.

Meanwhile, the Scout, Pyro and Spy were trying to find the others. They entered the RED base, and saw the Engineer, Sniper and the Heavy tied up on the place of the control point/intelligence briefcase. A screen opened showing Gray Mann.

"Hello, mercernaries." Gray said, tapping his fingers together. "Now, either surrender and be a hostage, or I'll activate the Sentries and you'll be dead."

"Mmph." Pyro mumbled. They were trying to walk back, but were stopped by two big Steel Gauntlets.

"So, are you surrendering?" Gray ordered the Sentries to be pointed at them. They surrendered.
"When are your other friends planning on coming here? They apperantly escaped my Giant Demoknight and killed it."

"I don't have a clue." Dell said.

"Hm. Oh well, I'll just kill them later. Goodbye." The screen was shut down, and all the sentries were pointed to them. The sentries started firing as everyone went for cover, running towards the corridor. They made it, with everyone severly hurt. They tried to continue down the corridor, but another Sentry was there.

"These things fire at me even when I'm invisible." Spy said. "Like your's back at Teufort."

"Okay, how the hell will we get out of here?" Sniper asked.

"I don't have the darnest clue, boy." Dell said. "He's probably got more robots outside."

"We need Doctor!" Heavy said.

"We also need the Demoman and the Soldier, but they're probably somewhere else." Dell said. "They would destroy these Sentries much faster..."

"Mmmph Mph!" Pyro said. He pulled out his Detonator, and fired a shot to the wall, detonating it, He kept firing, until the Sentry exploded.

"That was easy. Too easy, in fact." Dell said.

They escaped down the corridor, making their way out of the RED base. When they escaped, they knew they were screwed. Two Giant Charged Soldiers were attacking outside, along with many more smaller robots. Soldier, Demoman and Medic were battling the metal monsters.

"Are those the Critical Rocket types?" Sniper asked.

"I'm afraid yes." Dell confirmed.

"MEDIIIIIIC!" Heavy cried.

Medic rushed towards them, healing everyone while hiding under cover.

"Pyro, join the Soldier and the Demoman against the giants. Medic, ubercharge Heavy and block the train's passage so we can get on it. Everyone else, just kick robot ass, okay?" Dell said.

They all went to do their jobs. Pyro reflected the rockets, and the Soldier and the Demoman were still fighting the giants. The Engineer started building a Sentry, that fired at the robots around him. Medic was charging the Ubercharge as the Heavy was shredding robots.

"Cry some more, ahaha!" Heavy said.

"Ubercharge is ready!" exclaimed the Medic. The signals told a train will come, and the Heavy and the Medic stood on the tracks. Heavy pushed the train, being indestructible.

"Go, go, go!" he said. Pyro cut his way into the cart of the train. He, the Scout, the Spy, the Engineer and the Sniper went on first.

"Ze ubercharge isn't going to last long..." the Medic said. The Soldier and Demoman rushed to train, and the Heavy and the Medic jumped out of the way as the ubercharge ended. Heavy quickly grasped the wall of the cart, and pulled the Medic with him into the cart. The train rushed through the tunnel.

"WOOHOO! Out of frickin' Mann's Land!" Scout said.

"Hell yeah!" Dell said.