AN: So this is a story I came up with based on a few of those awesome manips on Tumblr and the song "Sing Me To Sleep" By Emily Browning from the movie Sucker Punch.

Hermione screamed a long low animal sounding wail, her voice gone by this point but all she could do was howl, wait for more healing potion, and howl again. Bellatrix had been with her on the floor for what felt like an eternity. It could have been days, it could have been years, it could have only been minutes for all Hermione knew. She just knew agony. She couldn't escape it, couldn't outthink it, and couldn't run from it. She was trapped in a cage of her own body. She could feel a puddle of her own blood cooling around her, her hair sticking to it in matted clumps.

"Bellatrix, must we do this into the night? Leave the girl. She's not getting anywhere tonight. Leave her until the morning." Narcissa exclaimed with a bored tone. Hermione wanted to prove the statement wrong but she knew she couldn't. Her legs were broken, her skin mutilated, and her will to move crushed for the moment. She just wanted to stop hurting, she didn't care how it happened, just that hopefully it would happen.

Bellatrix snapped Hermione out of her reverie when the mad witch grabbed her chin and made Hermione look into her soulless eyes.

"Stay." She said as if she were talking to a dog and then giggled hysterically, ruffling Hermione's hair like an affectionate aunt before she climbed off of Hermione's body and walked away with her family.

Hermione was alone then and the lights were turned off. She was left in a pool of darkness with her own thoughts. She stared at the ceiling and just broke down, sobbing violently. She hadn't begged during her torture. She had just screamed her loudest. She wouldn't give them the satisfaction of seeing her beg, but her tears? They came freely now and she couldn't stop them.

Hermione didn't know when it happened but at some point the crying turned into sort of a dry heaving sobbing and she was able to pick up something else...a soft quiet humming in the room. It was so faint that she actually had to go completely silent and listen. The voice was a little desperate and the humming sounded almost more self-reassuring than anything else.

She felt something brush her arm and made a choked sound and jerked from the motion. A smooth hand came to her forehead and she cringed away as the rubbing on her arm continued.

"Granger, stop moving or I'll never get the cut clean." An irritated voice said that shocked her to her core. The voice was Draco's.

She wondered what the hell he was doing down here...if he was going to kick her when she was down because he thought it was fun or because it would be revenge for whatever current reason he decided to loathe her. He did none of those things. Hermione kept waiting...and waiting but that low soft humming continued and he wiped down most of her cuts by hand, using magic on very few. She couldn't find her voice to speak. She was still agonized and enthralled.

"I...I can't help you, you know." Hermione finally heard Draco say in frustration. "It's not possible, I can only do this. I can't help you escape. I'd be killed." He added as if he expected her to understand. Hermione was all out of sympathy at the moment, she couldn't even see him.

Soon she felt his body leave the spot next to her and he appeared next to the window, his hair reflected in the moonlight a little. He looked...well tortured. Of course Hermione had a new definition of that word in her mind, but he did look troubled and conflicted.

"I'm not a hero." Draco said finally. "You were right...I'm a coward." He admitted. "I like my standing, I like my life...well liked my life and I can't risk it anymore. I can't cross You Know Who. I...won't die for your cause." He said looking at her. His grey eyes begged her to understand. "I'm not like Potter or That red headed git." Draco finished, and Hermione found that his irritation at Ron unable to be squashed even in a confession.

"I'm sorry...for...a lot." He stated after a moment of silence. "I'm not the hero but...I don't want to be the villain either." He mutteredweakly, Hermione almost had to strain to hear him. "I'm sorry for calling you a obviously bleed the same color as me." His face looked almost, amused. Like he was on the recieving end of a cruel joke, but was laughing like he was a part of it as he looked at the dried blood next to her feet. "I...I am not my father and I don't want to be." He exclaimed almost proudly. After that, things fell silent. That sort of desperate humming coming back for a few moments.

Hermione's eyelids felt heavy soon, the exhaustion taking in as the adrenaline left her body. She felt Draco's touch one last time as he brushed her matted hair off of her forehead.

"You really are the brightest witch of our age you know." He stated gently and Hermione swore she felt him kiss the top of her head as she fell asleep.

In the middle of the night she could hear herself being moved, hear Bellatrix sounding the alarm and waking the whole house up, hear the spells reverberating off the walls and...possibly Dobby? Her eyes were swollen shut by this point so it was hard to tell. She knew Ron was carrying her, she knew his smell, but truly, the only thing that was left with her was the soft desperate sound of humming and the faintest brush of a kiss forever burned into her mind.