~ Inazuma Latte ~

Warnings: OOC-ness, a lot of own OC's, Yaoi (The same thing: I don't know if there's some in it, but I already warned you in case there is.)

Chapter Eleven: All's well that ends well

Normal P.O.V.

The next day, all the girls of Inazuma Latte were serving their customers with a smile. They were all genuine smiles, except for Hinako, who just putted on a fake one, to hide her true emotions. She was still upset about everything that had happened. All the Raimon High boys had come to the café right after school, except for Midorikawa.

''How is Midorikawa doing?'' Maya asked Hiroto, while she gave him a coffee.

Hiroto's face clouded.

''He's been silent and grumpy the entire time. He went straight to his room yesterday, when he came come for dinner. I was left alone speechless in the living room. He doesn't want to talk and this morning, he didn't even bother going to school. God knows where he is.'' He replied.

''Wow, that's heavy…'' Maya said.

''How's Hinako doing?'' Sakuma asked Maya.

Maya looked worried at her friend, who was on the main ground, serving a customer with a fake smile. When she turned around, her smile immediately disappeared and a sad look replaced it.

''See yourself.'' Maya said gloomy.

All the Raimon boys sighed.

''Not too good either.'' Gouenji stated.

Nonori walked upstairs, towards the boys' regular table and kissed her boyfriend, while she handed him his coffee.

''Here you go, sweetie.'' She said.

''Thanks.'' Gouenji replied.

''So, what are you guys up to, today?'' Ayume asked, who also joined the others.

''We don't know. We were thinking of eating out today in a restaurant.'' Endou replied, while he kissed his girlfriends cheek.

''You girls wanna come along?'' Kidou asked, while he wrapped an arm around Anabella's waist, who was also there.

''Sure!'' The girls said, while Noa smiled happily.

She was standing behind Sakuma and had wrapped her arms around his neck, while her chin rested on Sakuma's head. Hinako was the only one down. It wasn't very busy, just two tables. Hinako sighed and looked up to her friends, who stood together with their boyfriends and smiled. It made her wanna puke. Not because she was angry, but because she was jealous. She missed Midorikawa, his sweet foolishness and the way he said that she was save in his arms.

''Midorikawa…'' Hinako said sad, while she felt like crying.

''Hina-chan, can I order one Ice-Coffee?'' A customer asked.

Hinako putted on her fake smile and nodded.

''Hai, of course!'' She replied.

Hina-chan was her maid nickname. All the customers mostly called her like that. But everytime she heard it, it made her sad. There was only one person who could say it so sweetly. Yes, a certain greenette. Everything around Hinako reminded her of Midorikawa and it drove her insane. Suddenly, she felt something vibrate in her apron. Hinako took out her cell phone and her eyes widened. It was a text from Midorikawa.

Meet me at the ice-cream stand. I want a second chance. xoxo Midori-chan

Tears welled up in Hinako's eyes. She immediately dashed towards the staff room and changed into her casual clothes.

''Hinako! Where are you going?'' Ayume asked surprised, when she saw Hinako making her way towards the exit.

''Don't worry.'' Hinako replied with a smile.

Ayume could see the happy glint in her eyes and she already had an idea where she could head to.

''Good luck!'' She shouted.

Then, the door closed and Hinako was gone.

''Where is she going to?'' Fudou asked.

The maids smiled.

''Midorikawa.'' They said in union, except for Noa, who just had a playful smile.

''Let's hope everything will turn out well.'' Hiroto said.

-Hinako and Midorikawa-

When Hinako arrived at the ice-cream stand, she already spotted Midorikawa sitting on the edge of the flower bed, the exact spot she sat yesterday. When he saw Hinako approaching, he stood up and looked serious.

''Hi.'' He said.

''Hee.'' Hinako replied.

Midorikawa looked to the ground.

''I want to apologize for the things I said yesterday. You were right to be mad at me. If I would see you with a guy like that, I would be hurt too.'' He said.

Hinako smiled.

''I wanna say sorry too. I acted reckless and said mean things, which I didn't mean.'' She replied.

Midorikawa looked up. Then, he smiled.

''Want some ice-cream?'' He asked.

Hinako giggled.

''Sure.'' She replied.

She sat down on the edge of the flower bed, while Midorikawa fetched the ice-cream. It took longer than Hinako predicted and when Midorikawa came back, he was holding two cups, instead of cones. He handed Hinako her chocolate ice-cream.

''Your favorite.'' He said with a smile.

''Thanks.'' Hinako replied.

They ate their ice-cream in silence. When Hinako tasted the chocolate, she thought back at the moment when she was in the park with Midorikawa. He had comforted her and she felt so comfortable. Thinking about that moment again, made Hinako feel all fuzzy on the inside. She smiled content and took another bite. But then, Hinako noticed something strange. The more bites she took, the more nervous, she saw Midorikawa become.

''Is something wrong?'' She asked.

Midorikawa shook his head.

''N-No, it's nothing.'' He replied.

Hinako smiled and ate the last bite. When she putted her neon-pink, plastic spoon back in the cup, she noticed something odd.

''Huh? The bottom of my cup is loose.'' Hinako said.

Midorikawa gained a color.

''R-Really?'' He replied.

Hinako flipped open the bottom and her eyes widened. Her cup had a double bottom. In the free space lay a silver heart locket.

''What's this?'' Hinako asked surprised, while she took the locket out of it's hiding place.

Hinako examined better and her eyes widened again. There was something engraved in the heart.

Hina x Midori

''M-Midorikawa.'' Hinako said, while she covered her mouth with one hand.

''Do you like it?'' Midorikawa asked shy.

''I LOVE it! This is so sweet! Thank you!'' Hinako exclaimed, while she tightly hugged the greenette.

''Shall I put it around your neck?'' Midorikawa asked.

Hinako nodded with a blush and handed Midorikawa the locket. He stood up and went to stand behind Hinako. He slowly brushed her hair to the side and hung the locket around her neck. Then, he clasped it and slowly brushed her hair back in it's normal state. He leaned forward and placed his lips close to Hinako's ear.

''I love you.'' He whispered, sending shivers down Hinako's spine.

She gained a color and looked shy down.

''I-I love you too, Mi-Midorikawa.'' She replied.

''Midori-chan, remember?'' Midorikawa replied chuckling.

''R-Right.'' Hinako replied.

''Does this mean that we're … back together?'' Midorikawa asked, nervous about the answer.

Hinako nodded.

''Definitely!'' She replied with a smile.

Midorikawa smiled happily and wrapped his arms around her neck, giving her a hug. Hinako smiled content. This was what she had missed.

''Shall we go back to Maid Latte?'' Midorikawa suggested.

Hinako nodded and smiled.

''Then, I'll promise to make you my special cappuccino.'' She said.

''I'm looking forward to that.'' Midorikawa said, while he rubbed his hands together.

Then, he grabbed Hinako's hand and held it tightly. Together like this, they made their way back to Inazuma Latte.

-Back at Inazuma Latte-

''Look look!'' Nonori shouted, while she pointed at the door.

Hinako and Midorikawa stepped inside, still holding hands.

''Awwhh… you two are back together.'' Anabella said with a smile.

''I'm so happy for you two.'' Maya added.

''Good to see everybody's happy again.'' Endou said.

Everybody nodded.

''I'm going to the kitchen.'' Hinako said.

The girls smiled.

''What are you going to make?'' Ayume asked.

''A special recipe.'' Hinako replied, while she winked at Sakuma, who smiled in return.

''Well, good luck!'' Nonori said cheery.

Hinako disappeared into the kitchen. The girls smiled at the eleven Raimon High boys.

''So, where's the dinner of tonight going to take place?'' Ayume asked the boys, coming back on the subject they talked about earlier.

''Well, we wanted to take you girls to Chez Marie.'' Hiroto said.

The eyes of the girls widened.

''NO WAY!'' They explained.

''That's so exclusive!'' Anabella said.

''It's expensive too!'' Maya added.

''I heard only high-class people come there.'' Ayume said.

''Well, we want to make it up to you.'' Gouenji replied.

''You guys already did, silly boys.'' Nonori said giggling.

''Anyway, do you girls accept or not?'' Endou asked.

''We'd love to, but won't it be too expensive for you guys?'' Anabella asked.

''Don't worry,'' Kidou said with a smile. ''The owner is a good friend of my adoptive father. He said he'll let us eat dinner there for free. After he heard the sad story about the girls though.''

The girls squealed.

''This is too cool!'' Maya said.

Noa just smiled really bright. She was really looking forward to the dinner.

''Wait, since it's so exclusive, does that mean we have to come in evening dresses and stuff?'' Ayume asked.

''Yep.'' Sakuma replied.

''By the way, me, Fubuki, Fudou, Nagumo and Fuusuke won't come along.'' Kazemaru said.

''Yeah, we thought you twelve people need your time together.'' Fubuki added.

''We'll be eating some pizza at Kazemaru's place.'' Fudou added.

''Well, okay..'' Endou said.

''This is gonna be SO COOL!'' Nonori shouted hyper, while she jumped on her spot and clapped in her hands.

At that point, Hinako arrived too.

''What's gonna be so cool?'' She asked.

The maids quickly explained her everything.

''Wow, such a luxurious dinner.'' She said with a smile.

She walked to Midorikawa and putted the cappuccino in front of him. On the foamed milk was a heart, made of chocolate powder.

''Awwhh!'' The girls said.

''Hinako, you totally must teach me how to get a perfect heart shape like that.'' Nonori added.

Hinako gigged.

''I will.'' She replied.

''Hey, what's that on your neck?'' Maya asked.

Hinako smiled and explained the story about the locket.

''No way, that's way too romantic, Midorikawa!'' Anabella said.

Midorikawa replied.

''Eeehh? Who had thought Midorikawa had such a soft side.'' Nagumo said teasingly.

Midorikawa grinned.

''I just KNEW you were going to tease me about it.'' He said.

Nagumo grinned back.

''Hey, you know me.'' He replied.

''All too well.'' Fuusuke murmured.

''Said something, Ice Princess?'' Nagumo asked his boyfriends teasingly.

''Nothing important, tulip-head.'' Fuusuke replied.

''Please, do not fight.'' Hiroto begged.

But to his surprise, both teens grinned and kissed each other.

''No fight?'' Kazemaru asked shocked.

''Nope.'' Nagumo replied.

''Finally!'' Fubuki said.

Then, everybody laughed.

-That evening-

Time went by really fast and the maids were at their apartment, preparing for the dinner.

''GAAAH! I can't choose which dress to wear!'' Nonori exclaimed.

''Just pick one. Everything looks good on you.'' Hinako murmured back.

She hated the fact that she had to wear a formal evening dress too. All the girls decided to hang their hair loose and to curl it. After everybody had picked out a dress and applied their make-up, they all grabbed their clutch bags and headed out.

''I'm so excited!'' Nonori shouted.

''And why did we decided to wear killer heels again?'' Anabella asked, who clearly had a bit of trouble with her heels.

''That's part of it.'' Maya replied to her.

''Let's hope we don't have to walk a lot.'' Anabella complained again.

''The boys said to meet them at the corner of the street. I wonder why…'' Ayume said.

When they came there, their eyes widened.

''No way, a limo?!'' Nonori exclaimed.

''This is way too awesome!'' Maya added.

Noa's eyes twinkled too. The driver held the door open for them. The six girls stepped inside the pretty, white limo and looked around.

''No sign of the boys.'' Hinako said.

''Maybe they're at the restaurant.'' Anabella replied.

Noa nodded.

''We'll see.'' Ayume said.

They all grabbed a glass of Champaign and toasted.

''To a great evening!'' Maya said.

The girls smiled.

''I feel like a celebrity.'' Nonori said, while she sipped from her Champaign.

''Me too! I can't believe we're in a limo!''Maya added.

''Well, believe it.'' Hinako replied.

''I bet Kidou arranged this.'' Ayume said with a playful smile.

''Why?'' The girls, except Noa, asked.

Ayume pointed at a logo in the limo.

Kidou Financial Group.

''I see.'' Anabella said with a smile.

After they drove for a while, the limo stopped. The door was held open by the driver again and the six girls stepped out of the limo again.

''Let's go, girls!'' Ayume said.

Then, the six of them walked confident towards the entrance. People were staring in awe at them from the sidelines. Men looked with a playful smile, women with a jealous glare. Once inside, a waiter immediately made it's way towards the girls.

''A very good evening, young ladies. Allow me to guide you to your table.'' He said.

The six girls giggled behind their gloved hands. They followed the waiter and were brought to a large table, capable of twelve persons. The six boys stood up when they saw the girls arrive. Their mouths fell open.

''Wow…'' Endou said.

''Oh. My. Gosh.'' Sakuma added.

''Pinch me.'' Kidou said breathless.

The girls smiled.

''Hi guys!'' Maya said.

''Those suits look good on you!'' Anabella praised them.

The boys wore suits for the occasion.

''Thanks. You six look stunning too.'' Hiroto replied.

Noa was wearing a soft pink dress that was a bit ruffles with wavy edges all over the body and a big, soft pink rose on the upper left side. From there, a band went over her left shoulder. Her right shoulder was just bare. The dress reached just over her knees and she wore high, white heels underneath it. She also wore a silver necklace, two silver armbands at her right wrist, over her soft pink gloves, that reached until her elbow. Her make-up matched her dress. She wore silver diamond earrings.

Maya was wearing a bright, strapless, red dress that reached till the ground. It was silky and smooth. The upper part was tight and ruffled, and the dress loosened up from around her waist. Tiny silver diamonds were seen on the upper part and she wore matching silver jewelry and matching make-up. She also wore red gloves, till her elbows and silver, high heels.

Nonori wore a ocean blue, halter dress that reached just below her ankles, so her silver, high heels were still clearly visible. The upped part was a light ocean color and the color gets darker as the dress goes down. She wore matching gloves, make-up and jewelry.

Ayume was wearing a white, strapless dress with a black ribbon around her middle. The dress reached just above her knees and she wore high, black heels underneath it. She also wore black gloves and silver jewelry. She wore black-and-white eye shadow and other sorts of make-up.

Hinako wore a dark blue, dress from which a band went over her right shoulder. It was made of a silky fabric. Her dress reached till the ground and there was a small split on the left side of her dress. She wore silver heels and dark blue gloves. Her make-up had a mid-night theme and she wore Midorikawa's locket around her neck.

Anabella wore a grey halter dress, with an extra layer, which was printed with small, black flowers. The dress reached just above her knees and she wore black, high heels underneath it. Her glove had the same color as her dress and reached till her elbows. Her jewelry consisted out of a silver ring, large, silver earrings and make up that matched her dress.

The six girls took a spot in front of their boyfriends and enjoyed their evening. They were happy that everything turned out to be okay again. The rest of the evening, they chit-chatted with the other boys, giggled about silly comments and enjoyed some amazing food. The maids from Inazuma Latte knew they were in good hands and that they didn't had to fear about their pasts anymore. Now, they were safe and happy. And that's how it's supposed to be. All's well that ends well.

~ End of chapter ~

~ End of story ~

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