We are still running in the same halls following yang to were he located the target, Eliminating anyone gets in the way

Yang:"in here" finally it's about time my friend

Hale shot the lock, and Barney kicked the door open, We got in Barney first,Hale second, after him it Me,Yang and road and Gunner watched the door. we searched the room covering each others back

barney:"no one is here"

These words made Me angry, I had started dreaming of my warm bed, and a cup of hot chocolate

Yang:"There must be something wrong"

Gunner:"Yo guys everything OK..What's taking so long"

Lee said as he went by the door:"Nothing, it's just Yang got us to the wrong room"

Yang:"I did not...I'm su..." he was cut by The expendabels leader

Barney:"They must of took him somewhere else. Come on we have no time to waste...We will split, find the target, and meet back here" we all nodded in understanding

Barney:"Yang and Toll road you this way...Gunner and Angel this way...Lee,Me and Hale this way"

I followed gunner who was in the lead. we got to the last room, god please let him be here, I just wanna go home and sleep for three day's.

Me:"Lets hope he's in here"

Gunner opened the door, I go in first. making sure there is no solders I let my gun rest. Gunners voice got my attention .

Gunner:"There you are" as he untied the poor beated up little guy, ahhh finally

Me:"Guys we found him" I said through my ear piece (not sure of that's what we call it but I guess you know what I'm talking about )

Barney's voice replayed "OK good job now you all know where we are meeting...I'll see you all in 5"

I helped the target stand up, Then out of no where bullets started flying all over the place, We hide behind some sort of a table. I got that rush again, And I just want to kick some ass

Gunner:"Take the target out of here, I'll cover" I nodded, even though I wanted to stay and kill some of these bastards, But the target is our priority now

Me:"come on. Stay down and close"

Target:"OK" he said in pain, looks like our friends were not so nice to him

Gunner opened fire while me and the target run out of the room, And we are running through corridors again, I kept my gun ready just incase

Me:"What's your name?"


Me:"OK John we..."

Target:"I can't..I can't" he fall to his knees, I run to him, we have no time to get weak

Me:"Yes you can come on, if you want..."

I'm hearing something from the corner, I sigh shshshsh to John he nodded. I went their staying by the wall, When a hand with a gun appeared, I kicked his hand before he gets a chance to do anything, Then I did one of my judo moves, After he went flying to the dirty floor I pined his head to the floor with my foot. Two more men appeared in front of me I reached to my gun, and used the idiot under my foot as a cover, I finally managed to shot them both dead I run to John who was hiding his head between his legs

Me:"It's safe now...let's get you out of here"

He nodded as I helped him to his feet again, and we resumed running a few minutes later we made it to the meeting point, but Yang and Toll road were fighting with some solders, I got four of my knifes out, And throw them one by one two men were down, As one of the knifes missed and the other one hit the solder in his foot.
Toll road finished the one he was fighting with and yang did the same with two he was fighting him self. They looked at me as I walked with John behind me to the dead bodies and got my knifes out

Toll road:"Just in time" I smiled at him, cleaning my knifes from blood with my vest, and placing them back to there places. The rest of the team showed seconds later. After a final fight we were finally in the plane and hiding home, As usually I sat in the corner reading my book

Hale:"Do you ever do anything else but reading?" you see I'm sort of obsessed with books and reading

Gunner:"Yeah every time we see your face you're holding a book"

Me:"Can you shut your fucking mouths I'm trying to concentrate her" they kept on bullshitting but I just ignored them

After landing John's men were waiting for him, after he left each one went to his own house. Oh home sweet home

I got in took a shower and got under the covers, Being back home is so good, I sure miss the rush, but right now I want nothing more than sleeping.

I woke to a text, I looked at the screen it was from tool it says " hey don't forget party in my place tonight at seven" I replayed "I'll be there"

I looked at the clock it was 6. I went down stares I'm starving, I opened my fridge, and got the first thing I found. After finishing I sat there thinking of my life, I don't know for a second it felt empty, with no purpose.
I looked at the clock it was already 6:30. I went to my room, To my closet got a skinny jeans and a black t- shirt that fit me just perfectly, I brushed my hair and left it the way it is, did my make up just gloss,eyeliner and mascara. I looked again at the clock it was 6:55 shit I'm gonna be late I got my mobile,pierce,keys and run down stares. Lee got out of his house, He lives next door.

Lee:"looks like we are late again"

Me:"Looks like it" being late is one thing Me and Lee share

Me:"Wanna ride"


I jumped into the car, moments later Lee joined, and we took off to tool's. the ride was silent it wasn't awkward but still.

We parked at the garage and jumped out.

tool:"Ahh finally"

Gunner:"A beer" Me and Lee both nodded

After cracking jokes Barney made his way beside me

Barney:"Guys may i have your attention" everyone went silent listening to what there boss has to say

Barney:"angel after the two missions with you succeeded you have earned your place in team Expendables...Welcome to the family" finally he spat it out, I can die right now and be perfectly happy

Me:"thank you" we hug and kiss on the cheek, All the boys were clapping. We all took a sip of our beer. I look around at everyone I look at my new friends, my new life and my new family. I get the flashback of how I met The Expendables