It's the day of Alex and Fiona's wedding.

Alex has surprised everyone and married Fiona before the actual ceremony.

Stevie is devastated and Regan has tried to help her friend deal with the fact the man she loves has married someone else.

Alex's friendship means more to her than anything in her life with the exception of her daughter Rose.

Close to tears Stevie looks exquisite in her pale green bridesmaids dress and it's an irony that someone who looks so beautiful and perfect could feel so broken and defeated on the inside.

Standing watching him laugh with his best man and friend Dave she finds it difficult to be happy for him even though that's what she truly wants for him.


She senses someone beside her and glancing she finds Fiona with a smug look on her face.

She smirks at Stevie and says "Look at him he's so happy, you can try to change that if you want but he's my husband now and he loves me."

Stevie glares at her.

Thoughts swirl through her head and her heart .

What a bitch and her best friend is in her clutches and she failed to make him see.

Some friend she is.

They've always been truthful with each other, sometimes brutally so and yet when it came to her heart she just couldn't tell him.

Without uttering a word she walks away as Fiona's Mother comes looking for her to say her goodbyes before they leave for their Honeymoon.


Their Honeymoon...Stevie daydreams.

Argentina with Alex.

Argentina with Tess and Nick.

Her heart hurts.

Fiona had Alex.

Fiona had his heart.

Fiona would get to spend time with Nick and Tess and baby Claire.


Holding her tears she watches the horses unsure of what to do next.

Drover's Run was her home but she'd have to deal with Fiona constantly and then when they had children she's have to watch him adore them and her.

Maybe it was time to go.

Move on.


"Hey there weren't you going to say goodbye." Alex's voice jokes from behind her.

She inhales deeply knowing she has to say goodbye.

Wrapping his arms around her he speaks of their friendship and it breaks her heart and every ounce of her strength is used not crying in his arms.

She wants to beg him not to go and let her stay in his arms but she doesn't.

Fiona spoils everything and comes to get him before Stevie is ready to let him go.

As he releases her and slides his hand across her bare shoulder he glances back at her as he walks out of her life.


All of Alex and Fiona's friends have gathered for the final goodbyes and a loud tinkling draws quiet from the crowd.

Stevie moves forward and says "We're all gathering here to wish Alex and Fiona a long and happy life and marriage."

Rumblings from the crowd confirm her sentiments.

Smiling Stevie continues. "It's difficult to find the right person to spend the rest of your life with and everyone looks for different combinations to fulfil their ideal."

Again the crowd agrees.

"For me today is tinged with happiness and sadness. I'm happy that my best friend has found the person he thinks is right for him and I'm extremely sad because today marks the end of our friendship." Stevie says sadly.

Alex quips "Come on Cowgirl don't be so dramatic we'll still be friends but now you'll have to share me!"

Everyone laughs at Alex's joke except Stevie.


Stevie looks at him and replies. "No Alex after today I can't be your friend anymore. In all the years we've been friends we've stuck to three truths, one we always look out for each other, two we tell the truth and three we tell each other when we're being an idiot."

The mood of the crowd has changed and they're all trying to work out what she's on about.

Alex is standing staring at her deep in thought and Fiona is trying to get him to get moving.

Alex states "Yeah that's right. So what's changed?"

Stevie looks at him and says "I have and I'm not a good friend because I broke those truths."

Fiona says "Alex can we please get going we'll miss our flight."

He smiles at Fiona and kisses her and whispers" Just one minute Fi , Stevie's my best friend and I need to find out what's bothering her."

"Yes well I'm your pregnant wife and I should take priority don't you think?" Fiona snarls softly.


Alex looks at Stevie and says "Stevie I'm sorry mate but I have to go or we'll miss our flight I'll ring you when we get to Argentina."

He turns with Fiona under his arm and the crowd moves in behind them as they begin to walk to the car.

Stevie yells "Alex! Fiona's lying, she isn't pregnant, she promised me she would tell you before the wedding but she tricked you into marrying her sooner, I rode out to stop you but it was too late, you're being an idiot and the reason I can't be your friend anymore is because I'm leaving the district."


The crowd shifts as Alex walks back towards Stevie.

"It's my bloody wedding day Stevie!" He yells at her then says "Why would you say that about my wife? How dare you!"

Stevie can't hold her tears, this isn't the reaction she expected and all she can manage to say is "Go to hell Alex!"

She turns to stride away and he grabs her arm "Oh no you don't! You're not running away. You've embarrassed me in front of all these people and now you can apologize as well."

"You're hurting me Alex." She growls.

"Tough I want an apology." He snarls.


She whispers softly enough so that only he can hear. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was in love with you. "

He lets go of her arm and stares at her with a stunned look on his face.

Then she whispers "And I'm sorry I said what I did out loud but Fiona isn't pregnant and you are being an idiot because it's me you belong with."

She turns and walks away...