Gaz's Speech

Ok, so there is a scene in Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom that was cut out and never actually aired but in it Gaz makes a speech about her brother at his opening of school. I though it was interesting so I decided to write.

Gaz breathed in slowly, readying herself for what was to come. It was the opening of Dib's fancy paranormal school and she had been asked to talk at the ceremony. One of Dib's college's was up there already

"And how, Dib's scary sister, Gaz would like to come up and say a few words. People please give a warm welcome to Gazlene Membrane" (A/N This Gaz's full name.) People clapped. Gaz calmly walked to the stand. This didn't scare her. She had gone up against pig demons and aliens. This was nothing. But when she did reach that stand she did find it a little bit more intimidating then she though it would be. There was millions of people out there expecting every word to come from her mouth to be perfect. She wasn't scare though.

"My brother has always been strange" she began. Some people murmured. This clearly wasn't what they had been expecting. "He always got picked on at school as many of you already know from reading his memoir. He got called "crazy" and "insane". But he had a dream. All kids have a dream. But Dib had the ability to make his dream a reality. And that's the part of having a dream a lot of people don't have. To have the ambition and bravery to make come true."

"Even before his powers he wasn't afraid to stand up for what he believed in even if it meant being signalled out and being made fun of."

Now came the hard part.

"I wasn't always the greatest little sister ever. I'm not always the most easiest person to get along with but he put up with me. For that I want to say thanks. And again that I'm sorry for being mean to him all those times."

There was something else she wanted to say but couldn't. It would ruin her reputation. But what if his luck ran out when he went to fight the armada and he got hurt and never got it hear this.

"Is my brother crazy, hell yes, is he insane, hell yes again, is his head big and stupid, well of course have you seen the size of it? But I also couldn't have wished d for a better big brother. He also better realise this is the only time I'm ever going to admit any of this. He was the greatest big brother ever Thank you"

She turned and walked back to her seat.


"That was a great speech, Gaz " Dib said later

"I hate you" she said

"Love you too, little sis"

They both smiled at each other

So yeah. Sorry if you though that was out of character but I'm a DAGF (Dib and Gaz friendship) supporter and this is Dib's perfect fantasy and I think all siblings love each other deep down.

HiyaKitty x