The Shadow Chronicles Series

It was late one September night that Dr. Martin would never forget. He was always cautious of who he let in his doors, and at this, he was equally afraid who just stepped in. It was one of his clients. Dr. Martin, a very rich man, was a world leading physicist. His client was a 6'2" giant of a man. But he was no man. He was a teenager, about the age of seventeen. His client walked in, holding a bundle.

Dr. Martin asked, "What are you doing here? I told you to never come back!"

His client put on a cold cruel smile, the kind a hyena makes before it eats its prey.

"I told you I would be back, but this is to give you a gift for your services."

He handed the man the bundle. It was at that moment that Dr. Martin realized that this bundle was a very small toddler.

The sleeping boy looked up into the man's eyes, and said, "Dada…" and when Dr. Martin looked up to thank the client, he was gone.

Several minutes later, as Dr. Martin was tucking the boy in to go to sleep, he heard a scratching at the door. He went to his room, grabbed one of his baseball bats, this one happened to have been used by the baseball player, Mickey Mantle, but to Dr. Martin it was just another bat, and plus he was protecting his new son. He opened the door and braced himself. He looked down, and saw a small beaten up kitten, no bigger than a baseball cap. He was badly scratched, and he was favoring his front left leg. The man took the kitten up in arms, and noticed the belt and collar on the cat. He checked the tags. The full tag went something like this:


If lost, please contact 559-0643

He invited the kitten inside, and made some warm milk. When he came back, he found the child giggling at the kitten. The kitten was chasing its own tail, and it was then when the Doctor realized, the cats tail was twice its body length. The kitten purred as it drank the milk, the child stroking it. I shall name you Stevie, thought Dr. Martin. He tucked the boy in once again, and finally the child went to sleep, with the cat right beside him.