Here's chapter two :) Enjoy

To figure out where he had been sent, Joey walked over to the person closest to him. A tough and unfriendly type

stood by a lightning pole. "Hey, scuss' me pal, have you any idea where we are?" The guy just looked at Joey like he

was a complete idiot. "Are you making fun of me, pip squeak? You even have a Brooklyn accent!" "Brooklyn… What's th-

"Joey thought, but was interrupted by the butch man. "But apparently someone is just out for trouble…"

"Aba-de-Nyeh?" Joey said, taking a step backwards. "No, no I just wanted to know the- uhm, block we are in… Yeah,

that." "Not that I can't take him on, but I better keep low." The NY citizen didn't seem to care much about Joeys

comment, and grabbed his T-shirts neck and lifted him up to his face. "Do ya wanna know which part-a town you're

in, hmm? Well I'll tell you! You are in Bushwick, Brooklyn, you idiot!" By getting closer to the man, Joey could clearly

see he was affected by drugs. Joey quickly writhed himself out of the citizens lock, and reached for his deck. "Okay

pal, you give me no choice! Time for you to see the Joey Wheeler in action! It's time to du-" Joey stopped, noticing

his deck wasn't there.

"-Eh, that's not good…" His eyes scrolled up to the man's face, which now looked as if he would use him as a tooth

pick. "I ain't afraid of you pal! I can take on anyone, anytime!" Joey pulled his arm backwards and made his fist slam

directly into the man's belly. But instead of pushing him backwards, Joeys hand smacked into a wall made of solid

rock. "Nyehehehe…?" Joey gave a big grin, then turned around and ran as fast as he could around the corner.