After all that had happened..five years after Paine reunited the Gullwings for a last mission to climb Yadanoki Tower, Rikku and Yuna had settled their differences after arguing over jealousy and Yuna's neglect towards her cousin when finding her lost love Tidus on the Besaid shore. Rikku was now 22 years of age..a young woman, not wishing to express what she felt, but still wanting to experience new love.. again..

Rikku made a living in the newly built City of Bikanel with her new career as a blitzball player on the Al Behd Psyches, still searching the world, but from her own point of view now. Gippal was the Psyches newly found team captain, shortly after he dissolved the Machine Faction. The city was created with a special enlarged sphere that absorbed the thoughts and imagination of the builders. With less time then Shinra once thought, in only four years, another city that never sleeps was born..the most historic city since Zanarkand. Bikanel was built to stretch across more than half of the entire desert to make it impossible for tourists or travelers to miss it. The remaining of the desert that wasn't used was turned into granite-like streets, with lights to guide the way.

Now the first largest city..

A Gift..

Located at the Soul of Spira..