The girls, Ninako, Sayuri, Tsukasa, Noriko, Tamaki and Hana were sewing in their home economics class when Sayuri said…

"Saayyy, Kana-chaaan?"

Kana who was still sewing acknowledged Sayuri with a simple 'hm?' and continued what she was trying to do.

"What's the deal with you an Andou?"

That caught everyone's attention, with Hana's faced really shocked… and looked at Sayuri with bulging eyes as if mentally saying 'Don't you dare open that topic. Don't. Just don't.' The other girls looked at Hana confused, but Sayuri smirked and continued on…

"What about Andou?" Kana asked innocently facing all the girls.

"How do you see Andou?" Sayuri stated.

"Andou's my best friend."

"Aaaaand? Do you like him?"

By this time, Hana was already sweating profusely…

Kana smiled sweetly. "Of course."

"Why do you like him, Kana? What do you like about him?" Sayuri pressed on, slowly smirking as if she was in total control of the conversation…

"Eh? Why? Don't you like Andou, Sayuri-chan?" Kana asked worriedly.

Taken aback Sayuri answered, "Iie. Iie. Andou-kun's okay. But I'm asking you, Kana, you know him best, right?"

Kana smiled sweetly, "Hai, I suppose I know Andou the best…"

The girls waited for Kana to continue…

"Andou may appear to be what we see, but despite all of that, Andou is a nice person. He may be rash and says whatever he wants but, he says those things because he wants what's best for his friends, or what he thinks is best..." giggles, "He always tries to appear strong, tries to do things with his own way, not minding if he appears to be the bad guy," she pauses and faces Ninako, "right, Ninako?" to which Ninako nods and tears up, Kana giggles "because of that attitude, many people misunderstands Andou. Demo, Andou doesn't care if he's misunderstood… as long as the people he longs to protect are happy. Though he doesn't want to admit that…" she smiles...

"Wooow Kana-chan you really understand Andou-kun!" Tsukasa said loudly…

Kana giggled "Demo, I had to be with him for many years to understand that… and Andou is sometimes hard to understand that's why…" she paused.

Sayuri got intrigued, "That's why what?" she asks in a eager tone…

"That's why I want to take care of him. I want to take care of Andou." Kana stated innocently with a smile.

At this point Hana was banging her head to the wall… how can her twin be this dense.

Every girl was looking at Kana with interest and meaningful smiles…

"Eh? Nani? Why are you guys looking at me like that?" Kana asked innocently…

"Because you just confessed." Hana snapped at her twin.


"Didn't you just tell us that you wanted to take care of Andou?" Tamaki said


"Everything that you said awhile ago, every word seemed like a confession…" Noriko added with a nod


"When Ninako was just realizing her feelings for Ren, she had the same expression as you. When you were talking about Andou." Noriko explained and Ninako nodded in agreement

"…" Kana was beet red at this point

"Tell us Kana, what do you feel when you're with Andou." Tsukasa inquired

"…I, I'm happy. Every time I'm with Andou, I'm really happy. Because he understands me, and I understand him…"

"Didn't you get upset when Andou was chasing after other girls?" Sayuri questioned

"Eh? I was sad. Because he won't be with me sometimes, but Andou always finds the time for me… demo, before my heart aches when Andou has other girls…" then as Kana's face looked shocked as if she realized something…

"Kana-chan, isn't that what you feel when you are in love?" Ninako asked innocently…

Kana looked at her friends, they were all smiling at her,

"Kana-chan… aren't you in love with Andou?" Sayuri stated giving the final blow.

There was silence. Kana was beet red. Hana was smiling at her twin sympathetically.