Truths are unraveled in the previous chapter, and King, Toby and Zeo are having their revenge to Dave. Meanwhile, Ginga has some important thing to tell Gumball, Penny, and Anais.

Now will they ever return Dave/Darwin to normal?

Chapter 4- Recalling my memory back

Ginga finally discovers that the falling person is Darwin, and possibly, he is now in US with Masamune. He also starts discovering that Darwin possibly lost his memory.

"Guys, I have something to tell you!" Ginga said. "What is it, Ginga?" Gumball asked. "So, Darwin falls to an incomplete underpass, right? My friend, Masamune, train in there when the accident happened. We must go to US to ensure that is right!" Ginga said.

"Hmm… That is quite good theory." Penny says. "Darwin may now lose his memory, caused by he fell from such high place." Anais says. "That is called amnesia." Ginga said.

"Now we must go find Darwin! Ginga, pick up your plane!" Gumball said.

Back at Dungeon Gym

"Get out of our life, Dave. You overtake Masamune in our life!" King says monstrously, again. "No, I was just befriending him!" Dave said. "You befriend him until make him forget about us?" Toby said.

"No, actually, I want to befriend you all too!" Dave says. "You can't befriend us until you stop overtaking Masamune as our friend!" Zeo says.

"He can't be convinced with words only. Let's seize him, everyone!" King says. He launches Variares, and so did Toby and Zeo, they launches Spiral Fox and Spiral Lyra.

Dave counters by launching Kreis Cygnus. Variares, Fox and Lyra were outmatched. However, "King of Thunderstorms!" King said. "Buster Tail!" Zeo said. "Qullha Estrangular!" Toby said.

"AAA-!" Dave screamed. "Lightning Nova Strike!" a sound said. "Huh—that is?!" King was shocked.

It was Masamune who does it. He launches Blitz Striker. "Masamune! How could you—" Zeo was angered. "Hurting your friend isn't good." Masamune says.

"He is not our friend!" King said. "I am still your friend, King. Do not think he overtakes me!" Masamune said. "What you are talking about? He overtakes you!" King said.

"You are all friends. Do not get jealous only because he is overtaking me. I am trying to make all of you friends." Masamune said. "So you didn't forget us yet, Masamune?" Toby and Zeo asked. "Yes. I am still remembering you as a friend. Now apologize to Dave." Masamune says.

"Listen, Dave. We are sorry for bullying you all night. We are sorry for prank you and framing you all of the day." King guiltily apologizes, for suspecting Dave is taking over his friend.

Suddenly, Ginga and the others arrive at Dungeon Gym. "Hey, that is Ginga, right? Hello, nice to meet you again. And who is these three guys anyway?" Masamune asks. "This cat is Gumball, the peanut is Penny, and this rabbit is Anais." Ginga introduced. Gumball spots Dave, and says curiously. "Darwin, is that you?" Gumball asked. "Darwin? Who is Darwin?" Dave was confused.

"Oh no, my thought is right, you lost your memory!" Gumball said. "Ginga, help him remember." Anais says. "Okay…" Ginga held up a picture of Masami and Rachel that he brought. However, Dave doesn't seem to remember his two love interests. "Who is that cloud guy anyway?" Dave asked.

"Oh, it is no use!" Gumball said, and he quickly go back to the plane, forcibly brings Rachel and Masami there. "This is your love interests, Darwin!" Gumball said. "I don't remember I have a love interest of a cloud." Dave said. "What?" Masami starts letting out her snobby personality.

"Wait a minute, Masami." Gumball tries to stop Masami. "Darwin, you may possibly remember this. You sprouted legs and join the Wattersons. You always plan mishaps with me together!" Gumball said. "I don't remember I always plan mishaps with you." Dave says.

"This is your parents now! Their name is Nicole and Richard Watterson." Gumball said. "The-they are…" Dave starts flashbacking to where he sprouted legs, he joined the Wattersons, and where Gumball gives his name, but he couldn't remember.

"And this is Masami and Rachel, your two love interests." Gumball said. Dave, again flashbacks to how they meet each other, Masami pretends as his girlfriend, and Rachel kisses him on the cheek.

"And remember our mishap adventure, Darwin?" Gumball asked. The third time, Dave flashbacks to where he and Gumball makes their dad's wishes come true, how they faces the evil power of Lucky Helmet, how they babysit Anais, how he takes an aptitude test, and how they become friends each other since he first sprouted legs.

"And remember when our first time we met Ginga. We had a new bey because they ask us to join their adventure. We also stops vampires plagued over the Elmore City, stopping Ryuga from absorbing my powers. Remember it, Darwin?" Gumball asked. Dave grabbed his head as he starts to remember all of the events stated above, and his head starts getting hurt.

"And please remember. You are my pet, you are my brother, and you are my best friend. Your name is Darwin Watterson." Gumball continued. Finally, Darwin's memory returns to normal as suddenly he screams hard. "AAAAAAHHHH! Ugh, ugh, ugh…" Darwin screamed in agony and he also grabs his head. Darwin is knocked unconscious.

"Wake up! Are you okay, Darwin?" Gumball, Ginga and Masamune says. Darwin opened his eyes and says weakly. "Gumball, Ginga, Masamune, Masami, Rachel, Penny, Anais, King, Toby, Zeo?" Darwin asked.

"Finally! You have your memory back, Darwin!" Gumball exclaims happily. "Dave, are you okay?" Masamune asked. "I am Darwin, Masamune. Or specifically, my name is Darwin Watterson." Darwin said. He gave a big hug to Gumball and Anais. "Thanks that he had returned into normal." Ginga said.

"Now let's get back to our world." Ginga said again.

"And no more Dave Kadoya title." Darwin said.

The End!