It was usual evening. a girl with black hair reach her back walk with Misaka Municipal High school uniform. she look so sad, her gaze is empty and there is no one look at her either. she just walk to her home. but, is she still has a home? her mother and father has 'disappeared', she doesn't even remember what they look like. no photo or name. the girl doesn't remember her name too.

she walk in shopping district and without care her surrounding, she stopped. suddenly her surrounding freeze. al electricity run out and all light become glowing black. people around her is froze too, except her. but why so? she doesn't care. or, that what he thought. until flame inside her body is sucked out by a big doll in front off her.

a big doll laugh delight. this enjoyment is so great that a bog doll called Rinne is keep laughing and doesn't know that a boy with big sword just cut off it hand. the boy stand in front off the girl and give her a smile that make any girl melt into liquid.

"Yuuji, I feel extraordinary flame inside this girl," a voice came from the boy glove, "it's definitely not ordinary Mystes."

"But first, we must finish it first," the boy -Yuuji- Raise his big sword and then dash to the big doll.

without hesitation, he slash the doll head and gather the flame that explode from it.

"Ne...Sairei, do you think 'something' inside that girl with active if she receive this amount of flame?" ask Yuuji while approach the girl.

the girl look at Yuuji blankly but give him a faint smile.

"Who are you?" she ask in gentle voice.

"Try it, Yuuji," said the glove -Sairei no hebi-

Yuuji then blow the flame in his hand into the girl and in 5 second, the flame burning the girl with red fire.

"It's him," said Sairei again.

"Who?" Ask Yuuji confusing.

while the flame burning the girl body, a vaguely human body appear behind her. a form that can be mistaken from 'human of fire'. the red fire then spoke in hard voice.

"Long time no see, Sairei No Hebi."

"You are in pathetic state, Tenjou no gouka," Serei commented.

"many things happen, but currently my existence is depend on this unnamed girl," said the fire, "thank you for you and your Flame Haze help, I can reform my existence."

"Don't misunderstand, Tenjou No Gouka," Yuuji butt in, "I'm not flame haze, my current task is not to dispose Tomogara. instead, I'm here to help Sairei to make a new world."

"Hm...Interesting," Tenjou No Gouka said, "I must give you proper thanks."

"No need, maintain your own condition first!" said Sairei, "I insist."

"However, I must give you my proper thanks," Tenjou No Gouka said again, "I will help you to make that new world."

"And how?" Yuuji doubly ask.

"This is Misaki City, can't you remember, Sairei? It's city of ceremony."

Tenjou no Gouka then decreasing his size and give waving hand.

"I must go, you can live in this girl house. she is alone after all," and then he disappeared.

the girl suddenly blink her eyes and looking in Yuuji in shock.

"Fuzetsu," Yuuji then deactivate the fuzetsu, "Now, who is your name, miss?" ask Yuuji to the girl.

The girl shake her head and in low and gentle voice said.

"I don't remember."

"Do you remember where is your house?"

she nodded.

"It seems part of her existence is already vanished," Sairei commented, "but thanks to Tenjou No Gouka, she is still here."

"Better we get rest properly for now," said Yuuji, "Now little Miss, will you bring us into your home? your parent already said that we can live in yours."

"Boy? leave in my house?" the girl blushing, "if it's my parents wish," she said while cover her face, "follow me."

the couple then leave shopping district without knowing that a certain little doll still look at them peering over and find a chance to take a revenge.