Like I said, I will be quick, right?

So, introduce a new character, Yoshida Kasumi (or is it Kasumi?)[UPDATE! It's KAZUMI!] I need many time to review who is Yuuji and Shana friends in class because I skipping S2 of SnS. And yes, it so fun ^_^ you may or may not find an OC. Possible the OC will be important role soon.

Let's Read~


Yoshida Kazumi heartbeat is racing. Seriously, the boy in front of class is so damn handsome. But as introvert personality, Kazumi just keep silent and try to hear out what the boy said.

"I'm Sakai Yuuji, and this is…" he shut his mouth and stare it the little girl with long black hair beside her.

"Are you really need to do this?" the girl ask while pull the boy sleeve.

"It's dad scenario, so just do your part!" the boy reply with annoying tone.

"Ehm…I'm…" the girl suddenly blushing, "I can't."

"Seriously, are you a kid?" the boy look more irritated.

"So…ehm…my name is Sakai Yukari," the girl said.

Is she his sister? Not just Kazumi but all of the class is thinking the same thing. They began to wonder if they are twin.

"And…I'm his…" stop again, "Why the heck you make this scenario!" suddenly the girl burst into angry and pouting.

"Hahaha~ I guess I must said it my self," the boy said.

"Ehm…" the homeroom teacher interrupted, "can you introduce yourself without Teasing and flirting each other?"

Both of them blushing.

"Urusai Urusai Urusai!" the girl said the same word in amazing speed without bite her tongue, "It's your fault!"

"Me? Hei! I'm not the one who…"

"I said it again," the Homeroom teacher interrupted for a second time, "can you introduce yourself without teasing, flirting or beating each other?"

"Sorry," the boy said, "I'm Sakai Yuuji, and this girl is my Fiancé, Sakai Yukari."

Kazumi suddenly collapsed when they hear that word. She is his Fiancé. Kazumi have heart broking stadium 5. Her first love and her first fallen in love in first stare is failed in less than 10 minutes.


Yuuji is become popular. It's not I jealous or anything. Even our 'relationship' now is Fiancé. He still has his own live. But look at him surrounding by girl is a bit…hurt. I look at him weakly.

"Haha…you jealous?" a short haired girl with tall stature poke my cheek.

"No," I said it flatly, "I'm just…" I look away but can't end my sentence.

The tall girl sits beside me and again poking me.

"Don't worry; I know what you feel," she said, "My name Matake Ogata, glad to know you."

"Sakai Yukari," I said. My tongue feels numb when said it.

Damn you Sairei! How dare you make me use this name as Yuuji Fiancé.

"It seems girls envy to you because Yuuji. But let me introduce you with a few girl who look not involved in this," Ogata-san said, "The girl in your back," Ogata and me look at our back, "It's Yoshida Kazumi. I don't know why she looks so sad. But I think she has her own case," then Ogata-san pointed beside Yoshida-san is Hayato Ike, the poor childhood friends of Kazumi." Ogata-san then pointed at another desk, "That's Fumina Konoe, she is…"

Before Ogata-san finish her sentence. A two student barge in with loud voice.

"yatta~ finally we can lost from her!" one is a boy who his eyes always shut. With big stature more big than Yuuji and look more strong.

"Are you sure?" the other is look more handsome and for whatever reason looks more mature.

"Keisaku! Tanaka! Why are you late again?" Ogata-san stand up and look at the boy angry, "Are you really want to become fool?"

"Hai…hai…" the boy with shut-eye said, "It's not like we absent, isn't it?"

"Indeed. Beside our problem is more difficult than homework," the mature guy replies.

"Oh…New student?" suddenly the boy with shut-eye look at me.

My heart shocked and my body becomes stiff. What will they do?

"My name is Tanaka Eita, call me Eita, and you?" the boy with shut-eye walked to me and gives me his smile.

"Her name Sakai Yukari, my fiancé!" suddenly Yuuji –don't know since when- stopped Tanaka-san and give scary smile. The class falls into silent when they look at it.

"Tanaka! Don't disturb them!" the other boy –Keisaku-san- grab Tanaka-san collar and grab him.

"Stupid!" I throw my book at Yuuji and run outside the class.

Wait, what am I doing? He just saves me from scary guy, why I must yell at him? Wait, scary guy? That Tanaka-san just wants to introduce himself, right? Aargh! My mind is fuzzy. I run into rooftop and lay there and looking at sky.

"Ne…Alastor," I called.

"What is it, Shana?"

"What is this feeling?" I asked.

"I don't know, honestly," Alastor said without second thought, "you must ask another girl."

"You know why Yuuji want to use this scenario?" I ask again.

"Isn't it because he wants to keep an eye on you?"

"Am I that incapable? I can stay safe by my self," I pouting.

"Oh…want to try how capable you are?"

Suddenly a white suit man appeared. I wake up as fast as possible and gr…CRAP! My Nietono No Shana is in Yuuji!


The man in white suit activated the Fuzetsu. The dolls around him make a form like hand and he take out a pack of card. Blue fire flickering around him and then he said.

"You stole my Nietono No Shana, not just that. You almost burn my Marianne," the white suit man then launches his attack with doll hands, "You must pay!"

I evaded the attack successfully. Sigh…is flame haze life like this?

"How dare you touch my property?"

Yuuji –with Blutsauger in his hand- slash the white suit man attack. The white suit man looks not disturb by Yuuji Attack but…Wait! Did he just say I'm his properties?"

"hey! DAMN YOU! I'm not your property DAMN IT!"

"Shut up your Tsundere Habit!" Yuuji shout.

I'm shut my mouth.

"Then, you can be my property, Shoujo," The man in white suit suddenly appeared behind my back and grabs my neck.


"O~ Hono Hidarite No Hatsumei~" suddenly the man in white suit act so polite, "I ask you to make me Hougo that can give my beloved Marianne human existence." He suddenly lifts me and my breath is more difficult now, "in exchange, I will give you this girl."

"Sairei No Hebi, I ask you to not hear him." Alastor said.

"Oh…Tenjou No Gouka…"

"I'm not that supid," Sairei reply, "But it's up to him."


Suddenly, Yuuji take out Nietono No Shana and dash into us. With Blutsauger in left hand and Nietono No Shana in right hand, Yuuji slash me; slash the man in white suit and make X marks in our body.

Did he really kill me?

My consciousness is faded away.


"Damn!" Yuuji Shout.

In front of him, a fragment of the girl scattered. Not in actual human body but in form of red flame. Tenjou No Gouka still in his pendant form so possibly the girl is still alive.

The man in white suit –Friagne- lost into nowhere and Yuuji attack is in fain. While Yuuji began to cry. The flame of the girl that scattered suddenly back in main body, form a body of the girl and become human again.

"Do you think I live in fragile body?" Tenjou No Gouka Said.

"Yuuji, I hope you not do this again," Sairei reply.

The body of the girl is complete, without injury or wound. Perfectly fine with her uniform. Yuuji who lost control of himself hug the girl.


Kazumi Yoshida worried about Sakai Yukari. She is not bad girl after all, and –like Ogata-san said- both of them not married yet, so she still has a chance. Kazumi go to the rooftop. Whenever there is girl who sad or angry, that's the best place to calm down. It's even written in manga.

When Kazumi open the door to rooftop, her heart sank again.

"Shana…" Sakai Yuuji hugs Sakai Yukari, "I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry…"

"Don't worry; I'm still alive, right?" Sakai Yukari rubs Yuuji head.

Kazumi –again- have her heart broken in second time.


Honestly, I'm not fan of Kazumi. So maybe I will play with this joke for a few times before make a big role for Kazumi. Oh…and you read it right, she is Fumian Konoe. From what I read, she is doll that created by Hecate. I will research again for her big role soon. And about Yuuji title, Hono Hidarite No Hatsumei its mean Flame left Hand Inventors. It's from Google Translate and I need to replace it soon. So wait it, okay.

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