What if Ana didn't come home right away after having drinks with Ethan? I do not own these characters, this is all for fun.

Chapter 1

Ana leaned back on the barstool and finished the last of her drink. Ethan gazed at her, somewhat impressed with how well she was doing. "Kate always made you sound like such a lightweight, Ana," he shook his head and nodded to the door. "We should probably get going soon, though. I think the bartender wants to close up shop."

Ana giggled a little to herself. Boy, when Christian go a hold of her he was going to be irate. True, he did tell her to come home, but his stunt with Leila hardly put him in a position to make demands. Whenever Ana thought about what happened earlier she felt sick to her stomach. If anything it proved how much Christian loved his games he played with the subs. The way he revered back so naturally was striking.

"I don't want to go home, Ethan. I can't deal with this shit tonight, but if you have something else to do, I'll just call someone else and spend the night with them." She watched as Ethan thought this over.

Finally, he spoke. "Well, I was planning on stopping by a friend's house, actually. I might even crash there now, since I guess Kate's place will be some kind of crime scene. You can come with me if you really don't want to go back tonight. I think there's a party going on even, so it might be fun."

Ana smiled. "Sounds good." She hoped off of the stool with a little too much enthusiasm and stumbled a bit as a result. Ethan steadied her and paid the bartender, who didn't even try to cover his smirk. Obviously, he thought that Ethan was just trying to get her loaded to get in her pants.

"Shit!" Ana said, when they got outside. "I can't even help you with a cab. If you want to call it a night, that's fine Ethan. You have already done enough, buying me drinks and everything.

"It's no problem, Ana. I was going to call a cab to get there anyway. Geez, lighten up, okay? It was just a few drinks." He smiled to let her know that he was joking, but Ana accepted it as a warning. Tonight, she was going to have fun; no worrying about Mr. Grey's twitching palm, no looking over her shoulder for security. Tonight was all about getting away.

Christian Grey was literally pacing his downtown apartment. He told her to come home. He fucking told her! And now, Jason and Sawyer were both out scouring the city. He glanced at the clock on the wall. The fact that it was almost five in the morning made his blood boil. What was she thinking? Seattle is a huge city where so many things could happen.

He picked up his phone again, only to set it down. It was obvious that her phone was either dead or turned off because the calls went straight to voicemail. Although he defiantly had taken advantage of her inbox, he had abandoned that strategy because it failed to give him any answers regarding her safety.

"Fuck!" He screamed as he threw a lamp across the room. He listened to it shatter upon contact, though it did nothing to settle his nerves. He picked up the phone and dialed Jason once more. "Have you found anything?" he hissed when Jason picked up.

Jason cleared his throat. "Sir, we do have one lead. Apparently, one of the fraternities at the University is having a party tonight and there has been a picture of Ms. Steele posted online. I am just pulling into the garage, if you want to meet me downstairs we can drive over together."

Christian hangs up without answering and runs to the elevator door. If he thought his palm was twitching earlier, that is nothing compared to what was happening now. Had she no concern for her safety at all? Did she not know what happened at these type of places?