Author's Note: Warning- lemon ahead. Both chapters of this twoshot will be full of lemony LokixSigyn goodness, so if you don't like that kind of thing, don't read. You have been warned. ;)

Kit xx

Sigyn had spent an evening out with Sif, and, for the sake of peace and quiet, that meant that she was away from her husband. So when she returned to their rooms, Sigyn wondered what Loki would have found to occupy himself with, particularly since she couldn't hear him playing his piano.

She walked into their living room, only to find it empty. She frowned immediately. Where is he? she wondered. Sigyn went to check their bedroom in hopes of finding Loki there, and saw him lying face down in their bed. He's asleep, she thought, surprised. Though it was admittedly quite late, she hadn't expected him to be asleep.

She walked over to her sleeping husband and tilted her head to the side. Though it was dark, Sigyn could see enough through the faint moonlight that seeped through unclosed curtains and large windows to light the room slightly. Loki was lying on his front, under silk sheets, though his bare back was uncovered. Even in the almost-dark, she stared at his shadow-illuminated form.

Sigyn couldn't resist sitting beside him and running her index finger lightly up his spine. Loki didn't move. She pressed a kiss to his shoulder blade and sat up again, watching for any sign of movement. Nothing again. But Sigyn froze immediately as the hands of an unknown person behind her rested on her shoulders.


But she stopped midway through her question as she heard the familiar chuckle from behind her.

"Loki," she whined.

But she looked down at the Loki in their bed, who was still there and still unmoving. Sigyn stared curiously. How can he possibly be in two places at once?

"How are you doing that, Loki?" she asked.

"Magic, love," Loki grinned.

"I guessed that," she replied dryly.

He bent down and rested his chin on her shoulder.

"The fun the three of us could have," he murmured into her ear.

Sigyn blinked and slowly turned her to look at him.

"What did you just say?"

He smirked.

"That is a matter for another time perhaps."

She didn't have time to answer before he kissed her. It was a chaste kiss. His tongue did not try to invade her mouth as it usually did, but the force of the kiss made her feel week in the knees. If she had been standing then she had the feeling that she might've needed to sit down. That kiss made her feel as if he needed her.

Loki released her and moved to sit beside her. It was only then that she saw that he was just a bare-chested as his double had been. And, in only a moment, the duplicate Loki flickered and disappeared.

"Wait, where'd you go?" Sigyn asked quietly with a small smile.

Loki grinned and leaned in to his wife, soon manoeuvring them so that he had her pinned to the bed, with him lying on top of her.

"Why, love? Are you worried that I will not be enough to satisfy you?"

She fought back a laugh.

"Oh I'm quite certain that you are up to the job."

"Good," he bent his head down so that his lips brushed the soft skin of her neck. "Because I don't plan on giving you up to anyone else."

She shivered as his warm breath tickled her skin.


She grinned and replied, "I don't want anyone else."

She kissed him, straining her neck so that their lips would meet.

"Ever," she added in a whisper as she pulled back.

With one swift movement, Loki rolled his wife over so that Sigyn found herself on top of him, her legs straddling his body. She raised a brow. His intention was obvious, but she just didn't quite believe he'd done it- she knew how he loved his control.

But Sigyn smiled to herself and leant down. She placed one hand on Loki's neck while the other tangled into his hair as she kissed him. After a while, she could feel him growing impatient, so she ended their kiss. Slowly, Sigyn placed a tiny kiss to each of her husband's closed eyelids, pulling a contented sigh from his lips.

Sigyn sat up again, shifting her hips slightly. At that, Loki couldn't help but groan. The sound made her smile; Sigyn loved that she was the one getting to him for once. In a languorous movement, she lifted both of his hands in hers and covered them in soft kisses. She started with the backs of his hands, then his palms, and moved on towards his fingers, until finally, she slipped one of them slowly into her mouth and sucked.

Loki opened his eyes and stared at his wife. He couldn't believe what she was doing; but it was driving him insane already. He pulled his finger out of her wet mouth agonisingly slowly. That had been enough for him.

"You should not do things like that, unless you expect me to put that mouth of yours to better work," he warned, suggestively.

Sigyn bit her bottom lip for a second.

"Why don't you?" she whispered.

She said it almost nervously, as if she could barely believe what she was saying. He could barely believe it. Was she really suggesting what he thought she was?

Loki raised a brow and said, "Sigyn, watch what you say. I may just hold you that suggestion if you continue it."

She looked up at him unblinkingly. He could see something unusual in her eyes; something that made him want to question her.


But she interrupted him, "Let me?"

He frowned a little. She was asking what he had thought- really asking. His Sigyn was asking to please him. Even if it was unlike her, the sound was music to his ears. So eventually, Loki nodded, and it made her smile again. How he adored that smile.

Sigyn slid her hands down his chest, tracing the muscles and contours of his body. She shifted herself off of him, and the way her legs brushed over his made him yearn for her. The expectation of what she had suggested was tantalising and sparking in the air.

Loki moved himself further onto the bed so that she now knelt between his legs, and he lifted himself off of the bed slightly so that she could remove his trousers. He still couldn't believe that she was doing this; but the way that she looked up at him tentatively had him longing for her touch.

She ran her fingers lightly over the length of him before gently taking him in her hand. Loki closed his eyes and rested his head back on the bed as one hand joined the other and they began moving. Sigyn bent over her husband and kissed him once on the lips before slowly trailing kisses down his body, teasing her teeth and lips over his skin. All the while her hands continued in their ministrations.

And then she paused- only for a second though- because her hands were quickly replaced by her tongue. Loki's eyes flew open at the sensation. He looked down and watched as Sigyn's tongue ran over his shaft slowly, teasingly. And he groaned loudly as his wife closed her lips around him.

It was enough to make him even harder as he watched her mouth move over him. He could feel her tongue still swirling over him. What she was doing was beautiful. And after some time of her continuous and wonderful attentions, Loki could stand it no longer. He had let her have her way with him for long enough now, and he wanted to bury himself deep inside her.

Loki sat up and placed his hands on her shoulders, stopping her. Her lips left him, and she looked up slightly confused. But he wiped the expression from her face as he sealed his lips to hers. He rolled the two of them over so that they were now in the middle of the bed and he was on top of her.

He parted her legs and sank deeply into her, almost startling her with the swiftness of the movement. Loki pinned her arms to the bed, her fingers entwining with his. He moved in her slowly at first. She had driven him crazy, and now he was going to take his time. He moved rhythmically in and out of her until she was mimicking his groans.

He kissed her neck, her breasts. His mouth closed around one of her nipples and her back arched into his lips. Her fingers dug into his hands as he teased her, still slowly making love to her. Then Loki kissed her deeply as they experienced their release together.

He collapsed over her and they sank into the bed. After taking a moment to regain his composure, Loki propped himself up on an elbow that he leant to the right of her head. He tucked one of her long curls behind her ear, then ran his hand over her cheek.

"Now where did you learn to do that, love?"

She shrugged as much as she could with him leaning over her like that.

"I'm just so used to you tormenting me, I thought it was about time that I did the same to you."

Loki smirked.

"Well, should you ever feel inclined to that, then I would not feel opposed."

She smiled a little mischievously for a second.

Loki placed his lips beside her ear and whispered, "But, you should know, I intend to return the gesture tenfold when you least expect it."

And the promise in his words made her shiver.

Author's Note: So there you have it, part one of this little lemony twoshot. :) Hope you liked it and will let me know what you think! :)

Kit xx