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Chapter One: Calling Mr. Awesome

It wasn't like England had never noticed it before. Of course he did. Everyone did. It was plain for anyone with the sense of sight.

What England didn't notice was how obvious everyone was acting about it.

When he was walking into the building that morning they were talking about him, when he went to get a coffee they were talking about him and now, as he entered the conference room:

"Oh my gosh, isn't America just so gorgeous?"

"I think if he gets any cuter, I just might die!"

"Look at his hair, it's so beautiful, and those eyes! God, he could just take me now…"

England frowned as he sat down at the long, wooden conference table, being held in his hometown of London. Giving a fleeting glance at his two brothers, Scotland and Wales, he scoffed slightly at the group of giggling nations before turning his attention to the nation they were gawking at in awe.

He was grinning, as per usual, like the great fool that he was, and chatting happily with Japan. England's frown faltered. Bloody America, being so good-looking and happy at the time. Yes, England could freely admit (well to himself, not to anyone else) that America had grown into a handsome lad. He was an idiot and an egotistical fatass but he was good-looking, friendly and kind…when he wanted to be.

But why then, when it was so plainly obvious that these girls were talking about him very loudly that he was ignoring them completely? He was an idiot, given, but England was positive that he wasn't that oblivious…was he? Something was not right…

"Alastair? Dylan?" England waited until they turned their attention to him before he scowled, "Where is your sister?"

Instantly Wales paled slightly and England knew she was up to something. Before either Scotland or Wales could answer, he shot out of his seat and over to the group of girls. When they noticed him looming over them, they silenced their gushing of America immediately.

"Ladies." He said politely, scanning quickly over them; Hungary, Taiwan, Belgium, Seychelles and Ukraine. "You wouldn't by any chance know where my sister is, would you?"

They shook their heads in unison, looking up at him innocently.

"Are you sure?"

Again they shook their heads.

"Well then, you can tell her, when you see her, that whatever she's up to with America and you lot, I'm going to find out. You hear me?"

They all smiled and nodded. England turned his attention to America.

"Oi, fatass!" America shifted his eyes from Japan to England and scowled at the nickname, "You're all up to something and whatever it is, I'm going to find out! Remember who created Sherlock Holmes and James Bond!"

And with one final scowl around the room, he marched out of the double doors, slamming them loudly in the process.

"All is clear, ma Cheri."

A small nation jumped up from her hiding space behind France and let out a scream of rage.

"DYLAN!" She shrieked, stomping up to her older brother, who cowered before her, "You idiot! You gave it away!"

"Hey, now that's not fair!" Scotland defended, watching at his maddened sister warily, "It was so weird. It was like England knew straight away something was wrong."

"If I may, Emily-chan," Japan mumbled, bowing and casting Northern Ireland a frightened glance, "Maybe it was a bit too obvious to have so many nations talking about America-san. If you only had a few then possibly-"

"I understand Japan, thank-you." She muttered, breathing in and out slowly. Weeks! Weeks she and the others had tried to make England realise, do anything to make him notice. But every time their plans were ruined. Either by England's stupidity or someone else messing up the operation. Finally, on the last brink of hope, Northern Ireland decided to turn to jealously. Nothing would make England realise that he wanted America more than if he saw everyone swooning all over him. But, once again, their plans were ruined.

"I'm sorry, America."

America shrugged, used to the feeling of disappointment by now. "It's fine, Emily. You tried. I wouldn't have come to you if I didn't think you could do it."

"But that's just it!" Northern Ireland cried, flopping down onto a seat next to France's. "We've tried everything! The typical romance stuff- England just thought you were trying to wind him up, the playground, bullying thing- England thought you were just being more of a dick than he usually thinks you are and now this. And none of it has worked!"

"I wouldn't be so sure of that ma Cheri," France murmured, eyes still on England's now empty seat, "You told me to watch him and I did. He is jealous. To no one else this would be obvious but to me?" He smiled slightly, "Oh non, Angleterre is jealous, he just doesn't realise it yet."

America brightened up immediately and shot Northern Ireland a hopeful look. She grimaced. She was out of ideas but she knew telling America that would be like telling a dog that his favourite bone was crushed into a million tiny pieces and scattered around the four corners of the earth; heart-breaking.

"America, I-"

"Of course, if my Irlande du Nord is out of ideas, we do have one last option." France said silkily, gazing at his girlfriend. She looked at him, confused and then when France shot a glance at Spain, realisation dawned on her face.


"But Irlande du-"

"No fucking way, France."

America looked back and forth at the two, confused. Who are they talking about?

"Hold up!" America cried, fed-up with their fighting, "Now, Northern Ireland, France has a plan. Didn't you say you would help me out?"

Northern Ireland scowled, "Well yes I-"

"And didn't you say that no matter the cost, you would get me and England together, because, and I quote 'We belong together'?"

"I did yes but-"

"Then why are you denying the help France is so clearing wanting to share with us?"

Northern Ireland shook her head and rolled her shoulders in an attempt to relax. "Because you really don't want this kind of help."

America looked at her pleadingly, "I'm desperate, Emily."

Northern Ireland sighed and giving a small groan, she thrust out her hand in front of France in which he dropped his cell-phone. France grinned excitedly and gave Spain two-thumbs up. It was then that Japan caught on.

"Um, America-san, I think they are suggesting-"

"Shhh!" America whispered and Japan sighed. No backing out now…

Northern Ireland found the number she needed and pressed call, glaring at France and Spain and muttered, "Trust you two to be happy about this, you just want your little group altogether."

Immediately America blanched. No…she didn't mean the Bad Touch...Oh God…

America began to stop her, "Northern Ireland it doesn't-"

"Hello? Prussia?"

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