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Chapter Eight: Awesomely Together

The rain was beating down relentlessly against England's living room windows the day he found a soaking wet America standing at his front door with a bouquet of lilies in his shivering hands. England had been spending a relatively normal day reading a so-called piece of literature that had the whole world going crazy. England had decided it was high time he read the thing too, making sure, of course, that no one ever found out that he was reading it. He was getting enough stick already from the frog because the author was English; he didn't need anyone to know he had actually indulged in reading it.

So after standing at his front door in shock for a couple of seconds, the island nation ushered the blithering idiot inside his house and marched him up the stairs to get changed so that he could come back down and explain "what the bloody hell you are doing in London, you absolute tool".

After waiting several minutes, a much drier and decidedly (in England's opinion anyway) better dressed America sauntered into the living room, placing the still drenched flowers on the coffee table.

"The flowers are for you." America muttered, shoving his hands into his jean pockets. England immediately flushed and nodded.

"Thank-you." He mumbled back before frowning at the nation opposite him. "What are you doing here exactly?"

America sighed, running a hand through his blond locks. "I came to apologise for what happened last week."

Oh. So that's what this is about.

"And you thought some lilies were going to make it all better?" England scoffed, "Try again, America."

A seed of anger quickly rose from within the larger nation as America glowered at England. Did he even know how hard it was just coming to his house?

"Jesus, England, I said I was sorry and I came all the way to London to say so." He grabbed the flowers roughly, "If you don't want them then-"

He suddenly stopped, eyes fixed on the coffee table and in particular, a certain book that England had been reading all morning. Upon realising what America was staring at, England gave a yelp and dived for the novel just as America picked it up, a shit-eating grin stretching across his face.

"Are you seriously reading Fifty Shades of Grey?" America managed to choke out before bursting into raucous laughter. "Oh my God, France is so right; you are a complete pervert!"

England let out a growl of outrage and quickly snatched the book back, before turning around to put it on his bookshelf.

"I was reading it for educational purposes, of course. I'm not the frog, America. I don't owe vast amounts of erotic literature."

"Could have fooled me." America uttered, raising an eyebrow at the now blushing nation.

"Look, if you have just come to wind me up well then you can give me that sweater back and fuck off back to your own country."

America, in response, grinned, watching as England faltered slightly and his blush deepened. Huh. So the smile does work. Interesting…

"I bet you'd like that, me taking this top off and everything, now that I know what kind of stuff you read in your spare time." The superpower smirked, crossing his arms over his chest in a superior manner.

England scoffed. "Oh please, America. Like I'd spare you a second glance." Okay, so maybe that was a bit of a lie. The boy was admittedly gorgeous but like hell was England going to make him aware of that fact.

"Geez, old man, that's not what you were saying last week when you had your tongue in my mouth."

England let out a squawk of indignation and had to physically restrain himself from stomping his foot on the ground like a petulant child.

"America." He seethed, trying to remain calm, "If all you have come to do is offer your apologies then fine. You have done just that but no, I don't accept them because all you have done since arriving here is insult me and-" England stopped abruptly as he realised America was moving steadily closer and closer to him. He eyed up the nation wearily. "What do you think you're-"

He was quickly cut off by America rolling his eyes and grabbing one of his wrists.

"God, England, do you ever shut up?"

And with that, America swooped down and pressed his lips hungrily to England's.

"So that's how you got it done? No sweeping declaration of l'amour, no romantic songs to get him weeping pitifully and falling into your arms?" France asked in exasperation, "You simply told him to shut up and then you kissed him?"

America grinned and nodded while Northern Ireland glared at him disdainfully. "If that's all it took, why didn't you try that the first time?!"

"I did! Remember?"

Northern Ireland snorted. "Yeah and then you told him he was ugly. Smooth, Romeo, real smooth." She suddenly smirked knowingly and turned towards her boyfriend gleefully, "This means Prussia was wrong all along. None of his ridiculous plans worked!"

"Mon Cherie, none of yours worked either." France murmured but was silenced by a fearsome glare thrown in his direction.

"Whatever, the main point is, he couldn't do it! He was thinking all along that he was so amazing and-"

"Awesome? Oh, but I am Irish."

The British nation whirled around and came face to face with the albino himself.

"Hardly, America got England all by himself which means you didn't help at all so HA!"

America decided it was high-time to intervene. "Um, actually, if I hadn't have tried any of Prussia's crazy ideas, I may not have had the courage to just kiss England and tell him how I feel…and even though it took me a while to get there, I finally have him." America promptly high-fived the white-haired nation. "Thanks, man, I owe you one."

Prussia nodded before turning and smirking at a now fuming Northern Ireland. "Told you so, beautiful." And brushed past her to talk to America more, slapping her on her behind as he went. Once again, she lunged at him only to be restrained by France.

"I'm glad that you and Iggles are getting into each other's pants and all now, Wonderboy." Prussia started, grinning at the superpower sheepishly, "But you may want to leave. Like now."

America frowned, tilting his head to one side in bemusement. "Why?" His eyes narrowed suddenly, "What did you do?"

Prussia gasped in mock-anger. "What makes you think I did anything?!" America simply stared at him blankly. "Okay so maybe I did do something."

"Well what is it?"

Prussia smiled awkwardly. "So I may have told England all about our matchmaking ideas and he's not the best pleased."

America gaped at his friend but before he could say a word, the conference doors burst open and there stood a completely furious England.


And without one word, America ran for the hills.

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