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Charlie fervently wrote down another string of numbers, his entire being focused on the complicated equations in front of him. The numbers was the perfect place to hide, the place he could deny it was true.

His dad's puffy, red eyes looking at him…

He erased another dead end and started again. Somewhere was the solution to the problem. That magical number, which would make everything better.

The words, "she's gone," whispered in a broken voice, tearing his heart apart…

Once he was done, he would go back inside and it would be nothing but a horrid dream. The world would right itself and she would be standing in the kitchen, smiling at him as he entered, her eyes sparkling with life.

The doctor's apologetic voice, "I'm so sorry…"

His dad would kiss her and Don would be smiling. There would be laughter and happiness. The perfect family, just like it was supposed to be.

Don yelling at him for hiding in here all day…

In here among the numbers, he could hide from the truth. In here, his mom was still alive, everyone was happy and everything was fine.

Except nothing was fine. Nothing at all. So he hid.