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Chapter 1: JustXAboutXAverage

Yuei Akuma was your average girl. She was slightly pretty, good at sports, a bit spacy, brave, only smart enough to get into a good school, and had a normal last name, which since she couldn't remember her parents, she chose: Kage Her friends, Mio and Haruhi, called her Kage, instead of Akuma or Yuei. Mio is the prettiest girl in their school, but hates her popular status. Haruhi, however, is the school's smartest girl. They are always by Akuma's side and were the first people who talked to her. Few people cared to speak to the girl who's name meant 'demon'. But maybe they knew about her, and had better reasons to avoid her.

You see, Yuei Akuma wasn't exactly your average girl. She was in most ways, but also wasn't at the same time. Average girls can't kill things like she did. Animals, insects, plants, heck maybe even humans. It was if she was born to kill. She'd kill them without trying...but sometimes she didn't mean to kill them. Plus, other normal girls couldn't see what she could see. Sometimes she would see spiritual beings. It was rare, but she really could see them. Other people didn't understand it and hated her for it, and called her a liar. But maybe they were right. Maybe they were just hallucinations, but they seemed real. Too real, and too painful, at times.

Shaking with excitement, Akuma pulled a hairbrush through her long, messy, blood red hair. She put on her fake glasses, the frames hiding her obsidian eyes. She didn't have any seeing problems. In fact, her sight was better than most people's. She just thought that the glasses made her look more intelligent, and drew attention away from her, which was good thing for her because she only made herself look less pretty for that reason. She hated how she looked. She was pretty, almost too pretty, and that drew attention. She didn't know why, but something went off in her brian, telling her that drawing attention to herself was a BAD idea.

She dusted off her black jacket, black shorts, and black tee-shirt, although, like all of her clothes, were clean. Which, in her house, was a great accomplishment. The kitchen was a mess beyond her repair, her room was girly: white, pink, and black, but a total thing that made Akuma amazing was the fact that she could live in that house. Almost all human life would die in that place, but she lived there for at least twelve of her sixteen years of life. In that disaster of a home she lived all alone, and is still very much alive. She was used to it by now.

Pulling her smashed-to-bits-but-taped-together mirror out of her closet, Akuma gazed at her reflection for five whole minutes. When she was satisfied, she threw it carelessly back into her messy closet, and smiled. She put her bracelet on and sighed as she tried to remember the face of the person who gave it to her...but she just couldn't remember. In fact, she couldn't remember a single thing about her childhood. But the one thing that she did remember was that the braccelet was given to her by someone close to her; someone important. Other than that, it was something she was totally clueless about. "Whoever it was, he probably doesn't remember me..." Akuma sighed,and looked up at the girly clock on her wall.

It was 9:15, and it was time for her to get going to school. She was LATE. On the FIRST day of her second year!

"Oh, crap! She yelled, grabbing her bookbag, and running out the door. That day, she didn't know anything about the Genkai Ryodan, her family, her birth mother, or the Kuruta Clan. And she sure as HELL didn't know about a certain man who, although he was beautiful, decided to dress as a clown all of the time.


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