Summary – Tony is in trouble, his family are in town and trouble is brewing.

Tony DiNozzo was awake. It was 3am.

Buzz Buzzzzz Buzz Tony reached over and checked the caller I.d.

"DiNozzo, I'll be right there boss." Tony hauled himself out of bed to quickly brush his teeth, and get dressed; he didn't have time for a shower. Gibbs new his senior field agent would be as fast as he could, but couldn't shake the feeling Tony was already awake when he called.

"What have we got, Boss" Tony enquired as he got out of his car.

"Private First Class Jason Matthews, Found at around 2:30am, on the side of the road" Gibbs answered, looking away from the PFC's Body. Doctor Mallard was busy inserting his liver probe into the body; He looked down at the once strong marine.

"Oh you poor boy, Being discarded at the side of the road, this reminds me of a time I was in Edinburgh…"

"Duck" Gibbs cut in quickly to speed things up a little "Time of death?"

"Around 1am this morning" Ducky answered before sliding the liver probe out of the now peaceful body of a once young and active soul. Tony began taking photos, when McGee arrived,

"Where have you been, McTardy"

"Leave it Tony, I explained to Gibbs why I was going to be late" McGee was clearly agitated about something.

"And that reason would be?" Tony inquired.

"None of your business, Tony" Gibbs answered whilst looking at McGee, who couldn't meet his gaze.

On their way back to the Navy Yard, they all drove their own cars, Gibbs knew he was going to have to have a talk with the boys on his team, there was something getting to both of them and he had to get to the bottom of it.

At around 7:30 Ziva arrived, She had a spring in her step and was too cheerful for Tony to bare, he got up and made his way to the stairwell, he needed some space.

"What's up with Tony" Ziva enquired, noticing the swiftness of Tony's exit. McGee didn't know and didn't care he had his own problems.

Gibbs walked in and noticed the quiet, McGee was sitting at his desk and looking nervous, Tony's chair was empty and Ziva was drinking coffee.

"McGee where is Tony" Gibbs wanted to wait until they had solved the case to chat to his senior field agent but it would have to be now. McGee pointed to the stairwell, Gibbs followed Tony.

"Tony" Gibbs saw Tony sat against the wall in the middle of the stairwell, Tony knew he was in trouble and scrambled to his feet. Gibbs came level with him and placed his hand on Tony's shoulder, guiding him to sit back down. Gibbs was going to ask once, If Tony lied he would be sent home; He didn't need distracted agents.

"Tony what is wrong with you, I know you haven't been sleeping"

"I'm fine boss, just had a headache and it's not as bright in the stairwell"

"You're lying Tony, I want you to collect your stuff and go home, I don't want you in work, until your problem is sorted or you're ready to accept my help" Gibbs stood up and went to walk back up the stairs. Tony grabbed his arm, more forcefully than he meant to, he let go almost straight away.

"Boss, you can't send me home, I need to be here, and I need to work"

"Well you better explain then" Tony opened his mouth to speak, he didn't know how he was going to explain this to Gibbs, before he could McGee opened the door and shouted Tony.

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