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Gibbs got out of his car in Anacostia Park; He needed time to think before he confronted the man who had his oldest agent's life miserable for years. So many questions were running around his head, Is this why Tony had moved from force to force every couple of years? Is this why he never seemed to get close enough to any woman to have a lasting relationship? It would stop tonight. He stood for over an hour staring across the landscape.
"I thought I would find you here"
The sudden voice made Gibbs jump out of his thoughts; he recognised who it was before he had even turned around.
"Actually I followed you" DiNozzo said simply
"I know"
"Anthony is coming home with me, he will see that it is where he truly belongs" The old man's arrogance shone through his calm exterior.
"He is a grown man, he has a right to choose" Gibbs reasoned
"It is my choice" DiNozzo Snr was getting angry
"I can't let you do this to him" Gibbs reached for his gun, but the older man was quicker.
"If I have to shoot you I will" DiNozzo didn't have an aversion to death.
Gibbs knew he had to play this right, he dropped his gun and raised his hands, he motioned towards the gun the other man was holding, "Drop the gun, we can talk about this, I love your son as much as you do, I don't want him to leave and him to turn up dead, I love him like a son"
"HE IS MY SON" Gibbs had said the wrong thing.
"I know, I was just saying that I love him in the same way you do, I try to encourage him to do everything he wants to and I know him to be a responsible adult, he loves Ziva and you could have some grandchildren, you don't want to tear him away from that" Gibbs was trying to reason with his humanity.
"He is already married, to a girl from Italy, Antonia Esposito, she is a very beautiful girl, they were married in his absence when he was 25, It is important that he comes with me tonight" DiNozzo Snr was not backing down, Gibbs was shocked at this revelation about his agent but now he understood why DiNozzo Snr was nervous.
"The Esposito Cartel, you married Tony off without even thinking he would run, you need him back because I bet old man Esposito is becoming impatient seeing as that was some years ago now, Your ruining your own sons life to save your own skin" Gibbs anger was rising in his chest.

DiNozzo Snr gripped his weapon; he pointed it at his nemesis. Gibbs knew he was going to fire, he had no way to stop him, he closed his eyes. Normally he would never have just given up, not in this situation, it was kill or be killed and he had already been disarmed.
He began to think about his family, Ziva and Abby, he was proud to call them his daughters any day, Tony his son, Ducky had told him so many times, Tony reminded him of his younger self. McGee the youngest of his brood, the computer genius with his dysfunctional friendship with Abby and his compassion with anyone he met. He was going to miss them all. Ducky had been the only friend to stick by him this long.

He wanted to look peaceful when Ducky did the autopsy.

Will Gibbs die?

Who saw Tony being married?

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