Gaint killing

As they win their third match of the season tatsumi goes for a wak and doesn't come back. Yuki cant find him after an hour of looking herself she races over to the sweat room were all the players were sitiing around and she throws open the door scaring the plays she breathless and panicked. They try to calm her down but she just talks inbetween breaths.

" wheres…tastumi.." she asks

" we don't know why" sera says

" he.. went for … a … walk four hours ago and hes not back" she says

"WHAT!" they all yell

Wen the players look out of the room they see everyone yelling racing around calling out tastmis name, they all rush out and say they will go look outside and in town so off they go. Hours later in town at a park dori see a bunch of kids exitied and watching something as he gets closer he sees tatsumi kicking around the ball playing with ease as he gets even closer he sees someone else there to it's a skull and they are having a match.

Then dori sees yuki run up and grab tatsumi and drag him back yelling at him. Back at the center on the field the team waits for tatsumi who comes on the field imedetly dori asks tatsumi to play him everyone is schoked but tatsumi says he cant pay but dori has proof so he agrress and they play. Hour later tatsumi beat dori 6 goals to 1 and from then on they all played better trying to get there coach to play them