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I stepped from the vorta cloning chamber, still wet and slick from the viscous slime used to grow and feed us while our cells grow and duplicate. I hate the feeling. I have since the life of my noble progenitor. I remember him fondly. He was perhaps the greatest of us, the first who was contacted to lead in the Dominion, the first to give his life in sacrifice to our gods. Now, nine lifetimes later, I stand wet and shivering before Odo. I remember him. Weyoun six, the betrayer, thought most fondly of him. It was his nature to do so of course, but he held an even more special place for him, betraying all the other gods to serve only him.

Another Vorta stepped forward, handing me a towel and a bag of possessions. They were Weyoun eights things, and the remnants of whatever he kept of the previous lives we had. I blinked away the sting of tears. Such a loss.

Odo stepped forward as I began toweling off. His eyes are kind, and forgetting what I was doing I supplicate before him, "Founder, I live to serve."

Odo grunts at that, I remember him doing that a lot. I have never been a good judge of that it really meant though. Sometimes it seems mean many things at any given time.

"Weyoun." My name rings from his mouth and it sends pleasurable shivers down my spine. I know my name has been spoken by the gods before, but one never seems to get used to it, and in this life it is most auspicious I think that the first sound I hear is this. It may be my best life yet.

He crosses his arms over his chest. I'm confused, "How may I serve you, Founder?"

"Dry off, clean up, get dressed. You have a lot to do for me." He turns way, "And you will call me Odo."

My heart flutters. Given the failure of my last life, my inability to secure the alpha quadrant, the possible death of all our gods. A sudden nausea overcomes me. What if, Odo is all that is left? Is it possible that he is the last of all our gods? I make haste to bathe. The honor of it all doubled.

I slip on my clothes and look at myself in the mirror to straighten my attire. When I see myself for the first time, I am shocked and gasp. I am…handsome. I know this. I don't know how, but I know it. I reach out and touch the reflection. I see Odo walk into the dressing room and I turn and bow.

He grunts again, crossing his hands over his chest he speaks,"It looks like you've made your first discovery, Weyoun. "

I look up and he is grinning. I don't know to say, and in his wisdom, he knows this. Of course he knows…he is a…

"Weyoun, you will find your site is better, and the thing in your genetics that denied you a possible understanding of aesthetics has been removed. I am working on putting right all the things my people have done. It's small, but." He shook his head and looked away from me, "It is as the humans say, a good start."

"Found.." I start and catch myself, "Odo, I have no words."

Odo walked toward me, "Don't thank me yet, Weyoun, you don't know what it is like to see ugly things or things so beautiful your heart feels…" His eyes became wistful, and I wondered if he was drawing to mind the image of Major Kira. "No matter." He said softly turning from me his hand placed against his mouth.

As I looked at him I considered how he looked to me, but I had no words to explain it.

"Weyoun, I need a liaison here. I want a familiar face, and that face is you." He was looking out the window, "But before you can do that for me, you have needs we need to see to."

I spoke up, "I need nothing, Odo! I need only to serve you and the founders." It broke my heart that he felt I needed more than this, the greatest honor any vorta could have.

He looked back at me, there was a strange sadness in his eyes. "No, Weyoun that is what your previous incarnations knew. You need to know more. You need to know better. "he approached me, and took hold of my shoulders, "That is part of the problem Weyoun, my people were a part of the problem . It is something I am going to rectify. "

I didn't understand, but he seemed so emphatic. I wanted to tell him he didn't make any mistakes that I couldn't see any problems he or his people had created. Having been a politician and field operative though, I could see in his eyes that he believed what he was saying. How could he think such a thing, and still be infallible. The truth though was subjective, if you believed it, it didn't make it correct, it just meant it was true to your understanding. I smiled at him, he was the kindest of the gods, and there were times that aspect was one of the things that made him and serving them so endearing.

"As you wish, Odo." I bowed my head, "Whatever you feel I need, I will accept with open arms." I knew he wasn't going to harm me, my sixth incarnation saw that saw the pain in his eyes as that life blinked out. As much as I despised the feeling of betrayal I get from Six, the kindness in the memory almost made it worth it all.

Odo looked me over and nodded, "Good. I knew you'd say that of course, but" he chuckled, "You might not be so thankful once we get started."

I considered that, but over eight life times I had done so many distasteful things in the service of my gods, and given the nature of Odo, I doubt whatever he wanted of me to be "too much" for me to bear.

"I contacted a friend of mine on Deep Space Nine, someone I felt would help you. She has had almost as many lives as you, in a manner of speaking, and she is going to be the first step in making a brand new Weyoun."

"I don't understand, fou…Odo. A new Weyoun? I am not defective am I?" I tried to keep my voice even but the sudden addition of "new" to my name unnerved me.

"No Weyoun you are not defective. What you are is programed and while I can remove some of the genetic alterations done to your people. I cannot undo the psychological damage done to your people with chemistry. You have had eight life times to have your beliefs reinforced by the actions of my people, and I don't expect things to change overnight, but they do need to change."

He was speaking of things that really made no sense, but who was I to question a god. I smiled and bowed, "As you wish, Odo. Founder is wise in all things."

It wasn't exactly the answer he wanted I fear, because he rolled his eyes and grunted again. He looked disgusted, but I don't think he was disgusted at me. At least, I hoped not.

"I am sending you to Bajor." He said flatly, and I listened intently wondering what assignment I might have so far away from the Dominion, if we were not going to war. "I have arranged a small cottage for you in the country, in the Dakhur Provence. There is a small village nearby the inhabitance are a mix of artists and farmers. I am giving you a monthly stipend for your expenses."

I listened carefully, it sounded charming but I could not imagine what purpose I would serve in such a way. "Odo," I spoke softly, not knowing how to question him on the motive without appearing to question his wisdom. "What service am I to perform for you on Bajor?"

Odo snorted, "The service of living a life, and taking the therapy I am going to offer you. Ezri Dax has volunteered to counsel you two times a week for as long as she is on Deep Space Nine."

"I don't understand."

"Of course you don't, but you will."


The trip to Bajor was uneventful. I found myself standing on the deck of the ship watching another Vorta give orders to the Jem 'hadar. I was envious. I used to do such things. I calmed myself a bit though. I was after all on a mission given to me personally by the founder Odo. I didn't understand what he wanted of me, not even a little. He was not asking me to make inroads with the government, or place someone in power to replace the government. He was asking me, if I understood it correctly, to live among the natives of the planet, and talk to the trill counselor. It seemed to me as if it was a twisted mission of information gathering, but instead of gathering external information, he wished me to gather internal information. I couldn't see where that would be of use to the Dominion.

The founder was wise though, and only gods thought of such things. I smiled, remembering Odo's wisdom while being chased by the Jem' hadar. Become the ice….only a god could think of that.

On approach of the planet, I returned to my room to gather my things. Odo had given me many PADDS, he said they contained books of entertainment I could read if I became what he called "bored". He also gave me notes on the new things I might experience with the genetic changes I had been given. I put that on top, that was the one I had most interest in. I could literally see the first change. As long as I had worked with the Jem'hadar, I never thought of how they appeared. Standing on the deck watching them work though, I had a distaste for looking at them. I had no word for what I saw, but knew it was nothing I liked looking at. Painfully, the female Vorta in charge of the ship struck me much the same way.

I pulled out a blank PADD, and decided to make notes on these phenomena. I would write down everything I saw in a day and attempt to describe my view of it in aesthetic ways. The thought of doing it pleased me. It also pleased me to think that perhaps I was discovering one of those things Odo wished me to do. If he had given me the gift of better eyesight, and taken away whatever had not allowed me to see things aesthetically then this might be a good way to honor such a gift. The report I could give in my time on Bajor could be enlightening.

I turned the PADD on and sat.

Jem'hadar: Displeasing. Vorta Female: Displeasing.

I smiled, it was a start. As I paid more attention to the words people used to describe things and their aesthetics the more I will add, for now, noting whether I found them displeasing or not is enough.


An elderly Bajoran man was waiting for me at the cottage. "I am Pravek Tol" he said, and held out his hand. I shook it, " Here are the keys to your house. About three miles that way is the nearest village, the other way about an hour's drive in an air car, two in a cart. I wouldn't recommend going there until you get an idea about the surroundings, easy to get lost. " Pointing straight ahead to a path through a large grove of trees, "You nearest neighbors are that way. Farmers and artists, good people." He looked down at me, "Good people, who don't need any trouble. Do you hear me."

"I have good hearing. But if you are implying I may cause trouble." I bowed slightly, "I am here to learn, Pravek Tol."

He huffed as if he didn't believe me. "I live down that road, first farm house on the left. You can't miss it. I live there with my wife and daughters. If you run into any troubles you can stop by." He pointed to my house, "You have this and about ten parcels of land surrounding it, those woods are yours, those fields are yours. " He eyed me over, "You don't look like the hunting or farming kind so I don't know why all the land, but you have it. I was asked to stock your refrigeration unit with food and drink. I did, but you also have a replicator in there, and small com unit. If that's all, I'll be going. The melons aren't going to fertilize themselves."

He dropped into my hands the keys to the house and began walking off. "Thank you, you've been helpful." I said, he waved, but didn't turn back around.

I opened my door and looked around. It was quaint and more than spacious enough for me. It had a fire place and a large living area, a small place to cook food, which I didn't know how to do, and a replicator. Up a large wooden ladder, in the loft was a large bed set with soft looking blankets. There was a couch and some chairs and a table. It would do nicely, and was probably one of the finest quarters I had ever had.

I shut the door behind me. I was alone. I had in my memory never been alone before for any great length of time. I was not sure I would like that. I pushed it out of my mind and began unpacking my possessions. There was space for my clothing, and I cleared off a shelf in my sleeping area to place my small treasures. I found that most pleasing. I had not seen many of them in several lifetimes. I remembered the bottle cap, I found it while dealing with the Breen. It was so thoughtless of someone to discard such an interesting little object carelessly on the ground. I placed it reverently on the shelf over my bed, and beside it I put the worn old shoe I found on Cardassia Prime, and next to that the single broken dabo ball I had acquired at Quarks. I smiled, it was good to see my things again. I wished we had not had to evacuate Deep Space nine so quickly or there would be many more such things.

I would have to remember to ask Ezri if they still had possession of them, when I spoke to her.

I laid down on the bed. I was tired. I had not slept or eaten since waking, and the heavy I felt in my limbs was outweighing the hollow of my stomach. I sat up and took off my clothes. I would sleep first and eat when I woke. Perhaps then, I would attempt contact with the counselor to determine what schedule she had for me.

Laying there in the strange bed, I could not imagine the purpose of it all, but my mind was weary. After some rest, it may all make sense.