Two Worlds Chapter 4:


With Ash and his friends: "Did you hear that?" Brock asked. "It sounded like another explosion."

"Maybe it's Pikachu!" Ash said. The friends ran to where they heard the explosion. Instead of Pikachu, however, they found Team Rocket. "Team Rocket?" Ash asked incredulously. "Why are you just standing there?"

"We can't move!" Jessie said.

"Yeah, this girl with weird ears froze us for trying to capture Pikachu, then left to go find you," James said. "She also defeated Jessie's Seviper."

"She's a Trainer?" Brock asked.

"No, she had weird powers, and not only did she blast us with an energy ball, she slammed Seviper into a tree just by jerking her head!" Jessie cried.

"And… why did she do all this?" May asked.

"Um… we said we were going to capture Pikachu, and she said she had to protect it," James said.

"Which way did she go?" Ash asked.

"We're not telling," Jessie said.

Suddenly Brock said, "There are footprints heading this way, let's follow them!" Ash, May and Max followed him, leaving Team Rocket behind.

With Emiko and Pikachu: Emiko's ears twitched again, and she said, "Someone else is coming- four someone elses."

"Maybe it's Ash," Pikachu said. "We travel around with some other humans, too."

"Let's go see," Emiko said. "They're not too far off, we can retrace our steps."

Pikachu nodded, and jumped onto Emiko's shoulder again. Emiko started walking back along the path they had been taking.

They continued on for a while. Suddenly Emiko's ears twitched again and she said, "Whoever it is is really close." Just as she said that, a boy with black hair and a baseball cap came running into the clearing that Emiko had reached, and stopped dead. Soon after a girl and two more boys came into the clearing.

"Pikachu?" the boy with black hair asked.

"Ash!" Pikachu said. Pikachu jumped off Emiko's shoulder and ran to Ash. Ash held his arms open, and Pikachu jumped right in. They hugged each other, then Ash walked over to Emiko, who was watching them.

"You must be Ash," Emiko said. "It's nice to meet you, I'm Emiko."

"Hi," Ash said. "How did you know my name?"

"Pikachu told me," Emiko said.

"It told you?" the girl who had come into the clearing asked.

"Yeah, I can understand and speak any language, human or otherwise," Emiko said. "I'm guessing from your surprised faces that you can't understand what Pikachu's saying."

"Not usually," Ash said. "That's a cool talent. Thanks so much for saving Pikachu, by the way."

"You're welcome," Emiko said. "By the way, how did Pikachu end up in that field with Team Rocket's Meowth? When I found Pikachu, it had amnesia, and didn't remember what had happened- or anything else for that matter."

"Wait, if Pikachu had amnesia, why does it remember us?" the older boy asked.

"I reversed the amnesia," Emiko replied matter-of-factly. "By the way, who are the rest of you? Pikachu only told me Ash's name."

"Oh sorry," the girl said. "I'm May, and that's my little brother, Max." She pointed to the younger boy.

"I'm Brock, nice to meet you," the older boy said.

"It's nice to meet all of you as well," Emiko said.

"Um… I hope you don't mind me asking, but what happened to your ears, Emiko?" Ash asked.

"Funny, Pikachu asked the exact same question," Emiko said. "There's nothing wrong with my ears, it's just that I'm a Cyniclon, not a human."

"A 'Cyniclon'?" Brock asked.

"I'm from a different dimension," Emiko said. "I guess the best term humans there came up with is 'alien'."

"You have humans in your dimension too?" Ash asked.

"On Earth, yes," Emiko said. "On Cyniclonia, no. Humans aren't welcome on our planet. They're greedy, egotistical creatures with no regard for the world they live in. The Earth I know is completely polluted, and the humans just keep making it worse. I hate most humans, though you guys don't seem too bad."

Ash and the others seemed a bit unsure of what to say to this. Finally May asked, "Why do you hate humans?"

"They killed my whole family," Emiko said.

Ash and the others looked shocked. "Who would be so cruel to do that?" Brock asked.

Emiko sighed. "It's a long story," she said. "The truth is, I used to be human. I had the ability to read minds, so I was kidnapped by a group of scientists, and turned into a Cyniclon. Then the scientists started running tests on me, after making sure I couldn't get away. One day, my parents came to find me; somehow they found the lab where I was being held. I tried to save them, but someone held me back, and when I looked again, they were both dead. After that, I blew the lab up and left. I wanted to see if my younger brother was still alive. Unfortunately, the scientists' goons had killed him too. I had to leave then; I wasn't human anymore. I found out a group of Cyniclons had come to the capital of Japan, and went there to join them. I've been helping them ever since, in order to eliminate the humans. The Cyniclons need a new home, since our planet is dying, so they went to Earth. But the humans have taken over, so we need to get them out before our whole race dies out."

"Wow," Ash said. "I think I'm glad I don't live in your dimension."

"You should be," Emiko said. "If I had met you in my dimension, I would have no choice but to treat you as an enemy. You seem nice, but I can't go against my orders."

"It's too bad humans from your dimension and Cyniclons can't just get along," Brock said.

"Mew Lettuce said that too, but as long as we serve our leader, that can't happen," Emiko said. "Besides, humans aren't very welcoming of things they can't understand." Then she sighed. "I have to get back to my dimension," she said. "I've already been gone too long. If it wasn't for my decision to help Pikachu, I would have left, but I couldn't just leave it with Team Rocket's Meowth."

"I'm very grateful to you for saving Pikachu and bringing it back to me," Ash said. "It was nice meeting you."

"And you as well," Emiko said. She stretched a hand out to Pikachu and rubbed its head. Pikachu leaned into her hand until she took it away.

"Thank you, Emiko," Pikachu said. "I enjoyed my time with you."

"You're welcome, Pikachu," Emiko said. "I enjoyed spending time with you too." She nodded to the others, who all waved, and then Emiko teleported back to the Cyniclon's base.

Ash and the others looked at the spot where Emiko had been standing, and Ash said, "That was certainly interesting, right guys?" The others nodded, then they went back to their journey.

Back at the Cyniclon's base: Emiko teleported in, and was met by Kisshu, Pai and Taruto. "Emiko, what happened?" Kisshu asked.

"I got sucked into another dimension, and helped a yellow creature called Pikachu find its friends," Emiko said. "How long was I gone?"

"Only about two hours," Pai replied.

"That's a relief," Emiko sighed.

"Yes, especially since it's time for the next attack," Kisshu said. Emiko nodded, and the four Cyniclons teleported off.

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