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The sealing had been done. Minato looked at his daughter with a smile as blood seeped out of the corners of his mouth. His wife Kushina was in front of him, as they both had been pierced in the stomach protecting their daughter from one of the Kyuubi's claws. His wife had been shedding tears for their daughter.

Minato couldn't help but feel guilty at what he had done to his baby girl. He knew some people may dislike her, but he believed they would see her as the little hero she was.

But this killed two birds with one stone by turning is daughter into a Jinchuuriki anyway; he protected his village and gave his daughter a power to help fight against the masked man that did this.

Then, something strange occurred.

His daughter was surrounded by a strange light and disappeared.

Shock filled both parents' faces as they cried out for her, but their bodies fell lifeless as their last breath was their daughters' name.


0 Between Dimensions 0

The Kyuubi growled at its new confines and slammed against its cage in anger.

It suddenly felt its power being drained, just like when its Yin half had been.

"NO!" it roared as its Chakra was ripped from it and turned into a shriveled version of itself.

On the lock of the cage, the piece of paper with the kanji for seal on it flew off and a spiral lock replaced it, closing tightly.

The large mass of Chakra flew through the tiny girls' body and it lit a shining gold.

0 Academy City, October 10th 0

In the windowless building of the 7th district, a person hung upside down in a large test tube filled with orange liquid. The person had long silver hair, pale skin, and wore a green hospital-like gown.

"The project was a failure Superintendent." A voice on a com channel stated.

"I see." The Superintendent said in a neutral tone.

Suddenly a powerful energy spike occurred and the floating person heard screaming through the com channel.

"What's going on?" the sliverette demanded.

"A large power reading happened Aleister-sama! It's a Level 5 reading!" the caller said in shock.

"Find it, now." Aleister ordered

"Understood." The subordinate said and went to do his job.

0 Later 0

"Sir, we recovered the one responsible for the Level 5 reading."

"Well?" Aleister asked

"A child sir, a newborn by our readings. Female, blonde hair, blue eyes, strange whisker-like markings tripled on each cheek. She seems to be in a golden shroud of some sorts, energy signature unknown. It's lashing out at us from time to time and turning off as well, but turns back on when she starts crying, sir."

There was a whooshing sound accompanied by a sound of pain as the man on the com channel was knocked away.

"A Level 5 Gemstone?" Aleister thought out loud, now there were two of them in Academy City.

"Sir?" a female voice questioned from the com.

"Have Heaven Canceller take a look at her and get a Level 4 Telepath to review her memories for a name, even a child of that age should have very few memories so it will be simple." He ordered

"Yes sir." The female voice said and hung up.

'A new piece has entered the game.' Aleister thought with interest.

0 12 Years later, July 16th 0

Academy City.

A place where scientists and students alike call their home.

Armed with the most advanced technology known to man, this place serves as the world's leading educational institution for special students who display feats of supernatural power, and the greatest minds of the world to study and help these students to harness these abilities.

These students, or Espers as they are referred as, come from all parts of the world to take part in the Power Curriculum Program for a chance to harness these abilities.

Currently this story follows one certain Esper, who happens to be very unique in her own right.

"Ah! I'm going to be late!" A young girl by the age of 12 with long blonde hair in a messy ponytail and had two long bangs framing her face, blue eyes, and whisker marks tripled on each cheek shouted as she rushed out her dorm room.

She was wearing a short-sleeved white dress shirt worn under a light brown vest with her school emblem on the left side. For bottoms, she wore dark tan pocketed skirt that reached halfway down her thighs with a black leather belt that had a red swirl as the buckle along with white sock leggings and brown shoes.

"Namikaze, no running in the dorm!" the demoni- I mean the beautiful and kind Dorm Mistress shouted.

"Sorry~" Namikaze Naruko shouted back as she headed to school.

Tokiwadai Middle School, an all girl's Middle School.

It is currently one of the top 5 schools of Academy City and is said to be the most renowned girl's school in the world.

It is also said that it had once sparked an international incident for refusing to admit a girl from a royal family because she wasn't good enough.

Entry requirement is an Esper ability of Level 3 or higher, and the school currently has less than 200 students.

Of the 200 students, there are currently 3 Level 5 Espers, 47 Level 4 Espers, and the rest being Level 3 Espers.

"I can't believe I over slept for the System Scan." Naruko said with distress as she reached the front gate of her school in record time.

System Scan, the regular city-wide testing event in Academy City to determine the Levels of their students. The scan is conducted differently for different types of Espers and the difficulty rises for each Level.

In a city devoted to the Power Curriculum Program, the System Scan was necessary for compiling the data of the 2.3 million residents in Academy City, where 80% were students.

60% of said students were Espers and capable of displaying at least some power.

The other 40% were either Level 0's or were pursuing other intellectual courses that only Academy City could give.

That being said, the System Scan was without its flaws.

A director once told the students that those with indiscernible powers were either placed at Level 0 or had to undergo certain tests to gauge their true level.

Certain students were not too happy at the announcement and some remarked that the System Scan itself did not cater well to the Level 0's.

It was for such reasons that gangs of Level 0's were established, lashing out at the so-called unfair practices in Academy City.

The largest gang in Academy City was known as Skill-Out.

Naruko was currently in her gym attire which consisted of a pair of burgundy colored shorts and a white tank top that had burgundy trimming on the sleeves, neck and a v-neck pattern on it with the Tokiwadai crest on the left side of her chest.

She was far away from any of the other students so she wouldn't hurt anyone.

The area around her was deserted, save a few technicians who were there to record her System Scan results and handling the heavy rain machines to at least dampen her power on the large blacktop she was standing on that meant to absorb some of heat of her power.

Naruko took a deep breath as she raised her hands and they lit aflame with golden fire.

[Accuracy and Rapid-Fire abilities will be tested first, prepare, 3, 2, 1, start!] A computer said.

50 targets popped up and Naruko started hitting them left and right. She finished up by using both hands to send her last fireball at a target when the buzzer rang after a minute had passed.

After that the targets went down, a larger, bulkier one came up.

[Temperature reading, prepare, 3, 2, 1, start!] The computer said again.

Naruko narrowed her blue orbs as she pointed her right index and middle fingers at the target and started to make a large fireball at the tip of her digits that grew to be 3x3 meters.

"Flame Shot." Naruko said as she fired the fireball at the designated target and it erupted into a tower of gold fire that matched the height of the shockwaves of water coming from the pool area.

[Test concluded, preparing results]

After a few seconds, the computer finished.

[System Scan Results:

Highest Burning Point: 900 Degrees Celsius

Raid-Fire Capacity: 39 Per-Minute

Accuracy: -19.5 mm

Overall Evaluation: Level 5]

Naruko wiped her brow and started heading to the showers to meet up with her friends.

The technicians were busy cooling down the melted blacktop that her power merely skimmed against.

Good thing she held back from using the height of her power or that black top would have been liquified into a lake from the heat.

0 Shower room 0

"Eh? You heard it all the way in the schoolyard?" Misaka Mikoto said in surprise as she shampooed her hair.

"Yes. It was quite the ruckus. Everyone was shocked." Shirai Kuroko said as she turned off her shower and grabbed her towel and started to dry her head.

"Mm, I saw it too from where I was testing Mikoto-nee; I even think I matched the height you were getting." Naruko said with a giggle as she smiled at her long time friend.

Mikoto gave a smile to her kohai.

Her mind flash backed to the time she came across an 8 year old girl with short blonde hair and empty blue eyes.

Mikoto shook her head clear of those thoughts, "Honestly, it's sad that they can't even measure our abilities without dampening them." She said in a sigh.

"Yes and that freaked people out even further Naruko-san. Seeing a giant pillar of fire tends to do that." Kuroko joked as she wrapped her towel around her petite body.

Mikoto inspected Naruko's hair, since she was in the shower stall next to her on the right, "Naruko, did you even shampoo?"

Naruko looked sheepish, "I didn't get to it yet."

Mikoto sighed as she turned off her shower and entered Naruko's, "Really, you're such a kid." The Electro-Master said as she grabbed some shampoo and started scrubbing the tiny blondes' hair.

"Mikoto-nee~" Naruko whined as she closed her eyes as Mikoto shampooed her.

Kuroko kept her jealousy in check; it was just her Onee-sama's way of caring for her friend, yes, just caring for her friend…who knew her longer then she did!

"I personally find your ability's much more convenient Kuroko." Mikoto said as she continued the conversation.

"Well at least your powers can do useful things Mikoto-nee, mine just destroy stuff." Naruko said in a sad tone.

Mikoto just patted her shoulders after she washed the shampoo out, "Hey, don't think like that! Just image if we ever went camping and we needed a lighter~" the chestnut haired girl teased.

Naruko puffed her cheeks in indignation at being related to a lighter.

Kuroko gave a laugh, "The grass is always greener on the other side." The Teleporter said.

"Well, that might be the ca-" Mikoto started, but was cut off.

"But even so," Kuroko interjected, "Onee-sama is Tokiwadai's Ace, while Naruko-san is its Star. You should puff up your chests with pride." The auburn hair girl said.

"Ace?" Misaka sounded unconvinced.

"Star?" Naruko blanch; she hated such a corny title.

"Well, I say that…" Kuroko's lips curled into a wicked smile.

Mikoto gasped.

"But it's a humble little chest that needs some more con-fi-dence!" Kuroko said as she teleported into the stall Naruko and Mikoto were in and started to feel up Mikoto's chest.

"Kuro-chan, not now, it's too cramped." Naruko said as she was pushed into the front of the stall.

Kuroko ignored her, "But this humility is Onee-sama's iniquity!" she declared, "The allure of this seductive humility!" Kuroko proclaimed as she started to rub more.

Mikoto's face started to twitch, be it from embarrassment or pure anger, one could not tell.

"Kuroko, no Kuroko's heart is breaking!" she exclaimed loudly.

Mikoto kicked Kuroko out of the stall and grabbed Naruko's towel and wrapped it around the blondes' head and grabbed hers from the next stall to cover herself up.

"Your brain is what's broken and doing that stuff in front of Naruko, geez!" Mikoto shouted as she dried Naruko's hair fiercely.

The blonde was very impressionable!

Naruko just hummed as her hair was being dried.

"It was only a bit of skinship." Kuroko whined while on the floor a few feet away.

The blonde would learn that in time anyway, her Onee-sama couldn't baby her forever!


0 Outside Sakugawa Middle School 0

The bell went off, signaling the end of System Scan for the city at large.

Students were pouring out of the schools in waves.

But one girl stood out so to speak, she had black-hair and was wearing a headband of artificial flowers.

Humming a tune as she exited the school, she was looking down at a palmtop computer when suddenly her name was called out in a sing song fashion.


"Eh?" Uiharu Kazari stopped for a second, wondering why she was feeling a draft near her underwear.

Her eyes went wide and immediately realizing what had happened, she made a strangled sound as her face turned crimson.

"Today you're wearing light pink with blue spots?" the other girl commented in interest.

"YIHAA!" Uiharu cried out, "What are you doing all of a sudden, Saten-san!" she cried as she flapped her arms wildly, noting the flustered looks on the by passers faces in shame.

"There you go, treating your classmates like strangers as usual," Saten Ruiko, Uiharu's best friend, teased with a big smile, "Once more to deepen our friendship!" she declared

"UWYAHHH!" Uiharu shouted to high heavens.

-Moments later-

Uiharu gave a sigh of defeat as she finally took a seat on a bench near their school.

"You're so cruel…" she whimpered

Ruiko gave a sheepish laugh, "Sorry, I got carried away. Want to see my panties in exchange?" Ruiko asked cheerfully as she started to lift her skirt.

"That's alright, thank you." Uiharu said dismissingly, "Really, Saten-san."

Ruiko let go of her skirt and decided to change the subject and placed her hands on her hips, "So how was it?"

"What do you mean?" Kazari looked confused at the sudden change in topic.

"The System Scan, of course." Ruiko stated

"Ah," Uiharu looked down, "It was no good. I'm a Level 1 as always. I've stayed the same since elementary school." she said wistfully, "My teacher asked me, 'Are those flowers just for show? Use their full-bloom power and make your level bloom!'"

"Erm… There's too many openings to poke fun at, but for the time being, cheer up!" Ruiko replied as she took a seat beside Kazari.


"Anyway, level 1 is still fine." Ruiko pointed out, "I'm a level 0!" she made a zero sign with her fingers, "No powers."

"Oh…" Uiharu seemed ashamed that she was fussing over her low level when her friend had it worse.

Upon seeing this, Ruiko quickly tried to stir the conversation to cheer her up.

"But it doesn't pay to worry over that sort of thing," Ruiko continued getting Uiharu's attention, "As long as every day is fun…" she leaned forward to meet Uiharu's eyes cheerfully with a wink, "I'm okay with it."

Uiharu gave a smile of relief, "Saten-san…"

"Here, listen to this to cheer up," Ruiko said suddenly as she pressed an earpiece to Uiharu's ear.

Uiharu perked up at the familiar music and beat, "Hitotsui Hajime! Isn't this…"

"I got the early download release." Ruiko confirmed, "The album with this track is on sale today."

"You're going to buy the CD even though you downloaded it?" Uiharu asked questioningly.

"I'm going to get the premium merchandise with the coupon 100 first edition customers can win. That's what a true fan does! So let's go buy it!" Ruiko proclaimed as she stood up in her excitement.

"Ah, but I have arrangements with Shirai-san today." Uiharu stated apologetically.

Ruiko blinked, turning to look at her friend curiously, "By Shirai-san, do you mean Shirai Kuroko from Judgment?" she asked

"My dreams were granted and I'm going to meet Misaka-san." Uiharu proclaimed, her eyes shining with adoration and excitement, "One of the eight level 5's in Academy City. Tokiwadai's Ace, Misaka Mikoto-san!"

Ruiko's face fell slightly, showing a slight uncomfortable expression, "Tokiwadai's level 5?" she huffed, "I bet she's just another one of those people who acts better than everyone else because of their abilities." She stated with distaste.

"Of course not…" Uiharu retorted

Ruiko lifted one of her eyebrows disdainfully, "Those sorts of people belittle those below themselves, right? It pisses me off." She said, "And on top of that, an Ojou-sama from Tokiwadai?" she gave a disapproving huff.

"Isn't it wonderful that she's an Ojou-sama?" Uiharu said gushing in happiness, "No rather, it's wonderful because she's an Ojou-sama!" clasping both hands, she stared into the sky dreamily.

"You sure you're not just attracted to the celebrity types?" Ruiko asked dryly.

Uiharu's dreamy expression vanished and gave a horrified look, "That's not true!" she denied, "And by the way, the fact that I'm from West-Kasai has nothing to do with this!"

Ruiko just stared at her in disbelief.

"I know, why don't you come along this time Saten-san?" she suggested

"Eh? I don't really…" Ruiko began but was cut off as Uiharu leapt to her feet, grabbing her arm and began to drag her away.

"It's fine." Uiharu said

"It's fine? Just a minute!" she protested

"You don't get this chance often!" Uiharu proclaimed

"Wait a minute!"

0 Joseph's Café 0

"A fan of mine?" Misaka said with Naruko next to eating a super large parfait, curtsy of Kuroko.

Kuroko began explaining, "She's from the 177th branch of Judgment that I'm in, responsible for backing me up. I couldn't refuse her request to meet you just once and Naruko-san would be a bonus for her." Kuroko took a sip from her latte.

Mikoto sighed in slight annoyance.

"Well if she's Kuro-chan's friend, I'll meet her, who knows, we could become friends too!" Naruko cheered as she took a big spoonful of her parfait and hummed in happiness with how good it tasted.

Kuroko smiled at the cheerful blonde and looked at her Onee-sama, "I know you're fed up with fans always pestering you; however I can vouch that Uiharu is very well mannered." She reassured, "And most importantly, she's one of the few people I acknowledge as a friend." The Teleporter added, "So leave it to me, and trust that I will keep your stress levels as low as possible."

Kuroko took out her handbook with a smile, "I'll get us through today's plan flawlessl- EH!" she squealed as Mikoto suddenly reached over and grabbed the book from her hands, placing her hand to Kuroko's face to hold her back.

"What's this?" Misaka said in a dark tone, "'Using Uiharu as an excuse to go on a date' plan. Step 1: Deepen relationship in a family restaurant. Step 2: Lingerie Shopping-purchase sexy underwear. Step 3: Perfume Shopping-purchase aphrodisiacs. Step 4: Eliminate Uiharu and distract Naruko-san with sweets." She paused and looked at Naruko, she knew there was a reason Kuroko was so generous today, "Step 5: Love hotel check-in with Onee-sama."

Kuroko could only twitch in fear at what was to come.

"Basically..." Mikoto's started, "Acting generously towards your friend and taking advantage of her, in order to enact your own perverted fantasies. Is that how I'm reading this?"

Kuroko quivered, "I'm willing to let Naruko-san join if you wanted." She said trying to appease her Onee-sama, but she hammered the final nail to her coffin.

"I'M SERIOUSLY BUILDING UP STRESS HERE!" Misaka growled as she reached over and began to pull at Kuroko's face in frustration, "And Naruko doesn't need to be turned into a pervert like you!" she exclaimed as the blonde ignored them in favor of her treat.

Mikoto was thankful for the blondes' short intension span when it came to sweets; truly they were the girls' number one weakness.

Kuroko made some strangled sounds in protest and pain.

Finally, Misaka gave one last, hard pull before letting go of Kuroko's cheeks, which snapped back into place with a loud sound. Kuroko sniffed as she rubbed her sore cheeks to sooth the pain.

"Well since she's your friend, I guess it's okay." Mikoto said as she looked in another direction.

"Ah." Kuroko said as she stood up and Mikoto casted a glance at her.

Kuroko teleported and landed in Mikoto's lap with hearts in her eyes, "Onee-sama~!" she exclaimed as she cuddled Mikoto.

"For you to care that much about me! Kuroko's about to go crazy!" the girl exclaimed.

"Excuse me…" Misaka turned to the left see the waitress looking at her with an embarrassed expression.

She wasn't the only one.

The entire café was looking them.

"I'm terribly sorry but you're disturbing the other guests…" Mikoto turned to right and saw two girls looking at them with shocked expression.

One was looking at Kuroko.


-A little bit after the incident-

"Anyway, for now I'll introduce everyone." Kuroko said as she held her head in pain.

Naruko was standing next to Mikoto with her bag that had a Gekota keychain on it, but the strange thing was it had a few bite marks on it.

Both were standing across from Uiharu and Reiko.

"Over here we have a first year from Sakugawa Middle School, Uiharu Kazari-san." Kuroko started

"Pleasure to meet you!" Kazari said with a blush, "I'm Uiharu Kazari." She said as she looked down.

"And next to her is…" Kuroko trailed off not knowing who she was.

"Heya, I'm Uiharu's classmate, Saten Ruiko. I'm not sure what's going on, but I tagged along anyway. And by the way, my Esper level is 0." Ruiko proclaimed waiting for a reaction to her lack of ability.

"S-S-Saten-san, what are you…" Uiharu trailed off in surprise.

"Uiharu-san and Saten-san…" Mikoto started off, drawing Uiharu and Ruiko's attention.

"I'm Misaka Mikoto, pleased to meet you." Mikoto said with a smile.

"Pleased to…" Ruiko trailed off.

"…meet you." Uiharu finished for her.

"I'm Namikaze Naruko~! Any friend of Kuro-chan is a friend of mine, or in this case a friend of a friend of a friend." She said with a bubbly smile.

Uiharu gasped and pointed at Naruko, "Na-Na-Namikaze Naruko-san! The Golden Shroud!" she proclaimed in awe.

She met not just one, but two level 5's! Both the Ace and Star of Tokiwadai, she could go to heaven right now~!

Naruko nodded at her epithet and didn't recognize the star struck gaze Uiharu was giving her.

If she did, she would have given a small shiver of fear.

"Now that introductions have finished smoothly," Kuroko said as she pulled out her planner, "We've strayed from schedule a bit, but Kuroko will make sure today's plans go perfect-"

Mikoto punched her on the head, causing Kuroko to squat and hold her head in pain.

Naruko winced at the shot. She didn't know how Kuroko could take such hits daily.

"Well, there's not much point standing about here. To start with…how about we go to the game center?" she asked

Naruko cheered, "Yay!"

"Game center?" Ruiko questioned

Uiharu saw her image of an Ojou-sama shatter before her eyes.

"Come on, let's go Kuroko." Mikoto said as Naruko followed her with a skip in her step.

They started walking when Kuroko started talking.

"Geez, Onee-sama…Stop with the games and reading in bookstores and do something like flower arranging or koto playing. Can't you get a hobby more appropriate for your status?" Kuroko questioned to her Onee-sama.

As they walked passed a girl handing out fliers and some of the girl's took one.

"And you say I'm a bad influence on Naruko-san?" Kuroko added

"Shut up you." Mikoto said with a slight growl at her last comment, "Do I seem like the kind of person who'd do tea ceremony's or play koto? And Naruko needs child-like outlets since she had a strict upbringing." She said since she was the one who introduce Naruko to arcade games and manga.

"Yeah, playing those games are really fun too." Naruko said agreeing with Mikoto with a nod.

Mikoto patted her head for being a good girl.

'YIEEE! That should be me being patted by Onee-sama for agreeing with her!' Kuroko raged in her mind as Naruko once again gained her Onee-sama's attention.

She may have won the battle, but the war is far from over!

"Doesn't she seem…not at all Ojou-sama like?" Ruiko asked as she watched the three rich girl's joke around.

"She doesn't look down on anyone, does she? And for someone like Namikaze-san to be so…" Uiharu trailed off.

"Child-like, innocent?" Ruiko suggested and Uiharu nodded at those descriptions.

"What's that?" Ruiko asked looking at the flier, the one she passed it up, that Uiharu was holding.

"A flier for a new crepe store." Uiharu said, "Apparently the first 100 customers get a free Gekota mascot as a present."

"What's with the cheap character?" Ruiko asked, "No one cares about this kind of thing these days." She stated as she bumped into both Mikoto and Naruko who had stopped to examine the flier, "Sorry-" she started, but paused that the intense gaze both were giving the flier.

"Misaka-san, Namikaze-san?" Uiharu questioned

"What's the matter Onee-sama, Naruko-san?" Kuroko questioned as well and came over.

"Ara? A crepe has caught your attention? Or perhaps…it's the present your after? I already know Naruko-san will be going there at any second." Kuroko teased, since she knew the two shared a common love for Gekota merchandise as Mikoto was the one who got Naruko into it.

Misaka blushed, "Of course not!" she denied hotly, turning around to face her friends, "I'm not interested in Gekota at all!" she proclaimed as she ignored Naruko's giddy look.

"I mean, it's a frog! An amphibian! What kind of girl would be happy to get that kind of prese-" she paused at the gazes of all her friends, except Naruko, and looked at their pointed looks to her bag.

At the keychain that was hanging from the bag that Uiharu and Ruiko were studying with a stunned expression.

A Gekota keychain.

Kuroko was stifling her laughs.

Mikoto's face went red.

0 Crepe Store 0

"Wow…there's a lot of people here." Ruiko commented as they walked towards the stand.

"Why are there so many?" Uiharu wondered aloud.

Naruko was ahead of Ruiko, and behind her was Mikoto, followed by Uiharu and Kuroko.

"We're taking a break for an hour! Don't wander too far away!" the Tour Guide announced to all the tourists.

"Looks like we came at a bad time." Uiharu said with a smile.

"I'll go secure a bench for us." Kuroko suggested

"I'll go with you too!" Uiharu volunteered

"Eh?" Ruiko looked back at them.

"Saten-san, could you get ours for us?" Uiharu said

"We'll pay you back after!" Kuroko called out.

"Wai-" Ruiko started, but stopped slightly at seeing Mikoto's serious expression.

"What is it?" Misaka asked as she looked up.

Naruko was humming an unfamiliar tune awaiting her prize and oblivious to the world.

"Um…would you like to swap places?" Ruiko suggested, seeing how impatient Misaka looked.

Misaka's face looked conflicted, but she decided to play it cool, "No, no. I'm fine. I'm fine as long as I can buy a crepe!"

Ruiko sighed at her antics.

Naruko came up to them with a megawatt smile and held her new Gekota keychain and her strawberry with whip cream topping crepe.

"Mikoto-nee, look look~" she cheered and Mikoto smiled as she remember Naruko's first encounter with Gekota.


A 9 year old Mikoto was dragging her new friend to the front of a toy capsule machine that had a Gekota theme.

"You'll really like it, I swear, Gekota is the best~" Mikoto exclaimed with giddiness to Naruko, who just nodded with her hollow blue eyes.

"First you put the coin in, you twist the knob, and ta-da! A Gekota keychain!" she said as she handed it to Naruko who started to examine it.

Mikoto turned around and did the same process and got the same kind of Gekota.

"See, really cool rig-" but she stopped midway to see the Gekota keychain she had just gave away…in Naruko's mouth!

"Baka! You don't eat it, spit it out, spit it out!" Mikoto said as she started to shack the little blondes' shoulder, but Naruko was too stubborn to let go.

Mikoto got behind her and started to use the Heimlich maneuver.

Let it never be said that Misaka Mikoto was never prepare.

Misaka finally got Naruko to spit it out and picked it up with her handkerchief. She started to wipe off the bits of saliva on it and handed it back to Naruko.

"You don't eat them, you collect them." Mikoto said as she watched Naruko grasp her tiny hands firmly around the keychain and held it to her chest, afraid someone would take it.

Mikoto nodded with a smile and they headed out to do something fun.

-End of Flashback-

Mikoto's eyes softened as she smiled and patted the blondes' head, "Yeah." She said softly as she remembered those early years.

Naruko giggled and headed off to Kuroko and Kazari.

Ruiko blinked at the weird interaction of the two level 5's, but gave a shrug, she would think about it later.

Finally, it was her turn.

As she took the crepes, the attendant held out the Gekota mascot keychain, "Sorry for the wait! It's the last one!"

"Th – Wah? Last one?" Ruiko gaped


She turned around to see Misaka fall to her knees and spiraling into despair.

"Um…" Ruiko called put to Misaka.

Misaka gave a sniff as she turned to face Ruiko, "If you'd like, you can have this…" Ruiko held out the Gekota mascot keychain.

"Really?!" Misaka swung to face Ruiko with hopeful eyes, clasping her hands, "Are you serious?!" Misaka questioned

Ruiko nodded, "Y-Yes…"

"Thank you!" she squealed happily.

"N-No problem…" Ruiko said slightly unnerved.

-Minutes later-

Mikoto and Ruiko got to the benches that Kuroko and Uiharu had reserved for them and Naruko was sitting between them eating her crepe.

Uiharu and Ruiko got the benches, with Naruko sitting between them, while Kuroko and Misaka stood.

"Come on, Onee-sama! Don't be shy!" Kuroko offered as she ran after the retreating Railgun.

"No way! What the heck is with that natto and fresh cream topping!" she demanded as she tried to escape from the relentless Teleporter.

"Isn't this great?" Uiharu said aloud.

"Huh?" Ruiko glanced at her friend.

"Misaka-san is different from the lady-like image that I had of her, but she's a lot easier to get along with than I thought." Uiharu stated

Ruiko turned to look at Misaka holding Kuroko at bay with her arm, "I wonder…"

"It's because Mikoto-nee doesn't care." Naruko chimed with some whip cream on her nose.

"Doesn't care?" Ruiko asked with a blink.

"Why should we hide who we are just for some image, that's why she's so easygoing and fun to be with." The blonde said with a beaming smile.

They both nodded in understanding.

Mikoto looked in their direction, looked at her crepe and back to them with a smile and walked over.

"Here." Mikoto said as she offered her banana chocolate crepe to Ruiko.

"Huh?" Ruiko said in surprise.

"You want to try some, right?" Mikoto asked, "As thanks from earlier, I'll give you a bite."

"Onee-sama!" Kuroko sounded horrified as her twintails fluttered wildly, "Even though I'm here, you want to share an indirect kiss with S-S-Saten-san!" she cried, "Ah, Onee-sama!" She held in face in a shocked expression.

Ruiko sighed.

"I don't think I can keep up with your friends, Uiharu." Ruiko muttered

Uiharu gave a sheepish laugh.

Naruko saw Mikoto's crepe and took a quick bite of it, "Oishii." Naruko said happily as she had some chocolate on the corners of her mouth.

Mikoto turned around, after being distracted by Kuroko, and saw Naruko sneaking the bite while noticing her face.

The Electro-Master sighed and pulled out her handkerchief; "You're so messy at times, what are you going to do if I'm not around, huh?" she asked as she started to wipe Naruko's face and scolded her lightly.

Naruko puffed her cheeks as Mikoto finished cleaning her face; she could take care of herself!

…she just didn't feel like it is all.

Kuroko, seeing this fell to her knees in complete despair and started muttering, "Onee-sama…Naruko-san…indirect k-k-kiss…crafty imotou character…" with tears in her eyes.

Truly the blonde was to be fear to have such skills to gain her Onee-sama's favor!

Uiharu turned towards the bank, looking at it oddly, Ruiko noticing this gave a questioning look.

Uiharu show her face, "Nothing…That bank over there…I was wondering why its security shutters were closed in the middle of the day." She mused

As soon as she finished, the entrance to the bank exploded.

Misaka and Kuroko stopped their playing, with Mikoto gaining a serious expression while Kuroko swallowed her entire crepe, while getting rid of the wrapper.

Kuroko ran towards the explosion sight, reaching into her pocket to retrieve her Judgment armband.

Ruiko rubbed her ears, which was still ringing from the loud explosion, "What's going on?"

Naruko ate her crepe in one go just like Kuroko and got rid of the wrapper while standing up to see what was going on.

"Uiharu!" Kuroko ordered in a serious tone, "Contact Anti-Skill and check for casualties! Please hurry!"

"Y-Yes!" Uiharu confirmed as she slipped on her Judgment armband, taking out the specially issued Judgment phone to contact the nearest Anti-Skill branch.

"Kuroko." Mikoto said as she was about to move in to help, with Naruko not far from that idea.

"Stay back Onee-sama! Naruko-san!" Kuroko said, stopping them both in their tracks, "Maintaining the security of Academy City is Judgment's job. Please behave yourselves this time." She said calmly as she dashed to the bank robbers.

Naruko huffed at that while Mikoto gave a small smile.

"Yes, that's right," Uiharu said over the phone calmly, "In front of the bank on 7th Street in the Furiai Plaza, a robbery in progress. Requesting mobilization of Anti-Skill."

The three robbers, having dashed out of the bank in a hurry, were hurrying to get away, when someone blocked their path.

Kuroko stepped in front of them, barring their way, "Stop right there!" she ordered, pointing at her Judgment badge for emphasis, "I'm with Judgment. You three are under arrest for robbery and property damage!"

The robbers stopped with a gasp of fright, before relaxing as they saw that the so-called Judgment member was but a teenage girl.

They exchanged an incredulous look, before breaking into raucous laughter that someone so young would stand in their way.

"What's up with this brat? Is Judgment shorthanded or something?" one asked while laughing.

Kuroko's eyes narrowed in annoyance as the three laughed at her.

Play: Sense from Shakugan no Shana

Naruko closed her eyes for a second and opened them, "Kuro-chan! That skinny one with spiky black hair is a Pyrokinesist, a level 3!" she shouted

Kuroko blinked at this and nodded to be prepared.

The robbers looked shocked at this, "Oi, get that brat! She's a Telepath!" the fat one said confusing Naruko's ability to read thermal energy on her own, with the ability to read their minds, thus her being able to find out where they plan to hide after this.

"Got it!" said the level 3 as he charged a fireball and threw it at Naruko.

Kuroko face palmed at his stupidity, "Baka." She muttered

Naruko caught the fireball with ease and crushed it in her fist with her eyes closed.

"Kuroko." Naruko said in a serious tone and Kuroko shivered slightly at seeing her friend so out of character.

Her Onee-sama had told her, you were never to get on Naruko-san's bad side. If you did…let's just say it isn't pretty.

"He wants to play with fire? Then let's see how he stacks up with the big leagues." Naruko commented as she opened her eyes, to show their piercing blue color as she started to walk slowly to her fellow Esper class and disappeared.

"Wha-" but the Pyrokinesist didn't even get to finish his line before he was kicked in the chin and sent flying in the air and landed 20 feet away.

His mask fell off and he glared at the blonde girl and started to charge another fireball, but she was gone and he felt the wind knocked out of him by a punch in the gut.

He tried to swing his fist at her, but Naruko jumped back and charged in again and went for a leg sweep which knocked the robber on the ground again.

"Nee, are you done?" Naruko questioned with her head cocked to the side.

"S-So fast!" Uiharu said in shock.

"I-Is that a part of her Esper power?" Ruiko asked Mikoto.

The Railgun just shook her head, "Nope, that's pure speed. Naruko really doesn't use her powers unless she has too. So she mainly focuses on hand-to-hand combat." Mikoto comment, it seemed that Naruko was showing restraint…this time at least.

"What does she do?" Ruiko asked with interest.

"Northern Shaolin." Mikoto said with smile.

"D-Don't underestimate me!" the robber shout as he got up shakily and raised both his hands in the air and a basketball size fireball formed and he threw it at Naruko.

The blonde speared her hands forward and as her hands entered the fireball she made a swimming motion and the fireball spilt in two and crashed a little bit behind her.

"If you say so, then I'll just take the kid gloves off." Naruko said as she turned to her side and extended her left leg and bend her right leg as she got low to the ground and her left arm was angled over her left leg downward slightly and her right hand fisted near her head.

She sprang into action and sent two jabs and a fireball followed after each jab, she then jumped in the air and did a spin kick which was followed by an arc of fire (1).

The first jab scrapped the robbers' side and then next one hit him in the leg as the arc came and hit him square in the chest. He was sent flying another twenty feet and all that could be heard was a groaning sound.

"You should be happy I used a low temperature on you. If I wanted to, you would be ash." Naruko said as she walked over to collect him.

Uiharu and Ruiko just stared in amazement at the blonde.

"Great job, Naruko." Mikoto said with pride…that she held back!

By Kuroko, the fat robber was shacking, "Go-Golden hair, blue eyes, and golden f-fire, it…it can't be h-her?" he said in a panic.

Kuroko hearing him smiled, "Yes, that's right. That person is definitely at the top of Academy City's population of 2.3 million people, the second strongest of the eight level 5's." she said as Naruko picked up the robber she beat, "The Golden Shroud – Namikaze Naruko-san. One Tokiwadai Middle School's pride. The unrivalled Inferno Empress!"

The fat robber hearing this panicked and went berserk to try and get away while charging at Kuroko.

Kuroko easily sidestepped him, "An action like that…" she started as she grabbed his arm and kicked out his foot from under him, getting him airborne, as Kuroko flipped him over with ease and he hit his head on the concrete, knocking him out, "…is a death flag." She commented

"Wow, Shirai-san is great too." Ruiko said

"Very good Kuroko." Mikoto commented with a bit of pride.

"No, you can't leave the plaza now!" Uiharu's voice came from the side. They turned, wondering what was going on.

"What happened?" Mikoto asked as they came up to the Tour Guide that Uiharu was holding back from entering the crime zone.

"I can't find a boy." the Tour Guide said frantically, "Not long ago, he said he was going to get something he forgot in the bus."

"Then, Uiharu and I will…" Mikoto started, but was interrupted by Ruiko.

"I'm coming too!" she said with determination.

Misaka looked unsure, but Ruiko nodded fiercely.

"Understood. Let's spilt up and search." Mikoto said

Naruko dropped the robber she beat next to Kuroko.

"It is always an impressive sight to see you at work Naruko-san." Kuroko commented with a smile tugging her lips.

"Thanks Kuro-chan." The blonde said with a smile.

Kuroko was very thankful internally that the blonde was back to normal…her more serious side scared her slightly.

The spiky haired robber tried to move, but Kuroko nailed him to the ground, "Naruko-san may have been kind by going easy on you, but if you continue to resist, you'll get one of these directly inside you." Kuroko stated casually as she twiddled with one of her dart-like nails.

"T-Teleporter!" the guy said in surprise.

As if a level 5 wasn't enough!

Meanwhile, Mikoto and the others were searching frantically for the lost boy.

"Over there?" the level 5 asked.

"No good!" Uiharu called back.

"Where did he go already?" Misaka complained as she came out of the bus.

Ruiko, who was searching near railings, stopped as she heard the sound of someone panicking running in her direction.

She twisted to the side, watching in shock as the robber grabbed a boy nearby.

"Lucky!" the brown haired robber stated, "Come with me, hurry!"

"What are you doing, who are you?" the boy asked.

"Never mind, hurry up and come with me!" the last robber exclaimed as the boy tried to get away.

"Ah!" Ruiko turned to call the others, but they were busy talking to notice what was going on.

'Even I…' she thought when Mikoto was hesitant to let her help.

Getting to her feet, Ruiko charged straight at the robber.

"Let's search the plaza one more tim-" Mikoto said, but was interrupted by some shouting.

The scream caught Naruko's and Kuroko's attention.

"What the hell are you doing?" the robber demanded as he tried to drag the boy away, but Ruiko held on tight, refusing to budge.

"Dammit!" the last robber cursed as he let go of the boy and threw a kick to Ruiko's face.

Ruiko gave a strangled cry of pain as she fell back.

Everyone gasped in shock at that as the robber raced to his car.

Misaka's eyes narrowed in burning anger, her irises shrinking as she clenched her fist tightly.

"Saten-san!" Uiharu cried.

Naruko, moving at amazing speeds, caught Ruiko and the boy and moved to get some distance.

Kuroko attempted to take action but Misaka cut in, her voice was firm and carried barely controlled rage in it.


Kuroko cowered at her Onee-sama's furious voice.

Misaka Mikoto stepped out of the smoke, her eyes mirrored her voice as it held a look of pure rage, "This is my personal fight now. Sorry, but…I'm stepping in now." As she finished, sparks were already beginning to fly from her body.

"I remember now!" the black haired robber gasped, his eyes wide with fear…and bodily pain, "There's this horrifying Teleporter in Judgment who will tear apart your body and soul if she catches you!"

"Who might you be talking about?" Kuroko asked questioningly.

"Saten-chan, are you okay?" Naruko asked as she checked her cheek and the boy.

"Um, yeah, thanks for catching me…" Ruiko said in surprise as the blonde moved so fast to get her.

Naruko smiled, "Anytime." She said, happy to help.

The man climbed into the car and started it, turning it around to face Mikoto, who was standing in his way.

"Like I'll back down like this!" the robber snarled at Mikoto for blocking the road.

"And there's another who rules over even that Teleporter's body and soul-The Strongest Electro-Master!" he gasped in terror.

Why the hell didn't he stay home! Two, two level 5's!

Kuroko's eyes lit up, being able to introduce her Onee-sama, the same way she introduced Naruko, "That's right. She is another one at the top of Academy City's population of 2.3 million people…"

Misaka fished a coin out of her pocket, as the robber pumped the gas of his car, ready to run Mikoto over as she flipped the coin in the air.

Naruko smiled brightly as she told Ruiko and the boy to cover their ears and in the distance, Uiharu looked on in awe.

"Fourth strongest of the eight Level 5's…" Kuroko continued as her eyes fixed onto the coin with anticipation and prepared to cover her ears.

As the coin descended, everyone watched as Mikoto raised an arm, her thumb outstretched as she discharged an enormous amount of electricity.

A split second before the coin would pass her thumb, she flicked it.

A powerful shockwave sounded through the area as the coin broke the barrier of sound, streaking down the road in a bright, orange stream with blue lightning.

The robber couldn't do anything from the force of the attack and was send hurtling into the air and landing in a broken heap some distance behind Misaka as she flipped her hair.

"The Railgun – Misaka Mikoto Onee-sama. Another of Tokiwadai Middle School's pride. The unrivalled Electric Princess!" Kuroko finished as she uncovered her ears.

"Amazing…" Uiharu and Ruiko said at the same time.

The last robber lived…but the trauma, well the trauma's going to be there for a long time.

-Moments later-

Anti-Skill rounded up the robbers, getting the testimonies of all the present.

Uiharu reported to her superior, Konori Mii, about the details of the incident.

Naruko walked over the level 3 Pyrokinesist, "You know, you were okay, but you were executing your technique wrong. I know they say to image that you're lighting a match, but that's so small and it weakens your drive at times. You have to think higher and hotter." Naruko said as she pointed to the sun, "If you focus on that as your limit, well, you could say the sky's the limit." She joked with a giggle, "Turn your life around while you reflect on your actions and who knows, I might just get a sparring partner out of it." She said as she walked away leaving an awed level 3.

"Very well put Naruko-san." Kuroko said with an approving nod.

"Thanks, I just hate to see a good guy go wrong for just hitting a wall in his Personal Reality."

"Good…guy?" Kuroko questioned

"He wasn't a bad person; I could tell if he was. To me…he just seemed confused is all." The blonde said mysteriously.

"Whatever you say Naruko-san, you seem to know what you're talking about." The auburn girl said with a shrug.

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!" the mother of the boy who was almost kidnapped cried out as she held her son tightly.

"It was nothing…" Ruiko said hesitantly.

"How can we thank you?" the mother asked, "Come on, you too." The mother ushered the boy to thank Ruiko too.

"Thanks Onee-chan!" the rescued boy said loudly as he looked up to her while hugging his mothers leg.

Ruiko blushed and smiled at the attention.

Naruko walked over and sat next to Ruiko, "You were really awesome out there Saten-chan." The blonde said with her patient cheery smile.

"She's right you know, Saten-san." Mikoto said as she walked over, "You looked really cool back there." She finished

Ruiko blushed at the attention again, "You too…" she started, but was interrupted by Kuroko who hugged Mikoto from behind.


"Oi, Kuroko!" Mikoto grumbled as she tried to get the pesky Teleporter off her back.

Uiharu came over, "Saten-san. How's your injury?" the flower girl asked with concern.

"It's fine." Ruiko said assuring her.

"I glad I got to meet you Saten-chan; I hope we can be good friends." Naruko said

"You wanna be friends with a level 0?" Ruiko said in slight surprise, but she should have guessed from the blondes' personality as she seemed the type who loves having friends.

She just thought she was being nice before about the whole friend of a friend thing, guess she was wrong.

"Yep, I have a few friends who are level 0's, in fact; you could say I'm friends with the lowest level 0 in the whole City." Naruko said as she spread out her arms for emphasis.

At A Certain High School, one Kamijou Touma, sneezed and cursed his misfortune at getting snot on his practice quiz that his vertically challenged teacher had given him to do during one of her love lessons.

"Get off!" Mikoto shouted as she shocked Kuroko and she slumped to the ground.

'Oh Kuro-chan, when will you ever learn?' Naruko thought as she shook her head.


(1)- Naruko's fighting style is based off of Firebending from the show Avatar: the Last Airbender.


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