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Globs of blood flew through the air and landed on the group as Naruko fell to her knees holding her stomach.

"Make it stop!" she shouted in agony as tears fell from her eyes.

Slowly but surely her wounds were healing at a fast rate.

After 3 minutes, she was in perfect condition.


Naruko cried further, but stood up through the pain and once again channeled Mana through her body with the magical stick in her hands and launched a fireball.


A less amount of blood came out of her mouth, but her ears were bleeding and once more fell to her knees.

"You will be the first true Hybrid."


-Play: From Shadows RWBY Black Theme-

"Wha, no HOW?!" Kaori shouted in shock, "You should be dead from using Mana, you're an Esper!" she shouted further as she pointed, "What are you?" the Saint asked in utter befuddlement.

Naruko deadpan, "A cold sarcastic bitch that's going to melt your face off, that's what."

Kaori steeled herself as she placed a hand on her Nodachi and prepared to draw it, "Listen, just hand over that girl and we will leave." She said in a chilled tone and her eyes narrowed threateningly.

Naruko just smiled, "Ya see, I just can't. We have a bit of a policy here…we really don't like uninvited guests. That goes for you, your redhead boyfriend, and especially the walking magical nuke manual." She said as her smile grew another inch and got far colder, "So let's play Saint-Onee-san." and with that Naruko activated her Shroud.

In quick movement of her hand using the calligraphy brush, a black flame lit the tip and a design hung the air, it was the Guardian of the North, Genbu the Black Turtle.

'Eastern Magic?' Kaori though and jumped back, avoiding the rumbling ground as branches of trees erected from the concrete street. She went left and right, back and forth, to avoid the trees, but realized something.

She was being surrounded.

She drew her sword with amazing speed and released her Nanasen-(Seven Flashes) and let the magic imbued wires cut the trees to ribbons.

What caught her off guard was that the Esper, who could use such high degree magic, was now inside with her in her Shroud of Gold.

"Nice place, right?" the little girl asked as she jumped back and breathed out a large torrent of flames, strong enough to burn through the magic wires.

"Tsk." Kaori clicked her tongue and drew back her wires so she had them for later.

'Clever girl, she must have knowledge of the Amakusa's Style Combat.'

Those flames were going to be a major pain though. So perhaps it was time to get up close and personal with the Level 5.

With a mighty leap, Kaori jumped into the air and cut a branch spearing for her and landed on another branch and hopped towards the girl.

A feint giggle could be heard among the growing trees as the trees soon combined into a spire of wood and bark.

Seeing a gold flash speed towards her, Kaori swung her sword, only to be shocked.


The sound of metal meeting metal echoed through the hollow spire.

In a specter-like hand was the brush she used for her magic. Kaori's sharp eyes led her to see the small carvings on it. Each of the Guardian Deities were on it. But the object that caught her attention, the one blocking her sword, a sword that was made through Forge Magic to be layered with magic multiple times to reinforce it to make it far stronger and sharper than normal.

It was blocked by a knife or some kind of dagger in a reverse grip.

It was not of simple design, that was for certain.

It was a tri-prong blade; on both sides of the steel was a golden sapphire cross, the handle was wooden and had a small ring at the end of it. Words were etched on the handle, Tobit XII: XVII.

"Archangel Raphael?" Kaori asked in surprise as they both pushed from each other and landed on opposite sides of the trees.

"What?" Naruko asked with a tilt of her head, "I may not like the Churches much, but I still hold respect towards God and his Angels." She said with a small grin.

"'But Raphael said to them: No need to fear; you are safe. Thank God now and forever.' So, along with the image color already set and the weapon selected for the Idol…Wind Magic." Kaori murmured to herself.

Only some of the best Magicians could use multiple elements of magic. Whoever taught this girl, they were both highly skilled and evil due to the fact that she could have very well died from using Mana since she was an Esper.

Her muses were cut short as an arc of wind sliced through the air, nearly taking her head off.

"Oi, you spacing out from old age or something?"

…Oh, this brat was going to get it!

"Haah!" Kaori shouted as she leaped into the air, slicing it along the way as Naruko bolted to her as well and they collided.

Jumping back on a higher portion of the area, they clashed again and again while jumping through the entire spire.

"Eyah!" Naruko cried out as she let loose a kick of hot flames and repeated the action on the descending Saint.

"Tch." Kaori hissed as she landed and used her sword to slice the flames, but the flames hit her arms.

Naruko smiled at the small hit, but noticed that the woman's arms was neither scared nor burned.

Only her clothes damaged.

"Oh such BS! Defensive Magic?! Tch, what are you? An exhibitionist?" Naruko shouted

Kaori's eye twitched at that, seriously, this kid was just getting on her nerves.

"Well, I think we're high enough now…see ya!" Naruko shouted cheerfully as she shot a condensed beam of fire through the trees and leaped out of the hole and it quickly closed itself tight.

"What?" Kaori asked as she looked down and saw that that she could no longer see the bottom of the ground as the trees merged together, blocking her from going down.

"Oh son of a-!" she shouted as she sheathed her sword and drew it once more to use Nanasen.

As Naruko fell through the air and headed towards the ground, she smiled.

"And God said: Let there be Boom!"

With that, she clapped her hands.

Lighting up the entire tower of trees in her signature gold fire from roots to leafs.

A small boost of jet propulsion before landing on the ground, and she landed with perfect 10's and a one 9.9.

Crackling and the smell of burning wood filled the air as parts of the wood spire fell to the earth from small to large pieces.

The sound of ripping filled the air next and a large section of the top was sliced to hundreds of pieces with a Saint flying out from it and plummeting to the ground.

With a resounding crack, the Saint landed on her feet, making a large crater.

She was covered in soot and her clothes were damaged as well, showing more of her cleavage and thighs then she already was, but no major damage to her body.


Kaori breathed deeply and let out her breath, trying to ignore the urge to strangle this child and looked her into those glowing orange eyes, "I don't think someone like you has much of a reason to fight for that girl so much, so why?" Kaori asked as she drew her sword again from her sheath.

Naruko shrugged, "Simple, that idiot, he wants to protect that girl, so since I care for him so much I will help him. Simple as that." She said in a nonchalant way as her energy arms that were holding her Idol items began to move.

A white flame lit on the brush a picture of Byakko the White Tiger appeared in the air.

A rumble followed and the ground was broken apart as metal blades and columns scattered the area.

Kaori jumped in the air and cut the ones around her with a Nanasen and landed with perfect grace.

'What is she thinking? She knows an attack like that wouldn't have worked, so what is she setting up?' The Saint thought.

"Good thing about that Rune is getting people out of the way for a fight, bad thing? Well it does shit when you got someone who's got a wide array of Area of Effect attacks and she doesn't have to worry about collateral!" Naruko shouted as over twenty chakra arms shot out of her body.

"You like swords? Well…let's play~"

Each arm grabbed a makeshift blade or club and ripped them from the ground while holding them high in the air.

"Cause I like swords too~"

And with that, the onslaught had begun.

Kaori slashed and slashed with her blade, a Nanasen here, a Nanasen there, but for every one she destroyed.

Another took its place.

For every 2 she destroyed.

4 more took their place.

Arms of chakra grabbed more and more of what was destroyed and the speed of the battle just rose and rose.

And then...it stopped!

In the air they hovered from their hold.

"Nee…do you think I have enough swords?"

And they were thrown, launched at blinding speeds.


Was the whisper of Kaori as her Seven Flashes cut them all.

But one so to say.

A arc of wind flew towards her and on reflex she clashed her sword with it.

Sparks flew from the powered wind blade and Kaori stood her ground and was forced back from the power behind the attack.

With a swift jerk, she sent the blade reeling towards a windmill, cutting off one of the blades cleanly.


Kaori's left shoulder ripped open and blood flew into the air and landed with a splat.

"…wha?" she whispered in surprise.

Giggles filled the air, but no warmth came from them, they were childish chimes of cruelty.

"I extended the blade just as you redirected, cool move right?"

This child, no, this Magician? Esper? No, both, this child of both science and magic…was not to be trifled with, not at all.

The Saint gritted her teeth, "Enough already! Just give us the girl!" Kaori roared

"Tch, listen to you bitch and whine. I know why you want her back, but you were the idiot who was chasing her around like some animal through the crowds, slashing her in the back with your sword, and obviously your little cult is the reason she doesn't even remember anything. In fact, what even is her real name? 'Index', probably just a cruel little joke you people gave her tsk tsk, shame shame."

"I'm…I'm not doing this because I want to…she, she is a very important friend of mine." Kaori said softly, "I didn't intend to slash her back either!" she shouted

Naruko giggled, "Yes, because swords don't cut people." she said in a slow tone.

Kaori gritted her teeth, "I didn't…know the Walking Church had been destroyed…I only slashed her knowing she wouldn't be injured. Yet…"

Naruko shook her head in disbelief, "Seriously, you slashed her even though she's your friend even if she had some form of protection and left her there to bleed out…cute robots have to clean that you know."

Kaori growled at her for that last part, Index staining the floor of an apartment complex was more of an issue then said girl dying!

This girl really was a monster.

"I did it to secure her because if I didn't do it in that manner she wouldn't be able to live. Her 'Perfect Memorization' ability…that is the reason behind this."

"Ah, those things in her noggin huh."

Kaori nodded sadly, "The human brain's capacity is rather minimal." She said, but before she could continue Naruko stopped.

"I'm sorry, what?" she asked bewildered.

Kaori looked at her.

"Our minds are like supercomputers Saint-Onee-san, what crap are you spewing?"

"Simple, for every leaf on the street, for every face she sees, her brain fills up immediately with such unnecessary information. 85% of her brain is allocated to the 103,000 grimoires. That is why she can only use 15% of a normal person's brain capacity. If information keeps flooding into the remaining 15%, her brain will…" she trailed off.

"So you decided to just chase after your friend like some animal for sport just because she got away…wow, you are a bitch."

Kaori growled at her, "Shut your mouth, you amateur! Don't talk as if you know what's going on! What do you think we went through all this time by taking away her memories?! Both Stiyl and I are doing this for our important friend, would someone like you have any clue?!" she shouted as she charged at Naruko.

"We did what we could, too! We did, I tell you!"


"We spent all spring!"

Naruko ducked under a strike.

"Good for you!"

"All summer!"

Next, she dodged it.

"You're boring me!"

"All fall!"

Parried with her dagger.

"I think I just fell asleep for a second!"

"All winter!"

And finally blocked as she held Kaori there while they each pushed for supremacy.

"Get to the fucking point!"

"We created memories, and so that she didn't forget them, we made a single promise with her, and we gave her a diary and album for her to carry inside her heart! And yet…it didn't work…" she said as tears fell from her eyes while Naruko pushed her back an inch.

"Even when we went back and made more memories with her, no matter how many times we repeated that…memories of her family, friends, lovers…" Naruko snorted at that last one, "they were all reset to zero…we couldn't handle it anymore…we couldn't bear to see her smile anymore!"

After all that, Naruko could only think of one thing.

"Pathetic." The blonde spat out.

"What?" Kaori asked in shock, but her shock turned into rage, "What could you ever know, you brat!"

"I know I would endure that pain." Naruko said in an emotionless tone, "I would endure every pain I could for them. And here I thought Saints were supposed to be selfless, guess you're nothing but a selfish girl running away like a coward." She stated as Kaori tumbled with anger at that remark, "Maybe Sinner would be a better title for you, nee Sinner-Onee-san?"

"RAAAAHH!" Kaori roared as she started to slash and cut wildly.

"Look at you, running. Running from your friend, running from your duty, running from the real world…you're a coward."


"Oh, are my words cutting into you more than my knife?"

"One more, one more word and I swear in God's name!"

"…You are a worthless friend." Naruko whispered sinisterly with a cruel giggle.

Oh, she wanted her mad, she was getting sloppy.

Really sloppy.

Kaori glared at her as silence entered the area.

"Let's see your so called Shroud handle this." The Saint hissed and struck with her sword.

"Yuisen-(Single Flash)."

Naruko dodged to the left, but clinched her right bicep and looked to see that she was cut, right down to the bone.

If she hadn't gotten away in time…she would be missing her right arm entirely.

"Mother fucking cow tittied bitch! Who tries to take a cute little girl's arm off! You monster, you villain, you antagonist!" Naruko shouted out comically and it literally throwing Kaori for a loop.

…Just what the hell, was this little girl even sane?

Naruko took a breath and decided to stall for time so she could heal enough to fight without her arm maybe falling off, "Anyway, I'm friends with the strongest Telepath in this city baka…I think she knows about the mind far more than some old farts too busy brown nosing to higher ranks and touching little kids."

"What are you trying to say?" Kaori asked with venom.

Naruko smiled at her as if she was a child, "You've been played like a moron. But since you're a moron, you won't listen, you're too busy trying and failing to protect someone you claim to be your friend."

Kaori just growled like a savage animal, wanting nothing more than to kill this girl before her.

Naruko shook her arm a bit and saw that at least some of her muscle and skin were healing together.

…But this was seriously getting annoying.





Both were taking deep breathes.

This fight was taking far more then the Saint had thought, but it was to be she supposed, it was a Level 5 she was fighting.

Similar thoughts were going through the Level 5's head.

"Time to end this, one last move." Naruko stated as the swordswoman nodded to this.

Naruko shifted her legs as Kaori widened hers while holding her sword handle tensely.

Silence filled the thick tension between them and in a second, it was over.

Naruko charged at blinding speed.

Kaori drew from her Battoujutsu stance at equal speed.



In an instant, Naruko was over Kaori with her hand in the air as her draw missed by an inch.

It was then time slowed to a crawl.

The blonde went through the steps of the move she had learned long ago.

A spiral of energy formed in her hand for the first step.



Next, the spiral was rippling with strength, like an untamed gale, this was the second step.



Finally, the gale was compressed, turning itself into a ball, this was the final step.




How did she know the name you ask? She didn't, all she knew it was the word that came from the voiceless lips of her father in her dreams.

With the compact ball of energy going down, right into the small of the Saint's exposed back, the power of the ball exploded.

"GAAAAH!" Kaori shouted in pain as the grinding of the sphere.


Even with her body enhancement magic…the sphere grinded, like a drill, never stopping, ripping her flesh as it was nothing but wet tissue paper.

What was she?

Just what was this child?

A Level 5.

Those that stand of the pinnacle of Espers, said to rival those of even Saints such as herself.


How could this little girl be able to do this? She thought as her body was forced into the ground as the grinding sensation continued as it expanded, nearly grinding her whole body until it ended as the blonde jumped back.

Kaori tried to move, but her body, it just wouldn't listen.

She, with the last bit of strength she had to move her head, just enough to see her opponent.

The Number 2.

Truly a frightening being.

-End: From Shadows RWBY Black Theme-

"Kaori!" a male voice shouted out as the red haired priest rushed over to his partner and winced at seeing the angry red wound on the woman's back and her bloodied shoulder. He lifted her arm over his shoulder to support her and turned towards the glowing little girl.

"Leave. Now." The little blonde ordered, "If not, I will destroy your entire organization as you stepping foot here is already an act of war." She growled at them as her orange eyes lit with power.

Stiyl clicked his tongue, "Sheesh, you really live up to your rep as a watch dog CERBERUS." He stated and moved his head to the side from a fireball.


It was a clear order, one the fire Magician couldn't ignore.

'Time to hide and think up a new plan…times running out.' he thought worryingly to himself as he fled with Kaori.

Naruko waited until she was alone and fell on her knees and palms.


Was the noise she made while puking up a sticky pile of blood and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, "Fuck, used too much magic." She muttered as her vision was a bit blurry.

"Got, got to get back and rest." She muttered, spitting up some more blood.

With a click of her heels, Naruko was shakily in the air as she flew, disoriented, through the air with the occasional spit ups of blood and maybe hitting a few people.


Mayday mayday, going down~

…Right into the garbage cans of Komoe's apartment building…ouch.

"What was that?!" a male voice shouted and footsteps were heard, "Naruko? Oi! Naruko!" the voice shouted as the blonde felt her body being picked up.

Sigh, never fly while injured…it just makes the landing all that more painful.


0 June 25th, Morning 0

"Ugh, anyone see that Pedobear that ran me over in an ice cream truck?" our loli blonde protagonist asked as she raised her head groggily from her pillow as the blanket on her fell off her body as she sat up.

"Naruko!" shouted the concerned voice of her Touma-nii.

Ah, he was so sweet.


Oh…she was still here, that annoying nun.


Flawless counter.

"Hey!" growled the nun.

Naruko just let out a weak snicker as she coughed up a little blood.

"Oi, take it easy…damn, you baka Ojou-sama. Using magic? Don't you know what happens to an Esper when they use it! They die!" Touma shouted in clear shock and concern. After all, Index told him about that when he wanted to save her, heck it was the reason he went to Komoe.

The loli sensei wasn't an Esper, thus she could use magic while he could not.

Though it was mainly due to his right hand.

Baka hand.

"These are really good." Index stated as she held the two Idol Items as she examined them, "The brush is a clear indication to Onmyoudou due to the four Guardian deities etched into it and the calligraphy brush itself directs towards the Japanese culture." Index said as she placed the brush on the small coffee table, "The dagger on the other hand is much more specific to what you are going for, the weapon selection for Wind element, the stone Cross' color along with your hair for the image color, and with the passage from Archangel Raphael. I'm going to say you go for some kind of wind blade?" she asked in interest as she had no idea the blonde could use magic.

Naruko nodded, hm, guess the nun had some uses after all. It was good to have someone with an eye like that around.

"So what does that mean Index-san?" Touma asked as if he was a student as he raised his hand in the air.

"Basically she uses both eastern and western magic Touma, which is very impressive. And since she is an Esper, it makes it even more amazing." Index explained with a pointed finger in the air.

Touma nodded.

Naruko sighed, "It's because I'm a hybrid, a Magician-Esper Hybrid." 'Also because I had a great teacher, total bastard, but still, how many can say they learned magic from the Aleister Crowley?'

"What?" Touma said with his usual clueless look.

"I use both magic and my Esper powers, one of which is a regeneration ability." Naruko stated as if he would get it.

Sadly, he didn't.

"It means she can heal herself while she uses magic!" Index said in shock; that was amazing!

Naruko nodded, "If I do a little at a time, I won't even be injured since my regeneration is so high. But if I use it in a battle, especially against a Saint, it would tire me out. I barely made it back here and that was with puking some blood on the way...I may have hit some people."

"But why would you use it!?" Touma asked in concern.

Gah, so protective, just let me be you baka, "I was taught to since I could, simple as that. In a fight, you use what you know, even if it hurts." She said with a bitter smile.

"Naruko…" Touma whispered as he clinched his right hand, dammit, he was so useless.

"At least it bought us a few days." Naruko said as she hissed in pain while grabbing her bandaged right bicep, 'Damn, that move hurt. It still hasn't healed yet? Maybe it's because a Saint performed it.' She surmised in her mind.

"A few days? I thought you beat that Saint person?" Touma asked in shock.

Naruko shook his head at his naivety, "Touma-nii, if the both of us fought at full power, at bare minimum, half of Academy City could be destroyed…I think…she was more of a self-reinforce Magician that powered her body and was skilled in melee. I am too, but I'm more of an area of effect fighter, so I would be destroying large chunks of the city if I got really serious." She pointed out casually, ignoring a paling Touma.

The boy palmed his face, "Fukou da, why are you Level 5's so into property damage?" he asked while referring to Biri Biri, she just loved destroying stuff.

Somewhere else, one Misaka Mikoto wanted to punch a certain idiot for unknown reasons…though he probably deserved it.

"Whatever." Naruko groaned as she laid back down, "I'm going to lay down, rest for a few more minutes, and hopefully feel my ability to walk by then. I am shot…damn Exhibitionist-Saint-Onee-san." She cursed

"Exhibitionist?" Touma asked slowly with a raised eyebrow.

Naruko smiled evilly and nodded, "Yep, during our fight she kept striping…she even tried to get me to do. For a Saint, she was quite intent to defile my virgin loli body." She said with a completely straight face while covering her budding breasts with her arms, "They might be after Index for more than just the books in her noggin."

"What the hell?!" Touma shouted, "What's the Church doing about these kinds of people? Is she really a Saint?" he questioned as Naruko silently snickered.

Index also looked a bit pale too.

"Anyway Touma-nii," She said getting the boy to stop his rant of 'Religious Morals', "Make me breakfast, I'm hungry." She said with big doe eyes and a pouty lip.

"Ah, sure." Touma said, standing up and heading into the kitchen.

"Touma, me too!"

"Wait your turn vacuum nun, I'm first."

"Wha?! Who're you calling a vacuum you blackhole!"

"You, you bottomless pit for a stomach."

"Takes one to know one, you, um-"

"I win; you couldn't come up with anything, so the food is mine."

"What? You didn't even give me a few seconds!"

"Too bad, so sad."


"Keep growling like a dog and I'll set your nun butt on fire."

Touma sighed from the kitchen.

One loli was hard enough to handle, but two at once?

Fukou da.

0 Afternoon 0

Naruko rolled around in the futon and was bored.

A bored Naruko was a savage Naruko.

She had already pranked the nun girl…3 times in the past few hours.

God she was bored~! The pain killers could only give her enough of a buzz, and it still didn't knock her out. Damn super charged immune system; let her get drug happy!

She grabbed her phone and looked at the time, 3:47, hm, maybe chatting with Mikoto-nee would ease the boredom.

With a quick click, the phone rang. Ring once, ring twice and a click.

"Hey Naruko." Said the tired voice of a certain Railgun.

"Hey Mikoto-nee, why do you sound tired?"

"*Sigh* The dorm mistress caught us coming back yesterday and punished both Kuroko and I. We had to clean the pool…again! You are so lucky you got out of it somehow."

"Hehehe, I had to help a friend of mine. So what's going on?"

"Nothing much, got into another fight with this Judgment member and some freaky guy that caught my 30% Railgun with his teeth!"

Naruko blinked, who the heck could do tha- wait, "Did he have weird powers that he couldn't explain, have a Rising Sun shirt and talked about guts a lot?"


Naruko snickered, "Then you just had a fight with Attack Crash Gunha Sogiita-sempai, my Gemstone brother and the #8 Level 5. We went to the same research institute for training our powers." She said, but there was venom in her tone.

"NO freaking way?! He was a Level 5?! Seriously?! But, he, and, the weird-"

"Mikoto-nee, calm down, he's always like that when he's in 'Hero-Mode'. It is so cool~" Naruko said with starry eyes, ah, she remembered that one time she played his sidekick.

It was awesome~!

"…Another person for me to watch out for…seriously, can't you know normal people?" Mikoto grumbled over the phone.

Naruko snorted, "Normal's overrated. Power to the weird!" she proclaimed loudly.

After settling down, "So what trouble did you get into with this Judgment person?" she giggled since her Mikoto-nee was such a trouble magnet.

Naruko let out a another giggle at her little joke.

"Are you laughing at me?" No, of course not, maybe, a little~ "Anyway, I kicked that certain vending machine, you know, the old one." Of course I know, everyone who is anyone knows about vending machine 7116, "So I hear a little girl's voice, and I swear it was Kuroko. I turn around and bam! It was a little girl, your size with blonde hair in pigtails…it was like the unholy offspring of both you and Kuroko. She even said desu wa."

"Oh no's! Mikoto-nee…are you trying to set both Kuro-chan and I together?! No, don't answer that, her ecchi behavior has already proven too much for you so you plan to offer my sexy bod to appease her raging lust! But, if it's for Mikoto-nee, I will do it…just remember me Mikoto-nee, I'll always love you." Naruko said in a teary tone.

Sputtering was most of what she got on the other end, "B-Baka! What are you even talking, geez!" Mikoto-nee shouted, no doubt flushed in the face, tee hee, "You're acting like Mama…I knew she was a bad influence on you. Anyway, she said her name was Kihara Nayuta. I recognized the family name, but wasn't so sure on the details of it."

And just like that, all joy escaped Naruko's face, "I'm sorry, what was her name?" she asked in a shaky tone.

"Um, Kihara Nayuta, why?"

"Ah, I see. Um, next time you see her, be sure to kill that thing, it doesn't have a right to exist."

Silence answered her for a few moments, "Um, Naruko, I think we broke up for a second, can you repeat that…please." There was a small hint of fear in her voice, but Naruko didn't register it.

"Sure!" Naruko said in a cheerful tone, "That thing was nothing more than a devil in human skin, so, killing it would have done the world a favor, just like getting rid of that Gensei, 'If it was possible to find that slimy thing' , no doubt those gross creatures are related."

Mikoto on the other line was pale, what the hell, what the hell. What. The. HELL!

She gulped, was this, was this more of the Naruko she didn't know about? She talked about killing someone, like that little girl, like it was nothing. Sure, the brat made her getting into a fight with a fellow Level 5, though she fought for her own reasons when that freak called her a child, but…sweet Gekota, Naruko was talking about this like she was shooting the breeze!

Taking a calming breath, she spoke, "So what are these Kihara's about?" she asked in interest.

Naruko blinked at that phone, oops, maybe she said too much…naw, if Mikoto-nee ran into another one it was best she was prepared, "Oh, you know, that monster called Gensei was the one who did the experiment on the Child Errors with Kiyama-sensei and left them for dead. It was the reason for that whole mess that Kiyama-sensei pushed to somehow save all the children, thus making Level Upper." She explained

Mikoto's breath hitched on the other end, so that was why that name sounded so familiar! Sure, the guy sounded like a monster for that, but, why was Naruko so against them as a while? "So what did the whole family do to make you hate them all, Nayuta was an okay kid to me."

Naruko shook her head, "Mikoto-nee, they are all evil, it's in their devil blood. Kill first, than double tap that corpse. It's very simple." She said like she was instructing a child, not even realizing what she was saying due to her sheer hatred for the Kihara clan.

Mikoto gulped, "Naruko…are you okay?" she asked

Naruko tapped her chin, "Maybe a bit high on pain killers, hopefully, why?"

Mikoto blinked, she was on pain killers? "Why are you on pain killers?"

Naruko blinked, "Oh, my head still hurts from yesterday, regen is an awesome power, but I still feel pain. So my doctor, you know the Gekota one, said to take them. They were a pretty blue color too, tee hee."

There, flawless, she was still a master liar, even when a bit high on drugs.

She rocked.

Mikoto didn't know what to say, but maybe, just maybe, "So, Naruko, have you done anything super secret lately, like say, um, kill anyone perhaps?" Nice Mikoto, real smooth, you were more blunt then a 2x4!

"Of course!" Mikoto gasped, "In my video games of course, online is so much fun. Hehe, noobs."

"No, I mean-"

"Oooh, what a pretty wafflefly, I got to go Mikoto-nee there are flying waffles! I need my butternet, peace!"

"What?! Wai-" *Click*

"Well, that was a bit close…Touma-nii, I want waffles! And don't skip on the syrup! Imouto's hungry~!"

0 June 26th 0

The three Tokiwadai girls were sitting while eating some lunch.

"It's so hot…" Mikoto moaned as she leaned back in her chair while fanning herself with her hand, "Eating outside is becoming unbearable." She commented as she leaned forward to grabbed half of her sandwich for a bite.

"Ehehehe, this heat doesn't bother me at all." Naruko chirped as she leaned her arms and head on the hot table.

"Of course not, your powers let you regulate the heat in your body." Mikoto muttered with puffed cheeks and slight envy at her friend's power in this case, "I mean, even when its winter, you're like a portable heater." She commented

While she still had many questions from yesterday, Naruko just commented that she didn't even remember talking to her…she couldn't really tell if that was a lie or not.

"It really is hot…we're going to have to use stronger sunscreen." Kuroko added with her eyes closed as she too leaned back in her chair and sipped her iced tea, but then realized something, "You are using it right, Onee-sama?" she asked with her usual Kuroko authority over all things that were Misaka Mikoto.

Mikoto blinked, "Eh, why?"

Kuroko slammed her drink on the table and leaned forward, "What do you mean 'why'? UV rays are your skin's enemy! It would be terrible if that beautiful skin of your went wrinkly!" she said starring Mikoto right in the eye, "Come, let me rub it in all over." She said in a seductive voice.

"It's fine I said baka! Gah, stop, not in front of Naruko!" Mikoto shouted as she wrestled Kuroko's wrists as her palms were slathered in sunscreen lotion.

"Please don't hold back!" the auburn haired girl said.

"Stop that Kuroko, hey!" Mikoto argued

"Mou, I want some too! How do you think I get this perfect tan? It isn't easy you know!" Naruko said as she jumped into the fray.

"Shirai-san, Naruko-sama?" A voice called out, getting all three girls attention.

"Oh, Wannai-san…" Kuroko said in surprise.

"And Awatsuki-san too." Mikoto added

"Kinu-chan, Maa-chan!" Naruko cheered as she stood up and hugged both girls, who returned the hugs with smiles.

"What's up?" Mikoto asked as she finally got Kuroko off of her.

"Um, we have a request, actually..." Awatsuki asked

"Hm?" The three girls asked while looking at each other.

One brief sit down and chat later.

"Swimsuit model?" Mikoto asked

"Yes…" Wannai started, "The brand sponsoring the swimming club insisted."

"It's apparently for a web catalog." Awatsuki continued

"The seniors are busy with competitions, so we're the only ones available." Wannai finished

"Hmm." Mikoto hummed in understanding.

Kuroko turned to Mikoto with her hands clasped together and a blush on her face, "Onee-sama, let's help them out with this!" she declared

Mikoto hummed again and crossed her arms to think, "It sounds pretty hard to be a swimsuit model…what do you think Naruko?" she asked her blonde friends who had sparkles in her eyes.

"Let's do it!"

The sheer enthusiasm in her voice was both cute and demanding.

"Hm, I don't know…" Mikoto trailed off.

Kuroko grabbed Naruko's hands with equal sparkles in her eyes, "Yes yes, Naruko-san understands, she understands that helping her fellow Tokiwadai students is the moral code of the Triple Evens that are the pinnacle of this school's strength and reputation." She cheered and turned to her Onee-sama, "But Onee-sama, to abandon not only these two kohai of yours in their time of need, how cruel."

Mikoto was still considering it, until Kuroko hit her weak point.

"I mean, who knows what these modeling people will want Naruko-san to wear…her innocents shattered while pictures are strung up on the internet for all to see." She stated woefully.

And like a switch, Mikoto's eyes turned ablaze, "Like hell! I'm coming whether you like it or not!" she shouted while jumping out of her seat.

Heh, easy.

"That's the spirit Onee-sama!"


"You saved us!"

"Thank you so much Misaka-sama!"

Kuroko pumped her fist, 'With this, I'll get to see Onee-sama wearing this and that…' "No, more importantly I'll be able to do this and that with a more revealing swimsuit!" she proclaimed with a large blush on her face and giggled perversely while salivating with anticipation.

Mikoto wore a blush on her face and clinched her fist, "I can hear everything you're thinking!" she shouted as she put Kuroko and a wrestling hold.

"I give! I give!" Kuroko shouted as she tapped Mikoto's leg as it held her neck tightly.

Naruko giggled.

Kuro-chan was so silly at times.


Arriving at the building with Saten and Uiharu with them, they marveled at the large building, or at least Naruko, Uiharu, and Saten were.

"Wow…" they said

Uiharu was wearing a white sun dress and Ruiko was wearing denim shorts and yellow tee-shirt with a white shirt over that which had four leave clovers on it.

Also, Naruko was not wearing the Tokiwadai uniform that was usual enforced to be worn, even on off days.

She had on a white hoodie dress with gold trimmings on the sleeves, hem, and the hood. It also had a large circular zipper with a stylish N in gold on it, hoodie strings with thumb drives as the tips, a small white rounded chocker, and white flip flops. In her hair, she had two D-pad hairclips in it.

For some reason she kept getting Sega comments.

When Mikoto asked why she was wearing the clothes, the moe loli merely replied that readers would love it and something about the 4th wall.

"This place looks so corporate!" Ruiko said in awe.

"It's so exciting!" Uiharu agreed

"Uiharu, Uiharu, check out this weird thing!" Ruiko pointed out as the two friends checked it out.

Awatsuki turned to Mikoto with a smile, "Thank you for going to all the effort, even inviting your friends."

Mikoto smiled as she tilted her head, "Don't worry about it. It's more fun to do these things as a group anyway."

"But are you sure we can be swimsuit models?" Uiharu asked curiously.

"Don't worry. No matter how childish your figure, science holds the power of photo manipulation." Kuroko said to her friend, though Uiharu started to comically cry, "That's mean Shirai-san…"

"Sorry to keep you waiting." A woman in a business suit called out.

"Who is she?" Ruiko whispered to Wannai.

"She's the person in charge for the brand."

"Pleased to meet you." The woman said and looked over the group, "Ara? Where are the other two?" she asked

"Two?" Kuroko asked

"Oh, Shirai-san?" said an elegant voice.

"Urk." Kuroko said as she turned around to see her 'nemesis', "This voice…"

"Oh my, coming in such a large group." The girl with long black hair and in a pale yellow kimono said, "Are you visiting on social study work?" she asked while walking towards them with another person.

"Kongou Mitsuko…" Kuroko said in distain.

"Konori-sempai too…" Uiharu pointed out.

"And what are you doing here in that getup?" Kuroko asked her fellow Level 4 with a raised eyebrow, "Have you perhaps forgotten the school policy that you must wear your uniform even on days off?" she asked

"Hm hm hm, I'm not a Tokiwadai student today." Kongou said as she snapped opened her fan, "I came as a model. And if you are directing that question at me, then what about Namikaze-sama, hm?"

"Hey, I'm one of the main characters, I could get away with anything and all I would have to do is bat my baby blues with a quivering lip and a pouty look and get off scout free." Naruko retorted with a wave of her hand.

Every turned to blink at her in surprise as no words could come from their mouths from the very...um, strange answer.

Kuroko shook her head, "Ignoring that. A model? You too?"

That got a surprised look from Kongou, "Eh? You mean…" she trialed off.

"You're here to model for swimsuits too, Konori-sempai?" Uiharu asked the senior Judgment member.

"Yeah, my seniors from Judgment at the gym I go to asked me to. What about you guys?" the older girl asked with a small smile.

"We were asked by the swimming club." Mikoto said as she looked at the two members, who bowed politely to Konori.

"From the looks of it it's your first time, so I'll teach you all about it." Kongou offered, "I've been modeling since childhood. The audience's applause and acclamation echoing throughout the halls of my house…I can hear it even now…" she said wistfully.

The others just looked at her.

"Someone's stuck in their own little world, can one of you guys call the extraction team, stat." Naruko commented, "We got a hot air balloon on the loose."

Kuroko snickered, "Nice one Naruko-san."

"Now then, let's hurry along." Kongou said as she pulled her luggage, "Could you show us to the changing rooms?" she asked the business woman.

"Do you have a swimsuit to suit me?" Kongou asked as she and the woman walked away.

Uiharu turned to Kuroko, "Is she someone you know?"

Kuroko sighed and closed her eyes as if she was in pain, "Though I wish I didn't…"

Naruko just patted Kuroko on the head in pity.

Kuroko just lightly glared at her, that was not helping!


They walked into the changing room and saw rows upon rows of swimsuits of high quality and taste.

"Now then, please choose any swimsuit you like." The woman said to them.

"Okay!" everyone cheered

Everyone broke into little groups as they picked a suit.

Currently Naruko and Mikoto were looking at a really cute suit.

It was a light pink two piece, which was frilly, and had random colored polka dots all over.

"So cute…" Naruko said with starry eyes.

Saten looked over and noticed this and tapped Uiharu on the shoulder to look.

"That's cute, isn't it!" Ruiko said, trying to encourage Mikoto.

Uiharu turned around and joined in, "It is! The frills look great!"

Mikoto looked between them and blushed, "Ah, that's not it…" she mumbled, "I didn't want to wear this."

"Hey, Mikoto-nee and I can match! They have one in my size!" Naruko said as she pulled out the same suit and giggled happily.

Mikoto blushed as Ruiko smirked, "Yeah, I want to see Misaka-san in this swimsuit! You two would look like sisters in them." She encouraged

"Me too, please try it on." Uiharu added

"Eh!" Mikoto blushed further, "But it's really a bit…" she tried to argue.

"Come on Mikoto-nee, it's cute!"

"Yeah, just like Namikaze-san said, just try it on!" Ruiko said as she pumped her fists.

"It'll definitely be cute!" Uiharu said in agreement.

"R-Really?" Mikoto asked with a happy look and Naruko gave her a big nod and the chestnut haired girl looked back to the suit, "Well if you insist…"

Konori walked over and looked surprised, "Misaka-san, you're a fan of some pretty childish designs, huh?" she asked in a more curious fashion then an insulting one.

Getting shocked expressions from all four girls and Mikoto turned around quickly, "Th-That's not true!" she said as she placed the childish suit back and grabbed a dark blue one piece with yellow trimmings and held it up proudly, "I'm going with this one!" she declared, "Time to change!" she said as she went to a changing booth.

The three girls sighed as Konori looked curious, "What?" she asked, "Did I do something?" she asked in slight concern.

"Konori-san no baka." Naruko said plainly as she went to change into her super cute suit.

And here are the results of the suits!

Awatsuki was wearing a blue and black one piece.

Wannai was wearing a green two piece with orange string.

Uiharu was wearing a yellow one piece that had a skirt and red flower patterns.

Ruiko was wearing a white two piece with blue trimming and a matching blue sarong.

Mikoto and Naruko were wearing the suits they picked.

Uiharu wiggled around a bit with her hands together; "It's a bit embarrassing…" she trailed off with a light blush.

Saten just placed her hands on her hips, "We're all girls here, there's nothing to be shy about." She said as she waved off Kazari's worries.

Awatsuki just tilted her head and smiled, "It suits you." She commented

Uiharu brighten, "Really?" she asked with a happy tone.

Wannai was the one to answer her, "With bikinis, the focal points are split between the top and bottom, but with a one piece your curves show, so they only suit slim people." she said all with a warm smile.

"Oh, as expected of a swim team member, you sure know your stuff." Mikoto commented in slight awe.

"Do you have any other advice for choosing swimsuits?" Ruiko asked in interest.

Wannai thought, "Let's see…" she said and looked over Ruiko, "For example, sarongs are stylish, and they also useful for hiding your lower body." She said and everyone turned to Ruiko, who looked down. She started to flail her arms around, "I'm not trying to hide anything!" she said to them.

"Another thing." Wannai said, ignoring Ruiko's denying, "Another example would be Naruko-sama's bikini choice." She said getting everyone to turn to the little blonde, "As I said earlier, a bikini mainly focuses on the top and bottom, but since she is still growing, she lacks the um, upper area attention grabber."

"Proud of it."

"So the frills are good at covering this until she's older."

"Ah." Everyone said in understand as they looked at Naruko, who was shifting her body a bit.

"…Starting to feel like a zoo animal here."

"Hey wait! Namikaze-san, why is your arm bandaged?" Ruiko asked as everyone focused on the bandaged section on the blonde's arm.

"Huh?" Naruko asked as she looked at the wrapping, "Oh, after the Level Upper incident, I was going to a friend's house and some thug jumped and slashed my arm, I gave him full body third degree burns as a reward." She said in a casual tone.

Everyone looked in surprise, to attack a little girl, let alone a Level 5 and the #2? What were they, idiots?

Hmph, it sounded like a perfect punishment for such a monster.

"He should be in a hospital somewhere…I think?" Naruko said with a finger on her chin in thought.

"Sorry for the wait!" Kuroko announced as everyone turned to see her and ZOMG!

Teeny, tiny, purple, triangles, thing with strings, so much skin!

"I was a bit disappointed they only had reserved designs." She said as she played with the stringy thing and walked up to them, "But I guess this is all you can expect from ready-made clothes." Kuroko stated as she looked herself over, but turned to see everyone starring at her.

"How do I put it…" Ruiko muttered

"As expected of Shirai-san…" Uiharu muttered

"Individuality is important!" Wannai tried to say encouragingly as she clapped her hands.

"Yeah…" Awatsuki muttered

"Great googly moogly…" Naruko said in surprise.

Maybe she should have gone with that?

Nah, it would be far too troublesome.

Kuroko started to wiggle her body provocatively with her hand behind her head and the other on her hip, "This probably doesn't fulfill your desires, but please bear with it Onee-sama."

Mikoto sweat-dropped and waved her off, "No, I don't want more anyway."

"Oh my, is that all you've got everyone?" the voice of Kongou asked as everyone turned to see ZOMG again!

She was wearing a very exotic red one piece, but that wasn't the ZOMG, it was the large snake wrapped around her with a red bow on its head!

The hell!

"Take a look." Kongou said, oblivious to everyone's weariness of the GIANT FREAKING SNAKE!

"Sexy and exotic!" she purred, "This is the extreme swimsuit model the audience is seeking!" she announced to them.

Every moved back to the wall except Uiharu who moved closer to pet the snake saying it was cute.

"A snake!" they screamed

"She's called Ekaterina-chan."

"Ah, Ekaterina-san!" Uiharu said as she pet it.

"That sure is a nice python there…" Wannai said

"Wannai-san, don't praise her on that!" her friend reprimanded.

"Shut it away somewhere quickly!" Ruiko shouted

Kongou blinked, "Why?" she asked as she got closer to them, "Even though she's so cute?" she asked them and the snake moved closer to the group who screamed in response.

"Kill it with fire!"

"What do you think, Shirai-san?" Kongou asked

Kuroko laughed weakly, "You have a bad taste in accessories." She said with a twitchy eyebrow.

"Hm." A hummed voice caught everyone's attention as they turned to see Konori and her bombshell body as she wore a white two piece with the bikini having black polka dots and the panties have a black frilly ring around the waist.

Oh, did they mention her boobs were huge? Well, they were.

"It's a bit tight, but there aren't any larger sizes so it can't be helped I guess." Konori said aloud.

Everyone one was shocked speechless.

"Must be nice." Wannai said, getting everyone to look at her with an 'eh?'

"Watermelons." Naruko said, "Deluxe."

Well okay, not everyone.


Everyone entered a large white room with a cubic pattern around all the walls and ceiling.

"There's nothing here…" Mikoto pointed out.

"Are we taking the pictures here?" Uiharu asked the woman.

The woman just smiled and held out a remote and clicked.

The room then changed to a tropical beach!

Getting looks of awe from everyone.

The woman clicked once more and then the area changed to the Vegas strip!

"This studio can recreate all sorts of scenarios." She said as it changed to a mountain setting, a classroom, and finally back to the beach.

Ruiko walked up to a palm tree and touched it, "Wow, I can touch!" she stated

"It's the latest technology in Academy City." The woman said.

"Um." Uiharu said with a bit of a fidget, "Is the cameraman going to be a man?" she asked worriedly.

"Ah, I hadn't thought about that." Wannai as it dawned on her.

Konori rubbed her arm, "I kind of knew, but it's still a bit…" she trailed off.

Kongou smirked, "How amateurish! Models only shine when they're on display." She said as she snapped opened her fan.

"It done entirely automatically." The woman pointed out to ease their worries, "There's little chance you'll even see the camera, so please act naturally." She asked with a smile.


After the lady left, everyone started to do their own thing while under the fake sun.

Kongou was doing some kind of erotic poses on a lawn chair.

Kuroko harassed Mikoto with wanting to apply sunscreen.

While others relaxed or played with a beach ball.

And of course, sandcastles, which is where we find our moe loli.

"Wow, amazing!"

"As expected of Naruko-sama!"

Wannai and Awatsuki said as they saw Naruko make a giant sandcastle, no, it was more of a glass castle since she was using her powers to heat up the sand to turn it into glass so it would stay still.

Naruko turned around and smiled at them, but noticed something.

"Um, I'm kinda stuck in here, didn't make an exit…loli in peril, loli in peril!" she shouted as she slammed her hands on the thick glass prison.

The area changed into a pool next, saving Naruko luckily, and everyone continued to have fun.

Especially with those little fruit drinks with the umbrellas' in them, awesomesauce!

Then they were aboard a ship, steering it, lounging on it. Naruko was wearing the captain's hat like the boss she was.

"We're on a boat! We're on a boat! Everybody take a look cause we loli's on a boat!" Naruko rapped as she wore big sunglasses and bling with her bossin' hat.

"Give me those!" Mikoto shouted as she threw the glasses and bling overboard.


And finally they ended up…in the ARCTIC!

"W-Where the heck is this?" Misaka asked as she shivered along with everyone except Naruko.

"It got cold all of a sudden…" Wannai said with chattering teeth.

"It seems that when the scenery changes, the temperature changes to match." Uiharu theorized

"Do they have to go that far?" Mikoto asked as she hugged Naruko to feel warm, while everyone did the same to feel warmer too.

"Ah, hey, just because I emit heat doesn't mean you can smother me! Hey!" Naruko shouted at them.

She was promptly ignored.

"Is this also considered natural?" Wannai asked as she started to feel her fingers again.

They heard laughter and turned to see Kongou laying down in the snow, "I'm a model!" she shouted, "Even given an order like this…" she said, but she sneezed, in an inelegant manner mind you.

"You're overdoing it." Kuroko commented, finally feeling her pigtails again.

Suddenly the environment changed into the desert!

As Kongou lied on the sand, her body grew hotter until she jumped up from the intense heat screaming in pain comically, "Hooooot!"

Everyone surrounding Naruko pushed away from her quickly.

She was just too hot to handle~

"This is too hot…" Mikoto commented in a drained voice.

"I'm cooking…" Uiharu said

"Why so extreme…" Ruiko asked

"I think it's great." Naruko chirped and they all glared at her.

Curse her powers, curse them!

"Water! Water!" Kongou shouted

Until they were all splashed with water as they ended up back on the ship…as it was in the middle of a STORM!

Seriously? WTH much?!

"This is way too much water!" Mikoto shouted as she held Naruko, making sure she didn't fly overboard!

"We're on a ba-"


"Owee~" Naruko said as she rubbed her noggin with tiny tears prickling from the corner of her eyes after Mikoto slapped the back of her head.

"Why so extreme!" Ruiko shouted as she and Uiharu held onto the mast.

"What's up with this over decorated boat?" Awatsuki asked

"Yeah!" was shouted out and ever turned to see Kongou with a fishing pole as she pulled a fish out of the water.

…No comment.

"What do you think of this splendid tuna?" she asked everyone.


"I'm afraid that's an island skipjack." Uiharu corrected


Ruiko turned to Uiharu with a deadpan, "That's not what you're supposed to correct…"

"It's also known as Yaito Bonito in western Japan!" Uiharu commented further with a smile.

Suddenly the area changed once more.

Uiharu perked up as she held out her hand, "Oh, it stopped." She said in a happy tone.

"Ah, the stars are so pretty." Mikoto said in awe as she looked at all the stars above them, "Ah look! The Earth over there…" she pointed out happily, but paused as it hit her, "Surface of the moon?!" she shouted in shock.

"Nee nee Mikoto-nee!" Naruko shouted as she held up two fireballs, "I'm defying physics!" she shouted in glee.

Face met palm on that one for this Misaka Mikoto.

"It is pretty though…" Wannai said

"I-I guess." Awatsuki answered

Kongou looked around and looked shocked, ""Look there!" she pointed, "That's…" she trialed off.

…A giant black box dug into the surface of the moon.

…It was like they were in an Odyssey, in Space!

Which of course shocked everyone.

Kuroko blinked and held up a bone that magically, scientifically, appeared in her hand.


"Sorry, I'm just making adjustments." The woman spoke to them over the loudspeaker, "I'm changing the scenery." She added

"What is it this time?" Kuroko asked in annoyance.

It was a campsite with sinks, tents, fire pits, and kitchen tables, all kinds of ingredients, basically the works!

"A campground?" Mikoto asked in surprise as the woman walked up to them.

"I'm so sorry!" the woman said as she stood in front of them, "We ran into an error in the camera system just now." She said sorrowfully, it'll be fixed soon, so take a break for a while." She said with a bow of her head and left.

"Break?" Naruko asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Ah, that's right! Those ingredients are real, so go ahead." The woman said as a parting remark.

"She says go ahead, but what should we do?" Ruiko asked as she picked up a rice holder for cooking outdoors.

Konori cupped her chin and supported her elbow with her other hand, "With just these ingredients in this situation…" she thought and a light bulb went off, "It's gotta be curry!" she announced

Taking charge, Konori gave out the orders, "Let's split up the rice and curry preparation."

Ruiko raised her hand excitably, "I'll do the curry!"

"Me too." Uiharu said as she raised her hand a little.

"I'll do the rice then." Mikoto said as she grabbed Naruko's shoulder, "Best she's with me; the last time she got into a kitchen she set fire to the entire room...without her powers."


Ignoring the outcry Kuroko chirped her job as well, "I'll do what Onee-sama does."

"Uuh, I was ignored." Naruko mumbled with teary eyes.

Kongou huffed and waved her hand, "Honestly, such a commoner food like curry?" she said

"Eh? But it's delicious!" Ruiko protested

"Don't you like curry?" Uiharu asked the Level 4.

"She just doesn't know how to make it, right?" Kuroko asked slyly.

Kongou blinked at that and got a little offended too, "What are you talking about!" she shouted at her fellow Level 4, "Of course I can!" she proclaimed as she snapped her fan open, "The Kongou family's ultimate secret curry!"

"Wow, what kind of curry is that?" Mikoto asked excitedly.

Kongou made a face and couldn't speak.

"That sounds good!" Ruiko said in excitement, "I'd love to try it!"

"Please make it!" Kazari begged earnestly.

"Well you were so excited about the comer curry, so we can just for with that today…" Kongou said quickly as she covered her face with her fan.

"We can just do both, right?" Konori interrupted, "We have enough ingredients."


"That sounds great!" Uiharu cheered

Saten pumped her fist in the air, "Agreed!" she shouted as she turned to Kongou, "Right?" she asked

Kongou flushed a bit, "W-Well, if you insist…" she said

"Awesome!" the Sakugawa girls cheered.

"Now that it's decided, let's start!" Konori said, "We'll handle the rice." She added

"Let's go!"

"Look forward to it!" Kongou laughed awkwardly and sighed heavily as everyone left.

Konori started to clean the rice in a bowl of water, but a 'huh' from Mikoto got her to turn around.

She saw Mikoto fiddling with the portable gas tank.

"Broken?" the senior asked.

"That's a problem…" Kuroko said as she played with the sparker.

Konori folded her arms in thought and smiled a second later as she turned to Naruko, "Got it!" she told them.

A second later Naruko was holding a cooking temperature fireball under the rice holder as it was on a stand.

"This is so demeaning to my skills. I can go up to temperatures of fifteen hundred Celsius! And this is what you want me for? I feel so used." Naruko pouted as she held her fireball tighter and it increased in size, but a light swat to the shoulder made her reduce its size.

"Not too big or hot or we'll be having burnt rice." Mikoto chided, but smiled, "I told you if we ever went camping you could be the lighter~" she teased lightly and giggled as Naruko puffed her cheeks.

"Very high tech Naruko-san." Kuroko said with a smug look…a look Naruko wanted to set on fire.

"No setting people on fire." Mikoto said as though she was a Telepath.


"This one too please, Naruko-chan!" Konori said as she brought the other rice holder over.

"Eh? More?!" Naruko whined with wide eyes.

As this happened, the other girls from Tokiwadai continued to peel onions…until they hit the cores…and other failures of the art of cooking.

And the secret confessions of a Japanese Ojou-sama.

Uiharu and Saten argued over vegetable sizes for the curry.

It was very fierce.

Mikoto, Kuroko, and Konori were happily fanning Naruko for fun as she cooked the rice while the loli pouted the entire time.

"Um…" a voice interrupted and Konori turned around seeing the other Tokiwadai girls.

Leading to the most epic teamwork between girls…ever.

In the art of making curry.

"It's done!" they all cheered.

"Chicken curry!" Uiharu and Saten announced.

"We made seafood curry!" Kongou announced with the help of Wannai and Awatsuki, "Yep."

They all sat at the table and clasped their hands, "Let's eat then!"


And so they girls had their day and their curry too!

While learning the meaning of hard work and teamwork.

*Sniff* It was a very emotional episo- I mean, day.

Yes, day.

"Sorry to keep you waiting!" the woman announced over the loud speaker, "The system is repaired, so we'll continue with the shooting."

Mikoto shot out from her seat, "Already?" she asked

"Ah, you can finish eating." The woman said reassuringly, "For now we'll just take one!" she said

And it was a picture of everyone holding up their curry, smiling at the camera.


"That was good!" Ruiko said as she stretched her arms as she and the rest of the girls walked out of the building, "If being a model is like this, I'd do it any day!" she proclaimed

"That was fun!" Uiharu cheered

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." Wannai said

"Commoner food isn't bad once in a while." Kongou said with her fan out.

"Says the one who took seconds." Kuroko joked snidely in a playful tone.

"Hm? Hey, where's Mikoto-nee?" Naruko asked with a question mark over her head.


Mikoto was currently in the room in a bigger version of Naruko's swimsuit and clicked the button to turn on the scenery room.

But sadly, she also hit the button to show herself on the big screen on the outside of the building.

She didn't even know as she danced around in the water while embarrassing herself to near impossible levels.


"Ah, Touma-nii!" Naruko shouted as she ran up and tackle hugged him around the waist.

"Eh?" said all the girls as they looked at the boy.

"Gahh!" Touma shouted in pain, "Geez Hoka Hoka, take it easy." He said while patting her head.

"hehe." Naruko giggled as she took out her phone to record her Mikoto-nee having fun, "Ufufu, isn't Mikoto-nee so cute when she's all dere dere?" she asked as they started to head back to home base after she finished recording.

Leaving all the other girls to wonder just who is this boy with the #2!

"Eh, Biri Biri's always been weird." He commented as he wondered what the heck the #4 was doing.

Naruko jumped on his back, "Mush!" she shouted as the boy sighed.

"Hai hai."

All the girls were quiet at the scene before them.

"Sugar daddy?" Wannai questioned as everyone snapped their heads towards her.


0 June 27th 0

Naruko woke up and rubbed her eyes while letting loose a yawn. Scratching her head, she stood up in her PJ's and headed to the kitchen. Mumbling incoherent things while ignoring the 'Good morning' from her Touma-nii, she searched for her desired item.


Since someone was being stingy on the drugs! *Cough* Touma-nii *Cough* She needed some kind of pick me up.

…And there was none, "Fuck." She cursed in a murmur.

Going to her little bag of clothes, changing in front of Touma-nii while not caring about his funny excuses why she shouldn't be change in front of him.

Really, just because Mikoto-nee would kill him, didn't really make her care right now, coffee was more important.

She grabbed sleeveless baby blue blouse, no bra, and a pair of white panties and black short shorts, and put on her brown uniform shoes without socks, as she grabbed her phone and wallet. She needed her coffee.

"Touma-niiiiii," she drawled out, getting the boy's attention, "Getting coffee, no funny stuff with the nun and magic while I'm gone or I'll…I don't know right now, but once I get my coffee I'll let you know." She said, ignoring his sputtering as she walked out the door and was greeted by the glaring sun.

"…I wish I could blow you up." She cursed as she lazily walked to the nearest coffee shop, maybe she could get a biscuit too.

She entered the coffee shop with a ding of the bell on the door and walked ahead of the line, not caring for the people waiting on line.

"Black coffee without sugar." Naruko said along with another voice at the same time to the person behind the counter.

Gasps and thuds of people fainting were heard as the two people who ordered looked towards each other.

Naruko raised a golden eyebrow.

The boy was a skinny teenager and had pale skin, along with moppy white hair and red eyes. He wore a black shirt with white striped patterns to a white shirt with V patterns and grey skinny jeans and black shoes.

"Tch, is nothing sacred anymore…what up albino?" Naruko asked in some civility.

"I could say the same…nothing much jailbait." The boy answered with his gruff voice.

Meet the famed Number 1, Accelerator, the one ranked above our beloved blonde protagonist.

Shakily, the man behind the register brought both of their coffee at the same time, so not to start an incident.

Oh, and to live.

Yeah, that too.

The top 2 of Academy City paid for their drinks and took their respected cups.

Accelerator took a sip and smacked his lips together at the taste.

Naruko took a sip and hummed in delight at the morning pick me up.

She took one more sip, "Wanna sit at a table fucking prick?" she asked with another raised eyebrow.

"Lead the way midget bitch." He said with a causal sip of his coffee as the two walked to a table, leaving the man behind the counter to collapse on his knees and strangely feeling a warm wet sensation from the waist down.

They ended up at one of the far tables outside and Accelerator sat down lazily while leaning back and Naruko just looked at him and rolled her eyes, "My, what a gentleman, not even going to pull my chair out for me?" she asked

"Fuck you, you prissy paipan."

"What a riveting conversationalist you are limp dick." she said as she pulled out her chair and sat down with an elegant cross of her legs.

Usually they would be ripping each other's faces off since they hated one another, which Aleister frowned upon, but to them, coffee shops were holy ground.

It was the reason Naruko was so hyper at times and how Accelerator got through his day.

So the two had agreed that they could not fight, EVER, if they were anywhere near or at a coffee shop.

It made their relationship very odd to say the least.

Just like now.

Accelerator looked at her bandaged arm and quirked an eyebrow, "The fuck happened to you?"

Naruko shrugged, "Fought a monster that was the consciousness of all the victims of the Level Upper case. Big fetus looking thing, scary as hell looking, made you look handsome in comparison though, too bad I had to kill it with Railgun. So you're still ugliest duckling." It wasn't really a lie, but it was close enough since Accelerator didn't know about Magic.

That Yuisen still hurt like hell! Even with her regeneration ability, damn Amakusa bitch.

"Bite me, wait, that bullshit thing was real? Tch, so that was why all those fuckers kept trying to fight me and saying something about Level Upper or whatever." He mused as he swirled his cup and took another sip.

Naruko snorted, really? Those idiots though Level Upper would help them against him? The thing must have messed with their heads far too much for them to even think straight!

"So what about you, anything new?" she asked for conversations sake.

Accel just shrugged, "Doing a job for the floaty bastard, trying to make me a Level 6 again." He said with another sip of his coffee.

Naruko blinked, "Really? I didn't hear anything about that." She muttered in thought, she was usually on the up and up about those things.

Accel just gave her a vicious smile, "Well, they still don't know if it will work…but if it does, you're next in line to do it." He said with a dark chuckle.

It was as if he found something funny…it was kinda bothering her, but she shrugged.

Not really her business to bother her. Let her guardian make Accel a Level 6. Not like she really cared until it affected her.

After taking another sip of her coffee, her eyes fluttered in happiness, feeling wide awake now, "Well I gotta go Accel. See ya or whatever." She said as she stood up and waved back with her hand as she exited with a chime of the bell on the door.

"See ya chibi." He said taking another sip, only to realize he was out, "Oi! Someone get me a refill!" he shouted, getting everyone in the shop to scurry in fear to appease him.

Tch, fucking pussies.

0 Komoe's Apartment 0

Naruko walked up the stairs and opened the door, "Yo, I'm back and chipper as ever~!" she said in her usual childish tone, but noticed something, "What's with the tension folks…did the nun eat all the cookies, again?"

Index buffed her cheeks and was going to answer her, but Touma covered her mouth, "Um, those Magicians came back." He said tensely.

Naruko narrowed her eyes, "Tch, even after I threatened them? What cowards…coming when I was going for coffee." She said as she took another sip of her coffee and through it into the garbage can since she emptied it.

"Um, they said they were leaving tonight really." Touma said to her with a smile. Naruko had already done so much…and had gotten hurt for it, he didn't want that to happen again.

Naruko just started at him blankly, "…Baka." She said as her harsh words caused Touma to flinch in physical pain as she turned to the nun, "What did they say?" she demanded until a ring from her phone got her attention, "What?" she said picking it up with an annoyed tone.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Came the voice of Aleister Crowley.

"Oh, it's you. Great…what am I missing?" she asked in clear sarcasm.

A chuckle was her answer, "Well, your duties for the city for one thing." He said in clear amusement.

Naruko blinked in surprise, "But, but I'm doing this! Get one of your little lackeys to do it…and don't you dare say I'm one of them!"

"I don't have to…you already did for me~ But, you have responsibilities. Your little friends can wait. Now, chop chop." he said as he hung up…or hung down…oh who cares! Damn floaty bastard!

Naruko pocket her phone and turned to the two, "Okay, listen up, I have something to do and it can't wait. Can I trust you two not to do anything majorly stupid while I'm gone?"

The two nodded.

"Swear it."

Touma sighed as he held his hand in the air like a boy scout, "I, Kamijou Touma, swear not to get into any trouble or misfort-, okay forget that second part, just the first part."

"What Touma said."

"…Why do I not feel so assured by that?" Naruko asked rhetorically with a deadpan as she turned to walk out the door.

"Remember, no magic shenanigans!"

0 Tokiwadai Dorm 0

"Calm down Uiharu, yes yes, I'm looking for it. Sheesh, tell Saten-san to relax." Kuroko said as she went through the net and blinked owlishly at the picture that came up, "…Da fuck desu."

"What is it Kuroko?" Mikoto asked from her bed as she read a magazine.

"Ah, um, nothing, nothing at all!" Kuroko shouted in a panic.

Mikoto rolled over and gave her a raised eyebrow, "What is it?" she asked as she jumped out of her bed and headed towards the laptop in interest now.

Kuroko closed the laptop and picked it up; trying to get away, her Onee-sama could not see this.

"Hey! Let me see!" Mikoto shouted as she tackled the girl and took the laptop from her and opened it.

Silence filled the room.

It was a picture of Naruko and the #1 sitting down and drinking coffee.

The title of the picture was [Secret date between our #1 and #2].

"Onee-sama…calm down." Kuroko said pleadingly.

Her Onee-sama had a very, very stony look on her face; it was in good honesty freaking her the hell out!

"What the-" Mikoto muttered with a twitching eye.

"WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!" the raging shout of the Railgun echoed throughout the entire dorm.

0 June 28th, 12:21 A.M., with Naruko 0

Naruko walked away from the burning building.

It smelt of burning flesh as the fiery gold flames caused the building to collapse, turning it into melted rubble.

"Well, another one bites the dust." She chimed while dusting off her hands.

As she walked away, she felt a sudden shift of mana, and it was BIG.

She turned towards the source to suddenly see a massive beam firing from the ground towards the sky, heck it may have just shot through orbit!

"That…That is so not good, Touma-nii, please be okay." Naruko muttered as she launched into the sky towards the origin of the blast.

0 Komoe's Apartment 0

Naruko busted through the door and was awe struck by the rain of feathers that fell softly to the ground. The room was an absolute wreck, the two Magicians' were there and looking forward, she saw Touma-nii picking up the nun that seemed to be asleep.

And before she could even call out to him, a feather touched Touma-nii's head, causing him to collapse in a heap over the nun.

"Touma-nii!" Naruko shouted as she moved towards him.

0 7th District Hospital 0

Naruko leaned against the wall that Touma-nii was begin held in, her left foot leaned against it as she used her right foot to support her body as her arms hung from her shoulder as she just leaned there.

As right as she was, Index's condition was all a fake done by the Church to control her since with all those books in her head; she could have become a threat to them. Without her memories taken away, she could continue to remember from now on without fear of being sick. Index as it turned out was stationed here in Academy City now due to the Church's interest in Touma-nii's right hand, the Imagine Breaker.

She was currently in there talking to Touma-nii, so Naruko let her have some one on one time with him…for now.

But none of that really mattered at the moment.

A few words flashed through her mind.

"That's memory destruction, rather than memory loss."

"He didn't forget his memories, but rather his brain cells were physically destroyed."

"I don't think he'd remember anything to begin with."

They scared her, these very words scared her.

Her heart wanted to say that course her Touma-nii would remember her, but that was squashed in an instant by her brain stating he would not.

Her heart beat faster and faster as her palms started to sweat.

The door opened and Index walked out with a smile on her face as she turned to Naruko, "Your turn Blondie, he remembers, he does!" she cheered

Naruko just looked at her and gave a small nod as she pushed off the wall and proceeded into the room.

Touma-nii was wearing a standard hospital garb with some bandages on his head and some gauze taped to his cheek.

He turned to face the new person entering the room with a curious look.

Dread filled her heart as she spoke, "I'm Namikaze Naruko." Was all she said, as she waited for what she feared.

-Play: How to Save a Life by The Fray-

"Yo." Touma said cheerfully as he waved at the blonde, "I'm feeling better you know, so no worries, okay?" he asked with a smile.



Stop that…please…

"Stop smiling like that!" Naruko shouted as stomped her foot and launched herself at him and hugged his head tightly in her tiny bust, "I know you so well, I know when you're lying. Dammit! Why? Why you?" she asked as tears streamed her face, "It should have been me, not someone like you. Not someone who shines like you…" she trailed off and pulled his head up, taking him by surprise.


Their lips met.

Pure silence filled the room.

Naruko pulled away with her eyes closed, "Mikoto-nee always told me that a girl's first kiss was special." She whispered, "And in fairytales, a kiss could do anything, right?" she asked pleading softly as she opened her eyes, shining those ocean orbs, "You remember now, right?" she asked shakily.


"Naruko." She whispered sharply, "Naruko, you can only call me Naruko…or Hoka Hoka." She ordered quietly with a slight hiccup.

He nodded softly.

"I'm, I'm not going to be like those coward Magicians. I'm going to take care of you. I'll, I'll tell you stories of all the funny stuff we did okay. I'm, I'll do everything I can for you. You're one of my precious people Kamijou Touma-nii…I will do anything to protect you, not even he can stop me…" she trailed off as she clinched her fist.

"Just promise me…promise that you won't do anything stupid, please?"

Her voice sounded so soft, so fragile, so vulnerable, so needing.

So broken.

Touma nodded once more softly.

"Hai." He whispered to her.

Naruko smiled a small smile, "Good, that way, I can protect you…I always will, even from yourself." She whispered the last part to herself.

"I have to go now Touma-nii, stay here, rest up, and feel better, don't worry. I'll make this right…somehow."

She said softly as she got off the bed and slowly headed to the exit of the room and closed the door behind her, but not before shining him one last smile…

But if he remembered her, he would have known…

That it wasn't her true smile…

The one that rivaled the sun itself from the sheer warmth and brightness it gave off.

…That was a forced smile, one filled with bitterness…

Towards oneself.

0 Naruko POV 0

I stared forward.

Index bowed before me in thanks of helping her and my hand twitched.


…It's because of you.

Because of you that my Touma-nii, the one I laughed with, played with, cried for…


Index's eyes were closed as she continued to give me a deep bow.

I raised my left hand for a knife strike and covered it in fire, ready to pierce her heart.

She raised her head tilted to the side and smiled, "Again, thank you so much."

I gave a curt nod as my hand was returned to my side and I left without a word.

You are very lucky Index Librorum Prohibitorum.

The only reason you get to live is because of those grimoires in your head.

If not for them…

…I would have killed you.

But if you ever lose your usefulness…your death WILL be painful. I thought as a walked out of the hospital with hot tears streaming down my eyes at the loss of someone I cared deeply for.

I leaned on the side of the hospital building and pulled out my phone and tapped the bitten Gekota phonestrap.

Mikoto-nee, one of the two lights in my life.

The two suns that filled my world.


…And Touma-nii.

Dammit, DAMMIT!


Why did I always fail?!

Why couldn't I even save one of the people I cared most for?!

Why was I such a failure?

I hiccupped a few times as I continued to cry and went to my speed dial.

#1 Aleister Crowley.

#2 Board of Directors.

#4 Misaka Mikoto.

While Mikoto-nee was one of my most important persons, there was someone who always was the biggest person that I could talk to and not hide anything from since she understood both my light and dark self.

#3, click.





"Hello Naruko-chan~"

"I need your help… Misaki-sempai, I *sob* I feel so numb, I think I'm going to go crazy…please help me. I'm at the Heaven Canceller's Hospital." I pleaded weakly as I felt just so drained.

"…Of course Naruko-chan. After all, you are my most favorite person in this whole wide world."

-End: How to Save a Life by The Fray-

0 A Certain Windowless Building 0

A soft chuckle vibrated through the air as a set of eyes watched the scene before them.

"I love it; this is why she's my favorite hero."

"Oh? I always thought she wasn't a hero to you?"

A mock 'shush' noise was his answer, "Of course she's a hero. I just don't want her to know that~ And since she doesn't, that means I can watch her struggle and struggle to prove me wrong. But the best part is watching her fail, therefore she proves to be my favorite type of hero."

"What kind is that?"

"The tragic kind."


So ends the Index Arc. Well that was a dozy huh, huh? I tried really hard for the raw emotion and a slice of epic on the side, or was it more epic and a slice of emotion on the side? Huh, I'll leave that to you guys.

Also...Naruko stole Touma's first kiss! While he took hers! Le Gasp! The romantic tense from that little stunt is going to be helarious later on me thinks~

Not much to say really…hm, OH! I know! I'm going to be going either my HTM or my TMON next. I have a plan on how to finish my TMON fic. I think I'll try doing one chapter of another fic, the doing TMON, another fic, TMON, and so on and so forth, does that sound like a good idea or should I just upload how I normally do? Huh, decisions, decisions.

Ah heck, I don't even know what to write next since my summer job zonks me out all the time. Sure, I'm back by 5 P.M., but I'm all shot to hell and I go to sleep at 9-10 P.M. to wake up at 6 A.M., it just throws off my whole rhythm for fic writing since I have so little time in the day to do so. But this will only be like that until I find my summer pace like I did with my Korra fic.

Also, I will be…distracted for a bit…Getting that Deadpool game, also, NO spoilers. If you do, I will wag my finger must sternly at you, must sternly!

R&R, no flames, peace off!

Oh, wait, time for one more thing like uncle would always say.


A breeze danced around the area as a blonde boy sighed and tapped the throat microphone on his neck, "So Hakku-hime (Hack Princess), where's the target location?" he asked in amusement.

"Ahuu, Naruto-kun! Stop calling me that!" the embarrassed cries of Uiharu Kazari wailed over the device.

"Well I'm only decent with computers and you're a wiz, so you need an awesome name Gatekeeper-san~"

"Auu, fine, you always tease me." You could hear the pouting and puffed cheeks over the line, it was quite cute.

The blonde with sky blue eyes and whisker marks on his cheeks wore a white tanktop with a blue long sleeve Kevlar hoodie with a big black 3 on the back of it and on the right sleeve a Judgment armband was stitched into it, black shorts, white socks, and special shoes.

They were mainly white, with black heels and soles, and what seems to be a red strip of metal lines the bottom of each shoe. The bottom of each shoe was black, and had a pattern of small "jets" which he uses to propel himself forward. They were called Hover Shoes and designed by his dad so he could run at his top speed without worry of friction.

"East, in the ninth district on the corner of Main Court and Takeda Drive."

Naruto grinned as he grabbed his bulletproof blue band goggles from his neck and smacked them over his eyes, "All right!" he said as he stretched his arms and bent his knees a bit, "Think I'll beat Kuroko-chan there?"

Giggling was his answer, "Of course, Shirai-san can Teleport all she wants, but she can't beat moving at the speed of sound Number 3 Hypersonic-kun!"

And that was just his power.

Namikaze Hypersonic Naruto was one of the 8 Level 5's of Academy City, the face of Judgment, and the Number 3 of those 8 Level 5's.

His ability was controlling, generating, and manipulating soundwaves.

He was a first year in Nagatenjouki Academy's Middle School level, just like his two best friends Kuroko-chan and Kazari-chan who were first years in their respected middle schools.

His dad was a scientist of the city that mainly helped the Level 5's while his mother was in charge of Anti-Skill while also being a teacher in Tokiwadai Middle School.

"Well, it's time to juice!" (Whoever gets this reference, they are awesome, period.) In a red burst, Naruto took off at high speed.

In a matter of seconds he was at the destination, "And here I am, cool." He said with a shrug as everything around him from his abrupt stop was blown away.

He saw some Skill-Out thugs harassing some of the art students of the 9th district and cracked his neck a bit, "An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth, and the Requiem of Fury for Evil." He said with a grin and cracked his knuckles.

Oh his life rocked.

"Oi! Teme's! One lump or two?! I got about forty all lined up for you!" he asked in a matter of seconds the Skill-Out's were down.

After being thanked a swish was heard and Naruto turned around with a grin while having his goggles hang from his neck, "Better luck next time Kuroko-chan~ Maybe a bet or something would give you better incentive to get here faster." He said with a boyish smile that made girls around him swoon.

Kuroko gave him a deadpan look and huffed while crossing her arms, "No all of us move at the speed of sound Naruto." She grumbled

Naruto place a finger on his chin, "Well maybe the threat of you going on a date with me will get your tiny booty in gear?" he asked teasingly, "I'm sure Misaka would love to hear about that one." He stated with a knowing look.

"Gaah! What, Naruto-kun, no dating while out in the field, it's forbidden!" Uiharu shouted from the radio desperately.

Kuroko paled, no, if her Onee-sama heard of her disloyalty to her, no no no, Kuroko, you just have to win…wait, "What do I get if I win?" she asked with suspicious as she saw the blonde boy click his tongue, almost getting away with it.

"I take all your annoying cases and do your paperwork for a whole week…and you can spend that off time with Misaka~"


Too easy.

"Auuu…" Moaned Uiharu over the mic.


Basically this is an AU where Naruto was born and raised in AC like my Naruko fic, but in this case, both Minato and Kushina are in this world. He joined Judgment around the same time as Kuroko and Uiharu. He has a crush on Kuroko and often competes with her at who can get the bad guy first to tease her. Of course Uiharu has a crush on Naruto too and unbeknownst to Kuroko, tries to compete with her for Naruto's affection. And this is going on when Kuroko is head over heels in love with her Onee-sama, the Number 4 Misaka Mikoto.

Naruto's powers are that of Yuuki Tenpouin, look him up and you'll see why Naruto was made Number 3 and it's kinda funny that Misaka is Number 4 and who is Number 04 in Yuuki's verse.

This was my original Naruto concept idea for this cross. After ACUB, I will be doing this if you guys like the concept. It would only be on the Science Side of things unless he somehow stumbles across Touma doing something…misfortunate.

Heck, anyone can do this as a challenge if they think they can, just send me a PM if you do.

Anyway, peace!