So this is my new Brittana fic. Me and my friend came up with the idea to write fanfiction about our favourite ships in the future, so here's my Brittana section. I don't know how long it will go on for as I'm still planning it out. It's set as where Glee is now, so Brittany is in her senior year, and Santana is at college in New York. The Tisch School of Arts does actually exist, I researched it.

Disclaimer: Much as I'd like to, I don't own Glee, or the characters.

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"Britt I miss you so much." Santana said from the other end of the Skype call. Her eyes were filling up with tears but she blinked rapidly to keep them from spilling over. Of course she didn't have a problem with crying in front of her girlfriend, but she didn't want to worry Brittany. The second the call had begun Santana had wanted to break down in tears. I have to pull myself together! She thought over and over.

"I want to hug you!" Brittany exclaimed. "I miss you too. So, so much." Brittany's cheeks briefly flushed a rose pink.

"How's McKinley without me?" Santana asked, swallowing the lump in her throat, determined to get through some conversation before she burst into tears.

"It's, um, different, I miss you there." Brittany responded quickly, looking down at her lap, before carrying on, "Blaine's the new Rachel! And we're doing Britney again, I'm so excited! How's college?" Brittany excitedly told Santana the latest, just happy to see her girlfriend again, smiling back at her.

"Hold up. Blaine's the new Rachel? How does that even work? Oh my god, did he come in with smooth shiny legs, a mini skirt, with heels and socks, or...?" Santana says with a smirk as she thought about the possibilities, leaning back in her chair.

"No. We had a contest to see who should get all the solos now that Rachel's gone, and Artie picked Blaine."

"He picked bowtie freak over my hot girlfriend? D'you want me to go Lima heights on his ass?"

"No it's ok San! Mr Schue finally made me choreographer. And leader of booty camp."

"Well that took him long enough! You always be the best dancer in there B."

Brittany blushed a rosy shade of pink at Santana's compliment and a smile flickered at the corners of her mouth.

"Enough about me. You never answered my question." Brittany said after a few seconds of silence passed. "How's college?" she asked for a second time."

"It's great."

That was a little white lie. Ever since her mom gave her the money for college she'd been completely against the idea. All summer she'd had Brittany and her family hassling her into finding somewhere to go, and she'd eventually applied and gotten into the Tisch School of Arts, and had recently enrolled in a two year course. It was horrible. She knew no one, and that was the worst bit, and the bit she'd dreaded the most all along. After she'd graduated, she thought long and hard about who she could maybe go somewhere with. Yale with Quinn? It seemed like a good option, it would keep the unholy trinity together, but it was too late to apply. Going to college with anyone else from Glee Club made her feel vile at the thought, being roommates with Rachel Berry? She felt sorry for whoever got that part. The only person she could maybe bare to spend a couple more years with was Puckerman, and he didn't know what he was doing with his future... So here she was, all alone, supposedly having to make new friends, and being assured that she'd fit right in.

"San. What's wrong?" Brittany asked, tilting her head. Santana stared down into her lap and tried not to cry, but it was no use anymore. A single tear rolled down her cheek and she quickly moved to wipe it away on her sleeve. "Don't cry babe."

"I hate it here!"

"I wish I could come over there right now, and wrap my arms around you, and hold you. And tell you it's all okay."

"I wish you could do that too… I just want to see you, my girlfriend. Nobody understands me here, in fact nobody really notices me." At McKinley, Santana was used to being the height of popularity and everyone knew who she was, but it was different at Tisch. Santana tried to think of the good side of things, there'd be no coming out to anyone after she'd built up her reputation, she'd make it clear right away. She thought they'd be more mature anyway, they wouldn't judge her right? She prepared herself for hate anyway, but she didn't expect it. And she didn't get it. She was just a small fish in a big sea. Nobody cared.

She'd tried to make friends with the people she was around in her classes, but it wasn't much use, other than a bit of friendly small talk with whoever was sitting beside her, she'd not spoken much to anyone. She shared a room with a girl who was barely ever there, she lived locally and went home most evenings, but Santana didn't, she'd moved right in, and it wasn't pleasant. The last time she'd been in a dorm room like that, was summer cheer camp with Brittany and Quinn, and she longed for one of them to be with her, it was so lonely.

"Haven't you made any new friends? You're brilliant at talking to new people."

"Not here I'm not…" Santana said quietly. "It's so different here." she continued. "I just need to see you, I just want you, Britt."

"You just need to get used to it. I wish I could come visit you, if I didn't have school… I would come this weekend but I have to stay home and help my mom." a plan was already sketching itself out in Brittany's head.

"I just really need to see you properly soon Britt, I don't know how long I'll last here. Anyway, gotta go. Much as I want to talk to you all evening, I can't. Ring me before you go bed?"

"Of course. Bye San, I love you."

"Love you more."

A few seconds and the call disconnected, Santana immediately shut down the lid of her laptop and pushed it to one side, staring at the floor. She had to change and go to her evening class before dinner. She stood up slowly, plugging in her earphones and grabbing her folders and room key before leaving the room.

Once Brittany had closed down the chat screen with Santana, she saw that Quinn was online, pressed the call button and waited for an answer. There was no response, so she went back to trying to concentrate on her homework essay, but a few minutes later, Quinn called back.

"B! How are you?!"

"I'm ok, how are you? I just got off a call with Santana."

"I'm good thanks! Ooh, how is she? How does she like Tisch?"

"She hates it… how's Yale?"

"Ah that's not good is it? Are you gonna go visit her? And I love it here!"

"I was hoping to, I was wondering if you want to pop over with me? She'd love it if we both surprised her."

"I have a couple of classes on Saturday morning, but after that I can probably get away for a few hours!"

"Awesome. I'll pick you up about midday then?"

"Sounds good. Ah I can't wait to see you both again! It feels like forever, it's only been a week!"

"I know it does feel longer! I can't wait to see you too Q. Anyways, I better go finish this essay, I'm trying to get my grades up this year, I'm determined. Good chatting to you! See you on Saturday."

"Okay, that's great Britt! See ya!"

Brittany stared contently at her computer screen and smiled to herself, she couldn't wait to see her two best friends again, it felt like forever since the summer break already.

She wrote hurriedly for about an hour, writing down everything she could remember, in bright pink pen, because that was all she could find. Despite the 'inappropriate' (as her last teacher had called it) colour, she was sure she had done much better than before.

After tea, she kept her promise and rang Santana, and they chatted for ages again, nearly an hour.

"I love you B. Goodnight, sweet dreams!"

"Love you more."

"Not possible. I love you till the numbers stop, but they don't."

"Goodnight San… I'll ring you tomorrow."

After disconnecting the call, within seconds Brittany got a text through from Santana reading simply 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' that filled up the whole screen. She replied with an equal amount of kisses before putting the phone down on her nightstand.