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Santana tossed her phone across the floor, and climbed into bed. Her girlfriend wanted to take a , she didn't want that. She just wished Brittany would calm down and get her shit together, they didn't need a break, did they? Or did they? Was she being a rubbish girlfriend and being neglective or unsupportive or something? Wait, what was there to be unsupportive of? There wasn't anything was there? What was Britt's problem? Was she just suggesting they take a break because she thought Lilli or Jemma or someone was going to come on to me and that I'd rather have a relationship with one of them than with her. God, that's really terrible if she thinks that, because she couldn't be more fucking wrong. Like seriously, why would she think that though? Had Santana not expressed her love enough? Because there is no one that Santana would rather be with than Britt, they were soul mates, they were meant to be.

Or was it just Brittany? Did she want to 'explore'? Was she not happy because Santana wasn't with her? Was she having an affair behind Santana's back, or wondering what it would be like to be with someone else? Urgh. Santana just wanted to know what was wrong, because there was no one else that she wanted to be with except Britt and she really, really hoped that she wasn't giving off the wrong idea, she'd never do that to B. But what if it was Brittany? Santana didn't think she'd be able to cope with that if the issue wasn't her own fault. Who would she have then? What skype calls would she have to look forward to? None. Who would she look forward to go seeing and tell about her day in detail and tell all her little secrets and niggling feelings? She wasn't ready for a break up...

Sobbing herself to sleep as she thought about what life would be like without Brittany, Santana fell into a land of dreams, and they weren't nice exactly nightmares, but it definitely wasn't Santana's idea of a good night's sleep at all, it was very much like hell. She was in such a deep sleep that she couldn't get herself out of the dreams though, she was in this world where no one appreciated her, no one knew her name or anything about her. It was a strange setting, like it felt real but she knew it wasn't somehow, but it was still just as terrifying, and it felt as if she'd wake up and it would all start to fall into place how she'd dreamt it, and that was not a good concept.

Brittany was in the same dull room, there was no emotion from anyone but Brittany was there, she could see her from across the way, but it was as if they'd never met. They hadn't made eye contact across that crowded class room and they'd never become best friends. The tragic-ness carried on, and the dream was perceived as a kind of living hell for and reputation meant everything to her at high school and in reality she'd done a fairly good job at keeping herself up there, by doing whatever it was she did, but now here in this all too real dream, she was wondering the empty halls alone, feeling scared, vulnerable and isolated, and she couldn't make sense of any of it, it just made no sense. All her friends were walking around her, but it was like the whole world was in black and white like a tonal drawing
containing little, practically no emotion and it was plain weird.

It felt like the dream went on for an entire night, hours and hours, as she woke with a start at 5am in a cold, shivering sweat, feeling rather queer. Breathing heavily, concentrating hard to steady her inhaling and exhaling, she left her head work itself out, unwrapping all the mysteries of the night before, it had all seemed realistic like it was actually happening, like she was reliving her past in an alternative universe.

About ten minutes passed and she felt a little better, and got up to go to the bathroom, scared herself as she passed the mirror realising she looked like a ghost, and then tripped over her phone on the way back to bed, picking it up and scrambling back under the covers. There was no more messages from Brittany, and the words that she now hated most 'take a break' stared back at her, the letters jumbling themselves up in her head the more she stared at the message. Maybe Britt wasn't being serious?

Brittany, the last thing I wanna do is take a damn break from us. I fucking love you so much, and I never want to be apart from you. I mean, I know we're not exactly together right now because I'm so far away, but I really don't think I'll cope if we break up. I can't be without you Britt. Understand me? Now hurry up and wake up because I need to talk to you before I go insane, because I've been dreaming bad things about us all night and it was the most horrific thing. I love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

After that Santana put her phone on loud so she'd hear it when she got a reply, and put it under her pillow, pulled the covers up over her head and closed her eyes, and fell into the most adorable dream, quite the opposite of what she'd had the rest of the night, which involved Brittany, unicorns and candy floss. It was perfect. And she slept like a baby until around half 7, when Lilli had to physically shake her awake and drag her out of bed.

She checked her phone immediately, and of course there was a message from Britt. I love you too, more than millions xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and I don't want to take a break either, it's the last thing. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Why did you suggest it then nutcase?

Because everyone's breaking up and stuff.

That's not a reason for us to break up Britt Britt. I hope nothing's troubling you that you're not telling me... are you sure?

I promise there isn't. I love you, I have to go xxxxxxx

Wait, do you wanna come help out with Grease? I didn't get a chance to tell you about it yesterday did I? We'd love to have you back and it'd mean I get to see you again and sing with you and you can stay at my house and we can have a slumber party or something :)

A smile spread across Santana's face. She instantly replied with a simple 'yes' and then thought about the endless possibilities of what was going to come. She'd get about a week away from college, to spend with her girlfriend, to go visit her old school and see everyone and perform and sing, lots of her favourite things right there. It wasn't even something she had to consider what her answer would be, plus Grease was one of the first musicals her and Britt watched together, which made it a special one. They'd been dancing around their houses making up dance routines and singing along with Grease since they were about 8, and this was gonna bring all those adorable memories stuffed in the backs of their brains all back. It was gonna be loads of fun.