(I really need to start writing these stories at better times, enjoy part 6)

I slowly opened my eyes the next morning to sight of Rainbow dash only an inch from my face and she had me in one of her death hugs which was starting to hurt after waking up.

'Cant… Breathe…' I slowly yet surely managed to slip out of her grip and slipped a pillow in my place so she didn't awake from the lack of 'me'.

I whispered under my breath "I have no idea how I managed to fall asleep with that sort of a grip crushing my lungs, meh probably fainted from it." I took the tape that bound my wings to my body off and slowly made my way out of her room to the shower whilst trying to re-straighten my back.

After taking a quick shower and remembering to turn the heating on before getting in so I didn't freeze this time. 'Much better than yesterday' I thought as I headed to the kitchen to grab an apple for breakfast and I heard Rainbow dash coming down the stairs seeming rather well rested.

"Have a good night sleep whilst crushing my spine did you Rainbow?" I said taking a bite out of the apple

"Yep, because you're the comfiest pillow ever." She said cheerfully

"Anyhow, I'm going to just finish this apple before training for that try-out." I said before Taking another bite out of the apple and throwing the core in the bin.

"I hope you get the job, I saw you practise and I'm sure you'll get it."

"Thanks Rainbow, I'd best start training the try-outs are at 2:00pm." I said as I gathered my bow and quiver.

"Tell me when you get it then." Rainbow dash said as she waved me off.

I flew down to where I was training earlier and practised there for most of the morning and figured that since it was targeted at pegasi it'd mean I would probably have to fly whilst using the bow.

I took to the air and flew up about 20 meters and was around 50 meters from the trees I had decided to aim at.

I took aim and fired my first shot which unsurprisingly to me went off to the left. 'Damn, having to keep in the same place whilst flying is harder than it looks, and it looked hard to start with.'

I loaded another arrow and this time held my breath to steady my aim further, I fired the second arrow and it landed near the tree but still missed.

After firing a further 5 arrows that landed on all sides but none actually hitting the tree I decided that if I was to actually ever hit the darn tree I'd need to learn how to fly much better in 1 place, so i rested on the grass and looked up to see Rainbow dash flying over.

"I see your having trouble." Rainbow dash said as she flew down next to me.

"Sigh, I just can't get the hang of firing whilst flying in one place." I looked down getting a little frustrated that I couldn't manage it.

"You are talking to the fastest flier in Equistria." She boasted

"Well then since your so good at flying, could you teach me the 'secret' to flying in one place as steadily as you do?" I asked emphasising Secret since I had no clue how to do it.

"I didn't hear the magic word now did I?" she replied

"You don't really expect me to say that do you?"

"Alright I guess you don't want my help." as she prepared to take off

"Fine *mumble* please *mumble*" I whispered

"Didn't quite hear that, say it again." She said being her usual self.

*rolls eyes* "please" I said hating having to stoop so low.

"Please what?" she said just being plain annoying now.

"*sigh* Please can you teach me how to hover in one place." Quite literally fed up of having routines like that.

"There we go, wasn't too hard now was it" she said as she gave me a quick kiss.

"Ok now first things first, you're going to need to get a repetitive motion going on with your wings but I could see you already knew that much." She stated as I took to the air and just did what I was used to doing.

"Then you're going to need to be able to try and fly slightly against the wind so that you don't move about as much." I did as instructed and found that just slightly adjusting the way I flew made a significant difference.

"And now just try and makes sure you stay level." I looked down at her slightly confused.

"*sigh* just make sure your shoulders are in line so you don't drift slightly." That made more sense to me.

"There now just try doing that for the next 10 minutes and you'll be fine." She then relaxed on the grass and watched as I just flew in place for the next 10 minutes.

"Ok now you should do just fine." Rainbow said as she passed me my bow and quiver.

"I don't know." I was slightly shaking from now having her access my accuracy.

"Now see if you can hit the tree." She seemed like she was confident I would hit it.

I took my aim and held my breath to steady it and fired… this time it missed but in did scratch the side of the tree which I'd say was a hit since on a regular archery target it'd have been wider.

"Well done, told you that you could hit it." She said whilst doing a sort of applaud with her hooves.

"I could have done better, but I guess that I owe you my thanks." I said as I landed and trotted over after collecting my arrows that I had previously fired.

"At least you managed to hit it this time, keep practising you have still got 3 and a half hours left."

"As soon as I hit the tree 3 consecutive times then I'll stop and buy us both cupcakes." I said whilst starting to fly back up.

"Well then, fire away." She smiled 'She just likes the fact that she will definitely get a cupcake after this.'

After a couple hits and misses I finally got used to the wind affecting my arrows and managed to hit the tree 3 times, all near the centre too.

"Finally you took ages." She joked it took only around 14 shots which considering the wind was constantly changing was impressive.

"I'll just quickly drop my bow and quiver off at the house." I said starting to fly away

She then flew alongside me whilst flying backwards at the same pace as me.

"Oh so is that how it is gonna be." I said increasing my speed slightly. "Race you back to the house, 3 2 1 go!" I shouted quickly as I charged toward the house. I focused on getting there first and not bothering to see where she was.

"I made… first… so much for fastest flier." I said gasping after arriving.

"Oh is that you I didn't know you arrived." As she replied from one of the windows in the house and she looked completely fine.

"What the? Bu-but I was ahead the whole time?" I said confused

"I over took you from the word go, I'm not the fastest flier in Equistria for nothing." She boasted again.

I trotted in the house grabbed some bits and dropped my equipment in my room before flying toward Sugarcube corner with Rainbow dash.

(1 flight scene later)

"I'll have the Rainbow cupcake, make it 2." (FYI see cupcakes as sort of ice creams except I'm pretty sure they have ice cream too, also if you want to know what I mean by 'Rainbow cupcake' I'm going with a concept of like a rainbow swirling sort of icing at the top of the cupcake.)

I looked down the list and thought I'd just go with a mint and apple cupcake. 'I'm assuming it would taste better than it would on Earth.' "I'll just have the Mint and apple cupcake Pinkie."

After Pinkie hopped into the kitchen she was out in about 1 minute with the cupcakes.
"Here you go, that'll be 15 bits Cobalt." She said cheerfully

I deposited the bits for her and bit into the cupcake, I remembered the cupcakes from her party being great but these were better since the ones at the party were just plain flavours like raspberry and cherry. Pony taste buds love sugar a lot more obviously.

"Hey Rainbow what exactly is the flavour of those muffins?" I asked

"You mean you're telling me you haven't ever tried one before?" she looked at me quizzically as if I was lying "Here try a small piece." She passed me a tiny piece of one of her cupcakes and I must say they were 5 times as nice as the mint and apple cupcakes.

"DAMN, those are soooo much better than mine, a lot more sugar." There was also an unusual taste that I had never had before so I'm assuming it was something what Rainbows are made of.

"I thought you were joking when you said you hadn't tried one before."

"Nope but I know what cupcake I'll buy next time." I smiled

After Devouring the rest of our cupcakes we headed back to the house with Rainbow dash so i could rest for the next 2 hours and get my Bow and quiver for the Try-outs since you needed to bring your own.

(ill bring up the next chapter most likely on saturday/sunday because its dah weekend so i have the whole day to write the story, Until next time stay safe everypony.)