Title: Magic of the Heart

Author: jedinite
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Pairing: Regina/Emma (Swan Queen)
Rating: M Eventually
Disclaimer: I don't own these Characters in this story they are the property of Once Upon a Time I'm just having fun with them.

Part One

The Struggle

A shooting star soared across the cool night air as the mayor of Storybrooke stumbled back to her Mansion. He wasn't supposed to eat it, she was supposed to! The ache that skipped in with a repeat beat kept hitting and hitting across her head. Her heart felt heavy and she couldn't fathom why. She was the Evil Queen she didn't have a heart she only took them. As she entered her bedroom on the top floor she forgot why she came in there. She woke him up, so did the curse break? What did I do? Oh my sweet son….Henry. The thought of him lying there to never awake again flew hard and wreaked her insides as the sharp pain in her head drove in deeper. She cried out again as the tears fell down her cheeks. "I do love you Henry."

Her brow dove down hard as she wiped furiously at the wetness, her deep brown eyes grew darker. They may all know now, but they can't stop me. She grinned, biting back the sharp pain she was feeling. The image of her son looking at her, so sad and confused kept tormenting her. More pain cracked against her temples and became too much to bear. She doubled over pulling her hands to her head. "Nooooooo." She hissed out with a groan. She tried to conjure anything inside her to make it stop, but nothing helped, the pain filled her and filled her, until she couldn't fight it any longer. She felt cold so very cold as blackness overcame making her fall hard collapsing to the floor.


"Emma!" Henry gasped. "You did it. You broke the curse."

The blonde drew him back from her and gazed down at him. "The curse?" She shook her head. "Henry I don't think I did that."

He nodded, "yes you did." His eyes bounced around the room. "Where is she?"

Emma watched the heartbreaking eyes on her son. "Who?" She asked knowing full well who he was referring to.

"She was just here." His saddened voice cried out.

Emma searched around quickly, and then brought them back to Henry. "I don't know." She breathed.

"We have to go," he said, moving from the bed and slowly standing up. "Would you do me a favor?"

The sheriff moved just enough to help her son stand on his wobbly legs. "Sure, you can ask me anything."

His eyes softened as he nibbled on his bottom lip, trying the best way to come up with how he wanted to ask this. "I want to go home." He finally whispered.

Just then the ground trembled and moved under their feet. The rattle of the windows shook so hard, Emma was sure they would break. She pulled Henry into her arms and quickly surveyed the room. As if by magic it stopped as quickly as it had started. "What the hell was that?" She swallowed hard, trying to shake away the fear she felt.

She noticed Henry watching her, and peered down into eyes that matched her own. "You want to go home?" She paused knowing what she had to say next. "Home, to your home? Like the mayor's home." She asked sucking in a shaky breath.

Henry nodded. "I want to see her." He replied as the tears welled up in his eyes. "Please."

Emma blinked. "Are you sure?" She asked even though she knew what his answer was. Plus deep down she knew she wanted to see her also. Maybe to give her a piece of her mind, but the little pang of fear entwined its way against her heart reminding her that if the curse really broke like Henry said it did, then that meant everything in his book was true and Regina wasn't the mayor anymore she was now the Evil Queen.

She gulped closing her eyes to settle herself because if she was the Evil Queen, then she was the White Knight, the one who broke the curse, and the one who would bring down the Evil Queen. She shook her head as that thought drop to the bottom of her stomach, and she now felt like she was going to vomit.

"You okay?" Henry asked as he looked at his mother's clammy pale face.

Emma clenched her jaw. "Yeah," she drew in a deep breath. "Let's get you home Henry."


Emma looked as if she regretted coming here as soon as she stepped onto the front porch of the mayor's house. "Should we knock?" The blonde sighed as she leaned forward placing her hands on Henry's shoulders.

Henry pursed his lips in thought for a few seconds before he carefully touched his hand to the front door knob. The door clicked as he pushed slowly into the front entry. Emma nodded as her son looked to her before he placed a nervous foot across the threshold. She winced internally knowing she was entering the lion's den.

"Mom," Henry called out delicately, and Emma could tell he was also worried.

She took a glance around the white quiet open space. Her ears and all her senses were all on high alert, looking for anything to strike or to magically appear before her. Nothing, but the sound of her breathing, and the sound of her son slowly starting up the staircase. "Henry maybe we should just go, plus I don't think she is even here." She said trying to convince herself of that.

Henry kept moving farther up. "Well if she isn't then, maybe I should still get some of my things." He replied smartly with a small smile.

"Wait," Emma called out in a quiet hiss, moving quickly up after him.

She found him in his room moving around in it like he had never left. "Where do you think she is?" He asked softly, pulling on a clean shirt.

The Sheriff glanced at him, startled. "I um…I don't know."

"She told me she would always love me, no matter what." He sniffed.

She dropped to a knee before him. "I know she did." She said quietly. "Maybe she just couldn't be here."

"Do you think she went back?"

Emma shook her head and put her palm softly against his cheek. "Maybe she did, I can't give you answers on nothing I know about Henry." Feeling hurt for her son and no clue how to fix it, she notice a weird looking cloud looming in the distance.

She slowly stood up never letting her eyes drift from the window. She walked closer as she eyed it cautiously. She had no earthly idea what it was, but the growing knot in the pit of her stomach told her it wasn't good.

"Uh Henry," The blonde quivered keeping her eyes glued to the darkness that was coming.

"Yeah," he said seeing the startled expression on her face, and quickly stood next her. His eyes widened as he watched the dark cloud coming toward them. "Do you think she did this?" He asked pointing a shaky finger out the window.

Emma's breath caught in her throat, slightly shaking her head a thought came to her. I can't save him, I have no magic left. "Henry I don't think whatever is coming our way came from Regina."

"How do you know?" He whimpered.

"Trust me kid I know." She took a step back trying to think.

"Emma," Henry voiced as a myriad of worried emotions danced across his face. "What do we do?"

The sheriff put a hand to her lip in thought. "Do you have a basement in this house?" She exhaled.

The boy nodded, "Yes, yes." He said reaching for a bag and throwing stuff in it. He bounced his eyes up at his mom. "Don't just stand there go get a few things from my mom's room."

Emma shook her head. "I don't think so."

Henry's brow scrunched. "Come on….GO!" He said crisply grabbing her by the arms. "We don't know how long we will be down there."

Emma took a breath and gritted her teeth. She knew it was beyond her better judgment but she knew he was right. "Fine," she huffed and darted toward the mayor's room.

She took a settling breath before she pushed open the door to the master suite. She slowly inched her way in realizing she was being careful for no reason. She clenched her jaw and squared her shoulders and stormed toward her closet. When she noticed a foot poking from the other side of the bed. She blinked and looked again. What the hell. She froze as she contemplated her next move, she knew she had to hurry, so she sucked in a huge amount of air and bounded quickly around to the other side of the bed.

"Oh my god," came out as a strangled squeak, and swallowing hard Emma lurched forward falling to her knees in search of a pulse. She was driven by her adrenalin as she touched her fingers to the soft expanse of the mayor's neck. Once she felt the fragile beats of her pulse, she sighed in relief. "Regina." She said running a hand softly down the side of her face trying to get her to come around, then lightly tapped her cheek. "Wake up!" she said louder. She couldn't understand why she was now on her knees trying to help the mayor of Storybrooke. AKA the Evil Queen. The one who took her away from her parents, and the one who almost killed her son. She should just run and grab Henry and just leave her there. But her heart strangled deep inside her and for some reason she knew she couldn't just leave her there.

"Mom!" Henry shouted as he dashed into the room. "Mom," he said again but very quietly and she almost didn't hear it. "What happened?" He asked kneeling next to the blonde peering down at the still features of his other mother.

"I found her this way." She gasped, still tapping the cheek of the mayor, trying to wake her up.

Henry jumped up and ran toward the large mirror on the other side of the room. He pushed on the upper corner and it spun around to reveal a small room. He quickly moved back to the sheriff's side. "We need to get her in there."

Emma sat stilled wide eyed with the mirror, she hesitated then asked. "What is that?"

"It's the small lift to the basement." He quickly informed her.

Emma rolled her eyes. "Go figure Regina would have that sort of thing in her room."

"Come on." Henry barked snapping her out of her thoughts. The blonde pulled the woman along with the help of her son into the tiny room. She jumped back off quickly grabbing pillows and the comforter from Regina's bed, and then grabbed a few clothes from her dresser. Henry spun the mirror back and within seconds the floor moved sailing them toward the basement in a flash.

The door creaked open to reveal a dark room. Emma squinted her eyes as she tried to make out her surroundings. "Is there power down here?"She asked cautiously stepping from the lift.

Henry moved around her and flipped on the lights, then ran back to his mothers. He glanced down, "do you think she'll wake up?"

Emma pulled a pillow out behind her and gently placed it under the mayor's head. She felt her forehead after, and slowly drifted her fingers down her cheek, then down to the soft stretch of her milky throat. "I hope so." She muttered softly. Her head jolted back surprised, along with her exploring hand when she heard and realized what she was doing. She blinked back in a daze and wondered where it all came from.


An hour later Emma frowned, as she now had to use a flashlight to navigate around. About five minutes after they arrived to the basement the power went out. They just managed to move the mayor to the nearby cot, and during all of that she still hadn't even twitched an eyelid. She slowly made her way across the room searching out the bottles on the shelf. Reading the labels carefully, Mandrake, Horehound, Sprit of Hartshorn, Mint, Clove, Willow, Ginseng, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Chamomile. "Sounds like bath oils," Emma grinned, moving over to read more.

Eye of Newt, Toe of Frog, Wool of Bat, Tongue of Dog, Scale of Dragon, Tooth of Wolf, Troll Sweat, Frog Eyes, Adder's Fork and Blind – Worm Sting. She swallowed, "mmm sounds so yummy." She whispered spinning back to her son. "Did you find any food down here?"

Henry nodded, "Yes over here is an entire room filled with food."

Relief filled the blonde. "Oh good because over here there are things I wouldn't dare eat let alone open." Then the feeling of relief died as she looked down at the sleeping form of the mayor. "Crap," she muttered to herself in a low tone. "Okay Regina, you need to wake up." She barked.

She squatted down by the sleeping brunette and slowly began to stare. She drifted her eyes across her forehead, to her closed eyes and fixated on her luscious red lips. She has beautiful lips. "What the hell?" She whispered in a groan. Emma closed her eyes and rubbed at her temples. What is wrong with me? She took in a deep breath as she opened her eyes and shook out of her thoughts. "Maybe some cold water?" She wondered and spoke louder for Henry to hear her.

"Henry bring me over some water."

The boy rushed over and handed his mother a large bottle of water. "Here you go."

Emma took a small swig, then shrugged and doused half the bottle on Regina's face. She watched carefully but no movement came from the mayor. "Well shit!" She exhaled standing back to her feet.

Henry shook his head at her. "Did you really think that would work?"

Emma half rolled her eyes at her son and thought hard. Think Emma think! "I was hoping." She peered down at the other woman who was still asleep but now was wet. She grabbed a nearby towel and bent back down and began tenderly drying her face off. "Well at least she didn't melt." The blonde smirked.

"Maybe there is a potion over there we could use." Henry suggested as he looked through the self that Emma was reading just moments earlier.

"Uh yeah and how would I know which to use?" The sheriff eyed him uncertainly.

He began to read the some of the labels again. "Mandrake, Horehound, Sprit of Hartshorn, Mint, Clove…."

Emma bounced up and ran over to Henry her face lit up. "I have an idea." She smiled as the light bulb went on in her head. "Hartshorn." She muttered softly pulling it from the shelf.

Henry scrunched his brow. "What?"

"I think its smelling salts."

"How do you know that?" He asked as he followed her back to the sleeping queen.

Emma took her seat next to the mayor, "here hold this." She handed the bottle to Henry, and then slipped her arms around Regina and in doing so she could feel her warm body against her as she breathed in her scent. Wow you feel really good in my arms, and you smell really good. Why haven't I noticed that before? A blush crept its way across her cheeks, and she pulled back as her hand cradled the brunette's neck. You are so beautiful. As that thought spun into her head she was mesmerized by the red lips yet again that were now only inches from her own. Maybe I could kiss you awake also? Her heart rate increased as she slowly began to drift toward them.

"Mom?" Henry said loudly snapping Emma out of her trance. "Are you all right?"

The blonde blinked and shook out of her trance. "What the hell?" She regained her thoughts. "Henry open the bottle."

He nodded and twisted the cork a little and pulled it hard upwards and out with his tiny fingers. "Whoa now that smells."

"Put it under her nose." Emma instructed, and pulled away for Henry to gently place the bottle directly under her nostrils.

Emma then slowly slid a hand across the mayor's mouth so all the brunette could do was breathe through her nose. She could see no movement and was ready to give up, when brown eyes snapped opened and bored angry into Emma's green ones.

The sheriff swallowed. Ah shit!


"Sheriff Swan!" The mayor said sharply with a touch of aggravation and confusion creeping into her tone.

Emma smiled and her eyes glistened with happiness. She had no earthly idea why she did what she did next and crushed Regina against her with a tight and relieved hug.

The brunette's mind reeled trying to take in her surroundings, but being held so close so tenderly was shocking to her soul. It felt terrific and she couldn't comprehend why, and that bothered her. She closed her eyes and clenched her jaw tightly and pushed herself away from the blonde. "Sheriff," she sneered. "Let go of me." She demanded coldly.

Emma's jaw dropped, her mind swirled as she released the mayor from her tight hold. "Welcome back Madam Mayor." She grinned trying to cover up her unexplained feelings.

"Mom," Henry whispered not knowing if he should say anything as he watched quietly a few steps away.

As soon as Regina heard his tiny whimper her eyes pained with tears. "Henry," she gasped her lip quivered as she took in the confused look her son was giving her.

Regina felt weak and struggled to find her voice. "I didn't mean…." She fought down inside her pushing her raw emotions aside and slowly sat up to face him. She was finding it hard, trying to grip hold of her voice. "It wasn't supposed to be you." She winced at the harshness in the tone, the raggedness of it. "Henry, I'm so sorry," she said quietly.

Henry's reaction was delayed, almost as if he could not quite comprehend what was happening. Finally, he took a tiny step closer. "I believe you," he finally said. "I know you didn't want to hurt me." He paused his voice was soft but filled with hurt. He didn't even notice the lonely tear that escaped and fell to the ground. "But you wanted to hurt my mom." He choked back a quivered breath then felt the smooth comforting hand slide into his own; he peered up finding Emma now standing by his side.


Regina's eyes slowly rose to meet his. "She was going to take you away from me." She pleaded softly. "I couldn't allow it."

Henry's face tightened. "So what just put her to sleep?" He gathered a breath looking to the blonde then back to his adoptive mother now slowly rising to her feet. "Forever?" he added sharply.

"I didn't …..I….its…..just did what I do." The brunette said lamely, her insides aching. She still felt weak and struggled to stay on her feet, so she placed a hand against the wall for support.

Without a thought Emma moved in quickly and softly laid a hand to the mayor's waist for support. She abruptly winced back once she looked up and noticed Regina's dark glare. "You just can't stop touching me can you dear?" She said in a cold mocking stare.

Emma cocked her eyebrow from the look the mayor was giving her. Yeah she knew that look all too well. "Look your Majesty." She mocked. "I simply didn't want you to fall and hit your head, and then I would be stuck taking care of your ass… yet again."

Regina regarded her for a moment then turned back to her son. "Henry, you have to believe me, I never wanted this to happen."

He caught his breath. "What did you not want to happen? The curse? Taking Emma away from me right after I found her? Or what?" He demanded.

"I…" Regina struggled to find her words. "I don't know anything right now." She dropped her head into her hands fighting against the dizziness she was feeling.

"Henry," Emma said her voice unsteady. "Uh maybe we should give her a minute, she doesn't look to good."

His eyes soften as he wiped his tears away. He sucked in a huge amount of air. "I'm so confused." He cried and Emma moved and drew him against her in a warm embrace.

"I am too." She confessed quietly. Regina watched the scene before her then noticed she was in her basement. She gradually twisted around and noticed the door to her lift was still open. She slowly began to walk to it.

"Where do you think you are going?" Emma glared at her.

Regina spun back to her. "No where."

The blonde snorted. "Well just so you know we are stuck here until the power is back on." She smirked, "So you couldn't get to far anyways." She smiled down at her son, and then moved across the room where the mayor was. She stood at her full height and tightened her jaw. "By the way, you are only here and alive, because we didn't leave you where we found you. " She hissed, and then began again in a softer voice when she gazed back at Henry. "Mostly because of him, he wanted to see you. And now you were… what going to run away yet again?"

Regina shook her head. "I wasn't running." She snapped in irritation.

"It sure looked that way to me your Majesty."

She cocked her head to the side and her eyebrow slowly arched up. "Miss Swan are you accusing me of running away from you?" Regina sneered eyeing her intently.

Emma grinned mockingly. "Of course, even though you are the Evil Queen." She said folding her arms in front of her. "So is it a habit for you to always run?" She taunted. "Or just from me?"

Regina glared. "Trust me my dear, I do not run." When the pain oozed back in and squeezed at her temples. It halted her snide comment as she bit down on her lip and took an unsteady step back from the sheriff.

Emma dropped her arms noticing the agonizing expression on the other woman. "Regina." She exhaled wanting to rush her arms out to help her, it was a struggle for her to remain still. She finally relented and dipped her head. "What going on with you?"

The mayor gathered a shaky breath and opened her eyes. She saw the worried look on both the sheriff's face and her son. Why do they care, especially after everything I did? She managed to hold her head up. "I'm fine." She said gruffly then cleared her throat. "So tell me Miss Swan, why are we stuck down here in my basement?"