Chapter One

Swoosh. The beautiful and vast house with a veranda where I spent my summer reading is now gone. Instead, I felt the bitter urge to throw up as me and my mother twist and turn when we apparate to the Platform. Our feet have touched the ground as I gasp and smelt the muggy air.

"I guess Side-Along apparition is not the thing for you," spoke my mother. "I think I prefer the car," I smiled whimsically, closing my eyes from the dizziness. Mother chortled.

But her soft grey eyes are leaking with tears as my sight return to normal. Oh no.

"Mum, please don't cry," I begged, hoping no one sees us. Unfortunately, clumps of heads were turning to see this attraction. A few laughed. Mother continued moping though I wiped her tears with a handkerchief.

Mother had eventually stopped crying while I'm invisible to everyone again. Phew that was close. "Come on, mum I need to find a seat before they are all full," I said anxiously, looking around to see the students already embarking the carriages.

"Wait, the photo," Mum beamed, waving a camera. Suddenly, my heart skipped with cold fear. I forgot about that.

"Darling, we've took photos before, it's not going to happen again," she sighed. However, I doubt it. I gulped as my fearful expression became indifferent. I pull up my trunk and let my mum be ready with the camera.

"Smile, dear,"

Eventually, her kind and imploring face made my lips twitch to smile. Snap.

"Come and have a look, Amber," she grinned, fanning the snapshot. I was about to look at it. That is until someone pushed me and sent me flying to the hard ground. Girlish laughter had lifted my ears but I couldn't see the culprit with my mess up raven-haired tresses.

Mum had helped me up.

"If they've known who you are...they wouldn't think twice to hurt you," Mum muttered darkly, fussing with my dress.

Quietly,I drag my mum towards the train carriage. "Now, have you got everything?"

I nodded, standing by the threshold. We both paused to hear the train whistle. "Are you sure dear? Have you got enough ladies things," she asked, while a mix of boys and girls chuckled loudly as they nudge past me.

"Mother, please don't say such things this casually!" I whispered. Mum ignored my pleas and held me tightly. I'm alright mother.

She had soon let me go as the train slowly began to move. "Good bye mum!"

"Good bye," she cried within the distance. The train had rolled away now when I don't see her or the platform anymore. A few tears escaped my eyes."Okay, I need to get a booth fast," I thought, walking the narrow strip. So far, they are full and I don't see my best friend anywhere. "Amber!"

Oh no...Not him. I didn't want to turn around so I scarpered to another air corridor. Unfortunately, he grabbed on to me like a leech. "I missed you, I'm glad we have a well deserved break to think things through!" said my ex-boyfriend, Russell Edwards.

I pushed him off and glared at the chestnut-haired boy with lanky arms. I felt a bitter heartache of the wonderful shadow he once were. "No we didn't, I broke up with you because you've cheated!"

"I didn't was my cousin,"

I groaned repulsively. That is a lie. He was kissing the barista girl we met the day before. The memory of it made me cry. "That was not your cousin!" I retorted and scurried off before he could grab me.

I blindly head towards the bathroom but it was dark and I can't find the switch.


I jumped and sat on something...Wait they don't have plush seats in the bathroom? "Please just go away, Russ!" I moaned. However, I felt my hand touching ice. Wait, this isn't water...Its flesh! I gasped; somebody is in the girl's bathroom.

"Arggh! My Drink!"

CRASH! The impact doubled the numbness of my back and sides. A rush of daylight had flooded my eyes. I'm outside again. "I thought you said it's just us, Draco," spoke the beautiful brunette with a heart shaped face and dilute blue eyes.

"Umm, did she say Draco?" The person in speaking had opened the curtains and looked surprised in his pale features. "This is not what it looks like, I don't even know her!"

Charlene shrieked and slapped him. Ouch that's got to hurt. "Would you think that I'd be stupid to know what you are doing?"

His steel grey eyes stung with pain. However, this guy found it hard to get around this problem. She left and flipped a rude gesture at him. I got a really bad feeling he won't like that.

BANG! My trunk, that jerk could have hit me! "Who the fuck are you?" said he. I didn't answer. His hair-It's like the sun. Umm, I should leave like right away. "C'mon, you obviously talked earlier!"

I curtsied quickly and bolt off with my trunk. "Oi, you owe me dry cleaning, Mudblood!"

I didn't stop running to the access corridors until I paused to see a familiar slim girl, within the compartment. She turned to look at me with her emerald eyes as she motioned me to come in. I sighed as I clicked the door open. "Sorry I'm late; you have no idea what the day I had..."

After thoroughly explaining twice to Grace about what happened, I got exhausted and curled up by the window. The weather was absolutely dull and confusing. "I wish I could get that git," said Grace, rolling her fist as though she's ready to punch something. I look up to her with my tired brown eyes. Her quarrelsome behaviour is swelling up her pretty face like a party balloon.

"You have to be specific on which git?" I asked.

"Malfoy, calling you a-you-know-what," G muttered darkly. My chest hurts. Of course she'd feel touchy about that horrible word; she's a muggle-born. This would actually insult my pure-blooded ancestry (though I doubt that my sperm donor does have tolerance with muggle witches and wizards) and I'd be called blood-traitor to the other arrogant pure ones who'd cross my path.

"I know but we're not supposed to fight who are ignorant..." I put in rationally. "But-he tried to hurt you!" Grace protested. "What about my ex? I didn't see you fighting him," I mumbled.

"I already got him when he set foot on the train," she smirked, tightening her fist with victor. I grumbled and failed to see reason to my stroppy blond companion. "Young maiden, have you got more of your souvenir sweets,"

I giggled. "Those were the last of it...sorry,"

"Oh nuts, they were the only low calories one." She pouted. "Hah, you'd still look fat if you carry on with your filthy muggle diets," vented the callous female voice. I suddenly notice my rival, resting her shoulder on the door frame.

My enemy...Ruby Mason, a Slytherin mean girl with platinum pale hair. Grace stood up, returned to her fiery temper. "Do you want to fight? I can take you on with my fat fist!"

I push G back to her seat and shook my head. "Don't you'll get in trouble," I whispered behind her. She grimaced and glared at Mason. "Hello mute, did you have a nice trip," sneered Mason. Hmm I'm not that surprised that she's the one who pushed me earlier.

"Hurry up, Ruby-"

Oh no, I see another dislikeable face in Slytherin robes behind Ruby. "Just a minute Drakey," she cooed. "I'm taking care of business."

"Please Amber, can I punch her!" Grace begged. "The Mute can't speak, you filthy heathen," Mason scolded. Grace rose up. "She can too; Amber wouldn't waste a syllable on someone that's covered in bull shit,"

Mason paused. Her pasty face is glowing red. The booth went silent. "Hmm, I suspect your filthy Mudblood mother would've wiped your filthy mouth, huh?"

That is a new low! Mason had gone from her usual irritable attitude to something really ugly. Worse of all, G looked down with a heartbroken look. Without thinking of this thoroughly, I stood up thusly.


"Did-did-did-you just talk!" My opponent stuttered, moving away slightly. "Apologise to Grace right now!" I yelled again, stomping my foot. However, Ruby Mason scarpered and left the harlot boyfriend.

"You're going to get it," Malfoy scoffed. However, his look didn't look menacing as he stalked off. Something is wrong with me...