Amber's P.O.V~

Chapter One

I gasp for air as my feet touched the ground. Unnecessary gust of winds almost blow off my dress after side-along Apparition. I was hoping no one had seen that. Luckily, I'm safe from any form of embarrassment...for now. Mother smiled but it was trembling. Oh no. Here come the waterworks. "There we are!" she squeaked, holding back the tears.

"Let's go mother." I whispered, dusting off my dress before I embark on the train.

"Wait, sweetie...let me take the Charlton Photo." Dang it, I forgot about this tradition. Mother will take every photo of my life and put it not just in a photo album, but hang those up like a shrine back at home. I act happy, docking on the train while my suitcase is in my hand.

Mum snapped the perfect picture before I got pushed out by some unknown offender. She helped me up, shouting at the delinquent who got on the train.

I suffer from a couple of grazes but I'm fine. "You okay, Pumpkin." I nod. "Yes, Mum...I'm fine."

"Now have you got everything?" she warbled, tears rolling down her cheeks. "Yes but can you please stop crying." I asked nicely. "I'm...not...crying." she said, blowing her nose on a handkerchief.

I gently pat her back but instead she hugged me in a bone crushing hug.

"I'll be okay mum; I'll be back before you know it." I choked out. I struggled out when I hear the shrill whistle blow. I cross the threshold before she could catch me. "Goodbye Mum." I said quietly, rolling down the passage window.

"Goodbye...Write to me!" I waved to her until she's a black dot with all of the other waving parents on platform. I kick my animated suitcase behind as I search for an empty booth. However, most are full. "Amber!" I stun round and wonder who called me. I wish I didn't.

"I missed you!" Russ beamed and clung on to me. I elbowed him in the ribs and ran fast as I could go. Many of the occupants glared bewilderingly out of their windows.

Unfortunately, he was faster than me. "Amber, stop...let me explain- that was my cousin you saw me with!" he shouted. I halted, my eyes swimming with tears. "That was not your cousin!" I growled at the lying creep. "Yes she was!" he snapped.

"No it was that barista girl." I retort, walking away from my stunned beige-haired ex. I found a secluded bathroom to cry in. But my blurry vision fooled me, it was a very private booth. I heard a high-pitched scream. Oops.

"Fuck my drink!" I winced and took a few steps back out of the private compartment. But I miscalculated my steps and fell off the threshold. Blunt aches attacked my back and head. I elbowed up, my eyes misjudging vision. I see two blurs of the individuals; the one on the right looks familiar. "You told me it's just you and me!"

"Oh no baby, it is just me...I don't even know who she is!" "Hmph, Likely tale." She snorted and walked off. I wrinkled at the mature smell on my soaked cardigan. Gross, who drinks coffee.


I freeze as I recognised the moment his cold grey eyes scowled me. The Slytherin you'd unlikely to cross and I just inferred his 'businesses'. Draco Malfoy. I can't stop staring. Mum would be proud of the good-looking specimen that I'd likely marry. I shuddered at the ugly and scary thought.

"Look what have you done, it's going to be months without screwing other girls...and you spilled my drink on my fucking blazer!"

I get up quickly, pursed my lips and escaped with a fast curtsy. My face burned puce. "What The-I'm not finished with you—Tchh Mudblood." He yelled maliciously. My nose wrinkled but didn't stop as I reach to the girl's bathroom. I was pulled in to a compartment door. "Amber, there you are.."

I wanted to fight Russ off. "Hold up, what you are doing. It's me!" I sighed in relief, I recognise this blonde anywhere with emerald green eyes. Grace Harrison.

"Oh, thank god...I just ran into my ex!" G gasped and tugged me down next to her. "That Bastard..." she sneered and prods out for more details. I left out the one where I encountered Malfoy and rubbed my back. The tea trolley arrived to our door and it makes me forget what I faced today. I promised to myself to not leave this booth as the train continue to travel the country side...

The train pulled to a hard stop to Hogsmeade station. Of course, I tumble off my seat. It was barrel of laughs outside the door. G dragged me up. "Jerks!" she called them.

"Pinch me, I must be dreaming." Said the harsh, shrilly voice. I pause. I take it that it's my arch-rival, Ruby Mason...obviously insulting me. "And you didn't need any of my help last time!"

Of course! It was her that tripped me up earlier while taking my picture. "Beat it Mason, your blocking the door with your bubble butt!" Grace sneered. The funny thing is she's really skinny.

"What did you call my girlfriend, Mudblood..." scolded the protective boyfriend behind her. I went in shock. The boyfriend now stepped in. It's Malfoy!

"Bubble...Butt." Grace replied very slowly. Without my brain's permission, I giggled hard behind my long sleeves. Mason threw me glare and her lip curled so maliciously that Snape would have been proud. Malfoy was different, it was wrath and defensive. "Did you think this is funny, mute? Blink once for yes and twice for no!" she jeered. "Amber is not a mute, she can talk!" Grace yelled.

"Was I talking to you, filthy little Mudblood!" "Stop!" I yelled shrilly. It was too late to cover my mouth because Mason staggered out of the compartment. Her blue eyes were wide in disbelief. "You—"

"Leave!" I start forwards. She ran within a second before I spoke up again. "Hah, you didn't suspect that did you!" Grace jeered after her. Malfoy stood there with the most calculating look. I cross my arms. "Anything else you want to run by me?"

Malfoy rolled his eyes, flipped me the finger and follow his sweetheart through the narrow strip. G's eyes turned like saucers. "That was awesome, wish your mum took a picture of this moment!" she beamed and did the honours of holding my suitcase for me as we tread together to a narrow strip and exit the train doorway to the carriages provided by the school.