Amber's P.O.V~

Chapter Ten- Opposites Attract Sweetheart

(Narrator's P.O.V: The soggy weather outside the walls within the castle had filled grief with many students in the Great Hall. However, there's excitable talk between these four tables. And it couldn't come in a better time too as Amber Charlton (dressed in her cerulean sweater and skirt) had set down her textbook on Reversing Combined Counter Spells and Jinxes...)

Thoroughly, I whizzed from page to page to find the antidote. But the loud and excitable gossipers had distracted me. Therefore I cornered the page I'm last on and investigate what was going on while helping myself with a raspberry-jam bagel.

"They say they're in Hogsmeade...just in time for the Festival-"

"No way..."

Festival, what kind of festival I wonder? The seventh years stopped talking all together to see me glance at them, giving me the –Ugh-Nosy-Fifth-Year- scowl. I rolled my eyes and trot back to my loner seat; well not exactly because Luna would sit opposite me.

"Hullo Amber..." she said, dreamily. As she currently buried her head in the Quibbler. I too sink my head within the textbook. Moments later, I could hear people sniggering behind her.

"Just because she's different...people can be so judgemental."

However, Luna didn't express any misery. Furthermore she's too engrossed with her magazine. I let out a yawn yet I'm determined to find some way to reverse this. It has been exactly four days since this happened so I've been avoiding Draco-I mean Malfoy so he won't have the chance to yell at me for not picking up the slack enough.

I've peeked from my text-book to the Slytherin table. Hmm Mason don't look to happy, considering Draco is not in today. Yet I found Zabnini looking back at me. Therefore, I coldly shouldered him while the hurtful memories had flooded my brain.

To my surprise, two owls had perched on my bowl of cornflakes. I baulked as the bowl toppled over one of the owl's heads. I noticed Luna gave off a hesitant giggle although she helped Crimson (my family owl) and brush off the cornflakes from his feathers, he's lucky that I didn't fill it with milk yet.

"Crimson, you're showing off again." I said, while receiving his riled look. Furthermore, I got both of my letters which I'll read it later. I slowly beamed, while stroking his head as he soared to the exit.

However, the petite owl nipped one of my fingers to get my attention- man that smarts- the tawny owl dropped the note carelessly in my hand and too soared out of the exit. "That was one stubborn owl..." said Luna, now staring at thin air. I didn't acknowledge her; instead I read the note within my finger tips.

Meet me at the Ravenclaw common room at midnight tonight,

No excuses.


This is just great and I'm being sarcastic (!)

11:50 pm(According to Amber's watch)

I'm getting nervous every time I look at my watch and the ticking pendulum of the Grandfather clock isn't helping either. Yet I attempt to distract myself by re-reading my mother's letter. I looked at the date. October 4th. My god has is been that long since I waved at her with goodbye and whispered 'I love you.'

That sucked...By now I'd be doing my O. and spend any treasured time with my best friend, living with carefree. Instead I've had to convince students and mainly Mason that I'm in a relationship with Draco Malfoy.

"I mean how hard can it be, right?" I'd thought, many days agobefore I got into this train wreck.

11:56pm- Wow it's getting slow by here. However, I wouldn't exactly say it's a train wreck because I mean—I got rid of Russ and I did that. I'm surprised that I can be this confident..."and that kiss-yeah- the way he looked at you dear-" Suddenly, It hit me like fanged Frisbee, what! The heck is this in my brain.

"Mother, get out of my head..." I hissed, rubbing my eyes.

*Hem-hem* I sprout up, that can't be Umbridge until my eyes had met flickering grey. I glared although I can't pretend that it was amusing. "Well, I can see that your sense of humour did not change in the slightest." I said, sinking back to my armchair.

He rolled his eyes and sat opposite me."Too bad you weren't in your room, I could-" he smirked, his voice still pitched. "—yes, yes, comical and very witty, jokes aside. What else do you want?" I said, surely he must've known I've been cramming.

"Hmm, since you put it out of the open..." he said, smirking.

"Of course I did, I fall into that one again did I?" I said snappily.

He raised an eyebrow. "What's your problem Charlton?" said Draco, huffily. "My problem, hmm I don't know...I had a whole list but I choose not talk about any fucking important thing." I snarled my hand balled up to fist. Draco looked at me with caution. I try not to wince, though my arm is on fire.

"Umm-err..." said Draco, lost for words. I realise something as I scan his pale face, he looked like he seen a ghost. Oh, I must've scared him, how is that possible?

I sighed, rubbing my eyes. "Look, I'm a girl-" I said. "Pfft, Obviously although If your one of those Wizards, you'll be the most attractive ones there." Draco responded. Wait did he compliment me or made a joke that I'm attractive. I can feel a tickling sensation in my abdomen.

I took a moment to laugh. Draco looked, no doubt relieved and awkward. "-and I get easily riled up, plus I'm shattered with a weird craving for peanut butter toast..." I suggest, cordially.

"Can I ask you a question?" He blurted. I'm surprised. However, I bit my lip and have a moment for myself to think carefully of this. Draco seemed almost eagerly."Yes, I grant you my permission to...whatever you're going to say?" I hesitated, cursing my polite influence.

"Why did you help me out, I thought you'd...not see any point in it considering..." Draco said. I paused, until I finally know what he meant. I turned magenta, remembering what Dumbledore said that I put my Friends first before myself. Plus, seeing Draco in a situation where he's hurt or in trouble confused me in the slightest.

"I guess, helping and thinking of others is in my blood even with people who're complicated-" I answered thoughtfully. Draco looked at me, his eyebrows forming a line. "—or they're just one big idiot." I joked. "Hey!" said Draco, pretending to be offended. I laughed a little. "Bazinga..." Strange, is Draco Malfoy easily to talk too? Stupid hormones he blackmailed me into this. "Opposites attract sweetheart."

"So...what is it really you want to inform me on?" I said, just wondering. "Oh, I forgot..." he said, looking flustered. Suddenly something clicked in my brain. I grinned. "You're bored out of your mind, aren't you?" I got out, while my stomach flipped and can do a handstand.

His eyes widened. "Pfft, no that's...mental." he hissed, looking almost convincingly angry. "Yeah, sure it's mental and you got me too talk to?-" I said dryly.

"Shut up and keep looking for the antidote before I really..." He leered, swaggering to the portrait. I hugely smiled. "Don't worry sweetheart, it'll be strictly between us." I said teasingly. "Fuck Off..." he said loudly, as he slammed the portrait door on him.

Grr, Stupid female Hormones...