Amber's P.O.V~

Chapter Eleven- The Arachnid

Alone, I walked on a random route to the school grounds. Considering that I need some air, hoping it would refresh my mind on new ideas to cure Draco's voice. And if I can't, I'd just draw. It'll calm me and it's not the end of the world. I sink on the grass with a sketchpad and pencil. But before my pencil reaches the pallid parchment, the rustling shrubs had caught my attention.

"Psst..." said the drawling voice. Draco?

I quickly turned, and magicked my sketchpad to disappear to a safe destination. "Umm, why are you hiding?" I asked, not one of my better questions that come out of my brain.

Without warning, he pulled me down as I kneel in the squidgy mud all over my new jeans. I grimaced. "Thanks..." I hissed mordantly.

"None taken..." he smirked, keeping a look out for something. "God, you're such an asshole." I said, clenching my teeth from the pain. Malfoy skimmed a perspective look to my arm. He turned away and pay attention outside.

"You haven't answered my question." I preach.

"We can do it later, shut up." he said dryly. I snorted, ignoring the tingly feeling in my abdomen when he said Princess. Several minutes past, nothing out of ordinary had happened yet. I lean my head on my arm, already on bored position and wished I have my sketchpad back to pass the time.

"It's Mason alright!" he bellowed, beyond my surprise.

"It's not like my question plagued your brain, Idiot." I countered, mischievously. "No one calls Malfoy an idiot!" he hissed. That's odd...he's not offended in fact Draco expressed –I think- its anguish. I coughed.

"I was snappy on the wordplay...sorry."

"Stop apologizing, I get what you mean... I just hate quiet that's why I blurted." He mumbled inaudibly. I clearly comprehend him. "You did tell me to shut up." I pondered out. "Well, I thought you didn't take it literally." said Draco.

I rolled my eyes. "You could've picked a better hiding spot...or was the trees over there pre-occupied?" I said with my dry wit. Malfoy sarcastically laughed, but it was almost genuine.

"Duck." he hissed quietly. I frowned, those are good jeans.

Therefore I hesitated.

"Heh-heh Goose..." I mumbled.

"Now!" he warned me. I hid, next to him. I'm merely inches from his elbow. My eyes found grey. A wonderful grey...oh fudge! "Quick, turn away Amber!" I ordered mentally. Jerked away, I scanned a platinum blur. On a hunt for Draco obviously...

"What were you doing a second ago?" said Malfoy, widely smirking from the corner of my eye. I froze, however I pretended to keep a look out for Mason. "I know you're listening...Amber" he said, touching my sleeve. I repress the shiver down my spinal cord.

"Of course I'm listening. I have a very good hearing." I emphasize under my breath.

"Don't go and change the subject now, Charlton. I knew it." Malfoy indicted. "I'm not changing the subject. I'm just saying that I heard you." I answer coolly.

But he said the words I'd not likely to repeat. "You like me." Damn I repeated it! Again, I neglected what I heard except Malfoy didn't let this stupid possibility that I could like him pass. I don't...he blackmailed me into this stupid charade.

"Shut the fudge up, I don't...have you heard of method acting." I piped. "Yes I heard, but that's not it...You like me and find me irresistible." He winked. "Hmm, should I guide Mason to our hiding spot." I grinned haughtily.

"No you won't, you wouldn't have this pretty face in a pulp." "Oh really?" I thought impishly.

"Help! A stupid thick squirrel is trying to attack-" suddenly, my fake distress outburst was muffled. Replaced with 'someone's' cold lips on mine. I slowly thawed but wouldn't dare to kiss back.

However the persuasion in my brain says differently. "Do it dear, he's a way better man than one of those goons you previously dated..." -Without warning, I press my lips on his. Simultaneously, I thought my heart will explode. And I pull away.

"Why did you stop?" He asked. I prefer not answer this odd question, though I was distracted, to see G, alone. "I thought she's with Cho's Posse..." I thought snidely. I assume that branded a new low that she was accepted to that superficial group. However, I'll reconcile.

"Charlton get down here!" hissed Draco, as I realised that I stood up.

This is my chance...before I re-appear from the bushes, a hand grabbed my ankle. "Get off me, Malfoy!" I claim, wriggling my foot off him. "No, she's going to pulverise Yo-me if you put yourself out of the open!" he tipped off. "Oh no G..." I digress as I spot Mason looming by. "I'M HERE YOU SLINKY ASS HARLOT." I cried out.

"Charlton, shut up before we're in deep shit." Draco yield as I tripped. Moreover, the world around me seems to spin. That'd explain I see two Draco's and the trickling droplets of blood that pockmarked the moving ground. As the world stopped spinning, I'm in almost complete darkness. Furthermore, the only thing I can make out is a lit wand and Draco's pale complexion.

I cast a look around where the pale blue light had touched. The familiar foliage and the huge awning trees are like the Forbidden... Next, the blue light spread out more.

Draco glared as I stopped looking. At first, I was pretty sure he was going to yell at me. Though, Draco looked hostile as he aimed his wand whenever we hear a twig snap. "Where're you skank!" said Mason, very far away. Well she's not that stupid to enter the perimeters of the forest.

"Fuck, are you alright!"

I jumped as I feel my nose pinched. "Ouch, watch ib." I fend off, my eyes watering. "Right, er...I shouldn't touch-" he noted himself. I bestow a–you-think- look. "Neber Minb it's my faulb anywab." I wavered, not much of a big deal. I guess Draco barely comprehend it.

"Um, er other than that you're...fine?" he incurred.

"Yeab I Fink so." I nod, twisting my fingers. "Good, because it's your stupid fault." He said, change of heart. I react apathetically, though I'm crawling with Goosebumps and I impulsively shuddered like someone had just walked through my grave. I hugged my chest for warmth.

"Maybe we should go." Spoke Draco, fearlessly (Not really by the sounds of it). I nodded agitatedly and followed him out of the bulky part of the woods. Once or twice my jeans were snagged by the bristling shrubs to keep up with him.

"Can't get any deeper shit than this." he said, using his humour to mask whatever alarmed him.

I analyse why. Since the trail of our muddy footprints indicated that we walked around in circles and I have a worse feeling that someone is watching us. I hyperventilated, loosing what I find tranquil. "What's wrong, did you see anything." Draco asked, not really helping at all.


The glare he previously persisted had melted. "There's nothing to be scared of, okay...I mean the castle is occupied with the pink ugly flamingo." He tries. Somehow, I laughed feebly. "I-b like flamingos..." I acclaim, finding the pink feather bird's fascinating.

"Well not this one roaming the school and there's nothing to be..." he assured me until he paused like that. Turning slowly, I see a moving, hairy body between the heavy gaps of trees. I immediately hold on to his hand as we back away, not taking our eyes off that thing with milky white eyes.

"SPIDER..." Draco bayed, rooted on a spot. Almost that he had irrational phobia? Spider is right, although it's ten times the size of any normal arachnid as he clacked his pincers.

Despite my likeness of spiders, I assume this one eats more than flies. Laughing nervously, I heedlessly pace backwards. Though, a vice like grip had seized my wrist...I turn, just now realised that Draco looked absolutely petrified. Then, the spider's rancid breath reeked as the milky white eyes bored mine...