Amber's P.O.V~

Chapter Seven- Issues or Bazinga (Part II)

I don't know if I'm thankful or hated by the fact that I have to be sent to Professor Dumbledore's office. Our headmaster, I've never been misbehaved since I enrolled at this school in my second year. I head to the stone gargoyle where it encased a stone stairway. The corridors are empty. You can hear the distant lectures through the stone walls.

I stopped in front of the gargoyle and muttered. "Whizzbees..."and walk briskly up the winding staircase. As I did, I'd knock on the door to the Headmaster office.

"Come in." said the headmaster, his voice sounds quietly cheery.

Unsure of this, I've stepped inside his office. My mind wanders off for a bit, as I look around the room. His collectables and trinkets occupy me with interest. It stops as I lay my eyes on a beautiful Phoenix. His feathers are fiery red like embers of a burning fire. It must have been merely minutes before the Headmaster had brought to my attention.

"His name is Fawkes, Ms Charlton." He said, giving a little wink at me. I would've laughed...if I wasn't in trouble. "You wanted to see me sir." I asked, averting Professor Dumbledore's twinkling blue eyes.

"Not to worry, Ms're not in trouble." He replied assuredly. I've felt a small relief in my lungs. "So if I'm not in trouble sir, why did you summon me?" I said, sounding dense.

He chuckles while I awkwardly smiled. "Because Ms Charlton, you have been appointed prefect." He said gently, giving me a smile. I froze. He'd said...what?

"Excuse me." I said rather perplexed than offended. "You're our new prefect, Ms Charlton." He said mellifluously jovial. "I'm...I'm the new Ravenclaw prefect." I answered somewhat slowly, like an idiot who don't know its timetables.

"Yes." He optimistically grins. But answers left unquestioned. What about Grace? She's the Ravenclaw Prefect. And why me, there are perfect enough candidates to do the job?

And I'm too quiet for being an authority figure. "Sir...This is not. This must be some mistake... Is this a joke?" I stammered, looking down to my shoes. "There's no mistake Ms Charlton, I can assure you...I made very tough decisions of appointing prefects over the summer and I didn't say Bazinga is that right?"

I've blinked but shook my head mentally. "Still...Sir, My friend-Grace is Prefect..." I said, controlling my stammer.

"Yes...she was, unfortunately according to Professor Snape last week...she had been very behind on her coursework in potions."

"How behind, we've just started school." I asked, concerned for my former best friend.

"A month's worth." Dumbledore said. "And Ms Harrison had to stay behind in detentions' with Professor Snape for catching up on course work and other things as-well." Dumbledore continued.

Well it did explain the piles of books on her desk earlier in the library. "What other things, Sir." I interrogated.

"Just yesterday, Ms Harrison threatened another student who unfortunately is a prefect." he said, shaking his head in somewhat disappointment. I'd have an inkling that's Mason.

"Therefore, you're the new prefect Ms Charlton...but it's your decision." said Dumbledore, as his eyes glints. I'm unsure...As I'd open my mouth to decline this position. Professor Dumbledore stopped me with his hand in mid-air.

"However, I might say this Ms Charlton. I'm running low on volunteers' for the upcoming event this December. You see I'm hosting a ball and I'd need the help I can get." He said, watching me closely as his eyes twinkled.

"I don't know sir, I mean, I'm grateful but see-

Professor Dumbledore watched me with interest. "Consequently you would think of others before yourself...and I understand that Amber, but I'd really need your help on this."

I purse my lips. Damn. "Can I at least think about it sir." I said quietly. "I'll give you until tomorrow, Ms Charlton." He smiles softly, indicating his hand to my exit. I take off in a quick walk down the winding staircase.

It's tough to out negotiate the headmaster and the brilliant wizard of all time. I groaned and went to my classes.

Classes had already finished by the time I went to the library to retrieve my backpack. "Me...Prefect, how will Grace take it?" I thought a little unhappy. Yes, okay I'm pleased for myself...However I have a sickly feeling in the back of my throat. After all this miserable debate with myself, I've stopped for a second. My school bag is a little light, rummaged inside it. My eyes widened in horror. But I checked again.

For a moment, I'd sprung into panic. "It must've been in my room." I thought, trying to calm myself down. Scurry forwards. Then another thought triggers my brain. I snarled and sneered. Malfoy...

As I marched, not really thinking of where I'm going. Anger swirls in me, mixed with miserable guilt...then repentance.

(Draco Malfoy's P.O.V)

Blaise and I walked ahead a few corridors to the Slytherin common room. "If she thinks I'm an egotistical prat, she has another thing coming." Although if she's so smart enough. Charlton wouldn't leave her school bag at my disposal. But I have something what she thinks is important than her crummy textbooks. According to the red writing that says 'Keep out'. I couldn't resist...

I've smirked wide. "Malfoy mate, you're concocting a plan with that smirk." said Blaise, he too smirked. "Not exactly a plan...I'm getting even." I reply with a shrug. He rolled eyes.

From nowhere, a person appeared in front of us. Recognised who is it is immediately I smirked. Blaise scowled although he said nothing.

"Can I talk to you for a moment?" She said sweetly. (Fake) Blaise mimics her behind her back, I'd hold in my snigger. "Zabnini, I'll owl your mother...since Meredith and Ceria are such good friends." She simpers. He bolted straight in to the common room. It had me perplexed.

"I' am not having the very best day here, Malfoy...can I please have back what is mine." She affirms, in a smouldering stare.

"And what is yours, Charlton." I said nonchalantly, folding my arms. "Look, Draco...even if it was just one time I'm this angry." She said. Once yeah right. Wait a moment...did she say Draco, with no one around?

I knew it! She finds me irresistible according to my previous 'Girlfriends' if you catch my drift...And why in the fuck do I care? "Oh you do care..." said the annoying voice,

"And you used this opportunity to get your petty revenge, so I'm sorry...Okay" She declares mannerly. Jeez her 'manners'. And I was expecting her head exploding. Her Beau-shit!

"You're sorry?" I speak perplexedly, frowning. "For what." I continued. "I'm just sorry and I'd really want my sketchpad back." she said, almost pleading. My frown turned to a smirk.

"Hmmm...Why should I?" I answered. "Or I wouldn't help you at all...Since I do most of the dirty work." She said tersely, crossing her arms.

I've scoffed. "Then I would've told the whole school about your fa-" "Don't say that word in front of me! Thomas is nothing to Me." she sneers. As she scowl. My face deflates with air, for not finishing my sentence.

Sheesh she has issues!

"The easy thing to do is just give me back my sketchpad, please and I will still help you with Merlin knows what." She huffs flatly. I snubbed her.

Then a sick toxin had made its way to the oesophagus. Without thinking, I've reached in my robes pocket... "What the fuck am I doing?" I thought weakly. Then the more strong voice said. "Giving back what's hers...C'mon you had your fun."

As I try to fight this stupid voice in my head. " I'm a Malfoy and I don't help or give back unless its blackmail involved."

"Please." She said in the most depressing tone. As I'd hand it to her (and swear under my breath)...the venom stops. First I was relieved until a slightly temperate reaction makes me...fluffy?!

I've went in the common room before she would've said anything disturbing.

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