Amber P.O.V~

Chapter Seven

I don't know if I'm thankful or hated by the fact that I'm ordered to go to the Headmaster's office. I've never been misbehaved or sent to the headmaster's office before...Well except for me being sorted in a house since I moved away from France and education district. I remembered a bit when the hat whispered in my ear as it took little time to find me a house. "RAVENCLAW!" it cried.

I stopped in front of the gargoyle and muttered. "Whizzbees..."

The stone gargoyle moved while I jump on the winding staircase. As it stopped, I knocked on the bright mahogany door and waited for his permission to let me in.

"Come in,"

Unsure of this, I stepped inside his office while my mind wanders freely for a bit as I look around the room. His collectables are odd and made bizarre noises. I stop immediately to see a beautiful phoenix on a perch. His feathers are fiery red while his eyes look and search into my soul. I remembered that under him was black ash when I got sorted. It must have been barely minutes before the Headmaster had brought my attention.

"His name is Fawkes, Ms Charlton," said Professor Dumbledore. Both of his blue eyes twinkled at me. I'd be at ease if I wasn't in trouble.

"You wanted to see me sir," I asked, averting him. "Not to worry, Ms're not in trouble,"

I've felt a small relief as I stretch my spine upwards. "So if I'm not in trouble sir, why did you summon me?" I said, sounding dense. He chuckles while I beamed awkwardly. "Because Ms Charlton, you have been appointed prefect," He said gently.

I froze, staring at him dumbfounded. "Excuse me," I enquired him a minute later. "You're our new prefect, Ms Charlton," He gestured the blue badge on his desk lightly. I felt guilty to see it polished.

"I'm...I'm the new Ravenclaw prefect," I answered slowly, like an idiot who don't know its timetables. "Yes," said The Headmaster as he optimistically grins at me. What about Grace? She's the Ravenclaw Prefect. And why me, there are perfect enough candidates to do the job?

"Sir...This is not. This must be some mistake... Is this a joke?" I stammered.

"There's no mistake Ms Charlton, I can assure you...I made very tough decisions of appointing prefects over the summer,"

"Still...Sir, My friend-Grace is a Prefect," I claim reasonably. "Yes...she was, unfortunately according to Professor Snape last week...she had been very behind on her coursework in potions," Professor Dumbledore sighed dolefully.

"How behind, we've just started school." I asked, concerned for my best friend. "A month's worth...she didn't finish the homework she has to do over the summer," Professor Dumbledore stated logically.

"And Ms Harrison had to stay behind in detentions' with Professor Snape for catching up on course work and other things as well." He finished lightly.

Well it did explain the piles of books on her desk earlier in the library. "What other things, Sir," I interrogated. "Just yesterday, Ms Harrison threatened another student who unfortunately is a prefect," he said, shaking his head in somewhat disappointment.

Of course...Mason. "Therefore, you're the new prefect Ms Charlton...but it's your decision,"

I open my mouth to decline this position but the headmaster stopped me with his hand in mid-air. "However, I might say this Ms Charlton. I'm running low on volunteers' for the upcoming event this December. You see I'm hosting a ball and I'd need your help and the others for more I can get," he forwarded.

"I don't know sir, I mean, I'm grateful but see-"

Professor Dumbledore watched me with curious interest. "Consequently," he imparted politely. "You would think of others before yourself...and I understand that Amber, but I'd really need your help on this,"

I purse my lips. Damn it. "Can I at least think about it sir,"

"I'll give you until tomorrow, Ms Charlton." He smiles softly, indicating his hand to my exit. It's tough to out negotiate the headmaster and the brilliant wizard of all time.

I left the headmaster's office, walk down the winding staircase and hurry off to my lesson.

Classes had already finished by the time I went to the library to retrieve my satchel. "Me...Prefect, how will Grace take it?" I wonder miserably. Yes, okay I'm pleased for myself but I don't lead or make the orders. If I do take it, G would hate me, If I don't-Grr I do think of others!

I fasten my satchel...I paused suddenly. My school bag is a little light? Rummaged inside it, I still can't find it. My eyes widened in horror. "Oh no...He didn't...he wouldn't!"

My worrying mood changed and transformed into something ugly.

Draco Malfoy's P.O.V-

Blaise and I walked ahead to the corridors towards our common room. "I'll show her egotistical git," hah, she's not so smart when she left her bag at my disposal. I have something what she thinks is important than her crummy textbooks. According to the red writing on this paperback that says 'KEEP OUT'. I just couldn't resist.

I smirked wide. "Malfoy mate, you're concocting something evil with that smirk," said Blaise, he too smirked.

"Maybe I am,"

Unsurprisingly, the person I knew would come had emerged in front of us. "Can I talk to you for a moment sweetie?"

Blaize frowned behind her and gagged also. "Zabnini, I'll owl your mother...since Meredith and Ceria are such good friends." Charlton simpered without looking at him. He bolted straight in to the common room. Hmm that was odd. "I' am not having the very best day here, Malfoy therefore can I please have it back please," She affirmed, in a smouldering stare.

"I don't know what're you talking about, Charlton." I said coolly, folding my arms.

"Look, Draco...I confess that I got upset and angry-" Charlton replied lightly. Wait a minute...did she say Draco, with no one around? I knew it! She finds me irresistible...And why in the fuck do I care?

"And you used this opportunity to get your petty revenge, so I'm sorry...Okay."

Fuck, I was expecting her head exploding...not that dumb apologetic bullshit. This is not fun at all! "You're sorry...for what exactly?" I spoke up, a little taken aback. "I'm just sorry and I'd really want my notebook back," Charlton pleaded.

My frown turned to a smirk. Finally it got interesting. "Hmmm, why should I then,"

She sighed again. "I wouldn't help you at all, Mason choked me today and I stuck to my guns that I won't break up with you,"

Something stirred inside me. I got angry really fast. "She did what, don't lie to me!" I snarled and er...looked where Mason's red hand prints are...those were faintly visible. Ugh, this is getting really boring now.

"Not until I see what's in it first," I smirked, opening the first page. "No-please it's private..."

I snubbed her but I feel...bad about it like I was drinking poison...Oh crap, that's guilt! Grr I hate guilt. "Please," She said in the most depressing tone. "Look, Charlton you can't get anything by your adequate niceness, Get a grip," I sneered. Suddenly, she looked sad...really sad. Charlton glumly sulked as though she's given up.

I couldn't stand it! The poison completely stopped when I threw the thing at her which led her to confusion. First I was relieved but I felt something fluffy deep into my chest. "Thank you...Malfoy," said Charlton.

Angry with myself, I've pushed her out of my way before more emotions can creep out...