Draco Malfoy's P.O.V~

Chapter Eight- Malfoy's Bad Mood

(Narrator's P.O.V: September had extinguished to a dreary October when the sun lazily surfaced behind the bottle green hills, stimulating almost everyone to be awake. But as for Draco Malfoy he's already out of bed and within the castle walls of the boy's bathroom below the dungeons, drowning his head temporarily in the sink...)

I wrench out my head of the sink as icy cold water trickled down my face, the images of my nightmarish memory are still fresh in my mind. Don't- A Malfoy doesn't wear a heart around its sleeve. And I could feel it build-up to the surface. "No-Not today...No—" I hissed towards my reflection. Soon, the lump in my throat starts to swell when I get...upset. But it was difficult for it stop.

And I'm already on the floor, burying my head to my knees...

It was late in the afternoon as I strode into Transfiguration without any intention of knocking on the classroom door to interrupt the old bat's lecture in front of the whole class. Despite the mood I'm in, I've smirked to watch McGonagall's nose flare up furiously.

Regardless of McGonagall having a go at me, I've taken my seat next to Blaise. "Wonderful timing..." said Blaise sarcastically. That is until he observed me, he glowered. This is bad because...well we've been (Best) friends for a long time. "Mate, are you alright?" he asked.

I didn't answer, so I pretend to stare at the diagram of the vanishing spell on the blackboard. And I know at the corner of my eye that he's watching me still. "Vanishing mice is more complicated procedure because they're invertebrate—" but there was a—delicate knock on the door.

Me and the rest of the class turned heads. I heard whispers from my peers saying "Mute is here..." Great, my fake girlfriend Charlton is here for some reason.

"Yes, Charlton?" said Professor McGonagall in an adopting kind of voice. I've rolled my eyes. "Professor Flitwick seems to run out of quills since he performed them on fire-by accident though- and have you got any spare?" she asked McGonagall.

The class excluding Blaise and I, gawped because she spoke in public now, yet the blue badge on chest is new to me...she's prefect now! And why do I find this enthralling? The old bat signalled Charlton nicely to the storage cupboard. The lump in my throat is hard to swallow.

"Malfoy, your hair is on fire." Blaise indicated to my hair, with a panic-like look on his face. I've thought he was having me on— until now, my head is singing in smoke.

"Mr Malfoy..." roared McGonagall, she too panicked. And her face turned, as I assume she tried to remember which spell. "PUT IT OUT!" I shouted. Waving my hands as I stupidly thought the fire would put out.

Amber's P.O.V~

Immediately (while I rush ahead towards him), I've pulled out my wand and utter an incantation. "Aguamenti..." as my wand gush like a water fountain and dampen the white-red flames of his hair. And it left Draco Malfoy sopping wet. Again I muttered a drying spell...but he was left stunned by...I think my appearance. But everyone is left staggered too.

"You-Okay—" I spoke to Draco, ignoring pretty much everyone who stared at me. I've thought he nodded and stared again. "Well—Ms Charlton I should give you 25 points for—well your level-headedness and quick thinking..." breathed Professor McGonagall. I blinked a few times and shook my head. "No I don't really need those house points for-" I reply in honesty, but she insisted and led me out of the door with the quills in my arms.

"I hate being prefect." I whispered quietly, setting off to Flitwick's classroom in the marble staircase and I can see Topaz pebbles added in the Ravenclaw Hour Glass.

"Oh come on, being a prefect is not that bad..." said the familiar drawling voice, behind me.

I've rolled my eyes, getting used to his popping up everywhere scheme. "Do you have class?" I suggested casually, climbing on the fourth floor. "I suppose to be at the hospital but that's not going to happen." Malfoy smirked.

"Whatever..." I shrug, still carrying the quills in my arms. "And anyway...I suspect to have your gratitude to—well to tone down your hot-head-" I said, just a tad irritable.

"Oh look out she's moody today!" he said, smirking. "And I assume you're on your time of the month?" he finished. I've scoffed, reaching the charms corridor. "It's actually typical of you Malfoy to believe that I'm menstruat—" I said, before he interrupted me.

"Too much information there-Charlton, I didn't exactly want to be grossed out by your full detailing!" he grimaces. I rolled my eyes, for a second I've thought it was funny. "I'm not apparently- just edgy and somewhat worried...feelings duh?"

"And I was going to say thanks...but you took 25 points to your stupid brainy house." He ridiculed. "I said I didn't actually need them!" I glared, lunging for the door handle.

"And you didn't actually stop it—did you goody two shoes?" Malfoy scoffed. I huffed and stared at him.

"Well Idiot, I would've let you burn if it wasn't for my stupid brainy N.E.W.T. papers on water!" I sneer, opening the door and slam it in his face after I excused Professor Flitwick that the wind just blew in the door...

It was sometime later, after I've finished Charms (and couldn't help watching Grace with her new social group: Cho's Posse) I can feel my abdomen about stretch out to see her chummily laugh with them. Yet I'm more concerned about Drac—I mean Malfoy. He looks-not himself— so after school I've got changed in my casual clothes and exit out of the Ravenclaw common room.

"Amber..." said the dreamy voice none other than Luna Lovegood. I was halfway at the end of the corridor as I skidded into a halt.

"No time Luna...I'm-" I proclaimed, before she interrupted me. "She'll come back to you, and I hear angry cries at the edge of the forest..." said Luna, and skipped away. Perplexed,and then curious, I lurch outside the school grounds...she's right about one thing, Draco is fighting off someone with rusty brown hair.

Oh no... "STOP RIGHT NOW!" I shouted, summoning up my wand from my jeans pocket. "Fuck off Amber, I've giving him many warnings." Draco screech, his lip oozed with blood. While Russ continued to throw his arms to give Draco a half nelson, narrowly he missed.

Up to me, I raise my wand and exclaimed "Expelliarm-"

"Not today, Ms Charlton...and I assure you it's not your authority." Professor Umbridge simpered, as she bustled beside me. Clothed in that ugly pink cardigan of hers, no point but to miserably put away my wand back in my jeans.

"I thought it's technically an authority for prefects to prevent intolerant behaviour towards others, Miss..." I replied, staring to her pouchy blue eyes. Then to the two boys who are still fighting. "No worries dear, let me handle this." She said exceptionally sweet, and puffed in her chest.

She did, it was the shield charm that thwart Draco and Russ to stop. "You two will come with me-" she said in a dangerously syrup like voice. "Not you Charlton dear..." she said before I could follow them.

"If she says dear one more time...I'm going put worms in her desk or write her an anonymous letter." I thought furiously, watching the three figures retreat to the castle.

Draco's P.O.V~

Too be honest, I couldn't care less what the toad says and my face was rubbed in satisfaction to see Edwards so purple in the face...like he was about to cry."How Amb—I mean Charlton would take it?" I thought. Suddenly, a lump rise in my throat and a rather guilty conscience swept in.

Yet something else distracted me, when the window suddenly burst open with mini torrents of grey clouds whizzing in her office...

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