Draco Malfoy's P.O.V~

Chapter Eight

(Narrator's Sequence)

September had gone and left as the cool October changes the atmospheric air. Grey clouds had started to form and encircle the weathervane on top of withstanding tower. The high winds from the hills had rattled many windows and woke up one particular fair-haired resident...

(Narrator's Sequence ended)

Drenched in sweat, I race towards the bathroom sink and plunge my head in the icy water. It was bliss. The nightmares didn't bother me anymore...hmm that is until I struggle to breathe and my body screamed for oxygen. I pull out, feeling weak and numb on the tiles...

"Mr Malfoy!" called out the old bat, trying to whack me with an airborne ruler. I was already seated at the adjoined desk with Blaise and dodged McGonagall's attacks. I dryly apologize for my lateness but the thing whacked me on the head and I grumpily take the punishment.

I shuddered a little at what kind of punishment that I'm talking about. "Wonderful timing..." smirked Blaise. But his lip stopped curling and stared at me like he can see through glass. Ah fuck, he can't just easily read me like that.

"Are you okay mate?" he asked in a serious tone. I didn't answer, therefore I pretend to jot down the pros and cons of a Vanishing Spell with his parchment. But I know I'm not really out of the clear, he continued to watch me very carefully. "Ugh can the fuckwad leave me alone?"

"Vanishing Mice," lectured the tight-fisted bitch at her desk. "Is a more complicated procedure because they're vertebrate-" However this was interrupted again by a delicate knock at the door. McGonagall's nose started to flare up furiously and said;

"Now really, can I not teach a class in—"

But she suddenly had a change of tune when...Oh C'mon seriously?! Why is she here, looking meek and frightened? "Oh, Charlton," McGonagall breathed, adopting a kind smile.

"Sorry Professor to interrupt but Professor Flitwick had ran out of quills..."

"Ran out of quills!" The old bat gasped in mere surprise. Huh? The class are surprised too but they seem to be drawn on Charlton. "Yes, he accidently set them on fire and have you got any to spare?" She asked, her voice more shaky than before.

Oh! Duh, how dull am I? The class were shocked because she spoke. I gave a sultry look at her chest—What the damn hell! She got a blue prefect badge, gleaming on her jumper.

I rolled my eyes and clench my wand hard. "Ugh really, I have do mixed house prefect duties with that!" However, my chest started to play up. Weird, my throat is dry and I smell something burning.

"Malfoy, your hair is on fire." Blaise panicked, foolishly waving smoke—

Hang fucking on! I'm on fire!

Amber's P.O.V~

"Aguamenti," I chanted, pointing my wand at the singing hair. The oceanic liquid had gushed like a fountain as it dampened the flames. Phew, that was lucky that it didn't destroy his trademark blonde hair. He's completely drenched and I have an idea to stop the shivering.

"Aestus," I chant again as my wand charged warm heat. His class is left shocked and gawped at me. "Please don't stare like that," I pondered awkwardly. On top of that, he's staring at me too.

"You okay," I warbled. He nodded and I feel warm—hmm that must've been the spell I forgot to put out. "Well—Ms Charlton, thank you for your quick thinking though I could've had doused the fire he corrupted," said Professor McGonagall, her face redden with colour.

"Um, I well-I wanted to act quickly and my boy-"

"But still!" She interrupted me. "Well done, you really had mastered sixth year spells that skilfully, I'll award you with 25 points." McGonagall breathed.

My eyes widened. "No, No I can't possibly take the house points," I replied, my voice getting more shaky. "Nonsense, and now—here are your quills," She insisted stubbornly and made the spare quills soar in the air. I reluctantly hugged them to my chest and was shown out the door. The class had ridiculed me but I did nothing to explain my reasoning's. Therefore, I carry what I came for to do and head towards the marble staircase.

However, I paused at the Entrance Hall to see 25 blue pebbles added to the bottom of the hour glass. "I really hate being goody two shoes," I muttered quietly, passing the stairs to the first floor.

"Yeah, me too...it can be very lecherous,"

I stopped and had almost dropped the quills. Ugh it's the very same dry and callous voice of Draco Malfoy. I secretly rolled my eyes and said; "Do you have a class to attend." I spoke casually without looking at him. He appeared in front of me with a vexing look. "Don't need to, Hospital Pass," he smirked.

"Then the Hospital wing is over at the left not the right," I fake smiled. "I'll make a detour since you took my house points," Malfoy sneered.

"Excuse me," I interject, "I didn't actually want the house points!" "But you didn't actually stop it, did ya?" He replied with a ridiculing tone.

"Fine," I growled, dumping the quills on the floor. "If this is the attitude for saving your skin then—I'll gladly set worse flames on you soon!"

Malfoy snickered and walked very close to me. "The cat got claws then, how fucking dare you—you must be moody," he bayed, spit flying everywhere.I didn't back down, although I do feel tense. "I'm not menstrat-"

Malfoy winced. "Disgusting, Charlton...I don't want to know!"

No use but to get out quickly, I levitate my quills and take off for the classroom upstairs.

Sometime later, all the classes had ended and I was the last one to leave. However, I stop by the corridor to discover that my 'Best Friend' was confronted by a teacher. I quickly read her face, she's been crying...

Hmm, that's not like her. Grace had a ton of telling offs by teachers and she'd show contempt and indifference. I hid behind one of the columns and wait.

"Hullo, Amber—are you hiding from them too?"

Huh? I turn around and see a ditzy blonde girl, making odd flower chains. But they don't look like flowers...more like fruits. "I'm not hiding from anyone Luna," I sighed politely and check where my friend is. Unfortunately, Grace is nowhere to be seen. Furious, I took it out on Luna

"Look what you did, Lovegood—I had a rare moment to repent my ways and now she's gone," I snarled. I wanted to see any reaction on her dreamy exterior loosen. It didn't. In fact she looked more wistful and intrigued.

"I'm sorry, Luna..." I spoke up remorsefully. "Its alright, wackspurts can do that to you, I suggest you avoid negative people," she beamed. I cross my legs and sit opposite her. "Why are you here," I asked. Luna shrugged her shoulders. "I heard male voices at the edge of the forest and disturbed the Thestrals so I came here."

"Oh, did you see them—the boys I mean?"

"Sort of, I caught on what they are saying...they mentioned you,"

"Hmm, it can't be who it could be?" I thought. But some image had flashed in my mind and I have a niggling feeling somewhere in my body. "Is that guy blonde—like silver?" I asked again. "Now that you recall...yes,"

Oh no! I jump up from the floor and ran off towards one of the doors that would lead outside. "Your friend will come back to you," Luna called out faintly. Doubting it, I barged out of the old door to the grounds and discover two boys, wrangling each other with their fists and punches.

"STOP, STOP," I cried, being the peace giver of this muggle duelling. But Russ and Draco weren't even listening to me, I cried again and again but all I get from Malfoy is:

"Fuck off Amber, I gave him many warnings," he sneered, wiping his bloody mouth. "You Bastard! You ruined my chances with Amber because of you," Russ spat, waving his fist and hit Draco in the stomach.

I got out of the way by one metre and the fight had become more rough and aggressive. I raise my wand and incant... "Immobil-"


A streak of cool light had zoomed past me and stopped the boys from fighting by the same spell I was going to use. "I'll take it from here, Ms Charlton," spoke this sugary voice behind me. Turned, I glanced with unexpected surprise and shock to see Professor Umbridge, giving me a simpering smile.

Ugh, she's in that fluffy pink cardigan again. I slowly put my wand back in my robes pocket. "Professor, I was about to report them when I stop them-," I claimed rightfully, trying to save Malfoy's skin.

Suddenly, she tittered girlishly and turned at me with good humour. "Nonsense, your were helpless so I saved you," I was taken aback and wanted to say something but my heart won't let it. She marched up to them and undid the spell. "You two will come with me,"

Malfoy and Russ looked more rough than they was a minute ago. A tight knot pulled in my stomach, why did they have to hurt each other like this.

I was about to follow sneakily behind them but Umbridge made a firm claim not to. Malfoy looked back, assuming that he doesn't want me to make the situation worse.

It did. I felt immense dislike at the woman who cursed them under my nose...

I'm rewriting my chapters to give in more of a backstory and brush up the grammar therefore sorry for the previous readers for the confusion.