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*-Killua's Pov:

"So here are your keys to your room." Genru said as he handed me a key. "And here's yours, little gi-" Banner said but Leorio cut her off as he sweatdropped "It's best if you dont call her ermm 'little girl'." "How come?" Banner asked with one eyebrow up. "It's best if you dont know..." Kurapika said.

"Well, okay then, heres yours, dear." Banner said sweetly as she gave Rawry her key. "Who am i bunking with?" Rawry asked Genru. "With Hanzo." Genru said. "Hanzo...that stupid bald headed ninja Hanzo?" Rawry asked. "Uhm, yes." Genru said as he sweatdropped.

"Hey Rawry, you dont hear me talking about your flaws!" Hanzo said coming out of nowhere as he ruffled her hair. "Guess i have to babysit you..." Hanzo grinned.

And that's when i realized...she was spending a night alone with Hanzo in a room...

I grabbed Hanzo's hand away from her and glared at him "Shut up, shes not sleeping anywhere near you! Banner can Rawry sleep with me and Gon?" i asked. "Well, i guess i'll allow it since you children are close to each other so, yes you may." Banner smiled at us.

"ALRIGHT!" Gon smiled as he pulled Rawry and ran away to our room with her, leaving me behind. "Ma te..." i sighed.

I turned around and saw a grinning Leorio and a chuckling Kurapika. "What?" i asked rudely. "Oh nothing..." Leorio and Kurapika said looking in opposite directions. "You know...you couldve just told me that you liked her then i would've backed off..." Hanzo said grinning like Leorio.

Liked her...no...impossible...but, maybe...maybe..

I blushed at the thought which made their grins wider "SHUT UP!" i yelled at them as i ran away to the room.

When i got to the door, i opened it as quickly as possible, turning the knob then locking the door as i fell down sighing. "What's wrong, Killua? Youre red?" asked a worried Gon sitting on the bed.

Then in a blink of an eye, i saw Rawry's face as close to me as possible, as she lifted my bangs up and touched our foreheads together.

In those seconds i saw her sea blue eyes, and long black eyelashes brushing on her cheek as she me admiring her beauty soon ended as she stood up. "No, he's not sick, he's fine." she smiled.

Again my cheeks went hotter now realizing what just happened and i hid my face in my knees.

Gon laughed "Ahhh, i see..." "See what?" Rawry asked. "Shhh, i cant tell." Gon said with a grin on his face. "Anyway i have a feeling you will regret having to share a room with me." "Why's that?" i asked. "Well ive been told that i toss and roll around in my sleep a lot." Gon said as he pouted. "Well that doesnt matter to me, cause i do the same thing." i smiled at him. "You do? Then that's great but uhm...Rawry..." Gon trailed off. Rawry stuck her tongue out "Sorry, i usually just sleep on my sides or stomach, but i dont move a lot, so i'll just sleep on the floor."

"No we cant let you sleep on the floor!" Gon said. "I'll sleep on the floor! You and Killua can keep the bed!" Me and Rawry's eyes went wide as we looked at him preparing his bed on the floor, with a blanket and 2 pillows.

Wait does that mean...i have to share...a bed...with...

*-Rawry's Pov:


"What was that?" Gon asked looking up from what he was doing. "Something wrong?" Killua asked. "You mean you didnt ever hear anything?" Gon said thinking he must be going insane.

Gyahoho? dont tell me...it's that old man Leorio screaming...i wonder if he pissed Kurapika off?

"Prabably just the waves." Killua assumed. I shrugged and started brushing my hair. "Hey let me do it!" Gon said happily as he sat behind me whilst taking the brush from my hair. "Thanks, but what made you wanna brush my hair?" i giggled. "Well, Aunt Mito has short hair, and i know almost nobody with long hair..." Gon smiled a boyish smile which i thought was adorable.

"Hey let's get some sleep, we should rest untill the 4th phase." Killua said laying down on the bed. "Yeah, we should." Gon said sadly as he went to lay down on the floor. I position myself on the left side of the bed, with my back facing Killua and withing a few mintues i was in deep slumber.

"Hey." i said to the kid, that was playing with the DS. He just looked at me then back at his DS. "Yo." "What's your name?" i asked as i saw my brother giving me a thumbs up as he walked away. "Why should i tell you?" he said obnoxiously. "Cause i asked." i countered. "Why did you ask?" he countered back, making me think he was challenging me. "Cause i wanted to know your name." i said now my full body facing him, as my legs were crossed. "Why did you wanna know my name?" he closed his DS and shifted his body to face me, with a smirk on his face. "Because i think you look cute." i said honestly. His eyes widened as blushed a little. "What no other comeback?" i smirked. He shook his head now with a sweet smile "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours." I shrugged and said "Rawry Miyuki." "Oh well i'm-"

I woke up from the dream, why did i suddenly remember that? Plus the boys face was a little vague and i didnt get his name. I looked down to something warm around my waist, and my back. I saw Killua's arm around my waist and his body against my back. I blushed at this position, i looked out the window and saw that it was dawn.

"Uhm Killua?" i whispered so Gon wouldnt wake up. He groaned. I giggled and turned around gently so he wouldnt wake up. Now i was facing him our head closer to each other. "Killua..." i whispered one more time. "Rawry...shhh, i'm sleeping here." Killua groaned lightly again as he pulled me closer to his chest. "Dont wake me up." "Why not?" i giggled softly again knowing he was sleep talking. "Because i'm dreaming of you." he answered which made me blush. Then his eyes started to open slowly revealing two green orbs in font of me, and when he noticed my presence he smiled sweetly.

Then his face turned to realization as he saw our position and he quickly backed off from me which caused him to accidentally fall out of the bed. "I-I-Im so sorry!" he apologized.

I giggled and said "You were asleep, so you cant help it right?" "Yeah, guess it's hard for me to control myself..." Killua smirked than walked out of the door. I lifted my eyebrow up and thought "What the hell..."

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