Hahahh they almost kissed! But of course someone had to interrupt :(

*-Rawry's Pov:

Me and Killua quickly went back to our normal positions, me being on my bed, and him sitting on the chair, whistling. "Uhh guys? Did i interrupt something? I feel like i kinda did..." Gon said looking at us regretfully. "YOU LITTLE TWERP, YOU DEFINETLY INTERRUPTED!" Leorio said with gritted teeth as Kurapika sighed heavily. "So close...huh?" "Eh? Wh-what are you guys talking about?" Gon asked glancing at Kurapika and Leorio. "Dont worry Gon, it's alright." i smiled at him as i gestured him to come over. He smiled sweetly as he walked over to me handing me a cold glass water. "Arigato." i said as i took a sip. He nodded and said "Nandemonai."

I took another sip but my stomach squeezed as if someone punched me with full force and i let my water fall as i held my stomach, gritting my teeth. "Are you alright?" Kurapika asked. "I'm fine...dont worry." i choked out. "Hey, i thought that old man Netero took the leeches out already!" Killua said. "I did." Netero said as he came in from the door, now walking to us. "Then why is she in so much pain?" Gon asked. "Well because, If you take those 'kind' of leeches out, it may have consequences too because of the poison that they left in your stomach, the pain you're feeling is one of the symptoms. Actually i'm quiet surprised you havent passed out yet, normally Hunters would pass out, normal people would have died already." Netero said seriously as he examined me."Is there a way to get the poison out?" Leorio asked.

Netero shook his head "No, if i take the venom out while one of the symptoms is already in progress,the pain will be even more unbearable." "What does the pain feel like?"Gon asked. "Imagine...hmm...someone eating your organs slowly and painfully inside of you, and you can't do anything about it, while a hammer with needles keeps hitting your head-" Netero shivered and coughed "Uhm excuse me, it's hard to explain the pain but it will be cured, i suggest you skip the 3rd phase and try out again next year."

"Are you stupid, old man, just because of a little pain doesnt mean i should give up already!" i argued back. "Hmm, but if you go on the 3rd phase, your condition will worsen and you could end up dead, no matter how good you were trained to hold in pain, this is just too much, even for a professional assassin." Netero said trying to argue back. "Rawry just try again next year-" Leorio said but i interrupted "Damn, dont underestimate me just because im a girl, i know youre worried and i'm glad you guys are but, have a little faith in me." i said stubbornly. "I wont die." i finished. "Trust her." Killua said to Leorio. "What?!I was sure you would've told her to try next year!" Leorio said surprised. "Yeah, that's what i'd say, but if she says she wont die, she wont." Killua said glaring at Leorio. "Yep, because we have faith in her!"Gon smiled.

Leorio paused and sighed as he scratched his head "Fine...i can't win against stubborn kids...theres no point in wasting my energie on them either..." I smiled and said "Thanks." Leorio blushed and looked away. "Yeah..." "Good, if your decision is final then get up." Netero ordered. "What?" i asked confused.

"Were already at the destination of the 3rd phase." Netero said walking out the door. Killua put his hand in front of me after he stood up. "Come on.". I smiled and took his hand as he helped me stand up.

I swear i felt something burn when i touched him, and when he let go of my hand, i could still feel the warmth of his hands. A soft, gentle touch that would seem impossible for an assassin, pale skin almost like snow. I felt as if i knew these hands long ago.

As we went outside of the blimp, i felt the cold wind immediately, as it blew my hair everywhere. "Damn..." i muttered. We were standing on a big and tall tower. I walked over to the edge and quickly stepped back because of seeing how high we really are. "Wow that's high." Killua said next to me. "I know, i wonder what would happen if someone fell..." i said trying to find out whether their bones would be broken or their bodies would be disfigured. "They will probably get their bones broken and at the same time disfigured." Killua smirked as if he read my mind. "So did you settle things with Anita?" i asked as we walked back to Gon and the rest. "Yeah, she still hates me though, not that i care i hate her too." Killua said irritated. "How come?" i asked him curiously. "She stabbed you right?" he said as i nodded "But it was an accident so it doesnt matter, plus i heard you tried to catch some ball from Netero just so she wont go to prison." i teased. "I think that's very cute." i smiled. "No i just wanted to see if i could get the ball from that old geezer." Killua said as he looked away, but i could see a tint if red on his cheeks which made me giggle.

"Hey you two love birds! The 3rd phase is starting i suggest you two pay attention!" Leorio grinned. Killua glared at him as i blushed. "Shut up old man!' Killua shouted at him. "May i please have your attention! Youre standing on whats known as trick tower and is the sight for the 3rd phase, for this,there is only one objective and it isnt complicated. Find your way to the bottom of the tower have a time limit of 72 hours. And it starts now." and with that the ball shaped, pink colored head guy went into the blimp and left all the applicants here.

"I have a feeling it's not gonna be easy..." Leorio said and i nodded. "Hey Rawry..." someone said as that person grabbed my the top of my head. "Eh? What do you want?" i said as i looked up to the person. "Hisoka?" i said surprised. "What do you want with her?" Killua asked pissed that he was here. Hisoka giggled and said "Ofcourse number 99's the first one not being able to tolerate me and Rawry." "What?" Killua asked with confusion. "Well then, i'll be taking your precious Rawry from you, bye-bye." and with that Hisoka stomped on the floor making the floor shake a little but something else was wrong...

Killua, Gon, Kurapika and Leorio aren't in front of me anymore, instead a wall replaced them.

I looked around trying to process everything and found out that we fell into the floor and ended up in this tiny room. "Yo...Hisoka...what's the meaning of this?" i asked him. "Well, i thought i'd be lonely if i went down to the bottom by myself, and since youre the only that isnt scared of me, and well youre the only one i dont wanna kill, i figured you'd keep me company." he laughed. I sighed and started walking "Hurry up, i wanna meet Gon and the rest already." "Hmm? Let me rephrase that for you,'I wanna meet number 99 already." Hisoka teased.

Damn this clown...

"Just let's go..." i said then felt that pain again, to what felt like someone punching me at full force. I extended my right arm near a wall to keep me from falling, and with the other arm i held my stomach hoping it would ease the pain. "So troublesome..." i muttered, groaning as the pain became more unbearable.

What kind of leeches were those?!

"Hop on." Hisoka said as he crouched down. "Youre kidding right?" I asked. He looked at me seriously and said "No, you said you wanted to see Number 99, plus i know what those leeches feel like, i had them before too, and also...your brother wouldnt want me to leave you here." I sighed and slowly walked over to him, making every step i made feel like a stab in my stomach. I hopped on his back and held his neck. "Ouch..." i groaned. He stood up and started walking around.

Left, right, left, right, left, right... Every turn he made...was...just a pattern...Damn this clown.

"Hey you, you dont know where youre going huh?" i asked and he giggled as an answer. "Hisoka, take the left one this time, i can see some stairs there." i said and he did what i said surprisingly. He started walking down the stairs not caring for any traps. It was kinda dark but you could still see up ahead. "I have been waiting for you...Hisoka." some guy said as he stepped out of a corner, and Hisoka stopped walking.

Gah...just kill him Hisoka...

"Do i know you?" Hisoka asked. "You mean you dont even remember me? Damn you! I didnt come here so i could pass the exam! I came here just to take you down!" the guy said as he took two knives out. "Ever since last years exam, all ive thought about was to kill you,ive trained for nothing else!" he said."Well, i cant say you improved that much." Hisoka said then observed him a little more. "The 2 blade style." "YOU gave me these scars!" The guy shouted. "Youre gonna pay for it!"

It made me wanna laugh because he thinks he could kill Hisoka...but then my laugh went out, and i started laughing.

"What the? WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT YOU LITTLE PUNK!" the guy said obviously irritated. "Ne Ne...if you cant even beat me, how can you beat Hisoka?" i asked. "Why you!" he took out 2 more blades and shouted "All direction 4 blade style! TAKE THIS!" then he threw the blades at us, with me still on Hisoka's back. Hisoka dodged it easily, as the blades came from every direction. The blades went back to that guy and he said "It's impossible to dodge them all." he said. "Rawry...could you please-" Hisoka said but i cut him off as i already knew what he wanted "Yep, i'm on it." i let go of Hisoka's neck, and Hisoka put me a little bit more up, making the guy see half of my body pop up from behind Hisoka."I WANT YOU TO SUFFER THE SAME WAY I DID! DIE HISOKA!" he shouted again as he threw the 4 blades. I waited for the right moment and catched the two blades first as i countered the other 2 blades by hitting them with the blades that was in my hands already. He look at us with fear and surprise as i Hisoka spoke up "You are right, those blades were hard to dodge, so i thought we'd just catch them instead." "I dont believe it, it took me half a year to catch those blades and yet, a little girl like you can catch them in an instant?" the guy said in awe. I started playing with the blades as i spun them around my finger, but also making sure i wont hurt Hisoka.

"Honestly, if you want revenge than make sure youre fully prepared, because you have a lot more to learn...like learning that you have to runaway from a fight when you know that your opponent is far more superior than a mouse like you." i laughed. "What are you? Some kind of monster?" the guy asked in fear as he stepped back. "Wow, first you underestimate me, then call me a little girl and now i'm a monster...tch...i'm just...a simple assassin..." i said as i looked at him with cold eyes and a smirk. "Baka." and with that i threw the blades at him, killing him as it cut his neck. "Nice work." Hisoka complimented. "Thanks." i smiled but i felt something else, like something was pulling my heart, or was poking it, i dont care what the feeling was because the only thing that matters was because it hurts! I felt myself falling...falling into a deep pitch black hole. Everything around me cannot be seen, i looked around frantically.

What's happening?!

My head was throbbing, but my stomach felt much better from before i opened my eyes slowly, and adjusted them with the light blinding me as i looked around. I saw some applicants around, and i saw Hisoka next to me playing cards with number 301. A guy that had some sort of spikes sticking out of his head. "What happened?" i asked groaning of my headache. "You fainted but luckily i cleared the traps and got down here first than anyone else." Hisoka giggled. I looked around for Killua but couldnt find him. I was starting to get worried and decided to stand up and look for them. "It's better if you sit here and wait." Hisoka said. "But-" i said trying to argue. "Sit and play cards with us." he demanded and i sighed as i played with them. After a few hours i saw the clock ticking.

No way...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... BOOM! BZZZZZ!BZZZZZZ!

The alarm for the time buzzed as it showed a number of zero's on the big rectangular screen. I looked at where the blast came from and saw the 4 fools i missed and fat guy, Tompa with them. I stood up throwing my 'Royal Flush' cards on the floor as Hisoka looked at them in awe. I ran to them and hugged Killua immediately "YOU GUYS HAD ME WORRIED!" Killua blushed and smiled. "Actually we were worried about you." Kurapika said. "You should be, she had a minor heart attack." Hisoka said from behind me. "WHAAAAAAAAT!" they shouted.

'Are you alright?' 'Does it hurt?'

They started questioning like mad. "Dont worry, its just one of the symptoms of the leeches but it wont happen anymore, that was the last symptom so she's better now...Ja ne." Hisoka said as he walked away. "THANKS YOU STUPID CLOWN!" i shouted at him as he threw a small wave not looking back. "Did that guy hurt you?" Killua asked. I turned my face to him and it was inches apart. I blushed as i realized i was still hugging him and i retreated, back away. "Uhm no, he didnt, actually, i was the first one to come here with him because he did mostly all of the work." i said. "Doesnt matter now right? We all passed the 3rd phase!" Gon said cheerfully.

Yep we did, today was one hell of a day. Questions still bother me like 'How Hisoka knows my brother?' 'Why does my heart skip a beat everytime i see Killua?' 'Why...do i want...to touch his face so bad...?' Mixed feelings that i do not understand... Damn, too much stress isnt good for kids...

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