Hi guys! I'm a new user and this is my first story. But firstly, I have to say that there are some wonderful stories which I have read and enjoyed and I am in awe of you writers, you're awesome! You inspired me to write (although I must apologise in advance if I'm not very good!)

This is a oneshot, set at the end of 'See Ya'. It's somewhat sappy, but oh well! I hope you enjoy it.

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"Welcome back, you clown."

Nick smiled knowingly back at her as the words left her mouth. He chuckled at her choice of greeting. A smile was plastered on his face until he watched Jess slowly close the door.

"Jess, wait!" he called out, and scooted to the door.

"Yes, Nick?" she replied, opening the door again and was slightly taken aback at how close he was.

For some reason, she felt nervous under his intense gaze. His deep brown eyes were locked in a trance with her bright blue ones as if he were searching for some sort of answer. His stare was making her feel undone and she was almost certain that he was able to hear her heart beating uncontrollably.

Nick then stepped towards her, ridding the space between them. He placed his hands on her waist to pull her towards him and kissed her passionately. She responded instantly and closed her eyes as their lips moved in sync.

Jess lost herself in this kiss. She felt his hands on her waist grab her firmly, desperately, and she felt his fingers flex against the material of her pyjamas.

Her arms snaked around his neck and tilted her head so she was able to deepen the kiss. Their tongues danced for dominance of the kiss. Jess couldn't help but let out a lustful moan. She noticed that Nick smiled against her lips in response.

She remembered wondering what kissing Nick would be like, but this far surpassed her expectations.

Suddenly, Nick's hands travelled up her body and tangled themselves into her hair. She was lost again; indulging herself into Nick. She slipped her arms back and landed her hands onto his chest. She fisted his shirt as if she needed something to hold onto to keep her upright. She could feel his heart beating erratically.

He gave her a few last loving kisses on her lips before breaking the lip-lock. Her eyes were still half-closed and her lips were slightly parted. She was struggling to get her breath back, as was he.

He cupped her face with his hands.

"I missed you." Nick whispered.

Jess smiled brightly, yet slightly confused.. "You missed me? You do know that you last saw me only a few hours ago..!"

He nodded, "Oh, I know." He said as the corners of his mouth turned up, forming a genuine smile. His warm eyes were glistening.

Nick caressed her cheek with his thumb, before placing a sweet, sincere kiss on her lips again.

Jess was on cloud nine. She wasn't one hundred percent certain on what this meant for she and Nick, whether it was just for tonight as a one-off or something moreā€¦

All that mattered to Jess right now was the fact that Nick was back.

And she couldn't be more thrilled.

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