Title: The Trophy Wife
Rating: M
Words: 1167
Fandom: The Legend of Korra
Characters/Pairings: Everyone; Amorra, Masami
Author's Note: This is it - the end. It's been a wild ride. First and foremost, thank you to everyone who's take the time to read, comment, favorite, like, follow, reblog, give kudos, and bookmark this story. I really appreciate it, and I never dreamed that anyone besides a few people would enjoy this crazy tale of two people coming together in a most unexpected way. I posted it at the suggestion of Panda, who simply couldn't stand all of the teasers I kept posting in chat. A very special thanks to Panda, Sun, Lisifa, Pooky, Yuu, Pandora, Ghost, FailedJuliet, Enno, Cowboys, Paisley, Relic and Paper-Flowers, who have all supported and helped me when I was banging my head up against the wall.

Sometimes, our happily ever after isn't what we wanted but rather what we needed.

Three Years Later

Noatak paced the hallway. The hair at his temples was starting to grey and there were a few more lines on his face, but otherwise he hadn't changed much. Rather than the bland, charcoal grey tunic he favored in his Amon days, Noatak now wore a sharply tailored suit in the traditional blues of the Water Tribe, no doubt Tarrlok's influence on his life.

There were chairs lining the hall, currently occupied by Lin, Tenzin, and Tarrlok. Asami, Mako, and Bolin had taken the airbabies outside and were playing with them, keeping them from causing too much of a fuss while the adults kept vigil outside of the master bedroom.

The door to the bedroom opened and Pema slipped out, an apologetic smile on her face. "No news yet, I just need more hot water." She hurried down the hall and down the stairs to the kitchen to get another kettle.

Noatak sighed. "I hate waiting."

"Patience, Noatak. These things take time," Tenzin said sagely. With four kids, he would know.

"I should be in there with her!"

"Absolutely not," Lin interjected. "It would be completely improper."

"She's my wife. This is nothing I haven't seen before."

"I think the circumstances are a little different," Tarrlok pointed out, ignoring his brother's look of outrage.

Noatak resumed pacing, ducking out of Pema's way when she returned with a hot kettle. He continued to pace for another twenty minutes before Tarrlok decided that he couldn't take it anymore. Getting to his feet, he grabbed his brother's hand and pulled him out of the house to the yard with the intent of sparring and hopefully working off some of Noatak's nervous energy.

The brothers, Asami, and the airbabies stopped their game of freeze tag to watch, everyone picking a side and cheering loudly

"I say that Noatak takes the fight!

"No way, Tarrlok will get him for sure!"

"Come on, Ponytail Man! You can beat him!"

"Hey, was that even legal?"

"Well it's not fair if they're bloodbending each other."

"Do you think they'd actually do that?"

"Nah, they hate doing that."

The battle ended when Noatak froze Tarrlok in a column of ice. Feeling better, Noatak made his way back into the house as Mako used his firebending to unfreeze Tarrlok, much to the delight of the children.

"You almost had him that time!" Ikki said cheerfully.

"Fantastic," Tarrlok grumbled, causing Noatak to chuckle softly.

He made his way back up to the hallway and sat in the chair that Tarrlok had vacated. It was then that he became aware that there was a flurry of activity in the bedroom, causing his heart to race. He waited on the edge of his chair for something, some indication that everything was fine.

Finally, the hearty wail of a newborn infant echoed through the house.

He leaned back and let out a slow breath, flashing a nervous smile at Tenzin and Lin. They both looked relieved as well.

The door opened and Pema came out, a large smile on her face. "Would you like to meet your son?

"My son?" he croaked out.

"A beautiful baby boy," Pema confirmed, taking Noatak's hand and leading him into the bedroom.

Korra was settled comfortably on the bed. She was covered in a fine sheen of sweat and she looked exhausted, but she was still smiling brightly. In her arms was a wrapped up bundle.

"Come and meet your son, Noa," she said, beckoning him closer.

"Spirits, I have a son," he murmured. He sat next to her and looked at the sleeping baby. The boy had round cheeks and tuft of dark hair on his head. His skin was dark, like his mother's, and Noatak was certain that when the boy's eyes opened, they would be that same bright blue. "Have you thought about a name?" he asked softly, afraid he might wake the newborn.

She smiled at him. "I was thinking of Kekoa. It means 'the brave one.'"

"Kekoa, huh? I like it."

"Do you want to hold him?"

A prickle of panic ran down Noatak's spine. Even now he still didn't do well with babies, surely she remembered the fiasco with him holding two month old Rohan. "Uh..."

"Here, just remember to support his head," she said as she passed Kekoa off.

Swallowing, Noatak held his son for the first time. The boy slept on, not even acknowledging that he had been moved. His entrance into the world had been exhausting. In Noatak's arms was a life that he and Korra created, something that would always be exclusively theirs.

Noatak didn't have time to dwell on what his future was going to be like, though, as Pema allowed everyone else in to meet the newest addition to the group. Tarrlok, surprisingly, took to his nephew almost immediately, cuddling and cooing at the boy. Bolin declared that he and Mako were going to be the cool uncles, and would take him to pro-bending matches and tell him all about best places to eat in town, laughingly Mako agreed. Asami cooed at him and immediately pulled out gift bags with everything the new parents could possibly need. Lin and Tenzin offered up congratulations and tried to rein in the kids to keep them from disturbing the sleeping baby.

Korra yawned and tried to hide it, but it was the perfect excuse for Noatak to get everyone to clear out of the house. "Thank you, everyone, for being here today, but Korra's exhausted so I think we should let her get some rest."

The kids all groaned in disappointment, but the adults understood and Tarrlok handed Kekoa back to his brother and began shepherding everyone out of the house, closing the door to the bedroom behind him.

"Are they gone?" Korra asked with another yawn.

"Yeah, Tarrlok is showing them out right now, and then knowing him he'll either retire to the study or his room."

"He's beautiful isn't he? Our little Kekoa."

Noatak hummed in agreement. "When will your parents get here?"

"In a few more days. They're up visiting my uncle again, and he's already booked them passage on the fastest ship from the North Pole. They're even bringing your mother."

"She's only been hounding us for the last three years for a grandchild. Kekoa's birth should make her very happy."

"Mmhmm," Korra agreed. "Noa...if you wouldn't mind, put Kekoa down in the cradle. I think we both need a nap."

Noatak did as instructed. Korra quickly drifted off to sleep as Kekoa slumbers on. Sitting next to the cradle, he stared down at his son. In that moment he realized that he would do anything for his son.

He quietly whispered a promise to the boy as he slept.

"The world you'll live in will be filled with peace and equality. No matter what. Your mother and I learned to see past our differences and learned to work together. And you'll do that too. Sleep well, my son."