The following prompts are from the "Live Long and Prosper: The Star Trek Challenge" forum, Drabble like a Tribble, by IronSpockMaster


Ensign Willis struggled to open his eyes. His head was throbbing and he felt as if he'd been hit by a ton of bricks. As his eyes flickered open, his vision was overwhelmed by golden yellow light and his ears were filled with gibberish. Eventually, the light began resolving itself into distinct images: the planet's sun streaming down, the captain's sandy brown hair, his gold uniform shirt. The gibberish resolved itself into voices.

"He's not dead, Jim."

"Yet, Bones, not dead yet. We've only been on this planet for a few minutes."

Willis slowly stood, dusting off his red security shirt. (100)


Uhura strolled down to engineering. She remembered how once she used to walk quickly everywhere, anxious to make a good impression on the captain and the first officer. As she aged, however, her attention had shifted from the Vulcan to an endearing Scotsman.

"We had a date, Mister," she said, walking up to Scotty and playfully poking him in the chest.

"Ach, it went clear out o' me head, what with all this mess to clear up before we ship out again."

"I wouldn't want to come between you and your true love," she said, winking. "We can reschedule." (99)

I'm sorry, I couldn't help it.

"Yeoman, you're hovering again," the captain said, mildly annoyed.

"Yes, sir," she replied, taking a few steps back.

"What's the matter, Jim, can't concentrate?"

Kirk glared in Bones' direction.

Bones chuckled. James Kirk had quite a reputation where women were concerned, and the young yeoman was quite attractive and very obliging.

"She's so…vulnerable. It makes me nervous."

"You do tend to be…overprotective sometimes. Maybe that's part of why it didn't work between you and Car-"

"Doctor," Kirk said warningly.

"I'm sorry, Jim, I couldn't help it. I'll just get back to Sickbay." He quickly left the bridge. (98)


"I believe we are lost," the first officer stated calmly.

"How can we be lost? I thought those keen Vulcan senses of yours would prevent such a thing from happening. Or that logic would dictate that you left a path for us to follow back," retorted the doctor.

"The tricorder indicates that we have not changed position. Yet, this is clearly not the same place we were a few moments ago. A trail would therefore be useless."

"Do you mean to tell me that we haven't moved but the planet has?"


"That is most illogical, Spock."

"I agree." (99)

The early bird catches the worm.

Lieutenant Uhura walked purposefully to the crew dining hall. She stopped just outside the doors, adjusting her uniform and hair. Satisfied, she stepped through the doors as they hissed open.

She quickly scanned the room and located her target. Commander Spock was sitting at a small table. She approached and asked, "May I join you for some early morning hydration?"

"You may, Lieutenant."

As she sipped her coffee, she watched the doors until Nurse Chapel walked in. She saw them and looked crestfallen. Uhura smiled to herself. 'The early bird gets the worm, honey.' (95)

Don't touch that!

Spock didn't usually hate diplomatic missions. This one, however, was different. For some inexplicable reason, Spock had been assigned to watch the Ambassador's five year old. The child seemed to leave a trail of destruction behind him. Spock was nearly out of ideas to keep the boy amused. After a particularly unpleasant and undignified experience of playing 'horsey', Spock had had enough. "Stand here," he instructed sternly. The child, surprisingly, obeyed. "I'm going to demonstrate an ancient Vulcan defense maneuver, and then I believe we'll be paying a visit to Dr. McCoy in Sickbay." (94)

Small island

Pavel Chekov sat moping as the boat drifted aimlessly in the middle of the large lake. The strong breeze was making choppy waves, causing the small craft to rock. Fighting a feeling of queasiness, Pavel said, "Hikaru, this is all your fault."

"You were the one who lost both the oars," Sulu retorted.

Scanning the horizon, Chekov cried, "Look, Sulu, an island!"

"How are we supposed to get there without any oars?"

Chekov knelt on the bottom of the boat and began paddling with an arm. This was definitely the last shore leave he'd let Sulu plan. (97)


"Isn't she a beauty, Spock?"

"I must confess, Captain, I do not find this decorative item aesthetically pleasing."

"Spock, that's the very first fish I ever caught."

"Indeed. You have preserved it in this fashion to commemorate that achievement?"

"Yes. I don't keep it around for looks, I keep it because I like to remember how that first catch felt, how excited my father was. It's an emotional thing."

"I see."

"Don't you have any childhood mementos?"

"There are few moments from my childhood that I would wish to relive."

Of course, Kirk thought, how insensitive of me. (98)

Out of control

As Jim walked through the crew quarters, his ear was caught by a voice cursing someone's stupidity. Jim buzzed the door and entered before he was formally invited inside. He stopped dead in his tracks. His chief engineer was drowning in PADDs, old-style technical manuals, and bottles of scotch. The library computer was flashing images of engine designs from the past as well as future concepts. Scotty himself was sprawled on the floor with a glass in one hand and a data tape in the other. Jim looked down at his chief engineer. "This is out of control, Scotty." (100)

Upside down

Spock returned to find his quarters in a shambles. It was only to be expected after an encounter with the Klingons, but righting it would be an extra task on his already lengthy list of responsibilities. Stopping only to change into a fresh uniform, he was almost out the door when he noticed something was missing from his shelf. Quickly scanning the surrounding area, he found the missing object upside down on the floor 1.27 meters away. He retrieved it and carefully replaced it. As he exited the room, his mother's smiling face bade him farewell. (96)

I'm lonely

Kevin Riley sat staring dejectedly at the large computer bank in the auxiliary control room. He was a social creature and these solo monitoring shifts were torture. Before long, the silence was pressing in on him, stalking him, like a predator. He began singing softly.

"Are you serenading the ship's computer?" Lt. Uhura's voice floated through the comm system.

"I sing when I'm lonely," Riley replied.

"I do, too," she whispered, "but don't tell anyone. Do you know this one?" She sang a few notes.

"As any good Irishman would!" he exclaimed. Their voices joined, completely dispelling the silence. (99)