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So I'd had this idea in my head for months but I wanted to see the actual episode before I wrote anything. And here it is! Couple things I've changed: Beck and Jade are together (as always), Cat and Robbie are together, and Tori and Andre are together. Trina is just... Trina ;{) Also, another thing to note is that the laser beams aren't on. I didn't like the thought of having to write the gang being trapped in just one aisle. Plus, you'll see why they need the space of the entire store later on ;{)

Anyway, enjoy!

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"We're not doing anything!"

"I need bins, so this is perfect."

The gang of teenagers did their best to look as normal as possible as an employee of Wanko's walked past them and out of aisle eighteen. They weren't sure how normal a group of teenagers in a bin aisle could look, but they must have blended in as they were left alone once again.

"So, where are we gonna hide?" Robbie asked excitedly, removing his hand from the bin he was groping to rest on Cat's waist, pulling the redhead close to him - resulting in a small giggle erupting from between her lips.

Jade raised an eyebrow, "Look around," she told him, gesturing to the wide variety of bins surrounding them. Surely they would all fit inside at least some kind of bin.

"Uhh, you don't mean we're gonna hide in the bins, do you?" Trina asked uncertainly as she pointed at a pile of bins beside her.

"No, I mean we're going to turn them into instruments and sing show tunes," Jade replied sarcastically as she folded her arms and stared at the older Vega sister. Beck chuckled from beside her and slung an arm around her shoulders, his fingers brushing against her silky, green-streaked hair.

Tori sighed and shook her head, "Okay, lets just hide quickly before the store closes."

One by one, the gang quickly began stuffing themselves inside the larger bins - constantly looking around them to make sure no one was watching them. Tori had folded herself down into one of the larger plastic containers on the floor and Andre placed the lid on top before he hid behind a selection of wheelie bins. Trina climbed into a large, round bin and ordered Robbie to close the lid. Beck had lifted Jade easily into a large blue wheelie bin and briefly chuckled at the sight of her curled up at the bottom before hiding himself beneath one of the shelves. Robbie had helped Cat into one of the smaller boxes and placed the lid on top before climbing into a box himself, briefly kicking himself in the face as he folded his legs.

Once everyone was hidden, all they had to do now was wait and hope that this plan worked. If not, they would be spending the night in line with Sinjin and Burf. And none of them wanted to do that.

Luckily, they knew they wouldn't have to wait for long before the other customers would begin to leave the store. No one even noticed them hiding. Well, there was one incident when a child had made the mistake of peering into the bin Jade was hiding in - resulting in Jade staring up at the terrified child and whispering "You saw nothing" before closing the lid, smiling wickedly to herself as she heard the child begin to cry before running away.

Tori waited until she heard the sound of the doors locking before slowly kicking off the lid to her box and popping up. She looked around and gasped happily as she realised that the store was now closed and that they were the only people left inside. It was almost kind of eerie seeing the huge store so empty and so quiet. Usually it was filled with busy shoppers. But now it was just them and the endless items that lined the many shelves around them.

"It worked!"

The rest of the gang took that as a signal and each of them began climbing out of their hiding places - their limbs aching from being curled up in strange positions for so long. Bins were definitely not meant to hold people... or at least living people.

As Beck climbed out of his hiding place, he chuckled amusedly at the sight of Cat's legs sticking straight up out of her box. She was clearly having some difficulty getting out. He made his way over and easily tipped the box upright, letting the redhead easily climb out with an amused giggle.

"Hey, wanna go sniff the scented candles with me?" Robbie asked Andre hopefully, feeling everyone giving him strange looks at his request.

Andre pondered the question for a moment before agreeing. Sniffing candles sounded like a good time. He and Robbie laughed before they took off down the aisle, on the hunt for the heaven of scented candles.

"This is gonna be the most fun night ever!" Tori cried happily, "Oh! We can race with shopping carts!" She suddenly gasped loudly, "I can go find a unitard!" she cried before grabbing Trina's arm and dragging her sister away, ignoring her loud protests from behind.

"I wanna go see the toys," Cat told Jade, pulling at the brunette's arm and giving her best puppy-dog eyes.

Jade shook her head immediately, "No."

"But Jadey! I want a new giraffe and they have so many here!"


Beck sighed, "I'll go see the toys with you, Cat."

The redhead gasped and clapped happily before grabbing Beck's arm and hauling him down and out of the aisle as she rambled on about giraffes and how much she loved them, leaving Jade standing by herself in the middle of the storage aisle. She frowned to herself as she looked around, realising she was the only one left.

A few moments later, she sighed loudly in defeat and rolled her eyes before she grudgingly made her way out of the aisle and headed off to find the toys section.

Who knows, maybe there would be a doll she could behead.