Hey kids, so I know it's been the longest time since i updated this story, sorry!

Recently i've been missing Victorious and I got bored tonight so I decided to write a little something.

I know it's horribly short, but i hope it's better than nothing!

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p.s i wrote this on my ipad, so i apologise if there are any horrendous spelling mistakes!

Jade sighed loudly for what felt like the millionth time since she and Cat started their watch while Beck and Robbie slept. The reason for this particular sigh? The redhead beside her had found entertainment in playing with her newly acquired stuffed giraffe, making it dance and even having conversations with it.

"Cat, please stop," Jade breathed rubbing her forehead tiredly and brushing her hair out of her face.

Cat huffed softly but brought the giraffe into her chest to cuddle with it quietly instead, nuzzling her nose into it's head. Jade closed her eyes and rest her head back against Beck's chest from her position beside him. He didn't stir at all. Jade envied him and his sleep, she hadn't been able to drift off peacefully during the guys' watch, the whole situation they were in was at the front of her mind, fighting off sleep with a baseball bat.

"I wanna go home," Cat whispered.

"We all do, Cat," Jade replied without opening her eyes, she didn't even have to look to know that the redhead was pouting sadly.

"This is scary," Cat continued.

This time, Jade cracked open one tired eye to glance at her best friend. Without saying anything, Jade reached out with the hand that wasn't holding the black walkie-talkie and stretched it out towards Cat. The redhead looked over and immediately reached out her own hand and joined it with her friend's. Jade stayed silent, knowing Cat needed this; reassurance that everything will be okay.

Both girls jumped in fright when the walkie-talkie in Jade's hand suddenly became active with Tori's voice coming through it.

"Is anyone there? It's Tori."

Jade cleared her throat and sat up before replying, "Yeah, Cat and I are here, what's going on?"

"Nothing, not a thing. We've not seen or heard anyone at all. Do you think whoever it was, left?" Tori said.

Cat looked at Jade hopefully, but Jade shook her head, "I don't think so. They might be hiding. Just be careful and let us know if you see anything," she told Tori.

"Got it."

The walkie-talkie went dead and the tent became silent again aside from the soft snores of Robbie and Beck. Jade sighed and lay back down again, resting the walkie-talkie in the space between herself and Cat.

"I hope that person did leave," Cat spoke up a few moments later.

Jade shook her head, "they wouldn't leave. They were obviously here for a reason. And they're not gonna leave until they're done."

"I don't like this," Trina whispered as she, Tori and Andre tiptoed through another aisle. They had been walking for hours and hadn't seen signs of anyone else being there. Maybe they had imagined the whole thing? Maybe they were just going crazy from being inside this warehouse for so long? They could only hope.

"Yeah, this is creepy," Andre agreed, constantly checking behind him as they walked. The fact that they were now walking through the sharp gardening tools section didn't help to ease anyone's fears.

Tori checked the time on the screen of the walkie-talkie and sighed before coming to a halt and turning round to face Andre and Trina as they came to the end of the current aisle they were patrolling, "It's almost 3am, should we just go back to the tent? I mean, we've been walking for hours and we've seen nothing, no one," she sighed.

Just as Trina and Andre nodded, their mouths suddenly turned dry and their chests clenched in absolute fear as a figure in a ski-mask suddenly appeared behind Tori. The younger Vega sister barely had time to frown in confusion before she was knocked unconscious, dropping the walkie-talkie to the ground and setting it to 'on'.

Trina and Andre both lunged for whoever it was that had Tori, screaming profanities, but both found themselves being held back by another two pairs of arms. They too barely had a second to be confused before they were too knocked unconscious.

As the three teens were dragged away by the men in masks, the walkie-talkie was the only thing that remained, catching everything and sending it straight to a terrified Jade and Cat at the other end of the warehouse.

What do they do now?

so...? :)

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