Her phone began to ring from in her bag, she reached down to pick it up and realised it was her mum.

"Sorry guys I need to take this, I'll be back soon." So out she of the room and answered her phone.

"Sandra I'm here."

"Good, wait in reception, I don't want you getting a cold."

"Oh stop fussing." Grace butted in.

"I'll meet you in reception in just a minute."

"What is this all about?" Grace asked her.

"I'll tell you when I meet you. Bye mum." Sandra told her as she hung up and threw her phone back inside her bag.

It hadn't taken her long to reach reception where she was greeted by her mother's icy stare.

"What's this about Sandra? It's late and you're clearly okay."

"I told you on the phone I was okay. Anyway I'm sorry I rang so late but it's important. There's a café upstairs, I think we should go there to chat before you meet your granddaughter." She turned around to see Grace's face; it first was a look of shock, then of anger and then happiness.

"I have a granddaughter?" Grace smiled as Sandra nodded.

"You want anything?" Sandra asked as they reached the café.

"No, I'm fine. I want to know all about my granddaughter though." Grace said, excited at the thought of having a grandchild. Something she never thought would happen, and as she always told Sandra she'd wanted.

"Okay, 9 years ago, when I was first put in charge of UCOS, I got pregnant. Me and Gerry were messing around, I suppose I quite liked him and he quite obviously liked me. Anyway I didn't realise I was pregnant until I was 8 months gone. I didn't tell anyone once I'd found out and I broke it off with Gerry straight away. I don't know why, I suppose I was scared. Anyway I knew my due date was coming up so I told everyone I had the flu and stayed at home until she was born and then a few days after."

"Sandra..." Grace said in a tone as gentle as when she told her, her dad was dead.

"Let me finish mum. Please?" Grace nodded at Sandra's plea. She sounded so desperate. "Anyway Alexis was born on the 9th October 2003. I put her up for adoption and it didn't take long for her to be adopted, she was the most beautiful baby I'd ever seen."

"So how did you come to get back in contact?" Grace asked her gently as she saw the tears building up in her daughter's eyes.

"Well it was just a normal day at work yesterday but as I went out to get lunch I bumped into this little girl, I took her back to the office as she was crying. She told us she was looking for her real mummy and daddy and that her adoptive father hit her. Jack and Brian went out to speak to social services and text me her parent's names. When I saw the text I began to worry, she was the right age and the adoptive parents had the right names, but somehow I'd convinced myself it could all still be a coincidence. So I asked her when her birthday was and when she told me the 9th October I realised this had to be my daughter in front of me. Anyway, it was just me and Gerry in the office so I pulled him in and I told him everything, as you can imagine he wasn't very happy with me, we had an argument and then he walked off."

"I'm not surprised; you didn't tell him he had a daughter until yesterday."

"Yes I know, anyway he came back calmer and together we told Jack, Brian and Alexis. She seemed really happy until Strickland came in and began shouting. She doesn't like it when people shout. I had to explain to Strickland all about Alexis and he promised to help me and Gerry win custody."

"Have you got custody now?" Grace asked her.


"So is she going to live with you during the week and Gerry at the weekend? And are you going to be able to pull yourself away from you work to look after her?"

"That's the other thing I need to tell you. Gerry and I are engaged and he's moved in with me. And of course we will look after her, I'll leave work early one day and then the next day Gerry can. She's the most important thing in my life now, closely followed by Gerry"

"So you could get custody?" Grace questioned.

"No. I really love him mum. I did all those years back, but I got pregnant and I couldn't keep seeing him like that knowing what I'd done."

"Oh. So what's wrong with Alexis? Why are we in a hospital?"

"She had a bleed in her brain, she had surgery and she should be okay, but they're keeping her in until the end of the week to monitor."

"Can I meet her?"

"Of course mum, that's why I got you to come."

They walked back to the children's ward both smiling. They stopped outside of Alexis' room.

"I'm sorry mum, would you mind?" Sandra asked pointing to the hand sanitizer.

Both of them entered the room after having sanitized their hands.


"Yes sweetie?"

"Who's that?"

"This is your granny."

Grace walked closer towards Alexis as Sandra sat down next to Gerry and curled up into his side. Grace stared at the little girl, she was gorgeous. Her long dark blonde hair flowed down past her shoulders, her bright blue eyes staring up at Grace, the same bright blue eyes that Sandra looked over at her with. The perfect combination of Sandra and Gerry.

"Hello Alexis, as your mummy just told you, I'm your granny." Grace smiled as Alexis smiled up at her; she sat herself up in her bed and threw her arms around Grace's neck.

"We're a proper family now." Alexis smiled. "I love you all."

Grace smiled as she looked over at Sandra, who was cuddling Gerry and flashed her approving look. The thing Sandra had been subconsciously looking for all her life.

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