"Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!" Alexis cheered yet again as the door went, but this time it was in fact her mum..

"Sandra, come in." Jack greeted her.

"Thanks, has she been good?" Sandra asked as she pulled Alexis into a hug.

"Yes and as I told you, she's a skilled golfer." Alexis smiled up at her mum as Jack spoke.

"Well we better get going." Jack passed Alexis' bag to Sandra once she said this. "Daddy's cooking Alexis so we have to go." Jack went to close the door as Sandra and Alexis walked out. "Erm not so fast, you're coming to."

"No, it's your family time."

"Jack, Gerry is making enough for you too." Sandra reasoned.

"Well you can all eat more." Jack told her. "Bye, see you at work Monday." Jack carried on before closing the door.

"Mummy I'm hungry." Alexis said as they stood by the door that had just closed on them.

"Yeah, we're going now. Come on angel get in the car." So they got in the car and arrived not long later at home. As Sandra pulled up onto the drive way and took the keys out the ignition.

"Is Daddy okay now mummy?" Alexis asked worriedly. Sandra had no idea how to answer as Gerry still didn't know who Alexis was. He knew who she was but only because Sandra had told him, he couldn't remember anything about her.

"Yeah princess he's fine. He's made us lunch so come on let's go." They got out the car and Sandra opened the front door and Alexis found herself once again in the living room of her new house once again. "Go have a look around princess while I go see Daddy." So Alexis ran off up the stairs.

"Hello love." Gerry said as he turned as he heard Sandra enter the room.

"Hi. Lunch ready?"

"Yeah, where's Alexis?" Gerry asked her as he walked forward and wrapped his arms around her.

"Upstairs, she's looking around."

"Alexis, lunch is ready!" Gerry shouted up the stairs.

"Coming Daddy!" Alexis called back properly.

Gerry pressed a quick kiss to Sandra's lips and then put the dinner on the table for the time Alexis came.

"Mummy, Daddy, I love my room!" Alexis beamed.

"Good and tomorrow we'll all go shopping and get you lots of new clothes and on Monday we're going to look around the local school to try get you in."

She sighed but they all turned to eat as they carried on chatting.

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