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Tuesday mourning, the first day of classes. Jess woke with a start as something jumped onto her bed and started to rock her, "Wake up girly! We have classes in like an hour and I'm hungry!" Sierra shouted. Jess stood up, got dressed, and was dragged by Sierra to the Great Hall for breakfast. "Sorry about last night. I know we ran and left you there but… can you really blame us?" she asked. Yes I can.

"No, I guess not. I should have ran too I guess…"

"Yeah, but what about Zack and Katie? What happened to them?" she asked as they entered the Great Hall. A growl from Jess answered her question as Zack skipped over to them, "Hello darling Jessica. Ready for classes?" he asked as if nothing last night had happened. She ignored him completely while Katie walked over with a frown on her face, "I have detention with McGonagall. My first day Jess." she whined while putting her head on Jess's shoulder. "I have detention too. With Snape for that matter and it's for a month so don't complain Katie." she mumbled. Sierra and Zack looked shocked, Jess never was rude to Katie. It was one of those things that didn't seem like it could happen. Katie blinked as she took a step away from Jess, "Are you really mad at us? At me?" she asked. Jess nodded then walked away from the three who looked utterly shocked.

"First period Charms." Zack muttered behind Jess. She still wasn't talking to them even though they talked to her. They walked in and saw it was with the Ravenclaws, "Jess, come sit with me!" Katie called from the front of the room. Deciding to still ignore them she slammed her book and body down into a seat next to a boy with white-blonde hair and grey eyes. He looked at her as if she were crazy, "Um… what are you doing?" he asked. Jess glared at him, her eyes cold. He blinked, "Well then. I'm Draco Malfoy by the way." he muttered holding out his hand. Jess looked at it then placed her hand in his, "Jess Vance." she whispered. There was a slight, annoying laugh, "Draco, it's no use trying to talk to white trash." some girl said behind them. Jess turned around and started to shout at Erin Bulk, "Screw you Bulk! I don't need you stupid ugly mug saying anything about me right know alright?!" Erin looked shocked while Draco laughed. Jess turned back around with a growl. I hate everyone right now. I know that I need to calm down but, Erin's a bitch! Her thought again were broken by a small squeaky voice in the front, "Welcome class to Charms. Today we will be learning Wingardium Leviosa, the Hover Charm. You will all be levitating a single feather." he said as a feather appeared in front of everyone. There was a murmur of excitement as everyone took out their wands, "Wingardium Leviosa!" Jess snapped at her feather which didn't move an inch. She felt a hand on her forearm, "Don't worry Ms. Vance. Practically nobody gets it their first time." Professor Flickwit told her. Jess nodded but still was pissed about everything.

Next it was Defense Against The Dark arts with Gryffindors. Jess found herself sitting next to a girl with SUPER bushy brown hair. "Aren't you the girl who asked about the toad on the train?" Jess asked. The girl nodded, "Oh! Yes that was me, I'm Hermione Granger." she said taking Jess's hand off the desk and shaking it. "And you are?"

"I'm Jess Vance. It's a pleasure to meet you." she mumbled. Hermione had a smile plastered to her face the whole class period. Zack was sitting behind Jess next to Sierra, "Jess, just talk to us. We're sorry about last night." Sierra whispered. Zack was pissed off at Jess for her not talking to them. Then the light's dimmed and a tall, thin, shaking man with a purple turban walked into the room from a office just above the Staircase. "H-Hello c-class. T-Today we-e s-shall be learning about t-the Curse of the Bogies." he stuttered. Tons of hands went up into the air, "Y-yes Mr. Pieper?" he asked. Zack cleared his throat, "What the heck is the Curse of the Bogies?" he asked. Jess rolled her eyes and Hermione's hand shot into the air, almost hitting Jess in the face, "It's a curse that gives the recipient a strong cold that can make him/her collapse if not treated, as well as an extremely runny nose." she said in a matter fact tone. Professor Quirell nodded, "T-ten points to G-Gryffindor." he stuttered. Hermione just beamed. Casey, who was sitting in front of Jess, turned around, "Are you still mad at us?" he whispered. Jess ignored him and looked down at her paper. "Just leave her alone Casey. She…" Jess spit in Zack's mouth as he was talking. "You really should have used the spell for that." Hermione whispered. Jess nodded while pointing her wand at Zack, "Mucus ad Nauseam!" she said. Zack's face went red and his nose started to run, "G-good job Ms. V-Vance. T-ten points t-to Slytherin." Professor Quirell said.

Finally it was lunch time. The one time that Jess had been dreading, "Vance! Come sit with us." Draco said as he steered her to the Slytherin table. Zack glared over at them as he sat next to, without thinking of course, Erin Bulk. "Jess, come back to us!" Casey cried from the Gryffindor table.

"Casey you have to let her breath a bit." their friend Carol said. There was a scoff from the Hufflepuff table, "Carol, if we let her breath, then she will find better friends." It was Cindy who said that. Jess was rubbing her temples hard as everyone started to shout, "Would you all just shut the hell up!" Jess shouted. All eyes on her as she bolted out of the Great Hall.

"You made a great scene." Jess turned to glare at a Katie. They were outside by the lake, "But, I would have too. Everyone is being a bit crazy about what happened last night." she giggled, sitting down next to Jess. "So, if you're not talking then just listen. I met these really nice Gryffindor twins. Their names are Fred and George and they can make you smile." she said. Jess sighed, "I just don't want to have to hear Zack talk anymore. He thinks that everything we do wont have a consequence but it's happening where we don't have control of what's happening." there was a long silence between to the two until Katie through her arms around Jess. "Sorry about complaining about the Detention. I know that it's better than Snape so I shouldn't have room to complain… that much!" they both started to laugh. "Are you two still mad at each other?" they turned to see all their friends. "Not anymore, are we alright?" Jess asked. There were a few nods, "JESS!" Zack screamed as he tackled Jess in a flying hug. "Shit I forgot we have detention tonight!" Jess shouted!

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