Matty wasn't my mom's Ben after all. Sure he didn't dance with me at the party, but he did something much bigger. He gave up camp, for me. So much for him getting paid and me getting laid. Ok, so I will still be getting laid. And thanks to a suspicious outbreak of chicken pox, I'll be experiencing the joy that is Matty McKibben in the most romantic places in the world.

"Jenna, are you done packing yet?" Lacey yelled down the hallway before quickly barging into her daughter's room. She looked at Jenna's half packed suitcase and was disappointed. "Oh, Jenna honey, please tell me that's not what you're packing."

"What's wrong with what I packed?" Jenna asked, grabbing a few more things out of her closet.

Lacey ran over and grabbed the t-shirt Jenna was about to put in her suitcase. "You're not going to get anywhere wearing that."

She started taking everything out of Jenna suitcase that she deemed to be too 'Jenna-ish'. It wasn't long before she was searching her own closet for stuff for her daughter to wear.

"You're going to Europe, with your boyfriend." Lacey said. "Do you know how often that gets to happen? You'll probably be sitting under the Eiffel Tower feeding each other pieces of those long bread things, and then he'll want to take you on a moonlit walk to show off his cute little European girl. This is why you need to wear something that makes you look like one of those sexy French models."

"Matty happens to like what I wear." Jenna said.

Ok, so I didn't know if it was the clothes that Matty found attractive or not. In all the times that we were together, he never specifically said what attracted him to me. Now that we've DTR'd, that is definitely something to find out. But for now, I guess I'm stuck with my mother thinking she's helping.

Moments later, Jenna's phone pinged. She got a little excited, assuming the text was from Matty, but that excitement was cut short.

J, r u finished packing? – T

Jenna replied quickly: Mom's repacking for me :P

i'm done. be over in 5 to help u. – T

Jenna put her phone back down and anxiously waited for Tamara to show up. Tamara knew her likes and dislikes, and what Matty would like, much better than her mother did.

"Hey, mom." Jenna got her mother's attention. "Thank you so much for your style input, but Tamara's coming over, so we'll take it from here."

"Are you sure? I just have a few more pieces and then you'll be totally packed for your European adventure." Lacey said as Jenna pushed her out of her room.

European adventure? More like European disaster if anybody sees me in any of these clothes.

Jenna held one of the shirts her mom packed up to herself just as Tamara walked in.

"Uhm Jenna, the Eurotrash Bash was last weekend." Tamara said.

"My mother thinks I need to dress more European in order to impress Matty." Jenna said.

"Well she might be right there." Tamara said. "Just because you chose Matty doesn't mean he's going to choose you. You're not just competing with the girls at school anymore. Now you're competing with Chantal or Sasha or Marisol. You need to outshine every girl on that entire continent. That's why I only packed my hottest outfits. Jake and I are still kind of new, so I don't want him falling for any of that Eurotrash."

Tamara was right. I definitely needed to show Matty just who he gave up camp for.

"I have an idea." Tamara continued. "Put on one of those cute outfits and we'll text a pic to Matty."

Jenna changed into one of the sexier outfits her mother gave her and started modeling for Tamara.

"Work it girl." Tamara smiled. "Matty's going to love these. I'm only sending the best one though."

After taking a few pictures, the two girls sat on Jenna's bed and decided which one Matty would see. It took a lot of arguing, but they finally picked the perfect picture.

Tamara attached the cute sexy picture to a text to Matty: Preview of your summer – T

Did I really just send a sexy picture to my boyfriend? Did Matty and I ever discuss doing that for each other? What if he's turned off by it? Then he'll go to his little Chantal for sure.

A thousand things ran through Jenna's mind. So much in fact, that she didn't notice Tamara had gotten a text back from Matty.

Sounds amazing. Y don't we drive to the school in my truck?

"Matty loves it. And he wants to bring us to school tomorrow in his truck. Want me to tell him that's cool?" Tamara asked.

A huge weight was lifted off of Jenna's shoulders. Matty loved the outfit. There was no way he would fall for any of Tamara's so-called Eurotrash. Maybe this wouldn't be a European disaster after all.

"It'll probably be easier to throw our stuff in the back of his truck than try to fit it all in my car." Jenna said.

"Yeah, and I really don't want to pull up in the slut mobile." Tamara added.

"You didn't mind it all school year." Jenna commented, giving her best friend an annoyed look.

"I'm just sayin. Maybe while we're in Europe we can find some cute touristy bumper stickers to cover it." Tamara said.

"Preferably nothing that just accentuates the slut stigma even more." Jenna said.

Anything that would make my car blend in better at school would be a plus. Just another way of trying to fit in in our social conformist society. Maybe by the time I graduate all the horrible reputations I have collected will be a distant memory. Either that or I will have a new one to add; that girl who turned what was supposed to be a European adventure into a European disaster.

A/N = The beginning is kind of boring, but don't worry, it's going to get better. Also, the italicized writing is Jenna's thoughts, the bold is everything she writes in her blog, and the bold/italicized are textss.