The man helped Jenna back up until she was safely back in Matty's arms.

"That was the most incredible feeling I've ever had." Jenna smiled, still soaking it all in.

"I know what you mean." Matty said. "Even if this is the only thing we did on this whole trip, it would be worth it."

Jenna looked around to see where her friends were, but instead caught the death glare from the bitchiest girl in school.

And...she still hates me. She's probably pissed that she just lost twenty dollars. News's going to take a lot more than twenty bucks to kill me. Even if I was suicidal, why would I kill myself when my life couldn't get any more perfect?

Mr. Mishra and Ms. Marks gathered the students back up and led them back to the bus, thanking everyone that worked at the castle along the way.

"Hey Val-pal, where are we going next?" Tamara asked.

"Hopefully somewhere involving food." Jake said.

"Yeah, I'm starving." Matty complained.

"Well then boys, it looks like the luck of the Irish is upon you." Ms. Marks said.

"Yes!" Both boys were thrilled.

"We're headed back to the hotel for a few and then we have dinner reservations at 6." Mr. Mishra explained.

The group piled off the bus and flew up to their hotel rooms as soon as they arrived back. Everyone wanted to have as much time as possible to get ready for dinner.

While Tamara and Ming got ready, Jenna did what she loves…blogged.

Ok, so not to brag, but today was pretty awesome. Got to experience Ireland's real beauty from all kinds of places; on a bridge 100 feet up, and hanging upside down in a castle…just to name a few. Now I'm off to a night of fine dining at an authentic Irish restaurant. Hopefully they have some normal food, and maybe a private little corner table for two.

"Hey, Jenna, what are you wearing tonight?" Tamara asked.

"Is that your subtle way of saying you want to pick out my outfit tonight?" Jenna replied with her own question.

"Just want to make sure you're looking good for Matty." Tamara smiled, pulling a cute dress out of her suitcase.

"I'm pretty sure I can pick out my own clothes." Jenna said, putting her computer down and grabbing her own suitcase.

Jenna flipped open her suitcase and started figuring out what to wear.

"This dinner isn't too dressy right? Like dressy but not too dressy."

"It's not prom if that's what you're asking, but it's not a quickie at Mickey D's either." Tamara said.

"So a jean skirt and a nice top would look fine." Jenna more or less asked, taking the items out of her suitcase and putting them on.

Ming grabbed her skinny jeans, a pair of knee high boots, and her favorite button down top.

"Does this pass the Tamara standard?" Ming asked, not really caring if it did or not.

"Since when have you had boots?" Tamara was a little shocked.

"Since I bought them." Ming said, going back to fixing her hair.

The other two girls joined her, adding a little extra makeup to make sure they looked their best.

Tamara smacked her lips together after putting on her lipgloss. "Perfect."

The girls finished getting ready and headed out to find the boys.

"Lookin good man." Matty said.

"Thanks. Feels good to be back in my own clothes." Jake said.

"Yeah maybe now that you're looking more like you the girls won't get confused." Matty laughed.

"That was some night last night." Jake chuckled. Now that he got over the initial shock of making out with his best friend, his ex, and the girl he's been hanging out with, he found the whole night sort of amusing.

"Yeah, let's just hope we can keep things PG tonight." Matty smiled, knowing that wasn't going to be possible.

"It'll be a little easier with killjoys like Marks and Mishra around." Jake chuckled, grabbing his jacket and tossing Matty his.

"Definitely. And we better get going. Don't want Ms. Marks to 'yell' at us again." Matty said, knowing Val couldn't yell at anyone even if she wanted to.

"Good for nothing Irish moron!" Sadie complained as she got ready. "You pay them to do a job and they still can't get it right!"

Lissa finished putting on her makeup. "I don't know why you hate Jenna so much. She's actually a very nice person."

"You're seriously too far up Jesus's ass to see that she's just weaseling her way into our circle so she can kick us out and replace us with her loser friends. She's already gotten to Matty and Jake." Sadie continued to complain.

"Jealous much." Lissa threw some last minute things in her purse.

"I'm not jealous. I just don't want the social hierarchy of Palos Hills to crumble because of one insignificant little girl." Sadie said. "Now let's just go and get this dinner over with. The less time I have to spend with those losers the better."

Everyone made it to the hotel lobby on time, as promised. It wasn't long before the well-dressed group made their way into the restaurant and saw all the regular Irish folks dining and socializing, just enjoying life.

Ms. Marks went over to the hostess to check in.

"Hi, the Palos Hills High School group is here. We have a reservation at 6:30."

The hostess looked at her tablet. "Ah, yes. Right this way."

She brought the group to a long table set up in the back of the restaurant.

Well it's not a quiet table for two, but it'll work.

Mr. Mishra and Ms. Marks took the two end chairs and the students piled into the middle, making sure they were either next to or across from their best friend.

"J-dog, over here!" Ms. Marks got Jenna's attention, slightly pulling out the chair on the side of her.

Jenna sat down alongside Val, and Tamara took the seat across from her.

"Valley girl, this trip has been the bomb-dot-com!" Tamara exclaimed.

"I have to admit, for a small country, you've shown us a lot of good stuff." Jenna added.

"I'm glad my gal pals are having fun." Ms. Marks said. "And we've still got one more thing before we leave."

"Ooh really. What?" Tamara asked.

"After dinner we're going to a concert." Ms. Marks said.

"Seriously? Dinner and a concert; can this trip get any better?" Tamara was excited.

"This is only stop one my friends. You ain't seen nothin yet." Ms. Marks smiled.

As the girls talked, the guys looked over the menu.

"Is there anything on this menu that doesn't have potato in it?" Jake had an odd look on his face.

"Or pig parts?" Matty had the same look. "It's certainly no Bisto's."

"Will you two just chillax and enjoy the experience!" Ms. Marks argued jokingly.

The waiter came over to take everyone's drink orders. After he left, the group continued to look over the extensive menu.

"So many choices." Ms. Marks casually looked over the menu.

The students all had odd looks on their faces, all trying to find at least one thing they would eat.

Ok, I'm definitely never moving here. If I ever did, I would starve. Have these people seriously never heard of a hamburger?

"What are you getting babe?" Matty asked, still trying to figure it out himself.

"I have no idea." Jenna replied.

"Me neither." Matty said. "I'm certainly not getting fish."

"Well then good luck finding something man." Jake piped in. "Because all I'm finding is stuff with fish in it."

"Guys, I think I found something." Ming said. "It's called a boxty."

The kids found the thing Ming was talking about.

"It's a filled potato pancake." Jenna read off the menu.

"Works for me." Jake said.

"Me too." Matty said, shutting his menu.

The girls continued looking through the menu.

"Ok, since it's the only semi-American thing on the menu, I'm going with the Shepard's Pie." Jenna said, putting her menu down.

"Cowards." Tamara said. "While in Ireland, do as the Irish do. I'm getting corned beef."

The waiter came back, and the group placed their orders, still unsure if they actually would like what they picked.

When their food came, everyone just stared at it. It all looked normal, but everyone was still afraid to try it. After a few seconds of staring, everyone figured that they were on this trip to immerse themselves in new cultures, and that included trying new foods.

"Hey, this is actually pretty good." Jake said, taking a bite of his food.

"Yeah, it's like having your steak and potatoes, but all in one bite." Matty added, also eating his meal.

Ms. Marks smiled. "See, I told you. I knew once you guys chillaxed you could really get into this culture filled island."

Everyone agreed as they dug into their food. It may have been different than what they were used to, but as far as they were concerned, it was still good.

"Hey, let me try some of that!" Lissa shouted down to Tamara.

"I'll give you mine if you give me some of yours." Tamara shouted back.

The two swapped plates and pretty soon, all the students were doing it.

"Hey babe, try this." Matty put a little bite of his dinner on a fork and fed it to Jenna.

Why didn't I get this? It's delicious. Matty definitely has good taste in food; much better than usual at least. Maybe when we get home we'll switch from Italian restaurants to Irish ones. Something different every once in a while is what makes life worth living.

The group continued to socialize and swap food, and before they knew it, dinner was over and it was time for the concert. After eating the traditional Irish food, they wanted to continue embracing the Irish culture, and hoped the concert would get them fully immersed.

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